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Belle is at the Brady Pub, on the phone with Marlena. Belle talks about the relief knowing that Shawn is getting help and agreed to the 24 hour hold, though she knows he won’t get past this in just a few hours. Belle finishes her call as Brady enters the Pub. Belle hugs him and thanks him for agreeing to meet. Brady says it sounded urgent and asks if it’s about reopening the custody suit. Belle informs him that it’s about Philip. Brady realizes that she knows that Philip is alive and well. Belle reveals that she knows lot more than that as she knows what he wants. Brady can’t believe that Belle took on Philip as a client and questions who conned her in to doing that.

Chloe sits at home and thinks back to Philip showing up at her door, Philip revealing what he had done, then asking Brady if he would have Philip arrested, and calling Belle to be Philip’s lawyer. Xander interrupts her by commenting that she’s a million miles away. Chloe claims she was just thinking about all she has to do at work. Xander suggests they should get to work but Chloe asks him to go ahead as she has a million things to do. Xander offers to help her but Chloe promises she’ll be fine and that it’s no big deal. Xander remarks that if he didn’t know any better, he’d say she was trying to get rid of him. They then hear a glass break and Xander comments that if he didn’t know any better, he’d also say they aren’t alone.

Stefan makes sure he and Gabi are alone in their room as they go over knowing now that Dimitri married Gwen to get his hands on the family fortune and also that he has a side piece. Gabi calls it risky behavior to be sneaking his side piece in to the DiMera Mansion. Stefan calls it stupid behavior because if Elliot finds out, his fortune is gone. They wonder when Dimitri would’ve met someone else anyways or why he wouldn’t just kick Gwen to the curb and marry the side piece instead. Gabi declares that the burning question is why Dimitri married Gwen instead of the side piece.

Dimitri argues that Leo can’t be serious about dressing up as Gwen to come meet the lawyer. Leo says he’s serious and all he asks for is the check he promised him. Leo points out that the act would have to be perfect and no one knows Gwen better than he does.

Gwen questions why Kristen would assume Dimitri told her everything and what she means. Kristen claims it’s nothing at all and that she just jumped to the wrong conclusion. Kristen tells Gwen to just forget she said anything. Gwen says she would like to but she can’t because it’s Kristen. Gwen states that she and Dimitri just got back from their honeymoon and they are madly in love, so she questions why Kristen would assume she’d be so angry that she’d want to hit him over the head. Kristen repeats that she jumped to the wrong conclusion. Gwen feels it’s not as random as she’d like her to believe. Gwen brings up Kristen saying she and Dimitri were discussing strategy for the DiMera board room and that Dimitri said they were going to partner up with another member of the family, but he didn’t say which family member. Gwen asks if she thought she would be so pissed off by it which Kristen goes along with, so Gwen questions who it is. Kristen says she’ll have to ask Dimitri. Gwen argues that she can see Kristen is dying to let the cat out of the bag. Kristen then agrees to tell her but adds that Gwen has to tell Dimitri that she forced her to give her the name. Kristen then tells Gwen that it’s Chad and that she told Dimitri she would be furious. Gwen responds that she’s not furious, but confused because everyone knows Chad hates her for coming between he and Abigail, and he’s not fond of Kristen, so she questions why Chad would want to partner up with her husband and Kristen.

Dimitri argues that the lawyer is no fool and would spot Leo in a second. Leo argues that he must not know drag and that he can make this work. Dimitri warns him about how much money would be riding on him. Leo brings up Dimitri pretending to be an ISA officer in his attempt to take over the world. Leo asks if Dimitri is saying yes.

Stefan wonders why Dimitri wouldn’t marry the side woman instead of Gwen. Gabi suggests she could be married or engaged but questions why he would marry Gwen when she has a worse reputation than herself. Gabi thinks there’s another reason he married Gwen and it’s big. Gabi complains that they need to figure this out today.

Brady questions Belle discussing legal strategy with Philip and Chloe to try to figure out how Philip won’t have to pay for his crimes. Belle insists that Philip is sorry for what he’s done. Brady guesses this is why Shawn didn’t call him back last night and explains that he went straight to Shawn’s office but he wasn’t there, so he left him a note to call him right away. Brady assumes that means Shawn is on Philip’s side. Belle then reveals to Brady that Shawn is no longer police commissioner since Paulina became mayor and decided Rafe should be in that job. Brady apologizes for shooting his mouth off. Belle informs Brady that Shawn is in a really bad place right now as he’s never going to forgive himself for shooting Bo and now he blames himself for Victor’s death, so she worried that Shawn could hurt himself or worse. Belle adds that Marlena got Shawn to commit himself to a 24 hour watch at the hospital, so he’s safe for now. Brady asks if there’s anything he can do. Belle says there’s only one thing and that’s not press charges against Philip.

Chloe reminds Xander that he said he wanted to get to the office. Xander questions ignoring the loud noise from her bedroom. Chloe tries to claim it was the neighbor’s apartment. Xander asks if it’s Brady and says now he knows why Chloe wanted him to go to the office without her. Xander guesses that Brady came by while he was in the shower and that she told him to hide in the room because he was still there. Chloe calls that ridiculous and says it’s not Brady. Xander asks who it is then. Chloe then calls for him to come on out, so Philip reveals himself, shocking Xander.

Gwen asks Kristen what Chad has to gain by working with her and Dimitri since he’s at Titan now. Kristen says he’s still a voting member of the DiMera board and nobody else has approached him yet, so she suggested that she and Dimitri try to entice him in to being a silent partner. Gwen tells Kristen to entice whoever she pleases and to leave her out of it. Gwen decides she wants to take a nap and exits the room.

Gabi tells Stefan that she’s going to search Dimitri’s room because there has to be something in there that will tell them what they want to know. Stefan then follows Gabi out.

Dimitri worries to Leo that this is all very risky. Leo swears that it’s not, pointing out that most of Gwen’s clothes are still in his room from when she lived there. Leo says he’s sneaking around behind his best friend’s back because he can’t resist Dimitri and he flew to Iceland because he couldn’t be without him. Leo assures that he would not put what they have in jeopardy if he wasn’t certain he could pull it off. Dimitri responds that he better get dressed then as they kiss.

Kristen calls Dimitri and says she made up a cover story which Gwen bought. Dimitri complains about having to pretend he’s working with his uncle Chad, who despises him. Kristen brings up that Dimitri said he would have no choice but to tell Gwen. Dimitri tells her that he has something in the works and he will keep her posted. Kristen warns that he damn well better solve his problem because she’s counting on that pay day as they hang up. Dimitri complains about Leo taking so long and worries that he’s doomed.

Brady tells Belle that he asked what he can do for her because of Shawn and tells her not to use that to guilt him in to letting Philip off the hook which she argues she is not doing. Belle says she’s just trying to make him understand that Philip was mentally ill, but he’s better now. Belle knows Brady believes in second chances and adds that Victor would’ve wanted them all to help Philip get his life back together. Belle pleads with Brady, noting that she knows he has no reason to forgive Philip but she also knows he has a big heart so she knows he can do this for him.

Xander questions Philip faking everything and framing Brady which he confirms. Xander remarks that people go on about how bad he is. Philip argues that he was out of his mind. Chloe points out that Philip can’t show his face in public or he could go to prison. Xander questions holing him up in their spare room and notes that he wouldn’t know if he didn’t knock over the lamp, so he questions how long Chloe planned on keeping him in the dark.

Stefan suggests to Gabi that they should make sure everyone is out of the house but Gabi worries that would give Dimitri time. Stefan decides to keep watch in the hall while Gabi sneaks in to Dimitri’s bedroom.

Elliot Roth is in his room at the Salem Inn, on the phone. He says he’s waiting on Dimitri and his wife now and he plans to leave Salem as soon as the meeting is over. Elliot says he hates being away from them too and he loves them as he hangs up when there’s a knock at the door. Elliot answers the door to see Dimitri. He asks where his wife is. Dimitri responds that she’s a little nervous and is checking her make up. Leo then arrives dressed in drag to pretend to be Gwen and tells Elliot that it’s such a pleasure to meet him.

Gabi searches Dimitri’s bedroom. Gwen runs in to Stefan in the hall and question what he’s doing lurking outside of her and Dimitri’s bedroom door. Stefan claims he just noticed the painting on the wall and how beautiful it is. Gwen says she’s going to lie down for a nap and orders Stefan to get out of her way but Stefan says he can’t let her go in there. Gwen questions why the hell not. Gwen asks if there’s a reason why he doesn’t want her to go in to her own bedroom. Stefan claims that he just saw Harold go in there to unpack her things. Gabi hears them from inside. Gwen informs him that she already unpacked herself. Stefan suggests Harold’s unpacking Dimitri’s stuff too and invites Gwen to go downstairs and have a drink where she can tell him all about the honeymoon. Gwen tells Stefan that he can ask Leo, since he’s such a good friend to her that he decided to show up to her honeymoon. Gwen asks Stefan to get away from the door, so he steps aside. Gwen then heads inside.

Dimitri asks Elliot what he needs to know about them. Elliot explains his relatives having concern that their marriage is just out of convenience for the terms of his trust fund. Dimitri remarks that his family are a bunch of cynics but he and Gwen know the truth. Elliot points out the timing of their wedding being suspect. Dimitri argues that he was ready to let the money go because the right woman hadn’t come along but then one day, Gwen walked in to his life and he knew immediately that they were destined for each other. Leo tells Elliot that he hasn’t heard half of their story and that he’s about to learn what a marriage made in Heaven is all about.

Belle comments on Brady getting quiet. Brady responds that he’s trying to think. Kristen enters the Pub and greets them. Brady asks what she wants. Kristen says she heard about Victor and she would say she’s sorry but that would be a lie. Brady asks about Rachel. Kristen says she came here to get food for Rachel. Brady warns Kristen not to get used to her custody.

Chloe apologizes to Xander for not telling him about Philip but says she didn’t want to put him in a position to have to cover for him. Chloe asks Xander to forgive her. Xander admits he can’t stay mad at her and tells Philip that it’s good for him that Chloe still cares about him. Philip acknowledges that Xander is the one Chloe is marrying and congratulates him, saying he’s a lucky guy. Philip adds that Chloe deserves whatever she wants and what she wants is apparently Xander.

Kristen reminds Brady that the judge concluded he was the threat to Rachel and he was right as she brings up what he did to Philip. Brady tells her not to say that he didn’t warn her. Kristen mocks him and exits the Pub. Belle guesses that exchange told her everything she needed to know and that Brady is pressing charges against Philip. Brady reveals that she’s wrong as she talked him out of it. Belle asks if he’s going to keep this quiet. Brady sees that when Philip shows his face in public, he’ll be cleared of all wrongful charges and admits that Philip going to prison doesn’t help him get what he wants which is getting his daughter back and away from Kristen’s clutches as soon as possible. Brady declares that he will not press charges against Philip. Belle doesn’t know how to thank him.

Xander goes over Philip being in major trouble and that he could go to prison but he decided to come back and risk all that just to go to Victor’s funeral. Philip admits that he was sick of hiding and when he heard about his father, he had to be here in hopes of saying a final goodbye and being with family. Chloe then gets a text from Belle.

Gwen enters her bedroom to find Gabi covering the bed with roses. Gwen asks if that’s supposed to be funny. Gabi claims that they heard her honeymoon got cut short so they were trying to make it up to her. Gwen tells her to give it up and admit that she was snooping. Gabi questions why she would do that. Gwen brings up the DiMera board meeting. Stefan tells Gabi there’s no sense in denying as Gwen caught them red handed. Gwen declares the room will be locked from now on and tells them to get the hell out. Gabi remarks that she should’ve known not to tangle with her. Gwen remarks that the DiMeras are all alike. Gabi points out that Gwen is a DiMera too now, for as long as the marriage lasts anyway. Stefan and Gabi then exit together.

Elliot is fascinated to hear about the marriage made in heaven. Dimitri tries to say his wife gets carried away but Leo says he’s eager to share. Leo says they didn’t even like each other when they first met but he realized that it was a defense mechanism because he was falling hard for him, but had no reason to believe anything would come of it. Leo says it feels like destiny now but at first there were too many obstacles. Leo adds that they were determined to push those obstacles out of the way and no one understands what they have. Leo remarks that losing a best friend used to seem unthinkable but questions giving up on a man who is so perfect for him. Elliot calls that very moving but the problem is, he’s not Gwen any more than he is.

Belle tells Brady that Chloe is so relieved and Philip will be too, so she can’t thank him enough. Brady assures that he needs the judge to know that he’s no killer, the sooner the better. Brady declares that he wants his daughter back and as long as that happens, Philip has no reason to fear him. Belle assures that Philip will be so grateful. Brady clarifies that he’s not doing it for Philip but for Victor, Belle, and Chloe.

Philip can’t believe that he can see his mother, go to his father’s funeral, and try to get his life back. Philip guesses all that’s left to say is thanks for everything. Philip apologizes for the intrusion. Chloe tells Philip that she’s really happy for him and tells him to take care of himself. Philip congratulates Xander again and tells him to be good to Chloe as he then exits their apartment.

Leo insists that he is Gwen but Elliot reveals that he’s done his homework and he’s also been to a few drag shows with his husband. Elliot says whoever he is, he’s good but not good enough. Elliot adds that the speech he gave about his feelings for Dimitri, he could tell was from the heart, so it’s obvious that they are in love. Dimitri then gets a call from Gwen but ignores it.

Gwen leaves Dimitri a message to call as soon as he can because she just caught Gabi in their room. Gwen says that Gabi and Stefan are on the warpath and trying to get something on him.

Gabi and Stefan go back to their room, talking about how gullible Gwen is to believe this is all about DiMera business. Stefan notes that now Gwen has her guard up but Gabi doesn’t think that will matter anymore. Gabi then reveals what she found before Gwen came in, a paper from Dimitri’s luggage. Stefan sees that Dimitri paid for two rooms. Gabi guesses that means Dimitri brought the other woman on his honeymoon. Stefan then reveals that Dimitri didn’t bring a woman, he brought Leo Stark which shocks Gabi.

Leo questions Elliot being able to tell they are in love. Elliot says it’s obvious and that they can’t act on it because of the homophobic legal document stipulating that Dimitri must marry a woman to be eligible for his inheritance. Elliot assures that he’s on their side but there’s limits to what he can do. Elliot says as far as he’s concerned, Dimitri has met the terms but others won’t see it that way. Elliot explains that the fund will be paid in payments and gives the first one, but notes that if he wants them to keep coming in, he will have to keep up appearances with Gwen and she cannot be aware of their relationship, nor can the rest of the world. Elliot hopes that someday in the future, they won’t have to hide their true feelings. Leo declares that he’ll go back to hiding his true feelings the minute they leave as he then kisses Dimitri.

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