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Audra: Um, hey, just wanted to see if there were any updates? Um, how are things going? Did you push the idea to victoria?

Nate: I’m going in now, so you can ease up.

Audra: Look, I apologize for being so pushy when my future is on the line.

Nate: Look, let me handle this my own way. I’m proposing this idea because it’s a good move. That it gets you out of a jam is added benefit.

Audra: Look, it’s more than a jam. Adam could destroy my career if he lets out that tucker and i covered up a mccall scandal.

[ Sighing ] Look, I– I need to keep him happy.

Nate: Just give me some time.

Audra: All right, I gotta go. Keep me posted.

Adam: I hope you have some good news for me.

Audra: Sure, adam, have a seat.

Adam: Have you heard from victor? Have you reached out? Told him it’s a smart idea to merge newman media with adustus?

Audra: That’s pending.

Adam: That sounds more like stalling. Look, I want this handled and over with by the time nick, sharon and I officially launch the new company.

Audra: Trust me. I have a two-stage plan in the works.

Nikki: Oh, I heard from your father this morning. Things are progressing overseas.

Victoria: That’s good. I’m glad to hear that.

[ Knocking on door ] Come in.

Nate: Good morning, ladies. I am happy to see you both in one place.

Nikki: Oh, why is that?

Nate: There’s something I wanted to run by you.

Victoria: Oh, good. Well, have a seat.

Nate: I’ve been looking over the proposal of the adustus/kirsten launch. All the components of a restructured company.

Victoria: Yes, the official unveiling is on track to happen very soon.

Nate: I did a deep dive into some numbers last night. I think adam is correct in thinking that newman media and his new company with nick and sharon will be redundant in our new corporate scenario.

Nikki: Well, victor doesn’t see it that way.

Nate: I suspect that was just his initial reaction to a suggestion made by adam, whom we all know has wanted newman media for some time now. But… I think we should look into this. If we were to fold the two companies together, we’d have a powerhouse media company that would be unrivaled.

Victoria: Where is this coming from?

Nikki: Are you actually suggesting defying victor in this way? What has gotten into you?

Diane: Ah, abby! Good to see you.

Abby: You too.

Diane: Um, jack was showing me some videos of dom’s swimming lessons. He’s adorable.

Jack: Yeah, he’ll be keeping up with harrison in no time.

Abby: Yes, he’d love that. Um… you know, I came by first thing this morning because I spoke to my mom and she’s willing to meet with you and hopes to come to a detente, brokered by me.

Jack: As I told you, I’m willing to try.

Abby: Okay, but, for this meeting to work, it has to be just you, me and my mom. No one else.

Billy: Thank you for coming by to meet me–

Ashley: Sure.

Billy: Here at the office.

Ashley: I was kind of shocked that we were still allowed in the building.

Tucker: Speak for yourself. I never was.

Billy: So, I’m just gonna cut to the chase here. Um, I’ve considered your offer to work from the inside to help push diane to failure here at jabot.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. You would just be speeding along her inevitable fall and hopefully opening up jack’s eyes in the process.

Billy: True, but it will weaken jabot even if it is temporary. And for what, the two of you to take over?

Tucker: Mm-hmm. So, where do you stand? Can we count you in?

Billy: I have one question: What’s in it for me? With the freestyle libre 2 system.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Ashley: We figured you’d wanna know how you were gonna be getting repaid.

Billy: It’s a fair question, ash.

Ashley: Well, here’s my answer. Simply ashley will be a huge success.

Billy: Well, that’s good for you. And how does that benefit me?

Ashley: Diane will definitely weaken jabot.

Billy: With my discreet help.

Tucker: At which point, ashley and I will take over.

Ashley: It’s the only way to save our father’s company.

Billy: And by the same token, save jack from himself?

Ashley: Thank you. Hopefully. Tucker and I have talked about this, and it’s, uh, stupid and short-sighted to fold jabot into our company because of its extensive branding and history, so jabot will remain its own separate entity.

Tucker: Under the simply ashley umbrella.

Billy: Keeping jabot’s integrity intact is the number one thing here, but again… what is my payout?

Ashley: You’re gonna run jabot.

Tucker: ‘Cause you’d have to report to us.

Ashley: Our father’s company will be under your command, billy. And you won’t be under jack’s shadow anymore.

Tucker: It’ll be billy abbott, finally where he belongs. In charge.

Ashley: Come on, this is a huge opportunity. And our father would be so incredibly proud of you. What you’re willing to do to protect his legacy.

Billy: Well, I’m intrigued.

Ashley: Yeah, I kind of thought you might be.

Tucker: This is all contingent, though, on you coming through for us.

Ashley: Right. You’ve gotta give diane that gentle push to do what she does best.

Billy: I understand all that. Did it occur to you to come with this generous offer when all of this started?

Ashley: What’s the difference? We knew that we would get here eventually.

[ Billy chuckling ]

Billy: Nothing if not predictable, huh?

Tucker: Aren’t we all?

Ashley: Anyway, tucker and I have to go. We have a meeting with jack, actually.

Billy: Oh?

Ashley: Yeah. Abby’s trying to broker a truce. And knowing that you are on our side will change… my approach, so…

Billy: Well…

[ Clearing throat ] This is about protecting our family legacy, right?

[ Sighing ] I’m in.

Ashley: Yes. Yay.

[ Laughing ] You’re not gonna regret this. It’s all good. I’ll take to you soon.

Billy: Okay.

Ashley: Congratulations.

[ Billy exhaling ]

Jack: Even you seem to think the detente can only exist if diane is excluded.

Abby: It’s just for the meeting.

Jack: That is not going to happen. Ashley’s disdain for diane is the core reason for this war. That and her dangerous and absurd relationship with tucker mccall.

Abby: Well, she feels the same way about your marriage to diane.

Jack: Any achievable peace hinges on ashley’s ability to accept diane.

Abby: Uncle jack, I am just stating the obvious here, okay? If my mom walks in, her back will go completely up she sees that diane is part of the conversation.

Jack: Ashley.

Abby: Then, the whole thing is gonna be over before it even started.

Diane: I have to agree with abby. The only chance you have at having a peaceful conversation with ashley is if I’m excluded. My presence is only going to keep you from achieving that.

Jack: We are married now. You are part of my life forever. Ashley has to realize that’s not going to change.

Diane: I know. And I love you for always standing up for me, but there’s something else you need to consider.

Jack: And what is that?

[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: If you want peace with ashley, then this has to be a two-way street. If you want her to consider a truce with you, then you have to consider that tucker is a part of her life. Are you willing to do that?

[ Jack sighing ]

Nate: I do not wish to second guess your husband, nikki, but my instincts say this is a smart move. I believe it’s also wise to get you both on board before presenting it to him.

Victoria: I’m not sure he would even change his mind, regardless of our opinions. Plus, I don’t wanna give adam the satisfaction of winning.

Nate: Maybe you shouldn’t view this on a personal level, either. It’s good business.

Nikki: Anything involving adam is never a good idea. It’s best that he has his own company to manage.

Victoria: Yes, one that he can run into the ground all by himself.

Nikki: Yeah, and I’m sorry that nicholas is involved in that, but maybe he can keep adam in line. All right, I have a business meeting at society. I’ll leave the two of you to hash this out.

Victoria: All right, mom. I’ll fill you in later.

Nikki: Yes, please do. And just let me say, I agree with victor in leaving the two entities alone. Let audra run newman media and adam can… do whatever he’s going to do. Just keep it clean and separate. Otherwise, we’re asking for trouble.

[ Door closing ]

Victoria: I thought that we had things settled on this front. What even prompted you to look into it?

Nate: Now that the launch of adustus is impending, it became obvious to me that their company and newman media would be redundant.

Victoria: It’s still disrespecting my father’s wishes, no matter how you spin it.

Nate: I disagree. I’m looking at this in an ongoing and fluid way. And I’m not advocating we do anything behind victor’s back.

Victoria: Well, convincing my dad…

[ Chuckling ]

[ Groaning ] That would be a tall order. We’d have to have a strong case to get through to him.

Nate: Think about what this would mean for newman media and for you when it’s successful.

Victoria: You know, there’s something else that I don’t understand about this. Merging the two companies would possibly dilute and jeopardize audra’s power. Have you lost faith in her for some reason?

Audra: I have nate working on victoria to convince her of the merits of the merger.

Adam: Hm. Well, that’s– that’s a smart idea because if victoria will listen to anybody, it’s nate.

Audra: And, as you know, uh, victor is out of the country, and this conversation is best had face to face with your father, so that won’t be happening today.

Adam: Mm-hmm, yes, I see the logic in that as well, but time is running out. We’re set to announce the launch of our company next week.

Audra: Hm. How exciting.

Adam: And it’ll be a lot stronger if the announcement includes the merging of newman media, mccall and kirsten.

Audra: You know, I can see how this clearly benefits you, but in this scenario, what happens to me?

Adam: Wait, wait, why is that my concern?

Audra: Am I gonna be the one left out in the cold? Because that really dampens the incentive.

Adam: I thought that your incentive was to keep a certain scandal quiet. You know, the one where you covered up for tucker’s pr department. The rockstar who was exploiting underage girls?

Audra: Look, that is at the top of my list. If that ever got out, it could destroy my career.

Adam: Yeah, those emails of yours are pretty damning.

Audra: Look, what I did was a coverup of a coverup. It was after the fact. A horrible fact. I am not condoning what that man did.

Adam: Well, nobody would condone that.

Audra: Look, I have fought to get where I am. Look, I still wanna protect my business position.

Adam: Well, then I suggest you accomplish what I have asked of you.

[ Audra chuckling ]

Audra: You know what? I think you’re underestimating my abilities. I’m an excellent asset. And newman media has been doing outstandingly well under my leadership. You have to have noticed that.

Adam: Perhaps.

Audra: Provided I can convince victor, where will I land once you, uh, fold newman media into your new company?

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Audra: You know, given your eagerness to push this forward, I think you need me as much as I need you.

Adam: Oh, yeah? Do I?

Audra: I’m willing to take the risk and call your bluff. I’ll help you if you promise me that–

Adam: What do you mean? Like, a pinky promise? Like cross my heart, hope to die?

Audra: In writing that I will maintain a power position within the new company’s structure. Otherwise, I’ll take my chances.

Adam: You know, you’re negotiating when you have zero leverage.

Audra: Actually, I have a few cards up my sleeve to help deal with the fallout if you do decide to release the damning information about tucker and me.

Adam: So, you’re giving me the go ahead to go public with this?

Audra: If you release those emails, you’ll make tucker an enemy for life. Now, do you really wanna do that? You know, when it can all be so easy for you if you just give me what I want.

Nate: My respect and support for audra has not wavered.

Victoria: Well, she will be glad to know that.

Nate: I’m just thinking big picture here. This is a good move. The two companies will be redundant. Financial waste, no upside. Adam wasn’t wrong.

Victoria: His motives are. He has his own agenda. He wants to take newman media away from me. He’s not happy that it’s slipped out of his control.

Nate: His personal fixations aside, the strength of the two companies as one is undeniable.

Victoria: Let me ask you something: What do you propose happens to audra if these two companies were to merge?

Nate: I’m not worried about it. We’d figure how she fits in the new scenario. She’s a driven team player. The more important factor is what’s best for newman enterprises overall.

Victoria: I’m gonna have to think about it. But your passion and your insight are… very inspiring, as usual.

Nate: Thank you.

Victoria: It’s an incredible turn on.

Nate: Is that so?

Victoria: Yeah.

Nate: Okay, so, um… what do you wanna do about that?

Victoria: Well, if I didn’t have this meeting with oslo in ten minutes, I would say that maybe we could slip away somewhere.

Nate: Mm-hmm. Then, I guess this will have to suffice.

Ashley: Hello.

Jack: Hi.

Tucker: Hi, jack.

Abby: Well, I am glad that everyone could make it, and I’m grateful that you’ve agreed to this sit-down. My only stipulation is that significant others need to leave.

Ashley: Why?

Abby: Well, if we’re gonna get anywhere, it has to be a sibling only conversation.

Ashley: Because our significant others are the source of the problem.

Tucker: No offense from me. Uh, I think you’re right. Diane’s and my presence would be a dark shadow over the conversation.

Jack: You are indeed the storm cloud in this situation.

Tucker: Jack, despite what you may think, I actually want the two of you to find peace as brother and sister, okay? I have a good feeling about this meeting.

Diane: So do I.

Tucker: Shall we try to broker our own detente? If you care to join me for a little brunch. I’m buying.

Diane: Fine.

[ Diane exhaling ]

Abby: Okay, um… where should we begin? Schwarzkopf keratin color

Tucker: Wow. Well, this takes remote work to a whole ‘nother level. Running the company from a bar? What do you got there? Vodka tonic?

Billy: Actually, tucker, it’s a club soda. As I wait for my food to come back from the kitchen so I can take that and then go back to the office to continue to work. Not that I have to explain anything to you. Let me guess, you two got ousted from the detente conversation?

Diane: No, we chose to leave to give ashley and jack privacy so they can hopefully work things out.

Billy: Mm, that was big of you. I’m glad that they’re trying because I’m sick and tired of the fighting. I’m sick and tired of… jack sacrificing the well-being of jabot in defense of you, diane.

Diane: Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, billy.

Billy: I’m sure you are.

Tucker: Well, maybe you should have a drink.

Billy: Let me tell you how this is gonna go for you, diane. You’re gonna push it too far. You’re gonna do that one thing that jack is not gonna be able to forgive or fix, and then he’s gonna realize that ashley was right about you the entire time.

Diane: My god, I am sick of all of you. And I am tired of having to prove myself to everyone but jack! I know who I am, what I’ve become, and I’m not gonna apologize to anyone anymore. So, think the worst of me. I don’t care. Excuse me, tucker. I’ve lost my appetite.

Nikki: Oh, great.

Diane: Oh, great.

Adam: I’m not afraid of tucker. And despite your bravado, I don’t think you would really take the chance of pissin’ me off. So, you’re just gonna have to trust that I will take care of you.

Audra: That’s not good enough.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: What is it that you would want?

Audra: Well, I know I can’t expect to remain ceo of newman media because everything would be under your control, along with nick and sharon.

Adam: Yes, that is correct.

Audra: But I would wanna be second in command.

[ Adam laughing, muttering ] Why wouldn’t I deserve it if I’m the one offering the means for the merger? I mean, not to mention, I’m strong and smart.

Adam: And humble, too, apparently.

Audra: And I can be as ruthless as you would ever need me to be. So, why are we even arguing about this?

Adam: I would have to run it by sharon and nick, but I’m confident that I can convince them. Provided you can deliver.

Ashley: Abby, could I please have five minutes alone with jack?

Abby: Mom, I agreed to be the mediator to keep you and uncle jack from getting into another one of your yelling matches.

Ashley: I promise you, that’s not going to happen.

Jack: I’m not so sure about that. Tucker’s brutish callousness seems to have rubbed off on you. You’re not the sister I once knew.

Ashley: Well, I don’t know who the hell you are either, jack, because diane’s turned you into an insipid fool.

Abby: Okay, stop. This is why I cannot leave the two of you alone. Now, do we need to set ground rules? Does this need to be a true debate?

Ashley: What are you gonna do? Ask us a question and give us five minutes to answer?

Jack: That’s a bit much, don’t you think?

Abby: Look, I will do whatever it takes to broker some sort of truce between the two of you. Now, does it have to be that controlled?

Ashley: I’m gonna save you a lot of time. I don’t want anything from you. I don’t want anything from jabot. I will gladly walk away empty-handed if I can be done with you and diane. With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul at drinkcirkul.Com – look mom! – Wow!

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Jack: So, you– you’re going to walk away willingly?

Ashley: Yep.

Jack: Since when?

Ashley: Since right now. Honestly, I can’t stand the thought of having another argument with you where I tell you how wrong you are, so congratulations, you wore me down.

Jack: Okay, so what’s the catch?

Ashley: There is no catch. Oh, by the way, this is happening because of tucker. You know, that man you hate so much. He’s been trying to show me the futility of this war.

Jack: Has he really?

Ashley: He has. For months. He’s been trying to convince me to walk away and start fresh. But I’ve been too pissed off at you, until now.

Jack: O– okay, I– I can’t argue that, if indeed there are no strings attached.

Ashley: Buy me out and we are done.

Jack: Okay, I can agree to that. In fact, I’m– I’m happy about this.

Ashley: Oh, are you really happy about it, jack? Maybe ’cause you’re getting everything you want.

Jack: I am happy because you were willing to try something new. I knew things had grown untenable between you and me, at jabot and at home, because of diane and tucker.

Ashley: Yes, they have. And I wanna move on.

Abby: What does this mean moving forward? With your relationship with uncle jack. As your brother.

Ashley: What does it mean, jack?

[ Victoria moaning ]

Victoria: You know, as much as I would love to continue this, I have to get ready for that video call.

Nate: Snap back to reality.

Victoria: Yeah.

[ Nate chuckling ] Well, you could check back later. Maybe we could go get a bite to eat after work, if you want to.

Nate: I’d like that.

Victoria: All right.

Nate: Please though, uh, think about what I said. About the merger.

Victoria: I will. But be forewarned, bringing adam that much closer is more problematic than you think.

Nate: I can handle adam. You won’t need to worry about him.

Adam: Look, I see your value and I appreciate what you bring to the business.

Audra: You know, I’d imagine we, uh, work well together. We could do great things.

Adam: You know, I don’t hold your actions against you, either. You protected mccall. Which means you put business and loyalty first.

Audra: Yeah, well, it wasn’t my proudest moment, but I don’t bite the hand that feeds me.

Adam: Well, keep me posted on how things are going. And if you can deliver, this could work out well for both of us.

Diane: I’m guessing you’re not going to congratulate me.

Nikki: You know, I am amazed by all you have managed to do. It seems you have achieved everything you set out to get when you came back to genoa city.

Diane: Yes, I have. And despite what you may think, I came back with the best of intentions.

Nikki: Well, you wanted your son’s forgiveness and you got it. Then you married the billionaire you’ve been chasing for decades and managed to drive a wedge between jack and ashley, while gaining a foothold into jabot. I’d really admire you if you weren’t so loathsome.

[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: Have a nice day, nikki.

Nikki: See ya, diane.

Tucker: How do you see diane’s downfall at jabot playing out?

Billy: I mean, she’ll feel emboldened. Especially after ashley walks away. She’ll start to push her own agenda. She’ll have a bunch of bad ideas that jack is gonna support, invest money in and man power because he’s clearly blinded by love. And I will be in her ear. Feeding her ego. Telling her to take more and more control.

Tucker: Knowing at the end of that rainbow is your pot of gold.

Billy: Which I am very grateful to you and ashley for.

Tucker: Yeah. Seems you and I aren’t that dissimilar.

Billy: I guess we both revert back to regular form, don’t we?

Tucker: Heh. Unless, of course, you got your own agenda.

Billy: Wouldn’t that beat the band?

Tucker: ‘Cause it does seem just a little bit too good to be true.

Nikki: What does? Family is just very important.

Jack: If you could just give diane a chance or maybe just stop attacking her and live and let live, I can do the same thing with tucker.

Ashley: I will try my best.

Jack: So, we have an agreement?

Ashley: Looks like we do.

Jack: I think we have both been beaten down by this battle.

Ashley: Yeah, it’s been devastating. I– I… I want it to end.

Jack: So do I.

Ashley: I just want to move forward with my plans without being so angry. You know, be excited about my wedding and my new business with tucker.

Abby: So, uncle jack, does that mean you’ll come to my mom and tucker’s wedding?

Jack: Well, that depends on your mother. Are you willing to accept my bringing my wife to your wedding?

Billy: Tucker and I were just marveling at the fact that we’d been able to find some common ground. A mutual distrust and dislike for diane.

Tucker: Hm. It’s a miracle.

Nikki: That woman can bring even the most distanced of people together.

Billy: Yeah. Since coming back from the dead, she sure covered some ground, hasn’t she? I personally think there’s a bigger play at hand here and I’M… I’m worried about jack. And jabot.

Tucker: And, uh, I’ve had it with all the fallout between jack and ashley. Their divide.

Billy: Look at that. Who ever thought we’d be on the same page about anything?

Tucker: In a million years.

Nikki: Take it from me, it’s never a good idea to trust that woman.

Billy: That’s a very good point, nikki. You do have experience with her. So… do you have any advice for us?

Nikki: Every plan to drive her out of town has blown up, causing trouble for everybody involved.

Tucker: Well, she’s not invincible.

Nikki: Well, look at phyllis. What battling diane did to her. I think that that’s just what happens. People go mad with rage and become their own collateral damage.

Tucker: Yeah, but don’t underestimate phyllis, either. She might have something up her sleeve for diane.

Nikki: All I’m saying is, there is no upside in doing battle with diane. And I hate to say it…

[ Nikki sighing ] But I have resigned myself to the sad fact that she is now a part of the fabric of genoa city.

[ Diane sighing ]

Audra: Hello, diane.

Diane: Audra. Have a seat. I know we don’t know each other very well, but I know that you and kyle have been working together and that you have a, um, personal relationship.

Audra: Yeah, kyle is– he’s such a good man. You know, he’s so kind.

Diane: Yeah, I’m really protective of him. So is jack. And we were both curious when we heard that the two of you were spending so much time together.

Audra: He’s in good hands. I mean, professionally, of course. You know, he’s a great addition to, uh, newman media. He’s managed to impress me, and, uh… I’m pretty tough to impress.

Diane: So am I. Kyle belongs at marchetti with his wife. He might not show it, but he’s still in love with summer.

Audra: Well, I can’t comment on whether those are kyle’s true feelings or not. I only know what he reveals to me.

Diane: [ Laughing ] Oh, and I’m sure he’s being completely honest with you.

Audra: Well, to me, he seems like he’s ready to move on. You know, maybe not just from his marriage, but… maybe his whole life.

[ Diane exhaling sharply ]

Diane: What are you implying?

Audra: Perhaps he needs a break from all of you. To find himself.

Diane: Kyle needs his family now. More than ever. I doubt he needs to align himself with you to find himself.

Audra: My intentions are sincere. I wanna help him if I can.

Diane: No, you seem like the kind of person who puts herself first. Not above using people as a means to an end.

Audra: Well, I just want to be there for kyle in such a difficult time in his life.

[ Diane exhaling sharply ]

Diane: I can imagine that after everything kyle has been through, he is running away from himself and you are there to help him hide from the truth. But eventually, that’s all gonna fall apart.

Adam: Okay, well, just email that to me then. Okay. Thank you.

Nate: Busy with the upcoming launch?

Adam: Uh, it’s nonstop. But it is all coming together. How are things? Is, uh, audra living up to your and victoria’s standards?

Nate: Don’t be coy. I know what you’re doing. I find it despicable.

Adam: Do you?

Nate: Manipulating a situation in order to get what you want? It’s pathetic.

Adam: Yeah, this coming from a guy who sold out his own family.

[ Nate exhaling sharply ]

Nate: I do admire your ingenuity.

Adam: Don’t act like you haven’t done the same thing.

Nate: Oh, I’m nothing like you.

[ Adam exhaling sharply ]

Adam: You go after what you want and you don’t stop until you get it. Case in point, you wanted a plum role at a big company in business. You wanted to date a powerful woman and you’re with victoria.

Nate: It wasn’t calculated. Look, I’ve worked hard for what I have.

Adam: You know, there is one significant different between us. I know who I am and I embrace it. You need to learn to do the same thing. Doctor. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Jack: Well?

Ashley: I’m thinking.

Abby: Mom.

Ashley: Look, you’re my brother. In spite of everything, I love you. It matters to me that you’re at my wedding, jack. I mean, it signifies that you’ve accepted tucker and that you see us as a team.

Jack: I’m not happy about it, but– but I will always support you, ashley.

Ashley: If you can make that gesture, then I can make the same effort where diane is concerned.

Jack: That is all I wanted.

Ashley: Okay, I guess it’s settled.

Jack: Then we will be there. Dare we…

Ashley: Oh.

Jack: Come on.

Ashley: Okay.

Abby: Well, that was easier than I expected.

Ashley: I guess we were more in sync than I thought.

Nate: My meeting was canceled at the last minute, but I did book us a dinner reservation for later. So, it wasn’t a complete waste.

Victoria: Good. I had some time to think while you were gone.

Nate: About what?

Victoria: Your proposal for adustus and newman media. I think that your idea has merit, but I have one caveat.

Billy: Hey.

Ashley: Hey.

Tucker: Hey.

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: How are we?

Ashley: Uh, jack and I are in a good place. So, nikki, are you coming to our wedding? I haven’t received your rsvp.

Nikki: Oh, we’re not sure if victor will be back from his trip by then.

Tucker: Aw. I’m sure he won’t wanna miss it.

Nikki: You know, I still can’t believe the two of you are back together, but something tells me that there might be some fireworks at the wedding.

Ashley: Oh, I don’t know about that. Jack and I were able to work things out.

Nikki: Hm.

Ashley: I think it’s all gonna be just fine.

Jack: Well, that went well.

Abby: Yeah, it did.

Jack: You don’t seem as happy as you ought to be. You wanted to bring your mother and me together, and you did.

Abby: Yeah, it just– it all happened so quickly. I can’t help but wonder if it’s just another ploy on my mom’s part.

Jack: I think you ought to give your mother the benefit of the doubt.

Abby: Yeah, I’m just gonna set it all aside. You know, there’s a lot to do. I have to get back to the house. But, um, you’re gonna be there, right?

Jack: Count on it. Hey. Thank you.

Abby: Oh.

Diane: Bye.

Abby: Bye.

Jack: Hey.

Diane: Hey. Mm. How did it go?

Jack: Ashley relented on everything.

Diane: What?

Jack: She only wanted me to buy her out of jabot. I think she is newly emboldened thinking she has billy in her back pocket.

Diane: Huh.

Jack: Hey, what’s that look?

[ Diane sighing ] You seem worried. What happened?

Diane: Well, when tucker and I went to society, billy was there. And– and he played his part perfectly, but…

[ Sighing ] Maybe a little too well.

Jack: What does that mean?

Diane: Do you think ashley has actually turned billy against us?

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