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Melinda shows up in a panic at Sloan’s door. Sloan comments on not expecting to see her while Melinda frantically asks if Eric is home. Sloan says he’s not so Melinda hurries inside and reminds Sloan that she said she would owe her a favor. Sloan calls it extortion. Melinda says she doesn’t care what she calls it and declares that her first payment is due today.

Nicole enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where she notes an odd look on EJ’s face, so she asks what happened. EJ then informs Nicole that Victor is dead.

Shawn is drinking at the bar when Eric walks in and says he heard about Victor and he’s real sorry, guessing that Shawn has heard too.

Outside the Pub, Belle asks Chloe if she’s really considering accepting Xander’s proposal. Chloe confirms she told him that she needed time to think about it, but so far she hasn’t found a reason to say no. Brady then approaches so Chloe asks how long he’s been standing there. Brady says long enough.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and enters the living room, looking for Maggie, but instead he finds Sarah, who turns around, revealing to Xander that she is pregnant which shocks him. Xander points out that she’s really pregnant and asks how he’s just finding out about this. Sarah states that she just got here to be there for her mom. Xander questions her not calling him or sending an e-mail. Sarah asks him to keep it down because Maggie is trying to rest and isn’t doing okay. Xander says he’s sorry and he knows how much Maggie loved Victor. Sarah acknowledges that he did too, so she’s really sorry for his loss. Xander asks if she’s kidding by offering him condolences and asks her to explain why she didn’t tell him that she’s having his baby.

Chloe questions Brady spying on her while Brady questions her needing time to consider marrying a kidnapping Neanderthal who left her with a drug lord. Belle offers to leave them but Chloe tells Brady that this is none of his business. Brady asks if Xander is drugging Chloe to get her to forget how he treats people. Brady complains that he went to see Xander to apologize for kissing her and he hit him because that’s who he is. Chloe points out that Xander didn’t know about that. Chloe argues that Victor is dead and all he could find to do was fight about her.

Eric asks Shawn why Belle isn’t here with him. Shawn argues that it doesn’t matter and that Victor is dead either way. Eric comments on Shawn not taking this well. Shawn blames himself which Eric questions. Shawn argues that Victor was on the plane because he put Bo in a coma and now he had to spend his last four months of his life miserable and now he’s dead because of him. Eric argues that it doesn’t make sense. Shawn asks who the hell asked him.

EJ apologizes to Nicole for blurting it out like that and admits he was pretty shocked himself. Nicole says it’s okay as she had to find out. Nicole asks what happened. EJ explains that he was flying back from Greece and his plane went down. Nicole calls that horrible and she can’t believe it’s hitting her so hard. EJ understands it’s shocking and acknowledges that Nicole was married to Victor, so he’s sure there were some good memories from that time. Nicole responds that there actually weren’t as they weren’t exactly a love match. Nicole then flashes back to her marriage to Victor. Nicole can’t believe the things Victor said to her still sting after all these years. EJ wonders if Victor and Stefano have caught up in the great beyond yet, joking that they can torment each other for eternity. Nicole comments that they loved to hate each other.

Melinda informs Sloan that Abe is going to reclaim his job as mayor. Sloan asks if Abe got his memory back. Melinda explains that it’s a scam as he’s going to reclaim the position long enough to appoint his successor; Paulina, which shocks Sloan. Sloan asks how the hell Paulina is qualified. Melinda has no idea but says it’s definitely happening. Melinda brings up that she went after Paulina and Chanel pretty hard for what happened to Sloan’s parents, so now she worries that Paulina is going to fire her because she hates her. Sloan remarks that payback’s a bitch and asks how she’s going to fight her off. Melinda says she’ll have a headlining grabbing case and a high profile defendant; the attempt on Stefan DiMera’s life and the man behind it: Li Shin. Sloan comments that it sounds surefire if she had any proof but she already failed at that. Melinda is not worried about no proof being the only thing standing in her way, because that’s where Sloan comes in.

Eric suggests to Shawn that they get some air instead of doing this in public, reminding him that he had just gotten suspended for drinking. Shawn points out that he came back from that and got promoted, so he jokes that if he keeps it up, maybe they’ll make him Mayor. Eric warns that if Shawn keeps this up, he could lose Belle. Shawn suggests Eric go see if Sloan has any cravings and get the hell out of here.

EJ asks Nicole if she has any cravings. Nicole jokes that she can’t drink so he’ll have to drink enough for both of them. Nicole remarks that Victor was such a son of a bitch who treated her worse than dirt, but like she deserved. Nicole then admits that she is going to miss Victor and she can’t think about Salem without him. EJ states that Victor was so damn alive. Nicole adds that Victor was funny and it’s infuriating because he would say something awful to her but she had to try not to laugh. Nicole admits she tried to say scathing things back to him but she was no match for him. Nicole adds that she’s sure EJ is really enjoying her talking about her ex-husband. EJ says he doesn’t mind her going on about anything and says he’s never close to bored with her. EJ suggests they get married now. Nicole asks why since they haven’t planned anything and don’t even know where they are getting married. EJ feels none of that matters and they should just get married and live every day like their last. EJ wants to use everything from their past failed marriages to make this work. EJ jokes that he’ll stop being an imperious jerk while Nicole stays exactly the same. EJ says they could have the time of their lives.

Sloan tells Melinda that she’s not a detective and asks how she’s supposed to dig up dirt on Li when she couldn’t. Melinda clarifies that she needs her talents as a lawyer, specifically to be Li’s lawyer. Sloan doesn’t understand how that would help her. Melinda admits that it won’t and tells Sloan to think it through. Sloan then realizes that Melinda wants her to help her convict her own client.

Brady tells Chloe that there was no fight and that they put it all aside when they started talking about Victor and they actually hugged, which he’s sure Victor got a good laugh about it. Brady asks Belle how Shawn is taking it. Belle admits he’s taking it pretty badly and is blaming himself. Belle wishes Shawn would’ve been with Brady and Xander, so they could’ve shown him how wrong he is.

Xander tells Sarah that he knows they are divorced, but that’s still his kid and she has no right to keep it from him. Xander asks if Victor hadn’t died, how long he would’ve had to wait or if she ever would’ve told him. Xander questions her not telling him that he’s going to be a father. Sarah then responds that he’s not going to be a father and it’s none of his business because the baby isn’t his, it’s Rex’s. Xander questions Rex getting her pregnant and argues that she looks like she’s ready to deliver and far enough along that she had to get pregnant before she left Salem. Sarah explains that they didn’t get involved until they went to Chicago but there was once in Salem before she moved. Xander continues to question it, pointing out that it was one time with Rex versus all the time they were together which Sarah says she’s trying to forget. Xander argues that the odds are overwhelming that he’s the father and asks how she can be so sure that he’s not.

Belle says she has something to take care of and tells Brady to stop badgering Chloe about Xander because it’s not productive. Brady promises to do so. Belle hugs Chloe and tells her to keep her posted as she walks away. Chloe guesses Brady won’t keep his promise. Brady asks how he can. Brady admits part of his reaction is jealousy but argues that he knows who Xander is and that he’s dangerous. Brady adds that Xander didn’t propose because he’s in love with her but because he can’t have Sarah. Chloe remarks that he says that like it’s a bad thing.

Eric tells Shawn that he’s not leaving without him and offers to drive him home. Shawn tells Eric to leave him the hell alone and continues drinking.

Melinda explains to Sloan that Li will need a lawyer and she’s represented him before so they already have the relationship. Melinda then says Sloan will pass on the information that she gets from Li to her. Sloan complains about the idea of losing her license and giving birth in prison. Melinda tells her not to be so melodramatic. Sloan argues that this is a felony and she’s the district attorney so they will throw the book at her. Melinda shouts that she has no choice and her back is against the wall. Melinda feels when she pulls this off, she’ll be all over the papers so Paulina can’t touch her and if she tries, it will be seen as an abuse of power. Sloan says she can’t be serious. Melinda worries if that if she doesn’t do this, she’ll be out on the street and everything she’s built will be gone. Melinda cries that she will have nothing. Sloan argues that there has to be another way because she can’t do this. Melinda guesses she’s okay with Eric finding out that Nicole is pregnant with his baby then.

Nicole questions EJ wanting to elope tonight. EJ brings up what Salem weddings are like. EJ says they want to be surrounded by people they love and trust, who are happy they are together, and that’s only themselves. Nicole asks if they trust each other. EJ encourages that it could be fun. EJ wants to start being the husband she deserves, tonight.

Sloan questions if Melinda would tell Eric the truth just because she won’t break 10 laws to help her. Melinda argues that she would be the one investigating so no one would find out. Sloan thought they were friends and says she knows Melinda’s back is against the wall but this is too much. Melinda argues that it’s all she needs but Sloan refuses to do it. Melinda asks if she’s going to call her bluff and if she thinks she won’t tell Eric. Sloan hopes that she won’t but feels even if she does, it won’t go her way because her and Eric are growing closer every day. Sloan adds that Nicole is not the only one carrying Eric’s baby, so he might be upset but he won’t leave her and they will work through it. Melinda understands she wants that to be true but questions if she’s willing to risk it.

Shawn and Eric get in to a shoving match until Belle arrives and questions what’s going on. Eric calls it a friendly disagreement and says now that Belle is there, he’ll get going. Shawn reminds Eric that he asked him to stop. Eric tells Shawn that he still owes him and walks out of the bar. Belle asks if Shawn is okay. Shawn complains that everyone keeps asking him that and questions what the hell she’s doing there. Shawn then guesses that Eric called her and calls him a nosy son of a bitch. Belle states that Eric called because he cares and that’s who he is, where if something is wrong, he’s going to try to make it right.

Nicole questions EJ again about wanting to elope now. EJ confirms that he can call the DiMera Jet to take them where ever. Nicole questions him wanting to fly to Italy tonight. EJ says she can bring her daughter Holly and notes that his daughter Sydney is there so they can be flower girls. Nicole points out that would be involving Sami. EJ jokes about rubbing Sami’s nose in it. EJ encourages her to think of how beautiful they could make it, with no distractions or interruptions as if Salem doesn’t exist. EJ asks if Nicole is a little bit tempted as they kiss. Nicole then tells EJ to call the damn plane.

Sarah tells Xander that Victor is dead and Maggie is an absolute wreck, so she doesn’t feel up to being grilled about something that has nothing to do with him. Xander asks again how she can be so sure. Sarah argues that weeks went by between her and Xander being together and her sleeping with Rex. Sarah claims that’s why she and Rex are together now because they decided it was fate and questions why Xander even cares since he’s with Chloe now and Maggie and Bonnie said it’s pretty serious. Xander confirms that he just asked Chloe to marry him.

Brady questions Chloe being okay with being Xander’s second choice. Chloe clarifies that Xander’s past with Sarah is part of who he is, just like her past with Brady and Philip being part of who she is. Chloe acknowledges that she’s not with Brady because of the mess with Rachel and she’s not with Philip because he’s gone, while Xander fell in love with who she is after that. Chloe declares that there is nothing standing in their way. Brady says except for him and warns that next time, he might punch Xander back. Brady argues that everything Chloe said sounds like a rationalization and calls that a hell of a way to start a lifetime commitment. Chloe calls that unfair. Brady argues that he just wants her to wake up and asks if she’s even thought about why she hasn’t been able to say yes yet. Brady tells Chloe there’s a reason and she can still say no. Chloe argues that she doesn’t have time for this and storms off.

Belle tells Shawn that she came because he lost his grandfather and because she’s so scared that he’s going to spiral down out of guilt again. Belle encourages him of the progress he’s made with Marlena and asks him not to throw that all away. Shawn complains that no therapy will change the fact that this is his fault. Belle doesn’t think drinking is going to help and that it will just hurt the people that love him. Shawn respond that he just doesn’t think he’s as strong as she and Eric think he is.

Sloan argues that Melinda doesn’t think Eric will forgive her because she doesn’t forgive anyone for anything but they are not alike. Sloan believes if she explains it, Eric will understand. Melinda warns that she’s making a mistake. Sloan tells Melinda to go. Sloan then announces that she is telling Eric as soon as he gets back, so Melinda will no longer have a hold over her. Melinda warns Sloan not to do it because she will lose him if she does. Sloan says that’s her problem, not Melinda’s as Melinda then leaves the apartment.

EJ tells Nicole he spoke too soon as he finds out that Dimitri took the DiMera Jet on his honeymoon to Iceland and it’s too late for a commercial flight. Nicole asks if that means eloping is off. EJ says it’s not and they will just elope to Salem. EJ tells her that he will go to City Hall to get the forms for the license and after that, they’ll get married as soon as he can make it happen as they kiss. EJ says he shall return and then exits the mansion.

Sarah questions Xander marrying Chloe and remarks that it was fast. Xander says not as fast as Sarah and Rex. Sarah responds that they had motivation. Sarah asks when the big day is. Xander admits that Chloe’s still thinking about it, but he’s certain that she’s going to say yes sooner than later because she loves him for who he is and is very understanding of everything he’s done. Sarah remarks that she must have no standards, then apologizes and says that was uncalled for. Sarah asks if they are done here and says she’ll tell Maggie that he stopped by but it’s been a long day and she’s exhausted. Xander wishes her and Rex all the best with the baby, then tells her to let him know if it pops out with a Scottish accent. Xander then exits the mansion.

Shawn tells Belle that she said what she came to say and he loves that she has so much faith in him, but he’s not going anywhere, so he asks her to just leave him in peace. Belle refuses to go anywhere because her place is with him. Belle says he can drink himself into oblivion if he needs, but he’s not going to do it alone.

Brady sits alone in the Brady Pub and thinks back to Victor instructing him to steal Chloe away from Philip. Brady remarks that Victor was wrong about Chloe, but he wishes he was still around so he could prove it to him.

Chloe goes home frustrated. Xander greets her inside. Chloe asks if he went to see Maggie. Xander says no because she was resting, so he’ll just go see her tomorrow. Chloe never thought Victor was good enough for Maggie, but admits they were crazy about each other and she was so devoted to him. Chloe adds that she’s been thinking a lot about Maggie and how in spite of Victor’s past and things she disapproved of, she took a chance and went ahead and married him. Xander points out that it worked out for them and they were very happy together. Xander asks if that’s inspired her. Chloe confirms that she has been inspired to emulate Maggie and say yes to Xander. Chloe declares that she can’t wait to be his wife as they kiss.

Sarah sits alone in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. She grabs her phone and calls Rex. She tells him it’s hard and that Maggie’s really struggling but that’s not why she’s calling. Sarah then says yes to Rex’s proposal and says the sooner, the better.

Xander puts the ring on Chloe’s finger and they continue kissing.

Nicole sits alone in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and thinks back to Victor pushing her out of a window. Nicole remarks that at least this time, it has to be better than that.

EJ walks past the Brady Pub and bumps in to Melinda Trask, who tells him to watch where he’s going. EJ says he could say the same but he will just apologize because he has to get going to get marriage forms for he and Nicole. Melinda stops him and asks if he’s sure he wants to do that. EJ questions what that is supposed to mean.

Eric goes home to Sloan’s apartment and asks if she has any wine open because he just squandered the last half hour trying to get Shawn to stop drinking, but now he’d kill for a drink. Eric adds that Belle is with him now, so maybe she’ll get through to him. Eric then asks Sloan what’s wrong and if something happened. Sloan responds that there is something she has to tell him.

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