GH Short Recap Tuesday, July 18, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Leo finally understands that Eddie looks like Ned and he isn’t his father because Eddie doesn’t know that squid is the coolest animal and Ned would know that fact. Olivia tells Eddie that he can stay in the room above the stables but he wants to continue to stay at Sonny’s house.

Sam tells Dante that she is worried that Cody is involved in Mrs. Wu’s poker games. Sam also tells Dante that Mac is trying to protect Cody by waiting to arrest Mrs. Wu until he can make sure Cody doesn’t get in trouble.

Jackson Montgomery almost arrests Felicia and Lucy for breaking into his office but the ladies call Anna and Anna persuades Jackson not to press charges against Felicia and Lucy. Felicia tells Lucy she did manage to get a quick look at Martin’s file, and it is Martin’s third ex-wife who is paying him alimony. Jackson calls someone on the phone and tells the person that Lucy and Felicia broke into his office to search for information on Martin.

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