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Brooke: I can’t believe Liam wouldn’t forgive you.

Hope: I tried to give it one last shot. For our family. I– I tried to let him know how sorry I was, that I would do anything to try to make it right again, but–

Brooke: But… he wouldn’t listen? He just couldn’t forgive?

Hope: Mom, Liam knows how much I love him, and our family, but… I don’t think he’s ever going to be able to get past what happened with Thomas.

Liam: What are you doing here?

Thomas: Hear me out.

Liam: Uh, no. Whatever it is you have to say, I don’t– I don’t care.

Thomas: It’s about Hope.

Steffy: Oh, I needed that.

Ridge: You’re going through a lot. I’m sorry. But I’m here for you.

Steffy: I know you are. And I admit, it’s– it’s been hard, you know. I miss Finn. My husband. I miss my home. I miss being able to just look out the window and see and smell the ocean.

Ridge: Yeah, that’s hard. Being in Beverly Hills sucks, doesn’t it?

Steffy: That’s not what I–

Ridge: You’re at Granddad’s house because it’s a safe place for you to be. It’s important.

Steffy: Yes. And I’m really grateful that he opened his home to us. The kids are having so much fun.

Ridge: He loves those kids. He loves you. Not sure how he feels about me at the moment.

Eric: Come– [ Groans ] Ah, come on! Come– [ Groans ]

[ Eric sighs ]

[ Door clicks open ]

RJ: Hello? Hey, big man himself. How are you? Um, uh– Marta. I– I contacted her, she said I left my charger here? Would you happen to know where it is?

Eric: Yeah, it’s in the kitchen.

RJ: Is– is everything okay?

Eric: No. No, everything is not okay.

RJ: Granddad, what’s– what’s going on? You seem a little upset.

Eric: Uh, nothing I can’t handle. Uh, and certainly nothing for you to be concerned about.

RJ: Well, that just makes me more concerned. Come on, you– you’re the one of the most easy, laid-back people I know. What’s– what’s bothering you?

Eric: I had a bad day, that’s all.

RJ: Well, tell me about what happened today.

Eric: It’s about your father.

Steffy: Why would you say that about Granddad? What happened?

Ridge: I’m not entirely sure. I think I offended him.

Steffy: What? How?

Ridge: Uh, I threw out his stapler.

Brooke: I don’t understand. Liam is very kind and forgiving. Besides, it’s not like he hasn’t hurt you before in the past. Wait. He only knows about that one kiss you and Thomas shared, right?

Hope: Yes, that is all he knows about. And given his resistance to that, I don’t think he’s exactly ready to hear that Thomas and I have now been together. But it doesn’t matter now, right? He can’t even forgive me for the kiss. What makes me think that he would be able to forgive me for anything else?

Liam: You really– you need to go. You should go.

Thomas: Look, I realize you saw what happened in Rome.

Liam: Yeah, it– Thomas, I saw what happened. I got a front-row seat to my wife kissing the guy who is content to let us grieve our daughter for the rest of our lives, so yeah, I–

Thomas: I’m not– I’m not going to try and make any excuses, all right? I realize that you’re never going to forgive me, but… you can forgive Hope. She’s your wife, she loves you. She deserves it, okay? You have to find forgiveness for her.

RJ: But what’s going on with you and Dad? Is it just, like, work stuff or–

Eric: You could say that. RJ, I’m– I’m– I’m inspired. I’m inspired, I– I– I’m going to come up with a whole new collection.

RJ: You’re doing a new collection?

Eric: Yes, I am.

RJ: That’s amazing! That’s awesome.

Eric: Well, your father doesn’t seem to think so.

RJ: He actually told you that?

Eric: Not in so many words, but, uh… but he feels that my time would be better spent playing golf or pickleball.

Steffy: Sounds like Granddad was pretty upset. Not just about the stapler.

Ridge: No. He was adamant about people not using his office, including you, believe it or not.

Steffy: Where is this coming from?

Ridge: I have no idea. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Steffy: Yeah, but, uh, I don’t want Granddad to be upset.

Ridge: Yeah, I don’t want that either. This whole thing is about him wanting to design again, not resting on his laurels, but we’ll figure it out. We always do. Now, on another note, not necessarily a happier one.

Steffy: Oh, god, where is this going?

Ridge: Have you spoken to your brother? I’d like to know where he stands with his relationship with Hope.

Thomas: Like, obviously, you don’t like me very much.

Liam: Oh, yeah? What gave it away?

Thomas: Especially after what you saw in Rome.

Liam: Yeah, Thomas. Convincing me my daughter was dead probably would have done the trick on its own, but seeing my wife make out with you didn’t help.

Thomas: Okay. But we do have something in common. We both care about Hope. I mean, come on. She loves you.

Liam: How do you not see that you are not the person who should be pitching me on this?

Thomas: No, you’re right. I don’t want to be the person who’s pitching you on this, but I am because she loves you and she wants you back.

Liam: Okay, is– is it not obvious that– that you are not in a position to be telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing and is it not obvious that my conversations with Hope are none of your business? You– fine, fine. Just– you’re here. You’re here anyway, so whatever. Look. Yes. I’ve seen Hope, yes. We had a conversation and… yes, you’re right. We love each other. She still loves me and I still love her.

Thomas: Good. Then, you will be able to forgive her.

Liam: I didn’t say that.

[ Brooke groans ]

Brooke: Honey, I am– I am sorry about this. I can see how much you’re hurting.

Hope: Oh. I’m not just hurting, Mom. I’m also angry.

Brooke: At Liam?

Hope: No! No. At myself. I brought this on myself. I was reckless and now I– that might be at the expense of my family. I didn’t think it through.

Brooke: Honey! You made a mistake, okay? Everybody makes mistakes. You have to just take responsibility for it, which you’re doing, and move on. What more can you do? Don’t worry. We’ll be here for you. Ridge, me, RJ, your father. We’re here for you to lean on us, okay? We’ll support you.

Hope: I do appreciate that. But if I’m being honest, I don’t even think I deserve that right now.

Brooke: Honey, stop that. I’m your mother. There’s nothing you could do that wouldn’t be deserving of my love. Just know that we’ll always be here for you. But don’t you dare go back to Thomas.

Thomas: Hope has been completely and totally devoted to you. She messes up once and you’re out.

Liam: You– hm. You’re… really trying my patience, Thomas.

Thomas: Look, you have messed up multiple times. You’ve stepped out on her. You– you had a pregnancy scare with another woman. Oh, yeah, that’s right. That was my sister. Hope messes up once, she kisses one guy and you’re what? You’re done?

Liam: Hope knew, you know. She always knew. That there was just one thing, only one, that I couldn’t forgive. You. She knew it. She chose it. Here we are.

Thomas: You’re a fool.

Liam: I’m a what?

Thomas: You’re a fool. You have this amazing, beautiful, wonderful woman who loves you and wants to repair your family.

Liam: Door handle sticks. Use the one on the right.

Thomas: Yeah, okay. Just so you know, Liam, you’re going to regret this. There aren’t that many things in life that are certain, but that is.

Brooke: I know that you’re heartbroken and I know that you’re vulnerable right now, but please, whatever you do, don’t turn to Thomas.

Hope: Mom, you get that I have hurt Thomas in this too, right? He hasn’t even been in contact with me.

Brooke: Oh, well, he will make a play. He will sense that there’s an opportunity.

Hope: Mom, Thomas has done nothing wrong in any of this. And I get that it’s hard for people to wrap their minds around the fact that little miss innocent Hope has feelings for Thomas, but I do– did. I told Thomas that I want to repair my marriage to Liam. I want to give it one last shot, for the sake of our daughter. And guess what, mom? He promised to step aside because he does love me.

Brooke: Okay, uh, well, Thomas’s love caused a lot of people a great deal of pain. It’s caused you a great deal of pain. Just remember that.

RJ: So, my dad told you that you should retire? That’s insane.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, it really is.

RJ: Yeah.

Eric: Now, he wants me to go fade off into that good night, but I have no intention of doing that. You know, I’ve never, uh– I’ve never really backed away from any kind of a challenge in my life. And this is going to be a very big deal. Biggest collection I’ve ever done. I’m going to do this. And you’re going to help me.

Steffy: I have no idea what’s going on between Hope and Thomas. I am rooting for Liam and Hope. I hope they find their way back to each other and we can just put this whole mess behind us.

Ridge: Yeah, well, I’m worried about Thomas. I’ve seen what happens to him when he gets obsessed with Hope. I don’t want him back there again.

Thomas: Hi.

Hope: Hey. Um, how long have you been standing there?

Thomas: Not too long. Uh, I was going to knock, but then I… I didn’t want to disturb you. You seemed very lost in thought.

Hope: Well, could use a distraction.

[ Thomas clearing throat ]

Thomas: I’m sorry.

Hope: What do you have to be sorry for?

Thomas: I saw Liam.

Hope: You what? Why– why would you–

Thomas: Okay.

Hope: I mean, what did you–

Thomas: I– I– I wanted to talk to him. I wanted to confront him about the reality that you want to put your life back together, to move on, that you– you made a mistake and you’re willing to own that. And it’s just ridiculous that he can’t see the reality there, and, um, it turns out that he is a bigger fool than I ever thought.

RJ: Granddad, um, I’m honored, truly, I am, but I mean, you’re going to make one of the greatest collections of your life. You don’t need me to help you.

Eric: But I do. I do. Look, I can’t, um… I can’t hold a pencil very long. My hand starts to shake and it ends up being very, very painful. It hurts.

RJ: Like, painful? But, like, have you talked to a doctor?

Eric: Yes, it’s arthritis. It hurts.

RJ: Oh, Granddad. I’m so sorry.

Eric: Yeah. No, I asked, uh… I asked your father to help me, but I didn’t tell him why I needed his help and I don’t want you to tell him either.

RJ: I mean, what did he say, though, when you talked to him?

Eric: Well, he turned me down. Told me how busy he is running couture, and, uh, running my business. But I told him, I’m not going out to pasture. I have too much energy, I have too much invested in this new line. This is going to be the– the best collection I’ve ever done. RJ, look at me. I want you to help me. Will you do that?

Ridge: I love my kids more than anything. When they’re in pain, I’m in pain. Thomas is obsessed with Hope–

Steffy: I– I know. I know. But I am proud of Thomas. He’s put everything that’s happened behind him. He’s really proving himself.

Ridge: That’s why he can’t backslide.

Steffy: We just need Hope and Liam to reconcile. But I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Brooke: Oh! Good, you’re both here.

Ridge: Hey.

Brooke: Something I need to talk to you about. Um, I just left Hope and she did go to talk to Liam to ask for his forgiveness. And he said no. So, I am worried about my daughter. I am extremely worried about her. She’s in a very vulnerable place right now.

Hope: So, you went to see Liam?

Thomas: Yeah. Look, um, I– I– honestly, I did not go to cause any kind of trouble. I just went to talk to him and to try and convince him that you actually are doing what you said you wanted to do, which is you’re trying to put your family back together.

Hope: What did he say?

Thomas: Um, he made it clear that he is… unwilling to forgive what happened between us. But I– I– I– I don’t get it, Hope. Honestly. It doesn’t make any sense to me. He’s putting you through this pain. Now, that hurts me because you really are trying. He just won’t accept it. It’s like he saw one thing. You made one mistake. It’s not like he knows about everything else that happened between us.

Hope: So, you– you didn’t–

Thomas: No, no. I would never tell him about everything. [ Thomas chuckles ] That’s something that was, um, wonderful. And it’s just ours. Liam doesn’t get to be a part of it. I care so much for you, Hope, and I don’t understand what Liam’s doing. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Because what I see in front of me is beauty and grace. Hope, I love you so much. And I know I– I made mistakes, but this is like a true love. And that moment we shared, that first kiss in front of The Colosseum, that lit a fire inside of me. It’s given me so much energy and passion and all I want is to be yours. To be there for you, to create for you. To love you. To make love to you. This is our time, Hope. Let’s not throw it away.

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