GH Short Recap Wednesday, July 19, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Alexis catches Esme rummaging through her office and Alexis tells Esme she doesn’t trust her and advises Esme to
take responsibility for her past although she doesn’t remember the things she has done. Esme takes an article from
Alex’s office to find out about her past.

Molly (now played by Brooke Ann Smith) talks to Sam about Kristina. Sam helps Molly realize she isn’t angry with Kristina; she is angry at the fact that Kristina can get pregnant. Sam
advises Molly to explain how she feels to Kristina so Kristina can understand why she is angry. Sonny advises Kristina to talk to Molly and explain how she feels so they can work things out between them.

Taggert continues to put on a brave face for Trina but he secretly numbs his pain about Trina not bring his biological daughter with alcohol.

Portia tells Spencer that if he really loves Trina, he should let her go.

Curtis finally awakens with Marshall, Portia, and Trina at his bedside.

Sasha is doing an interview with Crimson Magazine at the Metro Court pool when she sees Cody and Gladys arguing but those pills Dr. Montague prescribed make Sasha hallucinate and she thinks Gladys is arguing with Cyrus Renault. Cody grabs Gladys’ arm and Sasha thinks she needs to protect Gladys from Cyrus, so she grabs a knife and stabs Cody on his side. Cody is bleeding when he turns around and says to Sasha “why?” before he falls to the floor.

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