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Update written by Joseph

John and Steve go over case files, trying to find something that leads them to Abe. Steve encourages that they are going to find him and they won’t stop until they do. Paulina shows up at the door. Steve thought she was still in the hospital. Paulina explains that she was released after insisting her blood pressure would go down after getting out to help in the search for Abe. She asks if there’s any news. John informs her that they just started combing through the evidence that the police sent them. Paulina knows if they want the case done right, they need Black Patch on the job. Paulina asks what they have but then can’t believe they have nothing.

Abe rewinds Whitley’s tape of Body and Soul that got interrupted by his mayoral speech from 2008. Abe pauses it and questions how it can be true that he’s the Mayor of Salem, when “Paulina” said he ran an ice cream shop. Abe wonders what the hell is going on here.

Stefan and Gabi go to their room. Gabi complains that EJ made a huge mistake and calls him a pompous ass. Stefan says they tried, but they aren’t the only ones that EJ needs to worry about taking him down. Stefan adds that the doesn’t trust any of his siblings, but there’s something especially deranged about Megan. Stefan believes that EJ and Kristen have their limits but there’s no line that Megan won’t cross to get what she wants..

Megan returns to the DiMera Mansion and gets a call from Li, who declares that he’s in on taking Stefan down by any means necessary. Megan calls that a wise decision and remarks that with his help, she’s sure that her brother is not long for this world, which EJ overhears behind her as he comes back to the room and asks if that’s so, startling her. Li asks Megan what the next step is and how soon they will put this plan in to motion right as Wendy comes home. Megan tells Li that she has to go and hangs up. Megan tells EJ that she didn’t see him there. EJ says obviously not or else she wouldn’t have been plotting his demise.

John tells Paulina that he wouldn’t say they have nothing. Steve says they’ve checked every lead. John assures if it’s in here, they are going to find it. Paulina asks what she can do to help. Steve brings up that Rafe said the last person to see Abe was the nurse Whitley King. Paulina says she talked to her and she said she didn’t know anything. John asks if she’s sure. Paulina assures that she got everything out of Whitley that she could and goes over that Whitley said she took care of Abe in his room until he disappeared and she had no idea what happened to him after that.

Abe rewatches the recording of his mayoral speech again and complains that it just doesn’t make any sense. Abe guesses he won’t get any answers until “Paulina” comes home. Abe resumes the recording of Body and Soul where one of the characters accuses the other of holding a man against his will.

Gabi hugs Stefan and says she thinks he’s perfect as is, but sometimes wishes he was born in to a normal family. Stefan wishes the same, but says nice and normal doesn’t get mansions all around the world, servants, and billions of dollars in assets. Gabi admits she appreciates that but says it’s too bad a constant war with siblings comes as part of the package. Stefan doesn’t want it and says to hell with all the power struggles, backstabbing, and DiMera insanity. Stefan declares that he’s done worrying about what his brothers and sisters are planning, at least for tonight. Stefan suggests passing the time by focusing on Gabi as they kiss.

Wendy tells Li that she didn’t expect him to be back so soon as she hugs him and asks about his visit with their father. Li says it was fine and he sends his love. Wendy guesses that her dad hopes she picks Johnny over Tripp and starts producing grandchildren. Wendy says that’s enough about their dad and asks Li about the plan that he was talking about on the phone. Wendy questions what Li is up to.

Megan tells EJ that it’s ridiculous to think she was plotting his demise and says it’s not what he thinks. EJ argues that it is and threatens to call the police to tell them that she’s violating the terms of her release and should be back behind bars where she belongs. Megan questions what he means. EJ warns that she has greatly underestimated him and he won’t be an easy target. EJ declares that Megan is finished here and orders her to pack up her bags because he wants her out of the house immediately. Megan argues that he can’t kick her out of the house because she has as much right to be there as any of Stefano’s children. EJ says he just did and she has no rights at all as far as the house goes. Megan insists because of Stefano but EJ explains that the deed went to Stefan and ended up with Gabi until he convinced the bank to transfer the mortgage over to him which means he decides who lives in the house. Megan cries that it can’t be true. EJ says it is true and it’s happening. EJ suggests Megan go stay with whoever she was conspiring with on the phone.

Wendy continues asking Li about his plan. Li says it’s none of her concern and them living together doesn’t give her an all access plan to his personal life. Wendy is curious since it’s his personal life and not business. Li tells her to let it go but Wendy refuses and says she’s going to find out either way. Wendy warns Li that she will keep hounding him and making his life miserable until he tells her. Li then agrees to tell her, so Wendy asks what the big plan is. Li claims that he’s hired a matchmaker.

Gabi and Stefan kiss in bed and begin to undress.

John finishes a call with Roman, thanking him for the update and says to keep them posted. Paulina asks what he said. John says that Roman is retracing the officer’s steps in case they missed something but he’s working on it. Paulina admits she feels better, knowing that all of Abe’s best friends are working on the case. Steve encourages that they will keep going until they find a break. Paulina complains that she feels helpless which she is not used to. John relates to worrying about someone you love. Paulina knows that if anyone knows what she’s dealing with, it’s John, Steve, and Roman as they thought their wives were lost forever. Steve points out that they weren’t and Abe’s not either, assuring that Abe is coming home to her.

Abe wonders when Whitley is coming back as he needs answers. Abe continues watching Body and Soul until Whitley comes home and asks if he missed her. She remarks that she knew he would get in to Body and Soul. Abe stops her and says they need to talk. She notes that he sounds serious and asks what this is about. Abe questions why the hell she didn’t tell him that he was Mayor of Salem and asks what the hell else she is lying to him about.

Paulina knows she’s not the first person dealing with a missing loved one, but complains about not knowing where Abe is. John guarantees that Abe knows they are all searching for him and that they won’t give up. Steve adds that Abe is a very recognizable figure in town. Paulina questions where else Abe could be.

Whitley asks if Abe got his memory back. Abe says no and explains that he was watching her soap opera when they cut in with a press conference of him as mayor. Abe questions what the hell is going on since she told him that he ran an ice cream shop. Whitley reminds him that these tapes are 15 years old. She admits he was mayor but it was short lived and claimed afterwards, he soured on politics and opened his ice cream shop. Abe questions why he was only mayor for a short time and what happened. Abe demands an answer. She tells him that his political rival had him impeached for no good reason. Abe asks who his rival is. She responds that it was a horrible man named EJ DiMera.

Megan tells EJ that he doesn’t have to do this as he has it all wrong and she wasn’t planning to hurt him. EJ declares he’s done with this conversation and threatens to have Harold pack her bags or just have them thrown in the street. Megan shouts that she is not leaving the house. EJ threatens to have security remove her by force then but Megan warns that he doesn’t want to do that.

Wendy questions Li hiring a matchmaker. Li asks what she thinks he should do. Wendy suggests dating apps. Li doesn’t like the idea of finding love through swiping. Li says the matchmaker will understand him and what he’s looking for. Wendy guesses their father talked him in to this. Li says he makes his own decisions and asks why wait considering his divorce papers came in the mail today. Li declares that his marriage to Gabi is officially dead, thanks to the man who killed it.

Stefan and Gabi lay in bed together after having sex. Gabi can’t believe they are here again, together out in the open and very happy. Stefan assures that soon they will be husband and wife again. Stefan asks her what’s wrong. Gabi guesses she’s afraid to let herself be this happy again since last time they were married, he was taken from her. Stefan encourages her not to think about that as it’s all in the past. Gabi questions how to just let it go and not remember thinking that he’d been killed, she lost him forever, and her own life was over. Stefan is sorry she’s hurting like that and wishes he could go back and change it. Stefan points out that they made it and they are here together. Gabi asks how he knows something awful isn’t waiting for them around the corner. Stefan insists that it’s not and they were given a second chance, so they would be fools not to take it. Stefan promises that history will not repeat itself as nothing and no one will take him away from her again as they kiss.

Megan demands that EJ listen to her. EJ asks for one good reason not to have her lying, murderous ass thrown out. Megan tells EJ that it’s not him that she’s planning to kill, it’s Stefan.

Stefan and Gabi lay in bed after having sex again. Stefan asks if she’s ready for round three, talking about making up for lost time. Gabi suggests they head to the shower. Stefan tells her to get it ready while he will go to the kitchen to get a romantic dinner set up. Gabi says she can get used to that.

Wendy tells Li that she’s sorry. Li says it’s like he wasn’t expecting it. Wendy knows it still can’t be easy and asks if he’s okay. Li responds that he will live as you win some and lose some. Wendy says this feels like progress as he’s accepting his divorce and not tearing the room apart or plotting a desperate scheme to hold on to Gabi, so she’s really proud of him for finally moving on as she hugs him.

EJ questions Megan wanting to kill Stefan and asks what he’s ever done to her. Megan responds that it’s nothing personal really, but she wants to shake the table a bit. EJ asks what the hell that means. Megan responds that with Stefan out of the way, Gabi will be vulnerable, freeing up power in the family and the company. EJ questions this being about Megan wanting more of Stefano’s fortune and asks if she’s really that heartless to do that to her own flesh and blood. Megan tells him to spare her as Stefano wasn’t above eating his young. EJ remarks that if Megan thinks Stefano would want Stefan’s own sister to kill him, then she didn’t know Stefano at all. Megan questions if EJ did and thinking that Stefano’s legacy belongs to him. Megan mocks Susan which EJ warns her about. Megan tells EJ to get over himself as his self righteousness is boring her. Megan asks why he even cares what happens to Stefan. EJ responds that Stefan is his brother and a decent human being. Megan argues that they have been fighting for months so he can’t think he’s that decent. Megan states that Stefan’s untimely death could be good for both of them and help them both. Megan tells EJ that with one less DiMera in the picture, there would be a much bigger slice of the pie for them as she looks towards the portrait of Stefano.

John says that somebody has to be holding Abe captive. Paulina wonders who and why. Steve says they don’t know yet but Abe is a very powerful and influential man with an equally formidable wife who has a serious bank account. Paulina questions why she hasn’t been contacted for a ransom if it’s about money. John says they are not sure. Paulina asks what they are sure about and complains that it feels like they are guessing when her husband’s life is at stake. Paulina apologizes for snapping but says she’s just frustrated and losing her mind. Steve assures they understand. Paulina knows they are doing their best and that they love Abe too. Paulina cries about thinking worst case scenario but decides she will not go there. Steve encourages that Abe is tough and a survivor, so he will survive this too.

Abe comments on Whitley calling him a good and honest man, then questions why he was impeached. Whitley says he doesn’t usually like to talk about that but Abe says he wants to talk about it now. Whitley repeats that it was sparked by his rival EJ DiMera, who accused him of cheating and somehow proved it but it wasn’t that simple. She talks about how Abe wanted to win to serve the people of Salem. Abe questions if he cheated to win. She blames his shady campaign manager, Jennifer Horton, who put him up to it. Abe vaguely recognizes Jennifer’s name but asks who she is to him. She calls her no one that he needs to know and not a good person. Abe asks about EJ and what happened to him. Whitley responds that EJ is still the mayor of Salem and the most popular mayor they ever had, even more than Doug. Abe complains that this doesn’t feel right because every bone in his body is telling him that his life is different. Whitley asks if he’s okay. Abe says it’s just jarring to see himself on video and asks if he ever tried politics again after the impeachment. She claims he did not as it was all so painful that he wanted to stick to what he knows best. Whitley suggests maybe losing his memory is not such a bad thing because most people are bogged down by memories of the past, mistakes, and pain endured but not Abe as he has a clean slate and gets to start fresh in the present. Abe argues that memories are what they are, complaining that he doesn’t even know what kind of man he is without a memory. She decides that she needs to go start dinner and heads to the kitchen.

Wendy repeats to Li that she really is proud of him. Wendy brings up all the crazy things that he did to keep Gabi around. Li asks if they have to go down the whole painful list. Wendy says she just hated seeing him so obsessed, reminding him that he brainwashed a dude. Li responds that he loved Gabi and believes in fighting for who you love. Wendy says there is fighting and then there is lying, kidnapping, and blackmail. Wendy feels that Li morphed into a lovesick maniac that she didn’t even recognize as he lost all perspective with Gabi and Stefan. Li feels that she’s exaggerating but Wendy says he was out of control and really worried her. Wendy is relieved that he’s finally over Gabi and put all of this behind him before he did something that he can’t take back.

After showering, Stefan tells Gabi that their special dinner will be a surprise. Stefan promises she won’t be disappointed but she’ll have to wait to see it until they go downstairs.

Megan tells EJ to imagine the possibilities since Chad is no longer interested in DiMera Enterprises and Tony is semi-retired, so with Stefan out of the way, Stefano’s legacy is theirs for the taking. EJ points out that she is forgetting Kristen and guesses that it was Kristen on the phone earlier. Megan says enough questions and asks if he’s going to keep her plan to himself or not. EJ responds that he’s sorry as he may have done some despicable things in life, but he’s not going to conspire to kill his own brother. EJ declares that he’s going to warn Gabi and Stefan. Megan then grabs a vase and smashes it over EJ from behind, knocking him out and says to look at what he made her do.

Paulina decides she’s taken up enough time and should leave so Steve and John can focus on finding Abe. Steve knows how brutal waiting can be and offers to let her stay in their guest room. Paulina says that Chanel will be waiting at home. Paulina asks them to promise not to rest until they bring Abe home. Steve and John assure that they will.

Abe resumes watching Body and Soul with Whitley. Abe asks about two of the characters having amnesia. Whitley decides that’s enough for one day and turns it off, suggesting a game of checkers.

Wendy tells Li that they’ve talked enough about Gabi for one night and asks about the matchmaker, wondering when she’s going to start hooking him up with Salem’s women. Li says that he just hired her today and they still need to iron out a plan of action. Wendy asks if he knows for sure the matchmaker is solid and asks how he found them. Li claims he just searched matchmakers and the one he chose had great reviews. Wendy asks what the reviews said. Li claims the one that stood out to him, said she’s known for having quite the killer instinct.

Megan drags EJ in to the secret tunnels since she can’t carry him through the front door. Stefan and Gabi head in to the living room. Stefan says he could’ve sworn he heard a voice. Stefan then sees the broken vase and questions what the hell happened here. Stefan blames the cleaning staff. Gabi suggests they go outside for their delicious dinner, so they exit together.

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