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Alex arrives outside the Kiriakis Mansion for Victor’s funeral. Alex talks about how he can’t believe Victor is actually gone and how he keeps thinking he will come back. Alex states that Victor and Maggie had a love stronger than space and time that never dies. Bo’s daughter, Chelsea Brady arrives and says she couldn’t agree more. Alex mentions hearing that she was flying in as Chelsea introduces herself to him.

Kate sits at the Pub, reading an article about Victor’s funeral. Kate declares that Victor will be missed despite it all. Philip enters and greets her. Kate remarks that he finally remembered he has a mother.

Brady gets a call from Theresa and questions what she wants. Theresa asks if he wants to go to Victor’s funeral together as a family. Brady responds that they may be co-parents but they are definitely not family and never will be. Brady then hangs up as Belle and Shawn arrive.

Justin and Bonnie enter the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin talks about always expecting to see Victor when he walks in the room. Sonny joins them and talks about how Victor did care for them all in his own weird way. They then toast to Victor. Xander walks in and says if they are celebrating Victor’s demise, they can count him in.

Maggie sits in her room with her and Victor’s wedding photo, asking how she can ever say goodbye to him. Sarah enters and hugs her. Sarah says she’s sorry Melissa couldn’t be there. Maggie mentions having a video call with her this morning along with Nathan and Melanie. Sarah is glad she got to speak to them. Maggie comments that they are going to have a house full of Kiriakis’ to honor Victor.

Sonny tells Xander that they are toasting to Victor’s memory, not celebrating his demise. Xander says that’s what he meant and that he misspoke. Sonny doesn’t want to hear it and argues that he’s so glad that Sarah left him and is with Rex now. Sonny declares thank God that Sarah is having Rex’s baby and not Xander’s. Bonnie slips up and says that’s not true.

Kate complains about Philip coming back to town after she begged him not to and he didn’t even have the guts to tell her that he was there. Kate reminds him that she put her own freedom at risk to make sure he was safe and sound, away from the authorities. Philip informs Kate that Brady agreed not to press charges, so there’s no worries. Kate argues that it’s just like when he was 16 and he thought he could get out of any trouble. Kate questions where Philip was all this time. Philip informs her that he went to see Lucas in prison. Kate is glad but notes that he couldn’t have been there the whole time. Philip then admits that he was with Chloe.

Rex runs into Chloe in the town square and jokes with her about having to face a bunch of grieving Kiriakis family members. Rex congratulates Chloe on her engagement and says he wishes them the best. Chloe remarks that she bets he does because her engagement keeps Xander away from Sarah and the baby she’s carrying.

Xander and Sonny question Bonnie saying that’s not true. Bonnie claims that she means Sonny calling Xander a horror show is not true. Sonny questions if she’s seriously defending Xander, reminding her that he locked her and Susan in the gardening shed. Bonnie says he feels really bad about it. Sonny questions all being forgiven and blames Xander for Susan being dead. Sonny brings up Gwen and Leo being in Xander’s scheme. Xander explains that Sonny can’t stand the sight of him because he ruined his affair with Leo. Justin gets in between them and says that’s enough as this is the last thing Maggie needs today.

Sarah suggests a necklace for Maggie to wear. Maggie cries about Victor getting it for their anniversary. Sarah encourages that Victor and Maggie had something so special. Maggie knows at some point, she’ll be grateful for all the time that she had with Victor, but right now all she feels is longing for him. Sarah reminds Maggie that she always has her and so many people around her that love her, so she’s not alone and never will be as she hugs her.

Brady asks how Shawn is holding up. Shawn responds that he’s a lot better since he’s been seeing Marlena. Brady encourages that Marlena can help him. Brady’s phone goes off and complains that Theresa will not take no for an answer. Belle asks what she wants. Brady informs them that Theresa wants to get back together.

Alex apologizes for not recognizing Chelsea. Chelsea says she knows who Alex is from seeing his photo online in various publications. Chelsea understands Alex not recognizing her because they didn’t grow up together and adds that she didn’t even know Bo was her dad until high school. Alex tells her that he’s really sorry about her dad. Chelsea thanks him and says she’s still hoping he pulls through. Chelsea adds that being without Victor doesn’t seem right. Alex agrees that he had a huge presence on all of them. Chelsea says she’s been living in London for the past decade, so she feels guilty for not coming home more to see Victor. Theresa then arrives and greets Chelsea as they hug. Chelsea asks about her son Tate. Theresa explains not taking him out of school, so she’s representing both of them and is there for Brady as well. Theresa tells Chelsea that she’s so sorry about Victor and asks about Bo. Chelsea says there’s been no improvement. Chelsea introduces Theresa and Alex, explaining that Alex is her cousin on the Kiriakis side while Theresa is her cousin on the Brady side. Alex and Theresa meet, acknowledging that they are not related. Chelsea says it was great to see them both, but she’s going inside to see Victor before the funeral starts. Alex says they will catch up after the service. Alex tells Theresa that it’s nice to finally meet her. Theresa guesses he’s heard a lot about her but insists that she’s a wonderful person with a soft heart. Theresa hopes Brady will see her that way too. Alex asks if she’s hoping for a redo with him. Theresa confirms that she hoped Victor’s passing would bring them closer. Theresa adds that she and Brady will always have a lifelong connection because of their son but this really brings it home. Alex asks what Brady thinks about her being back. Theresa responds that he’s fine with it, except he wants nothing to do with her.

Belle asks what Brady said when Theresa suggested getting back together. Brady responds that he said in no uncertain terms that they will never ever get back together. Belle questions if Brady would never consider it. Brady reminds Belle of the hell that Theresa put him through and assures that he learned his lesson from Rachel’s custody case that some women are irredeemable. Shawn questions comparing Theresa to Kristen. Brady knows Theresa hasn’t reached Kristen’s treachery levels, but says to give her time.

Chloe tells Rex that he has to admit that he was tremendously relieved to find out that Xander had moved on. Rex insists that he’s just happy for her. Chloe admits she was kind of freaked out when she found out Sarah was pregnant, because if the baby turned out to be Xander’s then her engagement would’ve blown up before it even started.

Justin asks Sonny to let this go since Victor would not want them at each others’ throats today. Sonny remarks that Victor did always love a good family brawl which Xander agrees with. Bonnie points out that Maggie also wouldn’t like this and the last thing she needs is for them to come to blows. Bonnie says she will go check with Henderson to make sure everything is set up. Bonnie instructs them to behave which they agree to do for Maggie. Bonnie then exits.

Sarah asks Maggie if she’s ready to go downstairs. Maggie says she will be in a minute. Maggie then tells Sarah that it’s not too late to tell Xander the truth.

Philip tells Kate that he couldn’t have lived with himself if he didn’t say goodbye to Victor since they had so much unfinished business. Kate knows that Victor was hard on him, but assures that he did love him with all his heart. Philip suggests they should get to the mansion. Kate stops him and asks about him being with Chloe before coming here. Kate wonders if he went to see Chloe because he still loves her.

Rex admits to Chloe that her and Xander being engaged is not the worst thing to happen to his relationship with Sarah. Chloe jokes that he’s being honest for once. Rex then says that they are being forthcoming, so he asks how Chloe felt when Philip showed up at her door, alive and well. Chloe admits she was shocked to know that he was alive and to learn the horrible things he did to Brady. Rex points out that Philip was not in his right mind. Chloe acknowledges that and she’s glad he got the help he needed. Chloe adds that maybe one day they could be friends again. Rex says he’s sure Philip would like that. Chloe says she has to get going and she will see him at Victor’s memorial.

Kate tells Philip that he doesn’t have to answer because she can see in his eyes that he is as in love with Chloe as he was in high school. Philip argues that how he feels about Chloe doesn’t matter because she’s engaged to Xander. Philip suggests they go pay tribute to his father now. Kate warns him that this conversation has not ended as they exit the Pub together.

Brady thinks he deserves a nice, calm relationship with a decent woman after all he’s been through and he doesn’t think that applies to Theresa. Shawn acknowledges that his cousin Theresa can be a handful. Belle suggests they get going so they aren’t late for the service, so they exit together.

Alex asks Theresa what makes her so sure that Brady isn’t in to her. Theresa responds that he told her straight out and then treated her like something on the bottom of his shoe. Alex calls that interesting because the old Alex would encourage her to pursue Brady non stop while the new Alex would tell her that she probably has to take Brady’s word and back the hell off. Theresa jokes that she likes the old him better. Alex says he got in to a lot of trouble then. Theresa responds that she happens to like all sorts of trouble.

Sarah knows Maggie means well but her emotions are all over the place right now. Maggie argues that not telling Xander that he’s the father of her baby is not fair and not right. Sarah argues that they have been over this and says she has to trust her that no good would come out of this particular truth coming out. Chelsea then enters and asks what truth that would be. Maggie is thrilled to see her and excitedly hugs her. Chelsea says she had to come for Victor and for Maggie. Maggie thanks her. Maggie then introduces Chelsea to Sarah. Sarah mentions hearing so much about her and says it’s so good to finally meet her. Maggie wishes Bo and Hope could be there but she understands why they can’t be. Sarah mentions Ciara sending a beautiful bouquet. Chelsea says they all loved Victor and he will always have a special place in her heart. Sarah gets a text that the service is starting soon and says they should get going. Maggie says she’ll be right there. Sarah hugs her and says she will see her there as Sarah and Chelsea then exit the room. Maggie goes back to her and Victor’s wedding photo and cries before exiting the room.

The family gather outside for Victor’s memorial. Justin, Maggie, and Brady are seated in front with an open seat. Theresa approaches the seat next to Brady but then stops and sits next to Alex in the second row instead. Sarah and Rex then arrive with Sarah taking a seat next to Maggie. Shawn and Belle arrive and Chelsea arrives behind, surprising them and they hug. Shawn calls it unfortunate that Ben and Ciara couldn’t be there. Belle asks how Chelsea and Max are doing being no parents. Chelsea says it’s been great but she wishes they lived closer so they could see everybody more often. Chelsea then goes over and hugs Kate, saying it’s so good to see her. Justin stands and decides to begin the service. Justin talks about Victor wanting a small and informal ceremony. Justin calls on anyone who wants to offer a remembrance. Justin acknowledges that Chelsea wanted to start. Chelsea stands and asks what do you say about a guy like Victor Kiriakis. Chelsea calls Victor larger than life. Chelsea talks about Bo not finding out Victor was his father until he was a grown up and how he struggled with his identity as a Kiriakis and a Brady. Chelsea says no matter the strain Bo had with Victor, she always felt that Victor really loved her, her siblings, and all their kids. Chelsea declares the one thing she will remember about Victor is how loved she always felt whenever she was with him. Sonny stands next and jokes about how Victor could’ve taught King Lear and Zeus about family in-fighting but there was another side to Victor that was caring and loving that they didn’t see a lot until Victor found out he had a daughter, Isabella, who was the first to chip away at Victor’s heart but certainly wasn’t the last as that was Maggie. Sonny states that Maggie somehow convinced the powerful Victor Kiriakis to make his family a priority and not a power play. Sonny adds that Victor was so lucky to have Maggie and the whole family is better because of her. Sonny tells Maggie that he loves her as he finishes. Justin then stands and talks about the look on Victor’s face when he would tell him how to live his life, joking that had a very unique style of meddling. Justin says he hated it but he always knew that Victor did it because he loved him so deeply and that he would lay down his life for him and the people he loved. Justin cries that he will miss his dear Uncle Vic, now and forever. Xander stands next and says he may just be the bastard Kiriakis but he always found that he and Victor were cut from similar cloth. Xander says he understood what drove Victor and why he was so often driven in ways that proved to be calamitous. Xander thinks they all know that Victor loved ferociously and fought very hard to make sure that Maggie and his children had the best lives possible. Xander intends to emulate his Uncle Vic and do the same, if God ever blesses him with children. Philip stands and says he was the only one of Victor’s children who had the distinction and sometimes burden of being raised by him, so when he looks back, he remembers how proud Victor was when he did something to please him which wasn’t often enough. Philip recalls Victor’s looks of disappointment when he let him down which was way too often. Philip hopes that Victor can see that he’s still trying to be the man worthy of his love and respect. Belle gets up and helps Philip to his seat as he breaks down crying. Brady stands and talks about how his grandfather was their patriarch. Brady says that Victor always taught them lessons and he will miss that about him until they fly together again. Belle asks if Shawn doesn’t want to say anything. Shawn responds that there’s no point. Justin stands to close the service by reading a poem from one of Victor’s favorite poets to a montage of memories of Victor.

Brady and Alex walk through the town square where they run in to Theresa, who comments on the lovely service. Brady questions if she followed him. Theresa explains that Bonnie told her that they came to pick up food so she thought she could help and she’s starving. Brady tells her that she can go to the Brady Pub. Alex feels that’s no way for Brady to treat his kid’s mom. Brady asks Alex to stay out of it. Theresa remarks that at least someone in the family still has manners. Theresa adds that she’d love to get to know Alex better and suggests they have dinner this weekend. Brady thought she was going back to California but Theresa reveals that she’s thinking about sticking around for a little while. Theresa tells Alex to let her know about dinner and walks away.

Belle and Chelsea hug outside the Pub. Belle can’t believe that Chelsea is leaving already. Chelsea wishes she could stay longer. Belle talks about how her and Shawn always talk about wanting to visit in London. Chelsea encourages that they should and asks where Shawn is. Belle says that Shawn went in to the Pub to pack her a lunch, but notes that he has been awhile so she wonders what’s keeping him.

Shawn packs a lunch for Chelsea at the Pub but ends up behind the bar where he grabs a bottle of alcohol and takes a drink.

Rex asks Sarah if she’s ready to go because Maggie is probably wondering where she is. Chloe tells Xander that they should get going as well. Sarah then stops and announces that her water just broke.

In the living room, Maggie tells Bonnie, Justin, Philip, and Kate how much it means to her that they are there for her. Bonnie says they will be there as long as she needs. Kate comments that out of all of Victor’s wives, she believes Maggie brought out the best in him. Kate calls Maggie the perfect match for Victor. Vivian Alamain then appears and remarks that it’s a matter of opinion, leaving the room shocked.

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