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Chance: Good morning.

Sharon: Chance! Good morning.

Chance: Hi.

Sharon: What’s in the basket?

Chance: Oh, well, I was wondering if you would join me for a little breakfast in the park. Let me serve you for once. I got everything you need in here, fruit, quiche, you name it, I got it.

Sharon: That sounds… wonderful.

Chance: Look, I know you got a busy schedule, but I would love to spend a little bit more time with you before things get crazy with both of us, because seeing you, sharon, is the best part of my day.

Diane: Ah, good morning, my handsome husband.

[ Chuckling ] Wait a minute. Am I dreaming? Did we really get married?

Jack: Oh, it is not a dream. We are husband and wife, mrs. Abbott.

Diane: Mrs. Abbott. I love the sound of that.

Jack: And I love you. Still feel okay about our courthouse wedding? We can do something bigger, more formal later.

Diane: No, yesterday was perfect. And– and yes, we can have a celebration later for our friends and family, a big party. No, I’m– I’m glad that we didn’t wait any longer to make it official. We got engaged for the first time, what, 25 years ago? [ Laughing ] I think we waited long enough.

Jack: And now, I am never gonna let you go. I want one more glorious moment with my beautiful wife before I face the world, and– and almost certain attack from ashley.

Diane: Well, whatever she or anyone else throws our way, we will tackle it as a team. Okay? Isn’t it nice to know where we’ll be tomorrow and next year? Even a decade from now? Together forever.

Jack: Forever.

[ Diane chuckling ]

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: Hi.

Ashley: I’m so happy we decided to spend the night here. I’m so sick of the jack and diane show.

Tucker: Thank god one of us had the genius idea to do a little dress rehearsal for our own wedding night.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: Or should I say undress rehearsal.

Ashley: [ Imitates laughter ] So, guess what?

Tucker: What?

Ashley: I had a major realization this morning.

Tucker: Did you now?

Ashley: I’m done.

Tucker: With?

Ashley: Yeah, I’m done trying to protect jack. I’m done, I– I’ve done everything I can, and he’s too far gone, clearly, from his descent into unholy matrimony.

[ Chuckling ] So, I’m finished. I’m not gonna try to protect him anymore. To hell with that. And it’s gonna be every person for themselves.

Tucker: Oh, give us a hug.

Ashley: Okay. Yeah? Right?

[ Tucker sighing ]

[ Ashley chuckling ] You’ve evolved.

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Sharon: Oh, my gosh. I would love to have a breakfast picnic with you, but you know what, I just came in to grab my tablet I left it here last night, and now, I have a meeting with adam, he’s waiting for me.

Chance: Oh, man. Well, I knew I was rolling the dice just showing up like this. Don’t worry about it.

Sharon: You’re so sweet to go to the trouble. I love our time together, too.

Chance: Yeah?

Sharon: Lunch?

Chance: Yeah, sure. I’ll take what I can get.

Ashley: Okay. I’ll be in touch later then.

Chance: Okay.

[ Chance moans ]

[ Sharon giggling ] Good luck.

[ Sighs ] Well, party of one.

Billy: Congratulations, once again.

Jack: Thank you, billy.

Diane: Yeah, thank you. We couldn’t be happier.

Billy: I hope you don’t mind me, uh, you know, disrupting your first morning as a newly married couple, but it’s time to talk corporate espionage.

Jack: No problem. We have a lifetime of wedded bliss to revel in. Uh, what do you got for us?

Billy: Well, I think I made some progress with ashley. She bought into our award-winning performance, and is fully convinced that I’m furious at you for rushing into the wedding with diane.

Diane: We hardly rushed.

Jack: Well, it– it doesn’t matter when or where we got married, she’s gonna think we rushed it, and it is the end of the world.

Diane: And yet, here we are.

Billy: Either way, it was a step in the right direction in order to get her and tucker to trust me. But it’s not gonna be enough. We need to keep it up. In fact, I think we need to escalate a little bit.

Jack: Whatever it takes to get them to let you into their inner circle. To think of you as a co-conspirator that they are plotting with, whatever they’re plotting for jabot and me.

Billy: Get them to change direction from within.

Diane: We really appreciate your willingness to play spy, billy.

Billy: Hm.

Diane: I– I know how much you love your brother, and how much you care about your father’s company.

Billy: Both those things are true. And if I can get a few extra bonus points for wiping that smirk off of tucker’s face in the end, well, so be it.

Katherine: What was your response to tucker’s offer?

Devon: I said, “no, thank you.” And I told him I’m just fine at jabot, even if he thinks that I don’t belong there. And I also made sure he knows that he can’t just buy my affection by creating some dazzling job for me.

Katherine: Well, I understand why you would question his motives.

Devon: I mean, look, here’s the thing, tucker says he wants me to be happy, but, I mean, you know, given how easily the guy lies, I have figured he’s just trying to use me for something.

Katherine: Well, knowing tucker, that’S… certainly not impossible.

Devon: And yet, you have given him another chance. More than one time. And katherine, I just have to ask you, how come?

Katherine: I would like to believe, despite everything, that, um… tucker is sincere in making amends.

Devon: But how do you know he’s being sincere this time?

Katherine: I don’t know that he is. I just would like to know that he is capable of change.

Devon: I said something that was pretty brutal, to him, and he seemed hurt. I don’t think he was faking it.

Katherine: Darling, the only way we are ever going to know what’s in the heart of that man is if– if we give him a chance to prove himself.

Devon: Or burn us again.

Katherine: All right, you listen to me. Like it or not, tucker is family. And you always… back up your family. No matter– no matter how much they’ve disappointed us.

Tucker: So, you are now, willing to let jack and diane just implode on their own while we focus on our thing?

Ashley: Yes. We’re just gonna sit back, and wait them out, ’cause diane’s just gonna, you know, do her worst at jabot. I know it.

Tucker: Gee, where have i heard that idea before?

Ashley: You were right. There, I said it.

Tucker: Sorry, I– I– I didn’t quite get that. Say it a little louder.

Ashley: Tucker mccall was right.

Tucker: Thank you very much.

Ashley: Yes, and, uh, diane will make a mess of things, because she has no idea what she’s doing, and then, we swoop in, we scoop up jabot’s best assets, we fold them into our own growing empire, and we save jabot.

Tucker: Right, because we can’t save jack.

Ashley: Exactly.

Tucker: Best way to preserve your father’s legacy is just to let her blow it.

Ashley: Yes.

Tucker: I love it, I love your new perspective. It’s so exciting.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: You know what I wanna do? I just wanna stay in this room all day with you. And make plans. And make love.

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[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: Replacing mariah is going to be tough.

Jack: Some of those resumes you showed me were promising.

Diane: Yeah, we have some strong candidates. She just understood the brand so well. First kyle, then, mariah.

[ Knocking on door ]

Summer: Hey. Sorry to interrupt. Emily told me that you were in here, jack.

Jack: That’s all right. Come on in, come on in. Uh, we’re just kind of spread out here.

Summer: Uh, I heard that you two got married. Congratulations.

Jack: Thank you.

Diane: Yeah, thanks, summer.

Jack: Yeah, it was a short, civil ceremony, but we’re gonna have a big, flashy celebration in the fall. We’d like you to be part of that.

Summer: Of course.

Jack: So, how’re you doing?

Summer: Uh, I’m hanging in there. I’m focusing on work. And you know that I brought chelsea on as creative director of marchetti.

Jack: Yes, I had heard that. I think it’s an excellent hire. She’s a very talented woman. She had a unique perspective on her chelsea by jabot designs years ago. I have every faith in your vision for marchetti. I cannot wait to see what the two of you accomplish together.

Summer: Thanks. Um, so, I was over at the house earlier seeing harrison, and he– he mentioned that kyle’s on a trip?

Diane: I’m surprised kyle didn’t tell you. He’s– he’s in new york on business.

Summer: With audra.

Jack: I believe so, yeah.

[ Exhaling sharply ]

Summer: What a surprise.

Jack: Well, she is his boss at newman media.

Summer: That’s not all she is.

Diane: What are you saying, summer?

Summer: They’re sleeping together.

Jack: Oh, honey, you shouldn’t assume that.

Summer: No, I’m not assuming. Kyle freely admitted it. He ditched jabot, he ditched me, and now I guess, he has everything that he wants. Sorry, um, I gotta go. I’m gonna talk to pr about announcing, um, chelsea’s hiring. I’ll– I’ll catch up with y’all later.

[ Jack sighing ]

[ Door shuts ]

[ Jack whispering behind door ]

[ Sighing ]

Jack: I still have my concerns.

Billy: Yeah? Why is that? Because you don’t think I can pull it off, jack?

Jack: No. Not at all. I don’t like putting you in an untenable situation. Billy, I admire how you have turned your life around. But disrupting a company and pretending to fail? That could stigmatize you in the business world at large.

Billy: Okay, well, I’m not worried about my reputation or what the public thinks about me, okay? Especially, not when it comes to protecting our family. Our father’s legacy. Jabot’s legacy.

Jack: Dad would be very proud of you for stepping up like this.

Billy: Well, it’s not like I’m falling back into my old ways, right? I’m doing what’s necessary to make sure that this doesn’t get out of hand.

Jack: You do realize, once we start this, there is no turning back.

Billy: Yeah, hi. Uh, this is billy abbott. I’m wondering if my sister, ashley, is there by chance? The dining room. And she’s there now? No, no, that’s fine. Thank you. I will, uh– I’ll come by. You as well. Thank you.

Tucker: Can I just have one piece of toast with my coffee? Thank you very much. So, what do you make of billy’s growing disillusionment with his older brother? Can that be useful to us?

Ashley: I don’t know. He was absolutely furious with him though, wasn’t he?

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: Enough to betray jack? Is that what you’re hinting at?

Tucker: Just looking at all the angles.

Ashley: Billy’s capable of it. He and jack have gone head to head on several issues over the years. Do you think we should lead him along, and see where it goes?

Tucker: Can he be led along? Or is he still more of a “looking out for number one” type guy.

Ashley: Well, he has been, but I think he’s definitely in a different headspace now. Can you imagine how great it would be if he was on our side, tucker? How helpful that would be? It would be incredible.

Tucker: I know, so, let’s begin the grand persuasion.

Ashley: Hm. Good idea. Billy. Join us.

Chance: Thanks.

Summer: Here you are again.

Chance: Wow, this is getting weird.

Summer: Picnic? Seems kind of elaborate for one person.

Chance: Yeah. It was supposed to be for two, but didn’t really work out. Hey, you hungry?

Summer: Uh, I don’t really have much of an appetite. But I– I guess, I could sit with you while you eat.

Chance: You free right now?

Summer: I actually, just had a meeting canceled, so, yeah.

Chance: Well, great. Grab a coffee, come with me. You know that feeling of having to rewash

Chance: Yeah?

Summer: So, audra and kyle are on a trip together.

Chance: Hm. That just sounds like normal newman media business, right? That makes sense.

Summer: Thank you for trying to be nice, but you and I both know that my husband, and yeah, he’s still my husband, is sleeping with audra.

[ Scoffs ]

Chance: I’m sorry.

Summer: Learning about this trip, it– it hit me hard.

Chance: Yeah, I can imagine.

Summer: I guess, I can’t pretend like it’s a casual thing anymore. I mean, they’re together at work, they’re together after work, it’s just like kyle and i used to be, you know? And I– I don’t– I don’t even know why I care. I mean, kyle, he just dropped me. Like it was nothing to him. So, why– why can’t I let it go? When am I gonna get to a better place, like where you are?

[ Sighing ]

Chance: Summer, I– I don’t think grief has a timetable like that. And make no mistake, that is what you’re feeling. You’re grieving the end of your marriage. And not just that, you’re grieving what you thought your life was gonna be like.

Summer: So different from this.

Chance: Yeah. Exactly. That’s why it stings. You know, I dreamed that abby and dominic and i would do all these things, right? Vacations, anniversaries, celebrations. Growing old together. None of that’s gonna happen. And so, I had to grieve this future that I imagined before I could move on. So, you’ll get there.

Summer: I’ve lost kyle before, you know? But this, it feels different. It’s just, like, every time I think that I’m inching a little bit closer to being able to… let it go, I–

Chance: It slips away, right?

Summer: Yeah.

Chance: You’re back at the beginning.

Summer: Maybe, what I need is closure.

Chance: Well, personally, I don’t think closure is a thing. I mean, every time you see kyle, all these– all this stuff is just gonna come rushing back. You know, the good, the bad.

Summer: Oh, great. Something to look forward to.

[ Chance chuckling ]

Chance: Well, maybe, it’ll be different for you, but that’s how it is for me. Hurts less each time. I can’t avoid seeing abby. This is genoa city. Plus, we’re doing the co-parenting thing, so, just like you, you’re gonna see kyle if you wanna be part of harrison’s life.

Summer: Well, of course, I’m gonna be a part of harrison’s life. I’m not giving that up.

Chance: So, what if kyle showed up right now, and said he forgives you? Then what?

[ Scoffs ]

Summer: I don’t– I don’t think that we could get back to where we were. Too much has changed.

Diane: What is kyle thinking? He has to know that he’s causing more problems for himself with summer.

Jack: I’m not sure kyle is doing much thinking these days.

Diane: Aren’t you worried about what he’s doing?

Jack: Of course I am. I have watched kyle and summer overcome so many things. I thought they would overcome this, too, eventually, but– well, given this, even if kyle can manage to forgive summer, I– I don’t know if there’s gonna be a chance for them to salvage their relationship now.

Diane: This just breaks my heart. I mean, we have found such happiness, and yet our son is making an utter mess of his life. I wish there was something we could do to help him.

Jack: You know what, I share that wish. But this is something only kyle can fix. Look, I think this dalliance with audra charles is an escape. A– a way to run from the pain. A– a means for staying numb and not thinking about anything for as long as he possibly can. I know something about this. I’ve been there.

[ Sighing ]

Diane: So, we’re worried about kyle and we have to watch our backs with your sister. This is… some way to start a marriage.

Jack: This marriage is the one thing that is going right. It is our happiness that gives me the confidence to believe we can solve this and anything else. Personally or professionally. Together.

Diane: Hmm.

Billy: What, you didn’t like what mrs. Martinez made for breakfast this morning?

Ashley: Mm-hm. We needed a break from the newlyweds.

Tucker: I’m late for my meeting with dom and devon, so I’m gonna go.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: I’ll see you later.

Ashley: Okay, bye. Give dominic a kiss for me.

Tucker: I will. William.

Billy: Tuck.

Ashley: So? How you doing? How are you feeling about our brother today?

[ Billy chuckling ] I don’t suppose you had any inclination to reach out to him after what happened last night?

Billy: No. Uh, no, I avoided them at all cost, which was, uh, lucky for me. Thought about it all night, couldn’t sleep, so I came here to get a workout, maybe shake off the stress, you know?

Ashley: I can’t think about anything else. Billy, I’m at my wit’s end. I mean, something has to be done and it has to happen fast. Don’t you agree?

Billy: Are you still planning to take legal action and get your assets out of jabot?

[ Ashley chuckling ]

Ashley: Oh, absolutely. And you do know that diane will be gunning for your job, right?

Billy: Yeah, I’ve thought about that. Why stop at the chief talent officer position when you can have the co-ceo position?

Ashley: Exactly. So, queen diane will be sitting right next to king jack, and they’ll be reigning over everything, and our father’s home, our father’s company, and jack’s letting it happen.

Billy: What if we don’t let it happen? I mean, I’ve tried, but I don’t– I mean, how do we talk sense into him?

Ashley: Oh, I don’t even think that’s possible anymore, frankly. And you know that he’s gonna be, you know, out to spite me. Probably you, too, after what happened last night.

Billy: So, what does that mean for jabot?

Ashley: What do you think? I mean, it puts the company in a very precarious situation, don’t you think? I mean, unless jack opens his eyes and sees diane for who she really is, I think jabot is destined to fail. And then our father’s once vibrant, expansive, global company is gonna crash and burn, and we’re not gonna have anything to leave our children, our grandchildren, and the whole thing is incredibly depressing.

Billy: I hate what jack is doing. I’m not a big fan of diane’s, but I’m not about to give up on jabot. So, you tell me, do you have any plans on how to save ourselves from this? Before it gets out of hand?

Ashley: I have an idea. I’m not sure how you’re gonna feel about it.

Billy: Try me.

Ashley: Well, you’re still there. And you have the inside track. How far are you willing to go to protect what’s ours? You can’t leave without cuddles.

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with sensitive skin?

Chance: All right, that’s a good start. You’re accepting the reality of the situation. Reconciliation with kyle is not gonna happen. You said it out loud. It’s a big step. And I know it’s not easy.

Summer: I know that you know.

[ Summer sighing ]

Chance: Oh, check it out. There is an american goldfinch right there, you see it?

Summer: What?

Chance: An american goldfinch, the bird. Look, right there. Look at that tree. I bet you he flies by again. It’s black and yellow, that’s how you know it’s a male.

Summer: Are you a bird watcher or something?

Chance: I know a little. I got my bird study badge when I was in the scouts.

[ Chuckling ]

Summer: Wait, everybody calls you a boy scout but you actually were one.

Chance: Ah, yeah. Yeah, I was. You know, my mom, she didn’t really have a traditional upbringing, so she wanted me to try all the normal kids activities.

Summer: Hm.

Chance: Yeah.

Summer: I get that. Uh, my mom had me go to summer camp. And then she and I, we were actually in a mother-daughter scout-like organization.

Chance: No way. With, like, uniforms and badges and the whole getup?

Summer: Yeah.

Chance: Phyllis?

Summer: [ Laughing ] Yes.

Chance: Wow.

Summer: We were– we were called, um, the sunflower girls, and, yeah, uh, we– we went to a few meetings, we made, uh, beaded jewelry, and we made smores over fire, and it– it didn’t last that long though ’cause it’s like you said, not very phyllis-like.

Chance: [ Chuckling ] Yeah. Hey! Hey! I, uh– I thought you had a meeting.

Sharon: Well, you went to so much trouble, I felt bad turning you down for a picnic, so I told adam that we had to push our meeting back. Um, I came back here to try to catch you, but I see that summer has taken my place.

Tucker: I tell ya, that kid gets cuter by the day.

[ Devon chuckling]

Devon: He could just be the cutest little ring bearer this town’s ever seen.

Tucker: Really?

Devon: Hey. Maybe. We’ll see.

[ Tucker gasping ]

[ Groaning ]

Tucker: Well, I just gotta tell you, yet again, devon, how honored I am that you agreed to be my best man. Um… I don’t think I can come up the words to express it.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: Well, hey, I’m– I’m very happy that things are working out for you, and abby and i are both very happy for you and ashley. Wish you guys the best.

Tucker: Thanks.

Devon: But I gotta say that abby’s not too thrilled with her mom right now.

Tucker: Oh, wow. Abby more upset with her mom than she is with me.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: Who saw this day coming?

Devon: It just– it seems like ashley’s determined to tear down jabot just ’cause of how much she hates diane, and doesn’t care about who she hurts in the process.

Tucker: No, that’s not quite true. You know how much jabot means to ashley. She’s just concerned that jack and diane are gonna do irreparable harm to the company and to themselves. To jack. And I think– I hope, that I have dissuaded ashley from pursuing her more, uh, aggressive plans, and instead concentrate on the wedding, and our new venture together, kind of thing.

Devon: Yeah. It’s crazy ’cause it sounds like you’re the logical, clear-headed one in the relationship, man.

Tucker: I know, who would’ve thunk, right?

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: Yeah. And she won’t say it, but I think this feud with jack’s really breaking her heart. So, I’m gonna do whatever I can to spare her any more pain.

Devon: Well, I don’t see how abby can find any fault in that.

Ashley: You are in the perfect position to expose diane. She can’t be trusted. Now, I’ve always known that, and I’m incredibly grateful that you know that, too. Now that she is firmly ensconced in jabot’s executive suite, it’s only a matter of time before she shows everybody who she really is.

Billy: Go on.

Ashley: And with a little bit of prodding…

Billy: By me.

Ashley: Yes. She’s going to mess everything up because, billy, she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing on her mad quest for power. And ultimately, everybody will see how she’s hurting our father’s company.

Billy: So, you want me to push her buttons?

Ashley: In ways that I have never been able to. I’ve seen it clearly. You can fix everything. That can lead to skin and saves me money? I’m starting to like downy.

Summer: I– I’m gonna get going. Chance made this beautiful picnic for you, sharon, so you should enjoy it.

Sharon: Uh, no, summer, don’t be silly. Why don’t you stay? I’m sure that chance’s idea of a meal for two was based on his hearty appetite, so I’m sure there’s enough food to go around.

[ Summer chuckling ]

Summer: Um, nah, I gotta get to work anyway, so. Thanks.

Chance: Yeah.

Sharon: How is she doing?

Chance: Oh, well, you know how tough the end of a marriage can be. She’s a strong woman, though. She’ll be all right. Anyways, have a seat. Welcome. Jump on in. What do we got? I got everything. I got, you know, some quiche…

Devon: Yeah, I do need to confess, though, that abby and I both thought that you were the one pushing ashley to go to war with jack.

Tucker: Don’t worry about that. I totally understand why you would, given my past.

Devon: Yeah.

Tucker: But, now it’s not the case.

Devon: Yeah, I know that. Abby believes that now, too. She has a completely different opinion about it and she thinks her mom is the one who’s behind going after jack and the company.

Tucker: Hm.

Devon: And she’s kind of freaked out about it ’cause you know how much she loves her mother and her family.

Tucker: Oh, yeah. But she really shouldn’t worry because there’s nothing too nefarious about any of ashley’s intentions. She just doesn’t trust diane. Neither do I, frankly. She wants to save jack and preserve the sterling legacy of jabot and all that.

Devon: Well, maybe ashley just needs to make that clear to abby. ‘Cause I don’t honestly think ashley realizes how an abbott sibling battle could have consequences that go way past just business.

Tucker: Okay. I’ll do whatever I can. Ashley and abby should not be at odds right now. Especially now.

Ashley: I did not handle things well. I admit it. I mean, I was angry, and I– I let my resentment get the best of me. But even after what happened last night, you and jack and diane are still on better terms than– than I am, for sure.

Billy: So you– you want me to spy on them for you and nudge diane to the dark side?

Ashley: No, I’m not asking you to spy, billy, and very little nudging. I mean, maybe a gentle push until diane shows her true agenda. The company falters, it’s– it’s weakened, and then we move in and we acquire jabot, and we save our father’s company. You and i save our father’s company. Okay? It’s for the good of jabot, don’t you see that?

Billy: Ashley–

Ashley: We’re talking about our father’s legacy. Okay? You could be the hero of the family. Do you get that?

Billy: Yeah. I get it, okay? I understand preserving our family’s legacy, but what you’re asking me to do right now…

[ Sighing ] I’m gonna have to think about it.

Jack: So, you feeling any better?

Diane: About finding a new director of marketing? Yes. About our son making a mess of his life? No.

[ Knocking on door ]

Summer: Hey. Sorry to interrupt again.

Jack: No, not at all. Come on in.

Summer: I thought that you might wanna see a hard copy of the press release announcing chelsea’s hiring.

Jack: Yeah. This is– this is great. Thank you. Hey. You all right?

Summer: No. [ Chuckles ] But I will be.

Diane: Let us know if there’s anything we can do.

Summer: I think that I’m just starting to accept that it’s over between me and kyle. There’s no going back to what we had, and if he can move on, so can I. So, that’s what I’m gonna do now. Thanks.

[ Jack sighing ] Trelegy for copd.

Sharon: Summer needs a friend right now. It’s nice that you could be there for her.

Chance: Yeah, you know, I’m still getting to know her. I can just relate to what she’s going through. But enough about summer. I wanna focus on you.

Sharon: Oh, yeah?

Chance: Yeah. I am very happy you were able to join me today. Hope I didn’t put too much pressure on you. I know getting this company up and running is priority number one, and I do not wanna get in the way.

Sharon: Seeing you is the best part of my day, too. My life is expanding in ways that I could’ve never anticipated. But I can’t let business get in the way of what matters most.

Chance: Like this blueberry.

[ Chuckling ]

Tucker: I’m back. I said hello to our grandson.

Ashley: Thank you. Did you have fun?

Tucker: Yeah. The kid’s got one hell of a playroom. I think I could go over there every day and not play with the same toy twice.

Ashley: Hm.

Tucker: So, what did billy have to say?

Ashley: Yeah. Well, he didn’t agree to help us. I mean, not verbatim, but I think he’s leaning that way. And can you imagine how wonderful it would be if he did? We could actually save jabot. I mean, we could. And maybe, maybe even jack. I mean, well, listen, it might not be too late. That’s– that’s all I’m saying, okay? That’s it.

Tucker: Yes. Whatever you say, my dear. I– I am still most interested in what we are creating together. That’s the destination that I– I care about. How we get there doesn’t matter to me. But we have some more urgent matters to discuss.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: You need to make things right with abby.

Ashley: What are you talking about? Things are pretty good with abby. I mean, you know–

Tucker: Yeah, you know.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: But what we’re planning, right? Uh, no matter how we spin it, no matter how we go about it, could come between the two of you, so I just think we need to do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.

Jack: Hey.

Billy: Hey. I got some news.

Jack: About ashley?

Billy: Our sister asked me to join her version of our plan. She wants me to be a trojan horse here in jabot in order to push you to become greedy and controlling so you would then see her for who she really is.

Jack: My god.

Billy: The master plan, as far as I see it, is to allow diane to damage jabot.

Jack: Wait, damage it how?

Billy: Her ambitions. Her bad decisions. Her words, not mine. My role in the whole thing is to basically allow it to happen. To let jabot fall, not so far that it actually harms the reputation, but enough for tucker and ashley to come in and rake the assets, the employees. Ashley and tucker’s new company, simply “ashley,” I think it’s named, would then take control. Swallow up jabot. This is our sister’s plan to protect our father’s legacy. It’s a power play if I’ve ever seen one.

Diane: So, this is all about me? Ashley has hated me since the first day I set foot in this building decades ago. But you know what, don’t get angry. This is a good thing.

Jack: A good thing?

Diane: Yes. She and tucker clearly trust billy enough to include him in their plans. We just need to figure out how to use that to our advantage.

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