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Brady meets Belle in the town square. Belle thanks him for agreeing to do this. Brady clarifies that he didn’t agree to do anything but to meet with her and he thinks they need to talk first but Belle says she doesn’t have time to talk because Shawn is falling apart in front of her. Belle talks about Shawn drinking himself sick last night. Shawn then arrives and questions what Brady is doing there since he thought they were having lunch. Belle explains that Brady is on his way to an AA meeting and offered to take Shawn with him. Shawn refuses but Belle tells him that he has to go.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander asks what Sarah wanted to tell him. Sarah knows he came to see Maggie and she hates to interrupt, but Maggie made her see that she needs to be honest with him about her and Rex.

Rex surprises Kate at the Pub. Kate hugs him and admits that when Roman said her son was home, she was afraid it might be Philip.

Chloe answers her door at home and is shocked to see Philip. Chloe says this can’t be real but Philip assures that he’s alive and he’s come back to her. Chloe then faints in to Philip’s arms.

Kayla goes to Marlena’s office and says she wanted to see how she’s doing. Marlena says she’s fine but assumes Roman told her that they’ve decided the best way to help Eric is to accept Sloan in to the family. Marlena calls it her personal idea of Hell but notes that she volunteered to give the baby shower. Kayla then realizes that Marlena has been at Bayview and hasn’t talked to Roman, so she doesn’t know which Marlena then questions.

Rex doesn’t understand why Kate thought Philip was coming back. Kate explains that she had to call him about Victor. Rex realizes that Philip wants to be there for the funeral. Kate talks about Philip and Victor having such a complicated relationship but his father died and he never got to say goodbye, so he said he had to come home. Kate adds that she begged him not to until he agreed but she doesn’t know if she got through to him. Roman adds that if Philip does come home, everyone will know that he’s alive. Rex worries about Brady seeing him. Roman points out that if Brady doesn’t kill Philip, he’ll end up in prison, so they hope that Kate got through to him.

Philip sits Chloe down on her couch and apologizes for scaring her, explaining that he wanted to see her alone before whatever happens. Chloe doesn’t understand how he’s alive and questions where he’s been this whole time. Chloe asks if he’s hurt and about his leg. Philip says he’s good as new. Chloe asks if Philip was held hostage and hurt. Philip reveals that was one of a lot of lies. Chloe asks for the truth. Philip reveals that he’s been in Europe in a mental institution because he was out of his mind with jealousy. Philip states that back then, he felt if he couldn’t have her, he had to make sure Brady couldn’t, so he faked his death and framed Brady for his murder.

Shawn mocks Belle giving him a direct order to go to AA. Shawn questions Belle saying she would be by his side. Belle argues that she was by his side, watching him get sick all night and not knowing if she needed to call an ambulance. Belle cries that it’s killing her watching Shawn do this to himself as she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. Shawn warns her that the only way she’s going to lose him is by trying to run his life. Shawn insists that he does not need AA and remarks that those meetings haven’t done Brady any good since his life is a hot mess. Shawn warns Belle not to send Maggie after him because he’s done with all this. Shawn then storms off as Brady holds Belle back and tells her to let him go.

Xander asks Sarah what about her and Rex. Sarah starts to respond but gets cramps. Xander asks if she thinks she might be in labor.

Kayla informs Marlena about Sloan losing the baby and apologizes as she thought she knew. Marlena feels she has to find Eric but Kayla asks her to give that a second since Sloan is taking tests and Eric is with her as she needs him. Marlena agrees to wait a while but questions how much Eric has to go through as Kayla hugs her. Shawn then arrives and asks to talk to Marlena.

Belle apologizes to Brady and says that Shawn has just been a wreck since Victor’s death. Brady remarks that when a drunk wants a drink, there’s always an excuse. Belle asks Brady not to call Shawn that but Brady says that’s what he is right now and that Shawn doesn’t need anyone feeling sorry for himself because he’s taking care of that himself. Brady explains that it’s what Maggie has told him over the years and he’s been where Shawn is. Brady feels there’s nothing Belle can do but be strong for herself. Belle hates that he’s right. Belle brings up how Brady is telling her that she can’t will Shawn in to doing what she wants, just like she was telling Brady the same about Chloe. Brady guesses they are in the same boat as he thinks Chloe marrying Xander is as self-destructive as Shawn’s drinking. Brady says she can’t talk to Shawn and he can’t talk to Chloe. Brady adds that he told Chloe that Xander was proposing because he can’t have Sarah and that she knows it. Brady complains that Chloe didn’t care and that she basically said she’s marrying Xander because she can’t have him because of Rachel and she can’t have Philip because he’s dead. Belle points out that they don’t know that for sure.

Chloe questions what Philip had done. Philip says he’s so sorry. Chloe argues that doesn’t quite catch it because he put them through Hell and let them believe he was dead. Chloe talks about how they mourned him and were sick for grief. Chloe goes over Brady being arrested, what Philip did to him, and what Brady’s life was like having everyone think he murdered Philip. Philip responds that he knows what he did and that there were days he thought he’d rather die than face what he had done to the people he loves. Philip mentions Kate and Victor sending him away, so Chloe stops and questions them knowing he was alive while letting them all think that he was dead. Chloe points out that Victor let his grandson go to jail while Philip notes that Victor made sure Brady was released. Chloe can’t believe this and tells Philip to stay away from her. Chloe asks how she knows he’s not still crazy and that they just let him out because he father died. Philip reveals they let him out awhile ago, so Chloe questions that he’s been free and still let them think he was dead. Philip argues that he couldn’t come home. Chloe complains that Philip never pays for what he’s done. Philip admits he’s had his mom and dad for his entire life, but now no matter the price, he had to come home for his dad and to see Chloe.

Kate informs Roman and Rex that she had a conversation with Chloe, who told her that Rex and Sarah are together again. Kate talks about Rex not saying a word to them about it. Roman suggests with their history, Rex wanted to wait and see if the relationship got more serious before saying anything. Rex confirms it has gotten more serious and that he was about to inform them that he and Sarah are getting married.

Sarah tells Xander that she is not in labor, reminding him that she is a doctor and it’s her body. Sarah insists that she’s not in labor but the cramps continue, so she admits maybe she is in labor but that it’s too soon. Xander decides to take her to the hospital.

Shawn apologizes as the door was unlocked. Kayla says she was just leaving anyway and adds that she’s sorry to hear about Victor as she can’t imagine a world without him. Kayla tells Marlena that she will let her know when Sloan’s tests are done as she exits. Marlena reminds Shawn that their appointment was for tomorrow but Shawn reveals that he’s here to cancel. Marlena points out that he could’ve called unless he wanted to talk to her in person. Shawn clarifies that he wanted to tell her in person that he’s quitting therapy for good.

Xander has Sarah set up in a hospital room and asks about her pain. Sarah admits it’s much better. Kayla enters and asks what she can do for her as she was surprised to see her name. Sarah explains that she was in town to visit Maggie. Kayla mentions that she planned to see her as well and tells Xander that she’s sorry about his uncle. Kayla notes that Sarah’s pulse is steady and adds that she didn’t know Sarah was pregnant, so she congratulates them. Xander clarifies that he’s not the father and it’s actually Rex’s. Kayla asks about Sarah’s contractions. Sarah says they haven’t been regular and have been very painful and close together but she thinks they are subsiding. Kayla notes Sarah’s blood pressure being a little elevated. Kayla assures they will take good care of her and asks Sarah how many weeks along she is. Sarah then fakes a pain to get Kayla to ask Xander to leave the room. After Xander leaves, Sarah says the pain is gone, so Kayla asks her again how many weeks pregnant she is.

Brady knows Belle cares about Philip, but points out that it’s been two years so he thinks Philip would’ve shown up by now if he was alive. Belle agrees and says it was weird when John called to tell her about Victor, she kept thinking about how hard it would be on Shawn, Brady, and Philip, so she realized she never really accepted that Philip is gone and she doesn’t know if she ever will.

Philip tells Chloe that when he got out of the bin, he wasn’t a threat anymore and wouldn’t hurt anyone but he also wasn’t really alive as it started to sink in what he had done. Philip feels he lost his father before he died because he stopped being his son and somewhere along the line, he stopped being the Philip who loved Chloe and became the Philip who wanted to own her. Philip states that he’ll never be able to prove to Victor that Philip is alive again but he’d like the chance to prove to Chloe. Philip clarifies that he’s not going to try to win her back, but he wants her to know that the Philip who got to know a goth girl and discovered the coolest person he’s ever met, is back.

Kate questions Rex saying that he and Sarah are getting married. Rex confirms that he proposed to Sarah and she told him yes last night over the phone which Kate mocks as being romantic. Rex explains that he got an early flight to surprise Sarah and pick up her favorite scone on the way to the Kiriakis Mansion. Roman congratulates Rex. Kate stops Rex and questions if he’s sure he’s not rushing this marriage. Rex responds that he is rushing it and asks why he wouldn’t since Sarah is pregnant with his kid. Rex then exits the Pub, leaving Kate and Roman shocked.

Xander returns to Sarah’s hospital room. Sarah informs him that she’s not in labor and it was just Braxton-Hicks which Kayla confirms. Xander asks how they can be sure the cramps won’t start up again. Kayla says she can’t be sure but if it starts again, she can come back. Kayla notes wanting to get Sarah some fluids because she’s a little dehydrated but after that, she can go home. Sarah thanks Kayla as she exits the room. Sarah then thanks Xander for bringing her since Kayla was very reassuring. Xander feels she has enough to worry about. Xander reminds Sarah that she said earlier that she had something to tell him about her and Rex.

Roman tells Kate that they are going to be grandparents again after all. Kate wonders when Sarah is due. Roman talks about Rex not giving them time to ask as he was out the door. Roman goes over how Eric lost a baby and now Rex is telling them that Sarah is pregnant. Roman can’t believe it. Kate says she can’t either and she just hopes that they aren’t in for any more surprises…

Chloe tells Philip that she’s been thinking about him a lot lately and she is glad that he’s alive, but informs him that she is engaged. Philip is not surprised since she and Brady always seemed to find their way back to each other. Chloe then reveals that she’s not engaged to Brady but to his cousin, Xander.

Sarah tells Xander that she doesn’t know how to say this but Rex rushes in and says he heard Sarah was in the hospital, so he asks if everything is okay. Sarah confirms it was just Braxton-Hicks and they are fine. Rex then questions what Xander is doing there. Sarah explains that Xander came to visit Maggie when the contractions started, so he took her to the hospital. Rex thanks Xander. Rex then talks to the baby and remarks that he and Sarah are old fashioned so they have to get married before the baby appears, which shocks Xander.

Kate tells Roman that she’s sorry as this is all too crazy. Kate says she talks to Rex once or twice a week and he barely even mentioned Sarah, much less that she’s pregnant with his child. Roman suggests that Rex might have thought she would interfere. Kate acknowledges that Rex has been pining for Sarah for ages while Roman points out that Rex cheated on her. Kate says they got past it, they’re both doctors, compatible, and mature so it looks good on paper. Roman asks what she is worried about then. Kate has no doubt that Rex is head over heels in love with Sarah, but she has great doubts about that feeling being reciprocated by Sarah.

Xander questions Sarah marrying Rex. Sarah says that’s what she was trying to tell him as she didn’t want him to find out from someone else. Xander says it’s great and shakes Rex’s hand as he congratulates him. Xander relates the feeling to when Chloe accepted his proposal last night, which surprises them as Rex remarks that he didn’t know Chloe lost her senses. Sarah tells Xander that she and Rex are very happy for he and Chloe. Xander says they are very happy for Sarah and Rex too. Xander comments on them all getting married and jokes that they won’t have a double wedding. Rex tells Xander that he can take it from here. Sarah thanks Xander for being there for her. Xander says he’s just glad all is well with her and the baby as he then exits the room. Rex calls Xander a jerk.

Marlena thinks Shawn leaving therapy is not a good idea right now since he’s made so much progress. Shawn asks why the first thing he did after finding out about Victor was get drunk out of his mind. Marlena says that tells her that he should continue therapy. Xander feels tired about talking about his life and how the bad things keep winning out. Marlena is not sure that’s true. Shawn complains that Belle thinks this is fixable too and she wants Brady to take him to AA, but he’s not an alcoholic. Marlena states that you don’t have to be an alcoholic to need help. Shawn argues that this is not fixable as he put his father in a coma and his grandfather in a grave. Shawn tells Marlena that she can’t fix this and walks out of her office.

Belle checks her phone and says there’s nothing from Shawn, so she just hopes he went to work. Brady feels in his state, maybe it’s best that he didn’t. Belle worries about Shawn being angry with her. Brady comments on treating the people they love the worst. Belle encourages Brady that Chloe does love him. Brady acknowledges that he hurt Chloe badly and he has no right to keep her away from Xander. Belle suggests Brady suck it up, apologize, and tell Chloe that he’s happy for her and Xander. Belle says that what she did eventually. Belle knows it’s hard but says when it all goes south, Chloe will need her friends. Brady agrees, so Belle tells him that he knows what he needs to do.

Philip questions Chloe being engaged to Xander. Chloe explains that they originally just decided to get an apartment together, but then they got close. Philip says it’s hard to process after everything Xander did to her. Chloe says he’s not the same person now and none of them are. Philip states that he just wants her to be happy, no matter who it’s with. Philip decides he should go. Chloe stops him and hugs him as she cries.

Belle goes to see Marlena in her office and asks if she’s okay. Marlena informs her that she just let Eric and reveals that Sloan lost the baby. Belle is shocked and asks if she should go see Eric. Marlena suggests giving him some time and asks how she is. Belle admits she’s not good and really worried about Shawn. Belle says she was trying to get through to him but thinks she pushed him too far, so she’s really worried about what he might do.

Shawn goes to his office at the police station and pulls out his gun.

Rex asks if Sarah is really okay. Sarah thinks it was just the stress of Maggie ripping in to her for not telling Xander about the baby and then when Xander showed up, she was on the verge of telling him but then the pains started. Sarah says she was on the verge of telling him again when Rex walked in, but then she just figured that if fate interrupted her twice, she should just stick with the original story. Sarah states that she agreed to marry Rex and calls it the perfect cover story for Xander. Rex asks if she’s sure that she wants to go through with this. Sarah says only if he does. Rex confirms he does and then presents her with a ring. Sarah tells him that he has no idea what it means to her that he’s willing to do this. Sarah admits that Xander being so concerned about her and the baby earlier made it easy to forget that he’s controlling, dangerous, and someone she doesn’t want anywhere near the baby. Sarah thanks Rex for helping her make sure that Xander never knows he’s the father of the child. Rex then puts the ring on Sarah’s finger.

Philip asks Chloe if this means she forgives him. Chloe states that she’s furious at him for what he did, but she’s also really glad that he’s alive. Philip says he is too, especially now that he’s back home in Salem. Philip knows Kate think it’s a mistake for him to be here as she told him not to come to his dad’s funeral, but he can’t spend the rest of his life hiding. Chloe asks what he’s going to do. Philip declares that he will take responsibility for what he did and let the chips fall where they may. Philip then goes to leave but comes face to face with Brady when he opens the door.

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