GH Short Recap Thursday, July 20, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny overhears a conversation between Austin and one of Mason’s associates named Gordon. Gordon tells Austin that Mason hasn’t paid him for a job he did for him. Gordon asks Austin for the money since he knows Austin is working with Mason. Sonny stops Gordon from breaking Austin’s arm.

Sasha is horrified when she realizes she stabbed Cody. Sasha is arrested and taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Cody is taken to the hospital and after stitches he is fine. Cody tells Sam what happened with Sasha and they both worry Sasha has suffered a setback in her recovery.

Molly and Kristina have a long talk and finally understand each other. Kristina tells Molly that she will be her surrogate if she ever wants to have a baby. Esme goes to Pentonville to see Heather and face her past. Heather tells Esme she killed all those people to protect her. Heather tells Esme that Spencer might not want to raise Ace with her if he found out what happened to her adoptive parents.

Curtis tells Marshall that he saw his mother when he died on the operating table. The doctor examines Curtis and after some tests he is concerned Curtis can’t feel his legs.

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