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Victor: So audra, your push to convince us to merge newman media with adam’s company was at his request?

Audra: Yes, to do whatever it takes to convince you to approve it.

Nikki: What’s his leverage?

Audra: He managed to get his hands on some evidence of a cover-up I perpetuated for tucker while I was at mccall. Either I do what adam says to make this merger happen or he exposes what he’s got. It could destroy me.

Nikki: And there it is. Now that you are finally laying all of your cards out on the table, why don’t you tell us where nate fits into all of this?

Victoria: Have you talked to audra recently?

Nate: Uh, not in the last few hours. Why?

Victoria: Hm. It seems that she met with my mom and she pitched the same idea that you had.

Nate: Oh, uh, which idea is that?

Victoria: Oh, to merge adam’s company with newman media. How about that for a coincidental?

Nate: Huh. How about that?

Victoria: Nate, please. You can’t possibly think that I would be so naive.

Nate: I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply.

Victoria: I’m not trying to imply anything, I’m saying it. Audra is savvy enough to know that this merger would probably not be in her best interest and would most likely lead to her demotion and you and I both know that she is not going to be so willing to give up her top spot at newman media that easily. Look, you and I know each other too well for this. Just tell me what you and audra are up to.

[ Phone ringing ]

Adam: Hey, pop. Welcome back. Was your trip productive?

Victor: We’ll discuss it when I see you at the ranch. Now.

Sally: Oh. Happy housewarming. It’s better late than never. Or is this a bad time?

Ashley: So, let’s hear it. What’s this really about?

Jack: It’s called a wedding gift.

Ashley: No strings attached?

Jack: I’m giving you everything you wanted. All of the assets from the company you built in paris, a buyout of your interest in jabot. Everything except the original patents and those that you developed on your own are yours to keep.

Ashley: So then, I would just separate from the company and that’s it.

Jack: Which is precisely what you said you wanted when you first broached the idea of starting a new company with tucker. Has that changed? And if so, why? You love rich, delicious ice cream.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Abby: We have so many appetizers in the kitchen if you’d like to check those out.

Ashley: Thanks, honey. In a minute. I’ll tell you what’s changed, your attitude.

Jack: I’m not sure what you mean by that.

Ashley: I always wanted my company back. As you recall a few weeks ago, you offered it to me along with my patents and then you changed your mind. You did a 180 and you rescinded your offer. So, is that what you’re doing right now, jack? You’re doing a little bait and switch on the worst possible day, my wedding day?

Jack: What this is, what this is supposed to be is a generous gesture on my part and hopefully, a genuine effort to end the war between us.

Tucker: All right, jack, on behalf of ashley and myself, I would like to thank you for that–

Ashley: Wait a second. What are you doing?

Tucker: I’m taking this deal before he snatches it away so we can get back to celebrating our wedding. I don’t know if you recall, we stood right there a few minutes ago and exchanged vows. And the sooner we get this jabot crap over with, the sooner we can spend our first night together as husband and wife or our second, first night, whatever.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Diane: Kyle?

Kyle: Night, mom. I’m out of here.

Diane: You just got here. You’re half an hour late and you’re leaving already.

Kyle: You know, to be honest, I’m sorry I even came. I hate that I interrupted a wonderful night with audra to step into this mess. Enjoy the reception.

Diane: Please. Please stay. This is family.

Kyle: Yeah. Where’s norman rockwell when you need him, mom?

Diane: Look, I know what you’re doing. You’re in a lot of pain and you’re trying to drown it with an affair that will end up being meaningless. I mean, trust me, you’re going to regret this.

Kyle: You know what, mom? Not tonight.

Nate: I did have a brief conversation with audra about this possible merger. I was pointing out what a powerhouse we could build by combining two companies that would be redundant on their own. I don’t know, I guess she caught on to my excitement about it and thought if she made a successful pitch to nikki, she’d end up with a higher position in the bigger company. I’m telling you, victoria, this merger makes too much sense not to happen.

Victoria: I’m sorry, but we both know that audra is a lot smarter than that. There’s no way that she would have a chance of winning in that situation. Especially not with adam and nick and sharon involved. And why would she push so hard for something that would jeopardize the executive position that she’s already in?

Nate: I can’t answer that.

Victoria: I think you can. I think there’s something you’re not telling me. Now, I’d like to think that you and I would never play games with one another. I really hope that I’m not wrong.

Sally: Wow. Very nice.

Adam: Thank you.

Sally: Yeah, down to earth suits you. I meant that as a compliment. Really, I– I– I like it. Good for you.

Adam: Well, thanks. I am liking it too. Have you heard from nick?

Sally: Yeah. Uh, he is finally flying back first thing in the morning.

Adam: Mm, finally is right. I’m sure you two are looking forward to seeing each other again. Look, I would uh, love to stick around and uh, offer you a drink, but I was just heading out to the ranch. I’ve been summoned by his majesty.

Sally: Oh, he’s back from europe?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: Okay. Well, perfect, I will join you.

Adam: Why on earth would you do that?

Sally: So I can tell him face to face that I am accepting his offer to head up his new design company.

Adam: Uh, I would probably wait on that. I could tell from his tone that he’s intending to rip into me about something.

Sally: Well, even better. I’ll give him the good news and I’ll soften him up for you.

Adam: I appreciate that, I do. But I think it’s better if I face him alone and he gets whatever this is out of his system. Also, I don’t want to steal your thunder. So, uh, why don’t you just stay here? Make yourself a drink. Why don’t you order some dinner?

Sally: Are you sure?

Adam: This isn’t a ploy, I promise. Besides, I’m sure you’re getting sick of the G.C.A.C. Room service menu.

Sally: Well, yeah, I can’t argue with that.

Adam: Well, good. Then, it’s settled. Why don’t you make yourself at home, get comfortable? It shouldn’t take too long. And actually, there is something that I would like to talk to you about when I get back.

Audra: Please don’t blame nate for this. I told him that adam has me backed into a corner. There was absolutely no intent on his part to be malicious or– or manipulative. He was just trying to protect me and help me get out of my bad situation. That’s why he claimed that the merger idea was his. I honestly thought that I could work this out on my own, but I just managed to dig myself in deeper by trying. I should’ve come to you immediately and alerted you to what was going on. And I apologize. You have no idea how much I value newman media and my position there. And I’ll certainly never take for granted the opportunity that the two of you and victoria and nate have given me. Which is why I finally come to you for advice. Ughh!

Nate: You’re right. I owe you the truth.

Victoria: Yes, you do.

Nate: Your brother is blackmailing audra over something she did to help keep tucker out of trouble. Adam’s price, make the merger happen with newman media.

Victoria: Oh, of course.

Nate: I agreed to help audra to protect newman and most importantly, you from adam’s threat that if he didn’t get what he wanted–

Victoria: His precious newman media.

Nate: Yes, he’d go public with the scandal. Which would reflect badly on newman media, compliments of its current C.E.O., Audra charles.

Victoria: Unbelievable.

Nate: I was sure you’d only approve of it if it made sense for newman enterprises. But you made it clear that you didn’t feel it was the right move to make, so I dropped the issue.

Victoria: Well, I can’t say that any of this surprises me. It’s classic adam. So, just how serious is the situation?

Victor: Audra, let me clarify how this works. You tell us everything, then I will decide whether we help you.

Audra: That seems fair.

Victor: All right, let’s hear it.

Audra: There was a very popular singer that was signed to one of tucker’s, uh, labels. And while on tour he, um, he entertained himself by– by sleeping with underage girls.

Nikki: Oh, dear god.

Audra: The mccall pr department found out, but the tour was making so much money that they decided to sit on the evidence, uh, until it ended. And then, the tour was over and the singer was arrested. Tucker was off on one of his sabbaticals, so he had no idea what was going on until after the fact. And then he immediately fired the people in pr who participated in the cover-up.

Nikki: Good. So, what’s the problem?

Audra: Well, the problem is, then tucker put me in charge of erasing every single trace of the cover-up. He wanted to make it seem as if it never happened.

Victor: And you cooperated?

Audra: I was following my boss’s orders. But yes, I cooperated.

Nikki: So, how did adam find out about this?

Audra: Well, I kept tucker um, up to date through an anonymous email account I created, which unfortunately went to his spam folder, so he never saw the messages.

Victor: So, when adam took over mccall, he found those email exchanges, right?

Nikki: And realized he could use them to his advantage.

Audra: If I facilitate the merger, adam keeps his mouth shut. And if I don’t–

Nikki: Then, he exposes you. We get that.

Audra: I didn’t know what to do, so I confessed the whole thing to nate because I knew that I could trust him. And then he offered to help, uh, convince victoria to go through with the merger, but only because he really believes that the move would benefit newman enterprises.

Nikki: And then, you pitched the idea to me.

Audra: Yeah. I was certain you were the one person on earth who could convince your husband. It was deceitful of me. And I am so sorry, mrs. Newman. I, um, I was frightened, I felt trapped and I didn’t think things through. But I promise you, if you let me survive this nightmare at newman, nothing like this will ever, ever happen again.

Victor: No, it won’T.

Adam: Sorry, I’m a little late. I got… held up.

Victor: Did you really think you were gonna get away with this?

Jack: Ashley, please hear me out. It was my understanding that we reached a detente with abby earlier and diane and I have made the effort to come to your wedding, even though we don’t believe in it.

Ashley: That’s not helping, jack.

Jack: But I have given you the freedom you wanted from jabot, along with all of the stuff you brought from paris the last time you left us. So, I ask you and I really want to know, what more can I do? What more do you want?

Ashley: You’re right. I haven’t handled that well and I apologize to you, I apologize to everybody. I’m sorry. I appreciate the wedding gift. Thank you very much. And I’m also grateful that the two of you came today. I know that wasn’t easy. I appreciate it.

Diane: Oh, well, thank you. We appreciate the invite and um, ashley, congratulations on your new life and your new business.

Ashley: Thank you.

Diane: Jack and I are both so relieved that you won’t have to worry about jabot anymore. Trust me, your father’s company will be in good hands.

[ Billy chuckling ]

Billy: You’re kidding, right? I mean, you gotta be kidding. Ashley, as your brother, trust me, take the offer because with diane involved, the family, the company, all of it, it’s gonna go to hell.

Jack: What is it with you? You can’t go five minutes without making some snide comment to piss me off. What is it? Insecurity? Jealousy? Just bad habits?

Billy: Do I have to pick one, jack? You know what? Why don’t you stop gaslighting our sister, you sanctimonious ass–

Tucker: I’m sorry. Would you please shut up? This is supposed to be our evening. Ashley’s and mine, not yours. And I’ll be damned if anything is going to let you ruin it. If this isn’t where you wanna spend your evening, take it somewhere else. Or you know what? Let’s you and I take it somewhere else. My apologies.

Ashley: No, it’s– we’re not going anywhere. Oh with cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul at drinkcirkul.Com pepcid complete works fast and lasts

Ashley: No, after all the trouble that devon and abby have gone to for this wedding, we’re not going anywhere.

Abby: Mom, it really wasn’t any trouble. We just wanted you to have a special celebration.

Devon: Yeah. And listen, my dad is right. This is supposed to be his and ashley’s day, okay? It’s not an opportunity for you guys to come together and take shots at each other.

Traci: And as I recall, the two of you promised a truce tonight. I was standing right there when you promised it and I am embarrassed to say I fell for it. So, if you could just put this all aside and we could enjoy this lovely party.

Jack: I think maybe it’s time for us to leave. I sincerely hope you can enjoy and trust this wedding gift.

Abby: Uncle jack, uncle jack. Please, you really don’t have to go.

Jack: I do have to go and I apologize. I had no idea my wedding gift would backfire quite so spectacularly.

Diane: Good night.

[ Abby sighing ]

Devon: Yeah.

Ashley: So, do we know how to throw a party or what?

Tucker: Wedding of the century.

Ashley: Yeah. Billy, I’m sorry. Uh, what jack said, did it hurt you?

Billy: No, it’s okay. There’s no need to apologize. I’ve got thick skin. I’m an abbott, okay? So, mr. And mrs., Congratulations. I wish you nothing but the best.

Tucker: Thanks.

Ashley: Yeah, bye.

Billy: Shall we?

Tucker: Bye.

Ashley: Okay. Well, no problem. More champagne for us, right?

Tucker: I’ll drink to that. See what I did there?

Ashley: That’s good. So, anybody want some cake?

Tucker: I want some cake.

Ashley: Okay, let’s get cake. Yeah.

Abby: Well, that’s not exactly how I pictured this evening going.

Devon: Well, considering the, uh, the guest list, we probably should have.

Adam: Relax, I’m not gonna insult your intelligence by pretending that I don’t know what this is about.

Victor: Good.

Adam: I assume that you filled them in on, um…

Audra: Everything.

Nikki: And she does mean everything, adam.

Adam: Well, I’m sorry to disappoint the three of you, but I won’t deny any bit of it. I saw an opportunity and I took advantage of it to try to get something that I wanted. Call it genetic. Have to say, I’m a little disappointed in you though. I didn’t think that you were a coward.

Audra: What other choice did you leave me? You had to know I’d look for an escape route the minute you tried to blackmail me. You know, you demanded that I go along with a plan that would probably cost me my job if I pulled it off. So, of course, I looked for an alternate solution.

Adam: Well, you never know what I might have offered you, so now you will never know–

Victor: Enough! You shut up and listen now.

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simparica trio

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

What can you do

with sensitive skin?

[ Sally exhaling ]

[ Sally sighing ]

Victor: Ms. Charles, I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you came forward and told me and nikki everything you know. And I admire the fact that you managed to get out from under our son’s grip.

Audra: I just hope that my hesitation doesn’t jeopardize my position at newman media.

Victor: No, it won’T.

Audra: You have no idea how much that means to me, mr. Newman.

Victor: Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like a few moments alone with my son.

Audra: Of course. Thank you both so much for your time and understanding.

[ Kyle sighing ]

Victor: Son, how dare you go behind my back like this, I mean blackmail. Come on, boy.

Adam: You made your fortune by doing the same kind of thing, probably more times than you can count.

Victor: But I’m not talking about me. I’m talking about you and your constant defiance.

Adam: Come on, dad, don’t take it so personally.

Victor: It is very personal to me, son. I’ve given you one opportunity after the other. One lucrative opportunity after the other, including this last one.

Adam: This last one?

Victor: Yeah.

Adam: Well, then you hired nicholas to watch over me and make sure that I play well with others.

Victor: But you need someone to look over you.

Adam: I don’T.

Victor: This was a case in point.

Adam: I don’T.

Victor: Is your hostility towards me so deep that you don’t mind being duplicitous with your own family, with your own father?

Nikki: And let me tell you something. I have begged your father to stop hoping for you to change because I don’t believe you can and you just keep proving me right.

Victor: Listen to me carefully now. This mccall disaster cannot go public. So whatever evidence you’re holding over audra charles, you’ve got to eliminate it.

Adam: Anything else?

Victor: Yes, son. I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Your constant defiance is getting on my nerves. I can’t do it anymore.

Adam: Well then, don’T.

Victor: Listen to me. I should fire your ass because of this, but I won’T. I can’t because I just acquired a lot of capital from europe to finance your company! I’m not gonna lose those damn investors because of you! You’re hanging by a thread.

Nate: Victoria, please don’t be too hard on audra when you talk to her. I’m sure she was just scared for you to find out what she did for tucker in the past.

Victoria: You know, I have to admit, I’m a little conflicted by all of this. On one hand, I admire her willingness to protect her employer, but on the other hand, covering up a heinous crime committed by one of the company’s singers–

Nate: No, no, she didn’t cover up the crime. She covered up the actions of the pr department. It was after the fact and he’d already been arrested. Yes, the actions of the pr team were heinous. If word got out, it would have tanked mccall unlimited.

Victoria: So, what audra did was done solely to keep mccall safe moving forward.

Nate: Exactly. And frankly, I– I– I think she should get a pass for that. The real problem, as I see it is adam’s relentless determination to take back newman media.

Victoria: You know, I’m not forgetting that you and I discussed sabotaging mccall unlimited to keep adam from doing any damage to newman enterprises. But of course, that was before my father brought it under the newman umbrella.

Nate: The problem isn’t the company, it isn’t audra. It’s adam and you’ve known that all along. I think it’s time to finally push your brother off the cliff. (Geri) I smoked and I have copd.

Nikki: Victor, how much longer are you going to put up with adam’s outrageous, disrespectful behavior?

Victor: You saw his face when he left. I think I got through to him.

Nikki: There’s no such thing when it comes to adam.

Victor: Time will tell.

Nikki: Yes, it will. And that’s what I’m worried about. Darling, it just… it breaks my heart when I see you so angry because I know how much hurt is lying right beneath it. And I know how much you want to hear him say, “thanks, dad.” But you’re never going to hear it. Not because you don’t deserve it, but because when it comes to adam, enough is never enough.

Adam: You stayed.

Sally: You asked me to.

Victoria: Well.

Audra: Hi.

Victoria: Hi. You seem very pleased.

Audra: I am uh, very. Thanks to a friend’s advice, I dodged a very dangerous bullet.

Victoria: How interesting. I would love to hear all about it. First thing in the morning. In fact, I insist. It seems like you and I have several things to discuss.

Jack: To us, for surviving an evening we were both dreading.

Diane: Ugh. No kidding.

Jack: I hated watching ashley marry that jackass, but I’m still shocked at her reluctance to accept my very generous gift.

Traci: That’s what shocked you, jack? Really? Our sister had every reason to behave the way she did. – Look mom! – Wow!

Nate: Victoria could tell I was holding something back from her, so I filled her in on what’s going on. I’m done keeping secrets.

Audra: Good. I’m glad. I just came clean with victor and nikki, so it’s all out in the open. I know firsthand what a relief that is. Oh, and I’m sure you want to meet with me in the morning to assess what this threat means for newman media. Look, I can promise you right now that that threat has been neutralized and so has adam. He no longer has any power over me, thanks to your father.

Sally: Let me guess, things did not go well with your father. What happened?

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: It’s not worth talking about. Wow, you unpacked some of my boxes. Thank you. You didn’t need to do that.

Sally: Well, I didn’t just do it for you, I did it for me ’cause I got bored. But I’m really glad I did because in the process I came across these. I can’t believe you held on to these. Why did you do that?

Adam: I wanted to remind myself that once, whether I deserved it or not, I was happy. And I didn’t want to forget what that felt like.

[ Knock on door ]

Kyle: Hey, hey.

Audra: Hey, hey.

Kyle: So, how did it go?

[ Audra sighing ]

Audra: You, mr. Abbott, are a genius.

Kyle: Oh, yes. But let’s not talk it to death.

Billy: Hey, I’m sorry about everything, okay? The way everything turned out tonight. That was a little intense and uh, I really wish you weren’t exposed to that full-on abbott family meltdown.

Chelsea: That’s not actually what upset me the most. I know that performance of yours was for the sake of this trojan horse scheme thing you got going on with jack and diane, but I haven’t seen you like that in years. Not since johnny was born. And frankly, it made me shudder.

Billy: Well, if you bought that act, then hopefully, ashley and tucker did too. Look, that’s all that was, okay? It was just an act, I promise you. It’s nothing you need to worry about.

Traci: Why wouldn’t ashley be a little reluctant to accept your generous offer, jack? She doesn’t trust you. She doesn’t trust either one of you. And think about it, why would she?

Jack: I told ashley and I am telling you, that gift came from my heart with no strings attached.

Diane: It was what she wanted, traci. Jack truly thought she’d be pleased.

Traci: Really? After everything we’ve been through. After everything that happened the last time where ashley had to practically flee to paris, leaving jack and jabot flailing to keep from falling apart. Now, she’s supposed to believe that you’re just gonna hand it all back to her, with no agenda? That same non-agenda you’ve got billy wrapped up in the middle of, right? What the hell are you two up to? Because get ready, whatever it is, you are about to rip this family apart again.

Tucker: Wow, I can’t believe we actually did it. I am, at this very moment, without a doubt, the luckiest, happiest man in the world. To the most exquisite woman on the face of the earth.

Ashley: And, um, to the most, um…

Tucker: No, that’s right. That’s it. I’m– I’m the most.

Ashley: You are the most.

Tucker: I love you. Let’s dance. We never had our first dance.

Ashley: Okay. You know what?

Tucker: What?

Ashley: I still can’t believe I’m saying this. I love you too.

Then we didn’t stay together

but I know

Tucker: Then, nothing else matters.

We’ll stay together

soon as you come home

and this time

it’ll be forever

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