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Sally: you want fair? I want the life that was ripped out of me! Can you give me that? Can you? With all of your power and your connections, can you give me what was taken away?

Adam: It was taken from us, Sally.

Sally: Exactly. She had no one but us.

Adam: Okay. I’m– I’m worried about you.

Sally: Well, you should’ve been worried about her, Adam, because she had no one to fight for her but us and I couldn’t do it, but you could and you forced me to let her down. But I promised her that I wasn’t gonna let her down or leave her to fight for herself the way that my parents did to me and that is exactly what she had to do! God! Oh, my god! Someone needs to stop this from hurting so much!

Adam: Do you– do you need the doctor?

Sally: No, I want her! I want her, Adam, but you let her die. You’re the reason that she’s dead.


Sally: You loved her, didn’t you?

Adam: With all my heart.

Sally: And you would’ve taken care of her and given her a family and a world beyond her wildest dreams.

Adam: It wouldn’t be much of a world without you.

Sally: But you… you would’ve loved her and you would’ve given her to care and attention that a little girl needs?

Adam: I would’ve spoiled her rotten. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t have done for her. Or you, Sally. We would’ve spoiled her rotten. We would’ve given her the moon as a toy.

Sally: You would’ve done anything for her.

Adam: That’s right.

Sally: Anything but let me go.

Adam: You– you had to be in the world, Sally. You had to live.

Sally: Get out.

Adam: Sally–

Sally: No, get out.

Adam: Sally–

Sally: Get out, please. I’m awake and I’m saying these words that I couldn’t say when you were letting our little girl die. I do not want you. I want her. I want our baby. I just want my baby.

Elena: Sally? Sally, hey. Look at me, look at me.

Sally: No.

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