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Ava is in her room at Bayview when Harris comes in to visit. Harris notes missing her at breakfast and informs her that Marlena has agreed to help her. Harris adds that he thought Ava would be more excited about that. Ava says she appreciates him going to bat for her, but she changed her mind as she doesn’t want to talk about Susan Banks and wants to forget that Susan ever existed.

EJ has a dream about his mom Susan Banks coming back but then wakes up on the couch in the living room of the DiMera Mansion.

Theresa Donovan surprises Brady by showing up at his door. She starts talking about her flight but Brady says he doesn’t understand and questions what she is doing in Salem.

Marlena sits with John and Steve at the Pub. John asks her about the new case that she has for them. Marlena explains that she met an interesting man at the hospital who is in his 90s and he was found wandering on the side of the road. Marlena adds that his memory is almost non existent as he’s not sure of his own identity. Steve guesses she wants them to figure out who he is. Marlena confirms that and also finding out who his long lost son is.

Julie goes to the hospital and takes a seat next to the John Doe. Julie talks about being at the hospital because Doug stubbed his toe on the coffee table. He tells her that he’s waiting on test results. Julie decides they can keep each other company and introduces herself, but when she asks who he is, he says that seems to be the million dollar question and that everyone has been calling him Mr. Doe. Julie says she’s sorry to hear that he’s suffering from memory loss and asks if he has any idea what caused it. He notes that Kayla said it could be from a head injury as he apparently has a bad scar on the back of his head which he jokes about. Julie talks about him reminding her of her uncle Tommy, who also suffered from memory loss after having plastic surgery and not remembering who he was. He tells her that something about that story sounds familiar to him and jokes that maybe he is her Uncle Tommy.

Marlena tells John and Steve about the man trying to find his son and that he wasn’t sure where he came from but he had memories of a farm. John says they’d be happy to help but they don’t have a lot to go on. Marlena adds that the man remembered a lot of fighting going on when trying to get back to his son. John guesses that he could’ve been off fighting in a war.

Harris thought Ava wanted to talk to Marlena and questions what changed. Ava thinks it might all just be a huge waste of time. Ava points out that she hasn’t had a vision of Susan since yesterday so maybe it’s over. Ava then imagines Susan appearing behind her, urging her to tell the truth. Ava questions what “Susan” wants her to say. She tells Ava that she needs to tell the truth about the accident.

Xander calls Chloe and leaves a message, inviting her to dinner in the town square so they can start talking about their wedding. Xander adds that Philip is not invited as he hangs up. Xander then worries about sounding insecure about Philip. EJ then shows up at the door and pulls a gun on Xander.

Theresa comments on Brady not making her feel welcomed. Brady says he didn’t mean to sound unfriendly but he’s wondering why she is suddenly here at his door. Theresa responds that she came to pay her respects to Victor since he is their son’s great grandfather. Theresa adds that Tate had school so she came alone for the funeral. Brady questions why since Theresa and Victor were never really close at all. Theresa admits they had a scratchy relationship but says they had a tender breakthrough when she left with El Fideo to protect Brady and Tate. Theresa adds that when she finally escaped from Mexico, Victor wanted her and Brady to be together. Brady jokes that is because Victor would’ve preferred anyone over Eve. Brady adds that’s also why Victor advised her to keep quiet about Chloe when Theresa and Xander left her stranded in Mexico with El Fideo. Theresa argues that was all Xander’s decision and she had nothing to do with that. Theresa declares that Xander is the entire reason that she and Brady are not together and she will always hate him for that.

Xander questions EJ pulling a gun on him. EJ states that he’s been thinking about his mother a lot lately and what a wonderful, loving person she was and how much he misses her. EJ declares that for far too long, he’s allowed her murder to go unavenged. Xander understands it was a terrible tragedy but argues that it was not his fault, it was all Ava. Xander states that Ava drove Susan off the cliff so if anyone deserves to die, it’s Ava. EJ agrees with him and then offers his gun to Xander, declaring that is why he wants Xander to kill Ava.

Ava questions his vision of Susan wanting her to tell the truth about the night she drove off the road. Ava argues that she already told that truth and it’s not a secret. Harris asks if she’s seeing Susan again. Ava says yes but then her vision disappears. Harris asks what she said this time. Ava responds that she keeps telling her to tell the truth and that she’s lying about the night of the accident. Ava swears that she doesn’t know what she was talking about. Harris encourages that she cannot do this on her own and urges her to talk to Marlena. Harris tells her that he can call Marlena now if Ava says the word.

Steve thinks John may be onto something since if the man was fighting in a war, it could explain how he was separated from his son. John says the military would have his fingerprints on file if he served, so he suggests getting his prints and running them through the database. Marlena then gets a call from Harris and steps away to answer it. Marlena tells him to tell Ava that she will be right there and hangs up. Marlena then tells John and Steve that she has to go to Bayview. Marlena asks if she can tell Kayla that they might be willing to help Mr. Doe. Steve says he can talk to Kayla about that later but right now they might have another way to crack this thing. Marlena thanks them and expresses how much she’d like to help the man track down his son. John tells her not to worry as Black Patch is on the case.

Julie tells Mr. Doe that her Uncle Tommy passed away several years ago. He guesses the search for his identity will have to continue as well as the identity of his son. He talks about not remembering much and that he and his son never met, but he feels that he is somewhere nearby. Julie encourages that finding his son could help fill in a lot of these blanks. He mentions a lot of nice people around offering to help but he can’t wait to get out there and find his son himself. Julie tells him that she has pull at the hospital so she’ll go see if she can speed things up for him while checking on Doug. Julie walks away while Mr. Doe wonders why Tommy sounds so familiar. Julie wheels Doug back over and introduces him to Mr. Doe. Julie tells him that Kayla will be sending an orderly to escort him to the tests. He thanks her. Doug asks Mr. Doe if he is married. He responds that now that he mentions it, he is and declares that he has a wife.

Steve finishes a call with Brookville police and they have no missing persons matching the description. Steve and John talk about how the man could have been walking for a couple days. John wonders if he was a veteran, he could’ve been at a VA hospital. John calls the nearest VA and asks if any patients have come up missing in the last couple of days. They say they have so John asks what they can tell him about the patient.

Marlena visits Ava with Harris at Bayview. Ava tells Marlena that when she sees Susan, she tells her that she’s not telling the truth about the accident but she doesn’t know why because she feels like she’s told the whole truth. Marlena suggests it could be something deep in her subconscious and offers to try hypnosis if she wants. Ava agrees to give it a shot. Harris wishes Ava luck and exits the room.

Xander questions EJ wanting him to shoot Ava. EJ says it’s about justice and redemption as he’s giving him the opportunity to make up for what he did to Susan. EJ knows he’s asking a lot which is why he’s willing to pay handsomely for it. Xander tells EJ that he’s not comfortable with any of this. EJ writes down his money offer and asks if that alleviates his concerns.

Brady tells Theresa that he’s no fan of Xander but he doesn’t think it’s fair to blame him for their break up as she was not exactly honest with him. Theresa admits her lies damaged their relationship. Brady adds that she escalated things by suing for full custody of Tate, which is why Victor turned on her again. Theresa acknowledges that Victor could be mercurial, but bottom line is that Victor knew they were good together and they had something special. Brady agrees that they did but it was awhile ago. Theresa argues that after all these years apart, she still thinks about him and what could’ve been. Brady starts to say he doesn’t but Theresa grabs him and kisses him. Brady pulls away and says this is a bad idea. Theresa points out that she’s single and she hears that he’s not with Chloe or Kristen anymore. Theresa asks if there is someone else. Brady admits there’s not, so Theresa thinks maybe it’s the perfect timing to give their relationship another shot.

Doug questions Mr. Doe forgetting he has a wife. He says he can’t remember her name but he can picture her face. Julie explains that he’s suffering from memory loss. Doug relates to having trouble remembering things before but he was possessed by the Devil. Doug asks if his wife is looking for him. He says he hopes so as he thinks he loved her very much.

John and Steve meet with the man in charge at the VA, who thanks them for calling about Mr. Bell. He talks about him suffering memory loss from an old head injury suffered in the war. He identifies the man as Joseph Bell. Steve asks if he has any idea where he’s originally from. He tells them that they’ve been unable to track that down as he just transferred a couple months ago and they don’t know much about him. John asks about his military files. He says his entire life history is locked up in his brain and they don’t know how to reach it.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Ava, going back to the night that Susan died. Marlena asks what happened right before the car went off the road. Ava recalls trying to escape from EJ and speeding up. Ava remembers being unable to think straight while she was imagining her son Charlie telling her what to do next and Susan kept going about her lucky hat. Ava says EJ kept getting closer and she couldn’t shake him while her vision of Charlie kept taunting her about what to do next. Ava says the car went flying off the cliff and she barely got out in time before it hit, but she must have gotten knocked out because everything goes black. Marlena asks what happened when she regained consciousness. Ava remembers lying on the ground and she could see the car in smoke and flames. Ava knew it was going to explode so she forced herself to get up and run away. Marlena asks what happened to Susan.

Xander tells EJ to forget it as no amount of money is worth another death on his conscience. Xander talks about being plagued with horrible nightmares since Susan’s death. EJ says they have that in common which is why he’s doing this as he cannot rest easy until he avenges his mother’s death. Xander tells him that he feels terrible about what happened to Susan and he’s so sorry as she didn’t deserve it. EJ tells Xander to do something about it then because Susan will not be able to rest in peace until Ava pays for what she did. EJ declares that Xander owes it to Susan to help him. Xander argues that EJ wants him to get rid of Ava for him, so he can make sure that he takes the fall and takes out two birds with one stone. EJ says if Xander gives him what he wants, he’ll have no reason to double cross him. Xander feels he has plenty of reason to want him to pay and tells him to get the hell out. EJ warns that he’s let his mother’s death go unavenged for far too long, so it’s time for Xander and Ava to pay the price. EJ then exits.

Harris returns to Ava’s room as Marlena finishes hypnosis and asks how it went. Ava responds that she didn’t remember anything new. Marlena decides she will consult with Ava’s doctors to see if it can help her remember more. Marlena tells Ava that she’s sorry she couldn’t do more. Ava thanks her and says she appreciates her kindness. Harris then walks Marlena out.

Brady questions Theresa wanting to jump back in to a relationship with him, reminding her how toxic they were at times and how much they hurt each other. Theresa argues that the good times outweigh the bad. Theresa reminds him of their makeshift wedding in their bedroom that wasn’t official but was the most romantic night of her life. Brady tells Theresa that he does not want to go back down that road with her, now or ever. Brady then asks Theresa to just go, so she then exits.

The John Doe known as Joseph Bell comments on Doug and Julie being obviously in love. Doug notes they’ve been married over 50 years and they talk about their memories. Joseph talks about singing along to the radio. Doug sings “Tea For Two” which Joseph recognizes and says he used to dance with his wife to it. Joseph suggests they dance, so they do as the three of them sing together.

John assumes Joseph doesn’t have any family they can contact. Steve brings up that Joseph talked about trying to find his son. The man at the VA confirms he’s talked about it but was fuzzy on the details. John asks if there’s anything else he can share. He says he can’t share his medical information but gives a file on Joseph’s military history. John looks through it and sees that Joseph served in the Korean War. John then comes across something and says he doesn’t believe this.

Julie thanks Doug and Joseph for the song and dance, saying she can’t remember the last time she had so much fun. Joseph praises Doug’s voice. Doug tells him that his dancing was very entertaining. Julie says she does need to get Doug home. Joseph says he enjoyed meeting them. Doug and Julie hope he figures his name out and finds his son. Joseph thanks them and feels he will get some answers pretty soon.

John informs Steve that Joseph Bell served in the same unit as his biological father, Yo Ling. John talks about gathering as much information he could and it’s definitely the same unit. Steve calls it a coincidence and that they must have known each other. John guesses they are about to find out.

Brady tells himself that Theresa is out of her mind as they are not right for each other and never have been. Brady then thinks back to their makeshift wedding that she referenced.

Theresa sits outside the Brady Pub, crying over an old photo of her and Brady. Xander then walks by and is surprised to see her.

EJ walks through the park and makes a call, saying he has a job for them as he wants them to kill Ava Vitali.

Harris returns to Ava’s room and says he’s sorry that was a bust. Ava reveals it wasn’t a bust as she lied to Marlena. Harris questions what she’s talking about. Ava declares that she remembers everything now and that Susan Banks is alive!

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