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[ Knock on door ] Okay. Hi. Hey. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, of course. I really appreciate you coming over on such short notice. Yeah. You know, it’s been a pretty busy morning. I just took scout to say goodbye to her father before he reported to prison. Then I spent the next hour consoling her because it was pretty hard to come up with something to say. She’s devastated. She just got her dad back, and now she’s lost him again. Sorry to show up unannounced like this. No, it’s alright. Uh, isn’t today… I start my sentence at pentonville today, yeah. Those judges are out for blood. Given the alternatives, I just, uh, made the best choice that I could make. Well, what brings you here instead of spending your last hours with your family? Unfinished business. So, there he is, back behind the desk. Gonna make it permanent?

[ Chuckles ] Been there, done that. Doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it again. Could get a lot of arguments in with your brother that way. Oh, I don’t have to be police commissioner to do that. Ha! I’m interim until someone can be appointed. But I’m glad you stopped by. Something interesting crossed my desk. Something I think you’d like to see. So, have a nice chat with dr. Montague, but don’t push yourself too hard. I know you’re itching to end the guardianship, but you can’t rush mental health. What in the world? I just got an e-mail from gellhorn jewelers. They’ve dropped the larceny charges against cody. Huh. I’m sure they have their reasons. And something tells me you know what they are. Scott: So, once you finally sign this affidavit, I can file it with the clerk’s office and we can get down to business with the wsb. Right. Yeah, business. Yes, and as you know, the wsb doesn’t like to have their cage rattled, so they’re probably gonna play hardball. Oh, hardball? Wait, are you saying that they’re gonna investigate me?

[ Sighs ] Well, you do know what the “s” in the wsb means. Security. Okay, yeah. No, I didn’t know that. Well, like most agencies, they thrive on intel. That’s their bread and butter. Is that gonna be a problem?

[ Monitor beeping ] How’d you sleep? Barely. I think I’m just too geared up to hear what dr. Randolph has to say today. I just heard that dr. Randolph won’t be meeting with us today. Does that mean we’ll have to wait to get the results? Apparently she’s sending somebody that is familiar with the case. Hey, willow, willow, look. You’ve been getting stronger every single day. We have to believe that it’s good news. This cancer journey’s been such a roller-coaster ride. I’m almost afraid to predict what will come next.

[ Knock on door, door opens ] Good. Good. You’re both here.

[ Door closes ] How are you feeling, willow? Pretty anxious at the moment. Glad to see you, though. Do you have the results? I asked dr. Randolph if I could deliver this news. It’s life-changing.

Friend, I felt thismight be better coming from me. And it’s my honor to report that the absolute neutrophil count we ran on you the last three days shows an anc of 500. And my platelet count? Holding steady at 30,000. Oh! Those are the markers that dr. Randolph said we needed for engraftment. Does this mean that — that liesl’s donated cells are creating new ones? From all accounts, the bone marrow transplant was a success.

[ Crying ] This — this is what we hoped for. Does this mean that willow’s in remission? Gellhorn jewelers dropped the charges against cody? Apparently the insurance company has determined that the clasp on the bracelet gladys was wearing that night was faulty. Faulty? Witness came forward. Says here a waiter found the bracelet in the dressing room and thought it belonged to the jacket above it. That’s weird. Yeah, well, our helpful waiter slipped the bracelet into cody’s pocket. Unfortunately, leading me to slip cody into a pair of handcuffs. Well, you were just doing your job, mac. Life’s bitter ironies. I, uh — I imagine myself cody’s father, not his arresting officer. Cody: I screwed up. I don’t know how to make it right. You lied… about the first dna results. You said the mac wasn’t your father when in actuality, he is. Well, hey, you know, at least it didn’t go any further. Uh, cody’s gonna be relieved. I-I’m gonna go see him right now, actually. Mind some company? I’d like to deliver the news myself. I’m no choirboy, scott. Well, who is? Listen, you don’t have to be squeaky clean to be on the winning side of a lawsuit. And I’ll drive home that point, and so you do a nickel upstate. A nickel? For what? Grand larceny. 5 to 10. Oh. Oh, right. The bracelet. Um, yeah, I-I — I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem. Really? Well, last time I checked, there were some charges pending from all that hoopla at the nurses’ ball. Yeah, something tells me those won’t stick. Good. Hey, you don’t have to tell me what’s going on. It’s gonna be worth it. Yeah. All it cost me was a new friend. You didn’t seemat all surprised or upset when I just told you that cody was in the clear. What’s going on, gladys? Okay, the insurance company contacted me about it earlier. Apparently a waiter found the bracelet and slipped it into cody’s jacket pocket. What? Yeah, the guy was in the dressing room and thought it fell out or something. I don’t know, but he admitted that he put it into cody’s pocket. I-I was gonna tell you after your appointment. Is that so? Oh, yeah. And is that all you’ve got to say? W-what do you mean? Are you finally ready to admit the truth, gladys? What truth? That you were wrong all along about cody. I said goodbye to most of the quartermaines already and been spending a lot of time with scout. In fact, I saw her this morning again. That must have been difficult. Yeah, I was hoping never to have to say goodbye to a child of mine again. At least with scout, it’s not forever. Does that have anything to do with the unfinished business? Yeah, this is, uh — it’s for ned — or eddie maine. I mean, I heard he was staying with you. I got to admit, I never saw that coming. You and me bo– whatever he calls himself. Here we are. Oh, that’s decent of you, sonny. I’m just hoping that, you know, his — I don’t know, his favorite guitar can help bring back some memories, some real memories. Well, that’s pretty decent of you. But you could have given it to him yourself. But he — he took off. Is that safe for him to be out? I got my eye on ned. And don’t worry about it. He’s not the only one. Carly: Drew’s the reason i reached out to you this morning. I want to know how you’re feeling about all this. Okay. And I want you to be honest with me. No holding back? No holding back. Right. I am, uh — I’m not happy about it. I’m actually pretty angry, carly. I wish drew would have made a different choice. So do I. Drew was determined to do this. He was very concerned about what a long fight would do to our families. No, I get that. I do. But drew deserves some peace and happiness, and yet he continues to sacrifice all of that. And he’s doing it again because — because of me.

I don’t blame you for feeling this way. I’m the one who bought the shares. It’s my fault. It is all on me.

[ Exhales deeply ] I thought that, too. At first. But not anymore. Carly, I mean, I realize you were trying to help drew and michael keep control of elq. You didn’t see this coming. But I should have. At the very least, I should have talked to a financial adviser or listened to michael and drew when they told me not to do anything. Instead, I went behind their back, which is classic me. Yeah, but you were not out for personal gain. You were just trying to help. I get it. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear you say this. I’d give anything to fix it. I want to fix it so bad for him. I know you do. But drew wants to fix this for you. Which speaks volumes as to how much drew really cares for you. I appreciate you stepping up, taking responsibility. ‘Cause I know they made you an offer… to flip on me and take me down. How did you know about that? Been doing this a long time. I know what you and carly did, and I’m sure she was target number one. You know my business. You know what I do, the things I — you know. You could have given them damaging information. You didn’t do it. Carly would never flip on you. Neither would I. Sonny, sacrificing you, that wasn’t even a consideration. This was my debt to pay. You protected her. You protected both of us. I’m not gonna forget that. I got some guys in pentonville that are gonna keep their eyes on you. I appreciate that. Hopefully I’m not gonna need it, but it’s good to know that it’s there. To a certain extent, there’s — there’s only — you know, I can only go so far. Keep your eyes open… and your chin up. Okay, I was wrong about cody. But he was wrong about me. I’m not some diabolical mother-in-law. I never said that you were. But why didn’t you tell me? Why did I have to get an e-mail from the jeweler? Honey, I-I was gonna tell you after your appointment. I-I-I just didn’t want to distract you. And I figured you’d be angry at me. Why would i be angry at you? Because I blamed your friend. Can you forgive me?

[ Sighs ] Of course. It was all a big misunderstanding. The person you should apologize to is cody. I’m ready for you, sasha. I hope this doesn’t cause problems for you and cody. There is no me and cody. You will have plenty of friends once you sign this affidavit. And you know what? All your friends, they’re gonna look like benjamin franklin. Here we go. Alright, so, you’re saying this affidavit will be enough to prove that I’m leopold taub’s son, right? Yes, yes, yes, it should be. I mean, taub has no living relatives. I-I — nobody’s gonna contest it. I think with this and your birth certificate, that’ll do the trick. Unless the wsb wants to go through the trouble of exhuming taub’s body. Wait. W-w– they would do that? Well, if they do, we could tack on another $10 million. Can you cry on cue?

[ Stammers ] What? Well, the wsb, they were very stupid and careless, you know, losing the — the necklace in the first place. Number two, you, the grief, the suffering that you’re gonna go through when they have to dig up dear old dad. Come on. That’s a pot of gold. I think we should push them to dig up dear old dad. No, no, no, no, no. God, no. Please — please don’T. It’s still too soon to say if I’m in remission, isn’t it? We need six months to a year to see if blood counts remain normal without an infusion. But we’re encouraged. There are no visible leukemia cells in the blood or bone. Really? That’s — that’s good. Very. Better still, these test results mean willow can go home. She doesn’t need a-a sterile environment anymore? Not strictly. Willow’s immune system is still compromised, so precautions will need to be taken. You’ll have to prepare your home per our instructions. Is — is this a dream?

[ Chuckles ] S-so, what, she’ll — she’ll be discharged in a — in a-a week, a couple of days? How’s a couple of hours? Once you get your meds and your instructions, you can go home. I will be home and in my own bed by the end of the day? This isn’t a good idea.

I mean, we need more time. The gatehouse isn’t ready. We still have to sterilize and prepare a space downstairs. You’re not climbing the stairs right away. I’m sure the quartermaine staff can help with that. Or we can stay somewhere else temporarily. I don’t care where I am, as long as I get to hold my babies again. Willow, I want that, too, more than anything. But is that safe right now? I mean, kids carry germs. We can’t risk infection. We’ve come this far. Shouldn’t we be following the best protocols for the long term? I hear you, michael. And, willow, he is right to be careful. The first year after a transplant, your immune system is like that of baby amelia’S. All your past vaccinations have been completely wiped out. So exposure to illnesses like chickenpox could be deadly. But we’ll — we’ll go over all of this. Of course. Yeah. Um… but it sounds like when I go home, I’ll still be in isolation. I think I realized the two of you were a couple before you even did. I’m happy for you both. I-I truly am. So if there really actually was no way out, I really appreciate the way drew stepped up for you. I mean, we need drew. But your family needs you, too. Thank you, sam. Thank you. I miss him so much already. I know.

[ Sighs ] Okay, you know, enough of this. Can I get my friend a cup of coffee? You sure can.

[ Laughs ] Especially since I haven’t had a cup all day today. What? I told you it’s been a busy day. So, yes, I will take you up on that offer. Oh! I find that hard to believe. I know you have bags of corinthos coffee at your house. Yeah, I do. But dante is the one who brews it ’cause he kind of does all things in the kitchen. Oh. Yeah. So it’s really his — oh. Um… I’M…so sorry. Hey. Yeah. Here you go. I’ll take that. Yeah. Um… okay. Carly.

[ Sighs ] If you need to talk… about my pending financial crisis? No, sam, I’ll pass. No, carly. About all that you’ve lost. What can I do for you, gladys? Oh. [ Chuckles ] New hobby? I don’t have a lot of time. Sorry. Um… yeah. Did you talk to sasha about not ending the guardianship? Yeah, I talked to her. And? And… I don’t blame you for being concerned. Sasha: Deception is having a banner year since we unveiled our new product, the deceptor. And I’m just feeling really engaged and useful. For the last 15 minutes, you have given me a laundry list of everything that’s right in your life and work. Things are back on track. Sasha, I don’t want you to view these sessions as just a way to prove yourself to me. I don’t understand. My chief purpose is to evaluate whether the judge should grant your petition to end your guardianship. But I’m also here to help. Which means I need you to be honest. Oh, I am. Work is going great, and I’m feeling more stable. I don’t doubt that. But you’ve seemed troubled since you walked through that door. You want to tell me what’s making you anxious? Sign it. It’s not gonna sign itself. Cody! We have news. Uh, what’s, uh — what’s the news? The, uh, company that insures gellhorn jewelers dropped the charges. Oh, that’s great. “That’s — that’s great.” That’s it? Man, you’re more excited about a chicken parmesan. Well, to be fair, mama q’s chicken parm is breaded to perfection with the perfect ratio of cheese to sauce. That’s true. Plus, I didn’t do it, so I knew I was innocent the whole time. What changed their minds? A witness stepped forward with new information that made it clear that you didn’t put the bracelet in your pocket. Ah! See, there you are. The truth prevails here, so it’s smooth sailing from here on. Excuse me, gentlemen. I’ve got to go file a document. Uh, cody, can I talk to you? Uh, yeah, sure. Can I talk to you, actually, for a minute?

[ Sighs ] No, no, no. Listen, I’m late. I got to go. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I’m sure you are. But I-I just wanted to know… what are you and cody up to?

[ Sighs ]

I’ve been spending half the time

for you to come and find me

don’t know exactly why

that I can’t feel free till I’m with you

you who

can stand me up like I’m ten feet tall

you who

turn around and you watch me fall

you who

can change a man into smoke

just light him up, take a toke

breathe out until he’s used

[ Handcuffs clicking ]

And you know it’s true appreciate the hospitality. Cyrus: It’s certainly not the metro court, but it may be one step up from a leaky makeshift prison on a greek island.

I’m glad the charges were dropped. I had to do it, even though it never set right with me having to arrest you. Don’t sweat it, mac, you know. I won’t hold it against you. Thanks. And I’m glad to see you and scott are on good terms, considering you punched the guy when you first came to town.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, scotty’s all right. So you — you trust him, then? Careful with that. That letter I saw cody sign, is that something to do with the jewelers, or is that something else? I’m not at liberty to talk about that. Why, are you representing him in another matter? Come on, you do know about lawyer-client privilege, right? You could have just said “yes.” So, what is it you’re accusing your friend of doing? Cody getting scammed by you. What isn’t making me anxious these days? Tell me more about that. Oh. I mean, I guess I just feel the pressure of getting all this right. Mm-hmm. I want to give my colleagues the support that I couldn’t last year. I want to strike the right life/work balance, be there for my friends, one of whom is battling leukemia. I want to recover relationships that I’ve lost. You don’t want much, do you?

[ Chuckles ] This all sounds normal, sasha. What you’re feeling is completely understandable. We all have varying levels of stress. There are many different ways to manage it. You ever tried meditation? I learned it when I went to rehab. But I prefer doing yoga. Oh, yoga’s great, but I want you to try 10 minutes of mindfulness without movement each day. I have an app I can recommend. Sounds good. I would like to feel more centered. I have something else for you. Be right back. Michael, your concerns are valid. But we’re not trying to keep willow away from the people she loves. We’ll have to exercise caution, especially at first. Only close physical contact with immediate family and a small, select number of friends. It’s crucial that you avoid close contact with anyone who could be sick — anyone. I advise you and your visitors to both wear masks during visits. Yeah, we’ll follow the instructions to the letter. We’re both terrified of taking a step backwards. Understandable. But you are well on the road to recovery. And you couldn’t have a better advocate than your husband here. My husband. That never gets old. A nurse will stop by with your medications and talk self-care and follow-up appointments. We can’t thank you enough, tj. I’m just the messenger. You are more than that. You’ve been with me from the start. You’ve been invaluable as a doctor and as a friend. Gonna go before I blush.

[ Chuckles ] Right. Could it be? Our nightmare’s over.

[ Both chuckle ] Maybe we’ll get our happily ever after, after all. I mean, to be honest, sam, it’s really hard for me to wrap my head around everything I’ve lost in the past two years. My husband. Jason. My hotel. Now drew. I mean, $5 million kind of pales in comparison. Ooh, $5 million? Yeah. That’s how much the sec is charging you? Do you have it? Well, even if I’m able to secure this loan without much collateral, I still can’t afford what I owe the government. Oh, carly, what are you gonna do? I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean… I’m sick thinking about what drew could be facing in prison. And I worry so much about what I’m gonna face out here. I don’t know.

[ Voice breaking ] I don’t know. Ohh. I am so sorry. Me too. But you know what really pisses me off? Drew and I are in this position purely because of spite. You clearly know who I am. Care to tell me who you are? I am your brother in christ. Even the metro court stopped including bibles in their bedside tables. Their mistake. “Blessed are ye who weep now, for ye shall laugh.” It gladdens my heart that you don’t weep over your circumstance. Yeah, well, I’ve learned that… time passes either way. Well said. My group would benefit from your outlook. We meet twice weekly in the library. Your group? Unlike other prison factions, our brotherhood is founded on shared values, not on prejudice or partisanship. And the minute I got word you were headed to pentonville, I knew your place was with us.

T, the gatehouse willbe spotless for your arrival. It’s still hard to believe that I’m going home. Well, believe it. And wiley and amelia will be waiting for you. All the q’s will want to visit. But don’t worry. I have no problem gate-keeping. Your health is all that matters. I’ll be good, I promise. But, uh, even I can’t keep away my mother or josslyn or brook lynn, for that matter, so… I wouldn’t want you to.

[ Chuckles ] So, shouldn’t just be my family on the visitor list. Who do you want to see? Sasha? Chase? Yes to both. But there might be someone else I want to add to that visitor’s list. Look, you don’t have to do this alone. You have people who can help you. I’m not gonna take a handout, sam. I’m not going — I’m not gonna take it from michael, josslyn, or sonny, especially sonny. But you have a child to support. What about donna? Well, thankfully, she will always be taken care of by her father. Well, what about donna’s mother? I mean, the stress that you must be under. Look, I’ve managed a setback before. I mean, losing the metro court, it was a real blow. But I handled it. And I will handle this. I-I just don’t know how yet, but I will. I admire your grit. That’s something we have in common.

[ Laughs ] Yes. Guilty as charged. We are both pretty self-reliant, aren’t we?

[ Laughs ] We are. But something that I’ve learned over the past several years is that it is okay to ask for help and to push your foolish pride aside. Sasha admitted she struggles with grief and she’s nervous about ending the guardianship. See? She’s not ready. It all seems realistic to me. There is nothing that sasha said to me that tells me she can’t handle herself. So if she’s ready and the doctor and the judge says yes, we are gonna stay out of her way.

[ Door opens ] My pa filled this for you. Take five milligrams three times daily. What is this? It’s a benzodiazepine. It’s a mild sedative. It’ll help you manage your anxiety. Take the edge off, so to speak. And it’s okay to take with my antidepressant? This class of drugs is often prescribed in conjunction. And is it habit-forming? Because I have a history. Dr. Montague: The drug can be habit-forming if used other than prescribed. But I will be monitoring your intake, and I am confident that you are far enough in your recovery that that won’t be a problem. Unless you feel otherwise, like you can’t be in control? Oh, no. I am in control. Totally. I’ve known cody a long time. Okay, he just got in the clear. I don’t want to see him getting into any new trouble. Listen, everything we’re working on is aboveboard. There’s no scheme here, detective. It seems like you’re always warning me about someone, mac. You mean like selina wu? Look, I’m not putting scott in selina’s category, but I do want you to be careful around her. But, hey, I told you I wouldn’t interfere, and I won’T. Scott’s my legal counsel, mac. That’s it. Sorry. I’m prying. Maybe you’re glad we’re not related. That way I won’t be on your case so much. It doesn’t mean I still don’t want what’s best for you, cody. So, why all the interest in me? Oh, don’t be so modest. Your story’s well-known. Business mogul, prominent family, philanthropist, navy seal hero-turned-prisoner- turned-free-man. Turned prisoner again. Yet one more chapter in your fascinating story. Far from the end. It is easy for faith to wither on the vine behind bars. I believe your presence at our meetings could help restore hope to some of our brothers. And I think you’ll find great comfort in this book of prayers. I’m sorry. I asked, but I didn’t catch your name. Just call me brother cy. Cy? As in cyrus? Renault. Laura’s brother. How is my dear sister? The cyrus renault whose drug trafficking caused overdoses and nearly killed sasha gilmore. My past is lamentable. And who tried to kill britt westbourne. Thank god I wasn’t successful. Well, you can thank my late brother jason morgan for that. And god help you if you approach me again.

Your dischargepaperwork is being processed. You can stay here as long as you need to sanitize your place. But you’re free to leave once you’ve reviewed all of your medications and instructions. Now, I can’t stress enough how important it is to protect your immune system. No visitors from any people not in your very limited bubble. We got it. Thank you. Thank you, tj. I am so happy for you guys. Take care. Thank you.

[ Sighs ] He has been a godsend through all this. So, is, uh, tj who you want to add to your bubble? Absolutely, yes. But I was thinking of someone else, and you might not be happy. Whoever you want, willow. I hope so. Because… I think my bubble should include nina. Maybe I am being prideful, but this is my mess. I have to clean it up. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let it crush me. I have risen from the ashes before. Well, I trust that you will get the clarity you need. As long as you keep that iron will, a roof over your head, and your freedom, you’ll think of something. You’re right. And thanks to you, I’ve figured out a way to use all three. She has no concept of how stressful it’ll be to be on her own. Having responsibility for her finances, having to make decisions where deception is concerned? I mean, she might buckle under the weight. Gladys… you’ve made your point. You don’t think sasha should end the guardianship. But you got to understand something. Okay. What? It’s not up to you anymore! Give it up!

[ Door closes ] You did good work today, sasha. If that continues, I’m confident I’ll be able to relay a positive report to the judge who’s hearing your petition. Thank you for listening to me, dr. Montague. That means everything, and it really helps me the most. Well, we all need support. Talk therapy, meditation, and that prescription I gave you are all parts of a consistent wellness plan. I’ll see you next week.

[ Door closes ] Hello, gladys. Did you — did you do it. Just as we discussed. Your daughter-in-law is on a new prescription regimen. It’s only a matter of time. You’re not having second thoughts? Because I can invent an excuse to have sasha bring back the medication. No. Let’s move forward. It’s the only move I have left. I want your word there’s nothing shady going on here, cody’s not gonna get burnt by whatever it is that he just signed that you’re about to file. What kind of a lawyer do you take me for? A sketchy one with a bag of tricks. Ah. No, this time it’s torts, not tricks. And just for your information, all lawyers have a sketchy bag of tricks. Tort? Like a civil lawsuit? Don’t worry about your friend cody. He’ll be fine. So long. I don’t mind you looking out for me, mac. It’s kind of nice, you know? Unnerving but nice. Well, then how about this? Don’t think of me as a cop. Think of me as a friend. I already do. Unlike us, the word of the lord is free. No strings attached. You’ll forgive me if I don’t believe that. Oh, I do. I am a believer in the power of forgiveness, as I am in second chances. Take the book. Don’t throw it away before you peruse its pages. You’ll find its lessons very useful.

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