Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Audra tells Victor and Nikki all the details about the McCall Industries music label singer who slept with several underage girls and how Adam used the information about how she covered up the scandal to make her try to persuade Victor to merge Adustus with Newman Media. Victor is very angry with Adam and orders him to destroy all the information about the scandal because it can’t get out to the press. Victor tells Adam that he is hanging on by a thread because he can’t fire him because of all the new investors he got for Adustus.

Nate also gives Victoria all about the scandal which Adam used to blackmail Audra. Nate suggests to Victoria it is time she kick Adam out of the company. Nikki tells Victor that it’s time he give up on Adam.

Ashley refuses Jack’s wedding gift of a Jabot buyout and gives her all the My Beauty patents she brought with her when My Beauty merged with Jabot. Billy stages an argument with Jack for Jack and Ashley’s benefit.

Chelsea tells Billy that his act makes her afraid he will return to the man he used to be years ago. Billy assures Chelsea she has nothing to worry about it…is an act.

Traci is angry with Jack and demands that he stop what he is doing with Billy before he tears the family apart again.

Tucker and Ashley get to their hotel room and Ashley tells Tucker she loves him, and they dance.

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