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Nicole tells Eric that she knows it must have been difficult for him to be in the hospital with her, so she wants him to know it means a lot. Eric is glad he could be there for her as they hug. They get close until Eric decides he should go get her food because she’s looking pale and quickly exits the room.

Leo enters the wine cellar in the DiMera Tunnels and finds EJ and Kristen tied up. EJ never thought he’d say thank God that Leo’s here. Leo questions what is going on here. Kristen and EJ explain that Megan did this to them and have held them captive for weeks. Leo talks about how he knew Megan was up to something, so he followed her here. Leo calls it an underground bondage dungeon while Kristen assures that’s not what this is. Leo asks why Megan did this to them. EJ starts to reveal that they found out what Megan was planning, but then he begins suffering memory loss from the injection and says that he doesn’t remember.

Megan arrives at the Bistro and welcomes everyone. Megan apologizes for the delay and says that to make this a really special night, she brought a bottle of Stefano’s favorite champagne and it took a little longer than expected but she’s here now. Megan is so glad they are all here too because there is nothing in this world more important than family. Megan adds that she’s so grateful that they have all welcomed her back. Megan is thrilled to host this gathering for her newfound brother and his gorgeous bride to be. Megan says she just knows that Stefano is smiling down on them now, happy to see them all together again. Megan admits that she knows they have their differences but says they overcome them because that’s what families do. Chad mutters to Stephanie that Megan’s an assassin and that’s kind of hard to overcome. Megan talks about all the lost years they could’ve spent together but says she looks forward to the many happy years to come. Megan calls for everyone to grab a glass of champagne to toast the couple. Harris Michaels then arrives. Megan pretends to be shocked and asks what the hell he’s doing there. Harris then pulls his gun out, scaring everyone in the room.

Li exits Dr. Rolf’s lab with Harris Michaels’ phone which rings as Kate calls. Li remarks to himself that he’s sorry to Kate because Harris is unavailable as he’s under new management and he and Megan have already given him his new assignment to eliminate Stefan DiMera.

Harris says he’s sorry to interrupt the festivities and orders everyone to move to one side of the room. Chad questions what he’s doing. Harris responds that he’s here to eliminate a threat which Chad questions. Megan claims that she’s the threat and that Harris is there to kill her.

Eric brings Nicole her food and says he’s looking out for her and the baby. Nicole remarks that if only the baby’s father was that attentive. Nicole appreciates Eric’s help but argues that EJ should be the one doing this instead of being on some secret business trip where he can’t even answer his phone. Eric says he’s sure EJ has his reasons. Nicole complains that they won’t be good enough as it’s like he’s forgotten what’s important. Nicole remarks that the baby isn’t even born yet and EJ has already abandoned them.

Leo questions EJ not remembering. EJ tries to think but says it’s like the memory evaporated from his brain. EJ asks what Kristen thinks. Kristen responds that she thinks Megan injected them with something to make them forget her plan. Kristen states that she has no idea about any of it. Leo says he may have an idea and asks if it has something to do with his son Dimitri. Leo brings up Dimitri proposing to Gwen and thinking that he and Megan have an ulterior motive. Leo asks if any of that rings a bell. Kristen says it does sound familiar.

Li walks through the town square and stands outside the Bistro. Li states that it’s all happening upstairs and that soon, Stefan will be dead and he’ll be there to pick up the pieces with Gabi. Rafe then approaches Li and questions what he’s doing there.

Megan argues that Harris wants revenge for everything she did to him and even came to her house to threaten her. Dimitri questions why she didn’t tell him. Megan claims that she thought he was all talk and didn’t think he was this deranged. Harris says that’s enough. Dimitri tells Harris that if he wants to hurt his mother, he’ll have to get through him first. Megan tells Dimitri to stay out of this. Harris tells them to relax as he’s not there to kill either one of them. Harris then announces he’s here to kill Stefan. Gabi questions that while Stefan says he doesn’t understand as Harris doesn’t even know him. Harris assures Stefan that it’s nothing personal and he’s just following orders. Stefan asks who’s orders. Johnny whispers to Wendy that they can’t just watch him do this. Wendy tries to call the police but Harris fires a shot and orders her to drop it. Harris declares that the next person he sees with a phone will not get a warning. Harris says this can go one of two ways, everybody does as their told and survive or he can take out as many people as he has to in order to complete his mission. Stefan questions how he is a threat to Harris. Gabi asks who would consider Stefan a threat and argues that it has to be EJ, who is conveniently not at the party and has been plotting against him the entire time. Stefan asks Harris if it’s true that EJ hired him and demands an answer. Harris responds that if he must know, it wasn’t EJ. Stefan asks who he is working for then. Harris then announces the man who wants Stefan dead is Li Shin.

Li tells Rafe that he didn’t hear him sneaking up on him. Rafe says he’s just going to his sister’s engagement party. Li points out that he’s a little late. Rafe says things have been hectic at the police station. Li says he’s sorry to hear about Abe. Rafe points out that Li still hasn’t answered his question and asks what he’s doing lurking about. Li argues that he’s not lurking and was just passing through. Rafe notes that Li seems a little nervous to be just passing through. Rafe guesses that Li was thinking about going up there, crashing the party, and creating a scene. Li then tells Rafe that he’s right.

Leo asks Kristen why Megan and Dimitri are using Gwen. Kristen complains that she doesn’t remember. Leo urges her to want to help Gwen. EJ thinks Megan’s plan is a lot more sinister and high stakes, like it’s life and death. Leo asks if he’s saying Gwen is in danger. EJ feels like someone else is the main target, but he doesn’t know who and it’s just a gut feeling. Leo calls them useless. Kristen points out that he still hasn’t untied them. Leo suggests she ask nicely. Kristen yells at him to do it now.

Nicole apologizes to Eric as she’s sure the last thing he wants to hear is her complaining about EJ. Eric says it’s okay as she has every right to. Nicole tells Eric that he doesn’t have to stay and shouldn’t feel obligated to. Eric says he doesn’t and feels that Nicole shouldn’t be alone right now. Nicole repeats that the cramps were nothing and reminds him that Tripp said she and the baby are fine. Nicole adds that Harold is there if she needs anything. Eric asks if she’s sure. Nicole says she is and thanks him again. Nicole tells him that she’s grateful that she can still count on him. They hug and this time they end up kissing. Eric stops and says they can’t do this, reminding her that he’s with Sloan and she’s with EJ. Nicole asks where EJ is then. Nicole apologizes and says she just felt that old pull between them and the old feelings of being abandoned and worthless. Eric argues that she shouldn’t feel either and calls EJ a jackass for doing this to her. Eric brings up if the baby was his but then apologizes and says that’s not helpful. Nicole responds that it’s okay and that Eric would’ve been the perfect father. Nicole adds that he still can be if things work out with him and Sloan. Eric thanks her for saying that. Nicole calls it the truth. Nicole states that she has some hard truths to face with EJ if she ever sees him again. Nicole doesn’t know if she can forgive EJ for disappearing when she needed him the most. EJ and Kristen then emerge from the tunnels, shocking Nicole.

Gabi questions Harris saying that Li put him up to this. Harris asks if that’s so hard to believe as Li apparently still has something for her. Gabi questions thinking that killing Stefan is the way to win back her love. Harris thinks it’s more of if he can’t have her, no one can. Megan says in her head that Dr. Rolf programmed Harris to think he’s working solely for Li, just as she planned. Wendy questions believing Harris and argues that her brother would never hire someone to kill Stefan because he’s not a murderer. Stefan brings up that Li did pull the plug on him while he was in a coma. Wendy calls that different and a mistake, arguing that a split second decision is different than plotting to murder someone in cold blood. Wendy argues that Gabi knows that’s not Li but Gabi agrees with Stefan that Li has a history of trying to eliminate his competition by any means necessary. Wendy insists that Li accepted that Gabi moved on and he didn’t even fight the divorce. Johnny reminds Wendy that Li didn’t want her to come to the party. Wendy thinks that was just about being loyal to him. Johnny feels he didn’t want her to get caught in the crossfire.

Rafe tells Li to stay away from the party because he’s caused Gabi enough pain already. Li says he just ran in to Wendy and Johnny as they were heading in and then ran in to Gabi and Stefan. Li states that he tried to be happy for them but he can’t get out of his head what could’ve been because he loved Gabi so much and still does. Rafe understands because he’s been in a similar situation but tells Li that what he and Gabi had before is over, so he needs to accept that. Li responds that he can’t just will away feelings. Li argues that even now, knowing how happy Gabi and Stefan are just breaks his heart.

Stefan questions Harris about this being true. Harris asks why he would lie. Chad questions what happened to turning his life around and wanting redemption for everything he did. Chad then guesses that this isn’t Harris and that he’s brainwashed again but this time by Li. Gabi agrees since Li brainwashed Stefan in to forgetting that he loved her and now Harris in to being his assassin. Dimitri asks Gwen who hasn’t been brainwashed in this town. Gwen whispers that it’s kind of a thing here. Harris yells at everyone to shut up. Harris says he doesn’t know what they are talking about and only knows that he has orders from Li to kill Stefan and it’s about that time.

Nicole questions EJ being here. EJ kisses her and hugs her. Nicole asks when he got back in town. EJ reveals that he never left as Megan locked him in the tunnels. Kristen points out that she locked both of them in there. Nicole questions why she would do that. EJ responds that they don’t know but they are pretty sure that Megan gave them something that is affecting their memory. Nicole asks how they escaped. Kristen reveals that Leo Stark found them and set them free. Eric questions what Leo was doing down there. Kristen says she has no idea as she doesn’t remember.

Leo remains in the wine cellar and argues that Megan must be using this as her base of operations, so there has to be something down here. Leo searches the wine cellar and finds a bottle of wine but tells himself to focus as he has to find proof that Dimitri is up to no good since that’s the only way to stop Gwen from getting hurt.

Chad pleads with Harris to stop and not do this. Harris responds that orders are orders. Stephanie argues that he doesn’t have to follow them and urges him to fight whatever Li did to him. Chad tells Harris not to listen to Li’s voice in his head and listen to his own because deep down, he knows this is wrong. Stephanie reminds Harris of when he set the bomb off at her apartment in Seattle and how he felt terrible after because of what Megan did to him. Megan tells her not to remind the man with the gun how much he hates her. Gabi pleads with Harris not to let Li do this and argues that he’s not a murderer. Gwen points out that he technically is as she’s read his case and there were several incidents. Gabi tells Gwen that she’s not helping, so she apologizes. Gabi suggests Harris call Li, so that she can talk him out of this.

Li thanks Rafe and admits that he would’ve just humiliated himself at Gabi and Stefan’s party, so he’s glad that Rafe stopped him. Rafe says he didn’t do it for him. Li says either way, he helped him so he appreciates it. Li promises that he is now heading straight home. Li tells Rafe to give his congratulations to the happy couple. Rafe says goodnight and walks away. Li hopes by the time Rafe gets up there, it will be too late and the job will have been completed.

Gabi pleads with Harris to let her call Li. Wendy agrees that they can make Li see what a mistake this is. Harris orders Gabi to drop the phone, so she does. Gabi cries that she didn’t want to hurt Li but her heart belongs to Stefan who is the only person who ever understood her and loved her. Gabi declares that if he shoots Stefan, he has to shoot her too because she can’t live without him. Harris responds that he’s sorry but it has to be done. Rafe then bursts in with his gun and orders Harris to drop the gun. When Harris turns to face Rafe, Gabi jumps on his back. They struggle until Harris fires a shot from his gun, shooting Megan. Dimitri rushes to her side. Gabi then knees Harris in the groin, dropping him to the ground. Gabi takes his gun and hands it to Stefan. Dimitri worries about Megan’s loss of blood as she begins to pass out. Gwen says she’s going to get help and rushes out.

Li returns home and wonders why he hasn’t heard from Megan since Stefan should be dead by now. Li imagines Gabi coming to tell him that Harris killed Stefan and them getting back together.

Rafe and Chad handcuff Harris to a chair as Harris complains that he has a job to do. Gabi informs Rafe that Harris said Li ordered him to kill Stefan. Chad adds that he suspects Li brainwashed him. Rafe mentions seeing Li outside and he was staring up here. Rafe thought Li was coming to make a fool of himself but obviously it was much worse. Gwen returns and says the paramedics are on their way. Gabi encourages Dimitri not to give up hope as Megan will soon get the help she needs. Johnny checks on Wendy, who is holding back tears. Johnny then decides to get her out of there. Stefan questions what Gabi was thinking by going after Harris like that. Gabi argues that she was saving his life. Stefan thanks her but asks her to never do something that reckless again. Gabi says she had to stop him because she couldn’t lose Stefan again. Stefan tells her it’s okay now and hugs her. Stefan states that Li tried to keep them apart again but failed again as nothing can keep them apart. Stefan declares that Li will pay for this and so will everyone else who helped him out.

Nicole questions EJ and Kristen being held prisoner by Megan this whole time. EJ calls Megan an evil, sadistic bitch. Nicole brings up EJ texting her but EJ says he wishes he could, so it must have been Megan using his phone. Nicole admits that explains why he didn’t answer her calls. Nicole thought EJ abandoned her and the baby. EJ assures that he will never abandon her as she and the baby mean everything to him. EJ asks Nicole about her meeting with the specialist. Nicole confirms that she thinks she can carry the baby to term. EJ hugs her and calls it wonderful news. EJ declares that after all these years, they are finally going to have a child together. EJ and Nicole kiss as Eric watches on.

Eric goes home and sits on his bed, thinking back to kissing Nicole.

EJ joins Nicole in their bedroom and says he feels better after a shower. Nicole wants a doctor to take a look at EJ since Megan’s drugs could have side effects. EJ says they will, but first he wants to dress the elephant in the room in Eric. EJ questions what Eric was doing there. Nicole assures that he came over for a very good reason and they will talk about that, just not now. Nicole calls it a blessing in disguise because she got some cramping and Eric took her to the hospital but everything is fine. Nicole admits that Eric wanted to stay because EJ wasn’t around. EJ goes over how he disappeared, Nicole thought the worst of him and turned to Eric. Nicole argues that’s not how it went and that EJ knows how she feels about him. EJ questions if he does, pointing out that a few weeks ago, he told her that he loved her and she hasn’t said it back. Nicole says she knows and she’s sorry. Nicole adds that when she thinks about how Megan could have killed him, she realized that she does love him. Nicole comments that EJ looks skeptical. EJ feels he might have talked her in to saying that or pressured her. Nicole assures that he didn’t and that she said it because she feels it. Nicole declares that he is the father of her child and the man that she wants to be with as they kiss.

Kristen makes a phone call to report a kidnapping of herself and EJ by Megan. Kristen then says she doesn’t remember how it happened and asks why she would joke about something so serious. Kristen tells them to hold on as she needs to get with EJ and goes to find him. Leo then emerges from the tunnels with a bottle of wine and says so much for being Gwen’s hero. Leo wishes that EJ and Kristen could remember what Megan and Dimitri are up to, so he could tell Gwen before it’s too late and then she would dump Dimitri and never look back.

Gwen joins Dimitri at the hospital and asks how Megan is. Dimitri says they got her stable in the ambulance and then rushed her right in to surgery. Dimitri worries that she looked so pale and fragile. Gwen reminds him that Megan cheated death once, so she’s going to do it again. Dimitri thanks her for her support. Dimitri says he understands if she wants to get home but Gwen declares that she’s not going anywhere as she’s staying here. Dimitri then hugs Gwen.

Harris tells Chad that he has to let him go. Chad says that’s not going to happen as he promised Rafe that he would look after him until backup arrived. Stephanie points out that a squad car just pulled up, so the police should be there any minute. Harris argues that he has a mission to complete. Chad tells Harris that the mission is over and he failed. Stephanie asks if it was Dr. Rolf’s handy work. Chad believes so. Stephanie says that Harris can’t catch a break as first he was brainwashed by Megan and now Li Shin.

Johnny and Wendy sit together in the town square. Wendy can’t believe Li did something so crazy. Johnny talks about losing Chanel to Allie and how he almost did something very underhanded. Wendy points out that he didn’t hire a Navy SEAL to kill Allie because he’s not a criminal or a heartless bastard with no conscience. Wendy declares that there is no excuse for the horrible, unforgiving thing that her brother did and now he’s going to have to face the consequences.

Gabi shows up at Li’s door like he imagined. Li asks what she’s doing there and not at her engagement party. Gabi explains that she was until Harris Michaels showed up with a gun to kill Stefan. Li pretends to be shocked and says he’s so sorry. Li says poor Stefan, but Stefan then arrives and tells Li not to bury him just yet. Li says thank God he’s okay but Stefan tells Li to drop the act. Li asks what he means. Rafe then arrives and arrests Li for the attempted murder of Stefan DiMera.

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