GH Short Recap Thursday, August 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn takes Tracy to a luau and, after drinking a few Mai Tais, Tracy tells Brook Lynn that she wants to buy Deception because she misses Luke since he died and she needs something to occupy her time.

Dante figures out that Cody wants people to think he is crazy so he can be sent to Fern Cliff so he can help Sasha.

Felicia asks Mac for a job at y the police station, but he thinks she should look for a job at the hospital.

Molly invites her family to her place to tell them she and TJ have chosen a surrogate. The only person not invited to hear the news is Kristina, but she hears the news from TJ at the hospital. Kristina is upset and heads to Molly’s place to talk to her.

Gregory is making bracelets with Violet when he has hand tremors again. Violet heads to her room to get a clasp for her bracelet and Gregory stands up to pick some of the bracelet beads and falls when he loses his balance. Violet returns from her room and is worried when she sees Gregory has fallen. Gregory gets up and Violet wants to call Finn and Elizabeth but Gregory tells her not to bother Finn and Elizabeth on their date. Violet meets Finn at the door and tells him that grandpa fell and she is worried about him. Finn sees Gregory as hands tremble as he tries to pick up the bracelet beads and Gregory tells Finn he has terrible news to tell him.

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