Y&R Short Recap Friday, August 18, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sally tells Adam that Victor doesn’t want to have a fashion division of Newman Enterprises because he has to keep an eye on him and Nick while they run the new company. Sally makes it clear that she doesn’t need his help to get a job.

Ashley wonders why Tucker went to Audra’s room last night. Tucker tells Ashley about the scandal with the singer and Adam blackmailing Audra.

Diane persuades Jack to sign a post nuptial agreement that says if they divorce Diane will leave with what she had before they married. Jack sends a copy of the agreement to Ashley and Tucker reads it and says it is a standard agreement.

Tucker and Ashley decide to move out of the Abbott house and find their own place.

Connor opens up to Billy and tells him he has been having nightmares. Connor tells Billy that kids bully him about his parents. Connor plans to run away but is stopped by Sally when he gets to the park. Sally calls Adam to tell him Connor is at the park. Sally talks to Connor and advises him to talk to his parents about his problems. Sally takes Connor back to Crimson Lights where Connor tells Adam and Chelsea he wants to live with his grandma Anita and go to school there.

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