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Chanel reopens the bakery and sets up free samples in the town square. A man approaches and introduces himself as Clint Rawlings, saying they have a lot to talk about.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub where Kate greets her and offers her coffee. Kayla mentions just leaving the hospital after a very eventful morning that Kate might find interesting. Kayla informs Kate that Marlena managed to deprogram Harris Michaels. Kate asks if that means he will be okay. Kayla says that is to be determined.

At the hospital, Marlena tells Harris that they have completely broken through Megan’s brainwashing so he is no longer under her control and there is no longer any reason for him to receive any in-patient care. Harris argues that the only way to make sure he never hurts an innocent person again is to have him committed to Bayview.

Johnny asks who Wendy wants to be in a committed relationship with, him or Tripp. Tripp adds that they will respect her decision either way, but they need an answer.

Shawn questions Rafe suspending him. Rafe argues that he left him no choice by drinking on the job where he could’ve hurt himself or someone else. Rafe asks for his gun and his badge. Shawn accuses Rafe of standing on his high horse, arguing that they both know that Rafe has broken just as many rules as any other detective in the police station. Rafe warns him to be careful. Shawn asks if he means as careful as Rafe was when he started having sex with one of his other detectives.

Jada goes to see Steve and apologizes for not calling ahead. Steve says his oldest friend’s daughter doesn’t need an invitation. Jada tells Steve that she’s so sorry that he lost another longtime friend. Steve can’t believe Abe is gone and is still trying to wrap his head around it. Jada talks about seeing a lot of bad things on the job, but it’s hard to make sense of this. Steve knows she and Rafe did everything they could to bring Abe home safe. Jada says they did, but still can’t help but feel like they let him down.

Shawn wonders how Abe would feel, knowing that instead of being out looking for him, Rafe was busy breaking one of his last rules. Rafe orders Shawn to his office now but Shawn says he was just suspended, so he doesn’t have to go anywhere with him. Rafe warns Shawn not to do this. Shawn asks if he doesn’t want the rest of the department to know he’s been screwing Jada. Rafe argues that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Shawn brings up Leo’s gossip column. Rafe questions believing everything he reads in Leo’s gossip column. Rafe then remarks that maybe the booze is clouding Shawn’s judgment. Shawn then reveals that he didn’t just read about it in Leo’s column, he got a first-hand account.

Wendy appreciates Johnny and Tripp being so patient with her and giving her time to figure out what she wants. Wendy then asks Tripp to give her and Johnny some privacy. Tripp says he’ll go check in with his dad. Wendy tells Tripp that she will text him as he then exits. Johnny comments that he and Wendy are alone at last.

Chanel acknowledges Clint Rawlings as Abe’s deputy and asks if he’s the mayor now. Clint confirms he is the acting mayor and comments on Chanel being open for business. Chanel offers him a sample. Clint says he’ll think about it. Chanel talks about going through some challenges but with everything her family is going through, she’s grateful to be back in business. Clint remarks that he’s sure she is. Chanel asks if there’s a problem. Clint responds that she’s damn right there is. Clint accuses her of poisoning half the town and declares that if it were up to him, the bakery would be shut down for good.

Marlena tells Harris that she knows how upsetting it must have been to learn that he was still susceptible to Megan’s programming. Harris calls it a nightmare that he never wakes up from as he’s constantly in fear that he will wake up, strapped to a bed, and learning that he hurt somebody else. Marlena relates to knowing the fear of not being in your own control. Marlena offers to continue seeing Harris on a outpatient basis but Harris worries that’s not enough. Harris shouts that he needs to be under lock and key 24/7 until a team of shrinks can guarantee that Megan and Dr. Rolf will never be inside his head again.

Kate reveals to Kayla that it was her who had Harris go after Megan. Kate asks what she was thinking when she knew that Megan already had Harris under her control, but Harris knew the risks. Kate says she should’ve known that Megan wouldn’t go quietly when she found out that Harris was trying to kidnap her and take her to an off grid site. Kayla points out that Harris is a pro and has probably done that a hundred times. Kate feels it still would’ve been better if he just went with her original idea when she told him to just kill the bitch.

Harris tells Marlena that as long as Dr. Rolf and Megan are out there, he is a threat to her and everyone she cares about. Marlena points out that he didn’t seriously hurt anybody this time. Harris brings up before and how he shot two guys in cold blood in Greece, then attacked John and Paul. Harris asks Marlena if she wants someone who is dangerous and unstable like him, to be walking the streets.

Johnny tells Wendy that this is more like it. Johnny says he didn’t mind the competition and jokes that if anyone deserves two men fighting over her, it’s her. Wendy responds that she’s not a prize to be won. Johnny apologizes if it came out like that. Wendy says this wasn’t about Johnny competing with Tripp but about her deciding who and what she needs in a partner. Johnny says he gets that and respects that but he’s so happy that she chose him. Johnny declares that now that Tripp is out of the picture, they can really just focus on committing to each other. Wendy asks if he’s forgetting about someone else in the equation. Johnny asks who she means. Wendy then brings up Chanel.

Chanel guesses Clint is not going to try her sample then. Clint comments that it’s easy to see how so many people have been charmed by her. Clint goes over Chanel’s relationship history with Theo, Xander, her college professor, Johnny, Allie, and then Talia. Chanel says that’s creeping her out and adds that Talia only pretended to like her to help Colin get revenge. Clint points out that then she threw herself and Colin off a roof, all to save Chanel. Chanel questions how he knows all of this about her and what his point is. Clint responds that she’s not just delivering delicious treats to Salem. Clint argues that Chanel and Paulina have brought nothing but crime, chaos, and scandals to their city. Clint declares that it’s time someone did something about that.

Rafe questions Shawn saying he got a first hand account about he and Jada. Shawn says it came from Jada herself. Rafe questions Jada telling him. Shawn says not exactly as he reveals that he was at the bar in the Pub when Jada told Kate. Rafe accuses him of eavesdropping. Shawn responds that detectives gotta detect and declares that he knows all about his sneaky little affair. Shawn says the burning question is what is he going to do with the information.

Steve tells Jada that he and John came up against the same walls in the investigation that they did. Jada kept thinking some piece of evidence would explain why Abe went to the docks that night. Jada talks about turning the city upside down, looking for Abe but she wishes they could’ve done more. Tripp arrives and greets them. Jada decides to get back to the station. Steve says he’ll let her know if they come up with anything new as she then exits. Steve asks Tripp if he had a bad day. Tripp guesses he can read it on his face. Steve notes that when Tripp is unhappy, he has a hard time hiding it. Steve asks what’s going on and what’s got him down. Tripp responds that it’s about Wendy, who he has very strong feelings for. Steve asks if that’s a bad thing. Tripp states that it looks like he’s about to lose her to Johnny DiMera.

Johnny asks Wendy what Chanel has to do with them being together. Wendy says she had to make a decision about he and Tripp, so he has to do the same with her and Chanel. Johnny disagrees, pointing out that he wasn’t seeing Chanel while dating Wendy. Wendy argues that’s only because Chanel didn’t give him the chance. Johnny argues that Wendy is the only woman he wants to be with but Wendy says she’s not so sure about that. Johnny asks where all this is coming from, pointing out that he’s not the one who needed to date two people just to make a decision. Wendy argues that she was being honest and she doesn’t think Johnny is being honest with himself about his feelings for Chanel.

Chanel tells Clint that the poisoned biscuits caused a lot of trouble but she had nothing to do with it. Clint points out that it was one of her employees. Chanel argues that her bakery was sabotaged and she’s the innocent victim. Clint brings up her customers who suffered and if they were innocent. Chanel says she feels terrible about that but Clint is not sure that she does because she hasn’t taken responsibility for that or for the fact that her involvement with Colin’s parents led directly to this mess. Chanel questions why he is attacking her like this. Clint responds that he’s making it clear that the Rawlings Administration is bringing law, order, and decency back to Salem. Clint warns Chanel that if she is involved in another incident, he’ll see to it that she never does business in this town again as he then walks away.

Kayla questions Kate asking Harris to kill Megan. Kate asks her not to tell Roman and argues that Megan is fine so there was no harm, no foul. Kayla doesn’t want to make a habit of lying to Roman and doesn’t think Kate should either. Kayla insists that Roman would understand and reminds her that he, John, and Steve all considered killing Orpheus. Kate talks about how Roman ended up having a change of heart. Kayla still believes that Roman would understand and admits that she certainly does. Kate questions Kayla actually having a killer instinct. Kayla clarifies that she doesn’t condone cold blooded murder but she does wish that Megan was out of their lives for good.

Marlena tells Harris that it’s because of John that she has enormous empathy for him. Harris knows John had been brainwashed by Dr. Rolf and Stefano. Marlena states that the DiMeras have used mind control against people for decades. Marlena calls them the monsters, not Harris. Harris responds that may be, but they managed to turn him in to a weapon not once, but twice. Harris says he’s not willing to risk what could happen if they do it a third time.

Rafe asks if Shawn is threatening him. Shawn questions why he can’t break the rules and get a pass if Rafe can. Rafe argues that he was drinking on the job while Shawn says Rafe is sleeping with his subordinate. Rafe shouts that what he does in his personal life doesn’t affect his job and is no one’s business. Shawn brings up power and balance and workplace ethics. Rafe asks what the hell Shawn wants. Shawn wants fairness but says that’s up to Rafe. Shawn tells Rafe to go ahead and suspend him and treat him like crap. Shawn remarks that he’s not going to tell anyone that Rafe has been sleeping with Jada right as Clint arrives and introduces himself as the new acting mayor. Clint states that for Rafe’s sake, he sincerely hopes that Shawn has his facts wrong. Shawn tries to claim that Clint misheard. Clint asks if he didn’t just accuse Rafe of having an inappropriate workplace relationship with another detective right as Jada then enters the station and asks what’s going on. Clint calls it a coincidence because they were just talking about her.

Kate jokes that she likes the new lethal Kayla. Kayla clarifies that she’s not condoning violence but she wants her family to be safe. Kayla hopes they find Megan and put her away for life this time which Kate agrees with. Kayla says she has to get home for a lunch date with Steve. Kate decides to walk her out because there is someone that she needs to go see.

Marlena tells Harris that even if she had him committed to Bayview, it doesn’t mean he won’t be conditioned again. Marlena points out that several DiMera pawns succumbed to mind control even after regular psychiatric treatments. Harris gets that because he was in intense therapy with doctors overseas but they know how that worked out with him. Harris believes in-patient treatment will help him become stronger and less susceptible to Dr. Rolf’s mind games. Marlena asks what he wants from her since he can commit himself to Bayview. Harris points out that then he could check himself out too, but if Marlena commits him then he has no choice but to stay and that’s what he wants. Harris declares that his mind has been so screwed with over the past few years that he just needs some time to heal. Harris says for him it’s about survival and if he can’t rid himself of the feeling that he might lose control of who he is, then he just doesn’t know if he can go on. Harris asks Marlena if she will commit him or not.

Steve questions Tripp just leaving Wendy with Johnny. Tripp asks what he was supposed to do since she asked him to go. Steve tells Tripp about how he and Bo would fight for the ladies at his age. Tripp says times have changed and he doesn’t think Wendy would appreciate him challenging Johnny to a duel. Steve questions turning tail being the answer. Tripp asks if he was supposed to refuse to leave. Steve asks if he’s afraid of being cancelled. Tripp points out that he could be arrested. Steve laughs off that everyone is so sensitive these days. Tripp argues that he has to respect Wendy’s wishes. Steve acknowledges that his days are long gone. Tripp says they have to trust that women know their own minds and that’s what he’s doing. Tripp declares that if Wendy chooses Johnny then he’s dealing with it, end of story. Steve wonders if Wendy really knows her own mind. Tripp says she does and he has to accept that but Steve thinks it’s too cut and dry.

Johnny assures Wendy that he doesn’t want to be with Chanel, he wants to be with her. Wendy points out that every time she turns around, he’s racing off to be with Chanel. Johnny says that’s just because she is his friend and she’s been through a lot of trauma lately. Wendy understands she’s going through hell and she feels for her. Johnny questions her thinking something shady is going on. Wendy says she likes Chanel and she doesn’t do girl drama. Johnny questions what the problem is then. Wendy responds that it’s that his first instinct is to always protect his ex-wife and she doesn’t see that changing anytime soon. Wendy reveals that is one of the reasons that she’s choosing to be with Tripp.

Steve tells Tripp that he can’t give up on Wendy that easily. Tripp asks if he’s been listening to anything he said. Steve understands that he has to let her make her own choices but he doesn’t have to be toxic or disrespectful to fight for someone. Steve suggests fighting with his head with respect and decency. Tripp asks how he’s supposed to do that. Steve encourages him to just show Wendy what a good and awesome man he is and that he’s in it for the long haul. Tripp feels he’s already tried that. Steve thinks he’s been let down and hurt by a lot of people in his life, so when it comes to love and things get dicey, he cuts his losses and runs to protect himself. Steve gets that as he used to do the same thing at his age. Steve tells Tripp that if he cares about Wendy as much as he says, then he has to let her know that he’s not going anywhere. Steve asks Tripp to at least consider that. Tripp supposes he could, but feels like he’s already humiliated himself by being in this competition with Johnny. Steve doesn’t think it should be humiliating to give something all he’s got. Steve adds that if it doesn’t work out, he can walk away with no regrets, knowing that he fought for her. Tripp agrees to take his advice. Steve assures that he won’t regret it. Tripp thanks him and they hug. Tripp promises that he’s going to Wendy’s now and exits.

Johnny questions Wendy really picking Tripp over him because she thinks he’s not over Chanel. Wendy states that his connection with Chanel is only part of the reason. Johnny asks what the rest is. Wendy responds that she and Tripp have spent a lot of time together lately while Johnny has been with Chanel and her feelings for Tripp started to deepen. Johnny questions if she’s saying it’s his fault then. Wendy says it’s nobody’s fault. Wendy calls Johnny a great guy and says she cares about him a lot. Wendy hopes that Johnny and Chanel give it another shot. Johnny repeats that he doesn’t want to be with Chanel and asks what he has to do to prove it. Wendy kisses Johnny on the cheek and says goodbye to him. Johnny then leaves the apartment.

Chanel remains working at the Bakery when she gets a call from Allie.

Marlena returns to Harris after checking other patients and says she wanted to give time for his sedative to kick in. Harris says he’s a little more relaxed and asks if she’s made a decision about his request. Marlena responds that she has and it’s obvious to her how much he wants it, so she agrees to commit him to Bayview.

Clint informs Jada that Shawn has just brought a very serious accusation to his attention. Shawn argues that he didn’t make an accusation. Clint asks to speak to Jada in private. Jada asks what this is about. Clint says it’s her relationship with Rafe. Rafe argues that it’s really not necessary. Clint then takes Jada in to the interrogation room. Shawn apologizes to Rafe as he didn’t know that Clint was standing behind him. Rafe says it’s a little late for apologies. Shawn offers to make it better by talking to Clint. Rafe says he’s done enough and reminds him that he still needs his gun and his badge, so Shawn turns them over.

Chanel tells Allie that she and Paulina got the flowers she sent. Chanel says she can’t believe Abe is gone either. Chanel mentions hearing that Allie is seeing someone and says that’s great as all she ever wanted was for her to be happy. Chanel tells Allie that there is no one new in her life. Johnny then walks in to the town square and sits down on the bench. Chanel tells Allie that she has a customer and will call her back as they hang up. Chanel then approaches Johnny and comments on the dark cloud he’s carrying around. Johnny asks if it’s that obvious. Chanel asks him what happened. Johnny informs her that he just got dumped.

Tripp returns home and asks Wendy where Johnny is. Wendy informs him that Johnny left. Tripp is surprised as he figured they would be celebrating their new official status as a couple. Wendy responds that they have nothing to celebrate. Tripp asks if he’s not excited about being her boyfriend. Wendy reveals that Johnny is not her boyfriend which Tripp questions. Wendy explains that she asked Tripp to leave so she could tell Johnny that she didn’t want to be with him. Wendy says she needed time alone with Johnny to explain why she chose Tripp. Wendy declares that Tripp is the man she wants to be with as they kiss.

Kayla comes home for lunch with Steve. Kayla praises his cooking as they kiss. Kayla asks about his day. Steve says two of his favorite people stopped by; Jada and Tripp. Kayla asks if they came for good reasons or bad. Steve says that Jada came by to give her condolences about Abe while Tripp came for a little advice on his love life. Kayla questions Tripp coming to him for relationship advice. Steve says not exactly, but he is his father. Steve asks if Kayla had a busy morning. Kayla mentions stopping by the Pub where she had a very interesting conversation with Kate. Kayla informs Steve that it turns out that Kate is the reason that Harris Michaels went after Megan, but it didn’t turn out the way she hoped.

Kate visits Harris in the hospital and says she needs to apologize for her scheme almost getting him killed. Harris says it was his plan and it went awry so she has nothing to apologize for as he’s actually grateful to her. Harris adds that if she hadn’t convinced him to go after Megan, he wouldn’t have found out that she still had the power to control him which let him know that he’s still a danger to himself and the people around him. Harris states that thanks to her, he’s going somewhere to get the help that he needs. Kate asks where, so Harris reveals that he’s going to Bayview.

Shawn goes to the hospital and greets Marlena, who asks if he’s there on assignment. Shawn says no as he’s off duty. Shawn then says that’s a lie and he’s been lying to himself and others a lot lately. Shawn admits to Marlena that he’s been suspended from the force. Marlena asks what happened. Shawn responds that he’s in trouble and he needs her help before he makes his life any worse than he already has.

Rafe paces at the police station until Jada comes out from the interrogation room. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Jada says not really. Clint comes out and announces that Jada just confirmed her and Rafe’s inappropriate relationship and how this is a violation of their policy, so he has no choice but to take immediate action. Clint then announces that he is firing Rafe.

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