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Xander is drilling on the wall of his apartment until Chloe comes in and questions all the noise. Xander explains that he is re-hanging up the pictures that fell off the wall, but it falls down again.

Kristen shows up at Marlena’s door and asks if she missed her.

Andrew shows up at Paul’s door and surprises him. They embrace as John smiles.

Roman and Kate have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Roman calls it her first full day back in Salem, so whatever she wants to do, they are doing it. Kate says she’d really like to go to the prison to see Lucas, so he can see his mom is alive and well and so she can see how he’s doing. Roman admits it will be a relief and he will be thrilled. Kate adds that she will also want to pay a visit to Megan Hathaway and give her a piece of her mind. Megan then enters the Pub and declares that it looks like she saved her the trouble. Roman stands up and stands in between Megan and Kate. Megan says she won’t lay a finger on Kate because she’s of no use to her now. Megan adds that she wouldn’t want to jeopardize her new found freedom. Kate questions how the hell she is free and how she got out of prison.

Chad remains in Greece and is on the phone with Stephanie, explaining that he didn’t go back to Salem with Roman and Kate because he wanted to see this thing through. Chad doesn’t believe Dimitri’s story about holding Andrew hostage and feels he’s using it as a bargaining chip for immunity. Chad adds that after what Dimitri did to Kate, he needs to make sure he’s headed back to the Alamainan prison where he belongs. Chad tells Stephanie that he will call her tonight and hangs up as Dimitri shows up at his door.

Shawn remains in Greece, on the phone with Belle. Shawn complains about sitting around waiting for anything to happen with Bo. Shawn wishes he could go back in time and not pull the trigger. Shawn hangs up with Belle as Harris Michaels enters the room. Shawn questions what the hell he’s doing there. Harris responds that he needs to see Hope.

Xander tells Chloe to be his guest if she thinks he can do a better job hanging the picture, so Chloe tells him to hand her the drill.

Shawn tells Harris that he’s not getting anywhere near Hope as she made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with him. Harris explains that he’s not here because he wants Hope back, but to warn her. Harris says he’s actually hear to warn all of them which Shawn questions.

Marlena threatens to call 911 to have Kristen dragged back to prison. Kristen asks if she really thinks she’d show up here if she broke out of prison. Marlena asks if she got another pardon. Kristen reveals that she got granted full immunity courtesy of her new found sister, Megan. Marlena argues that Megan doesn’t even know Kristen so she questions why she would help her. Kristen responds that family is the gift that keeps on giving. Kristen explains that she and Megan met and bonded in prison as long lost sisters, reunited at least. Kristen shows Marlena her papers to prove it and tells her to read them and weep.

Megan shows Roman her prison release papers and remarks that she does miss the fish market. Kate tells her to go to Hell. Megan reminds Kate that she saved her life, so she could at least show gratitude. Kate questions how Megan got immunity after what she did to her, Marlena, and Kayla. Roman states that it’s Dimitri Von Leuschner.

Dimitri informs Chad that he came to share the good news in person that he’s free with full immunity. Chad questions Dimitri kidnapping Andrew and getting rewarded with full immunity. Dimitri understands his disappointment since he considers Kate family and wants to see him pay for what happened to her. Chad warns that he will make him pay. Dimitri urges Chad to reconsider where he’s loyal because Kate is happily back home with her husband, so no harm done. Chad argues that he put her through Hell and calls him a son of a bitch. Dimitri says he meant there’s no lasting harm. Dimitri thinks Chad’s outrage on Kate’s behalf is over the top since Kate isn’t true family or blood related, like he is. Chad argues that they are not related but Dimitri reveals that Chad’s sister Megan is his mother. Chad is shocked to learn that Dimitri is a DiMera as Dimitri jokes about calling him Uncle Chad. Chad says he doesn’t like him, they are not related, and he wants him to leave. Dimitri asks if this news is of no interest of him. Chad says it’s not. Dimitri knows he only knows Megan through reputation but encourages him to keep an open mind, assuring him that Megan is a fascinating woman. Chad says he’s heard that Megan is a crazy bitch with a heart of stone who belongs in prison. Chad says he won’t get to know her for a very long time since she is in prison, but Dimitri reveals that Megan and Kristen have been sprung from prison as they got a very good deal. Dimitri admits that it did get a little risky adding Kristen to the mix. Chad questions why he would risk the deal for somebody like Kristen. Dimitri calls that not a nice way to talk about his sister. Dimitri praises Kristen. Chad tells him to shut up as he doesn’t even know Kristen. Dimitri says he does know Kristen well since she got to know Megan in prison and he had the means to help. Dimitri tells Chad that now they can head back to Salem and be one big happy family and asks what Chad says to that.

Kristen remarks that Marlena is looking rather refreshed and asks if Megan gave her a dose of her fountain of youth serum. Marlena asks what she wants. Kristen says she came to tell her that she’s no longer the chief maternal figure in her daughter’s life, because she’s home to stay. Marlena argues this is not her home. Kristen points out that it is Rachel’s home. Brady then comes in and sees Kristen.

Chloe hangs the picture on the wall. Xander asys he can take it from here. Chloe argues that she did all the work. Xander straightens the picture and says now it’s perfect. Chloe tells him that she will hang the other picture while Xander can clean up. Xander argues that now that Chloe showed him the correct technique, he can handle it while Chloe just cleans. Chloe questions if she’s supposed to stick to the woman’s work. Xander remarks that he just meant she’s a better cleaner than he is. Chloe says that isn’t much better but says she will clean up and mentions going from an orphanage to foster care and having PTSD when it comes to cleaning. Xander relates and tells her to forget about it as he’ll just clean up after he’s done. Chloe reminds him that she promised to keep up the housework until she finds gainful employment, so she asks him to just let her do it. Chloe adds that she doesn’t usually lounge around all morning in her pajamas. Chloe is sure that he thought she would have a job by now and be able to pay her own way. Chloe doesn’t think it’s fair that Xander pays the rent, so she’s starting to think that moving in with him was a mistake.

Marlena tells Brady that she’s sorry that she didn’t have time to warn him. Brady informs her that he heard on the news and figured Kristen would be here. Brady says he came to warn Marlena and John but she beat him to it. Kristen responds that she came to see her daughter. Brady informs her that Rachel is in P.E. class and remarks that she would be aware of that if she had any involvement in Rachel’s day to day. Kristen blames Brady. Marlena says that’s enough. Marlena says Kristen came to see Rachel and she’s not here, so she is welcome to go now. Kristen refuses to leave until she knows when she gets to see her daughter. Kristen reminds Brady that they had a deal since she wrote Rachel the letter, urging her to give Chloe a chance. Brady says the problem was that Rachel didn’t believe a word of it because Kristen poisoned her mind with lies about Chloe for months now. Kristen argues that they weren’t lies and remarks that she knew Chloe would leave him for the first man to come around and now she’s already moved in with Xander. Brady asks how she found out about that. Kristen informs him that Rachel wrote her a letter. Kristen thinks Chloe and Xander make a great couple as they both have no substance or morals and are utterly detestable. Marlena doesn’t think Kristen is in any position to lecture anyone about morals. Kristen brings up that Marlena has been possessed by the devil twice. Brady tells Kristen that Chloe and Xander are not together as they are just roommates. Kristen asks how long he thinks that will last as she remarks that Xander will get any woman he knows in to bed sooner than later, including ones that claim to hate him.

Xander asks Chloe what’s wrong and if she doesn’t like the apartment or him as her roommate. Chloe says it’s just her and guesses she wasn’t being very realistic about her prospects in the labor market. Chloe knows there are jobs out there and she could flip burgers or drive a ride share, but there are not a lot of opportunities for opera singers in Salem or fashion merchandisers outside of DiMera. Xander suggests she give voice lessons. Chloe says she had this idea of reinventing herself and trying something new, but no one is interested in what she has to offer. Xander finds that hard to believe. Chloe admits she leapt in to this living situation, partly to piss off Brady which worked but it wasn’t as satisfying as she thought it would be since she and Brady are still apart. Xander guesses she’s still in love with Brady. Chloe feels she’s just at loose ends. Xander doesn’t think she should make any major life decisions like moving then. Xander adds that he would be really sad if she moved out. Xander reveals that he picked up a dart board for their apartment so they can play and says they can split the cleaning even though she is better at it. Xander encourages her to stay, so Chloe agrees to give their living arrangement a little more time. Xander then asks Chloe if she would like to come work for him.

Kate remarks that Megan being Dimitri’s mother makes sense. Megan argues that Kate is so ungrateful since Dimitri pulled her out of the sea and saved her life just as much as she did while she never thanked him. Kate complains that it was under Megan’s orders to torture her. Megan remarks that she could’ve told him to let her drown, but instead she was treated like royalty in the end. Roman questions Megan planning this as he thought she believed Kate was really dead. Megan says she did at first but figured out what must have happened and planned accordingly. Megan tells Roman that he should know by now that she’s always one step ahead of him. Roman asks how Megan knows so much about what happened on the boat while she was in prison. Megan states that Dimitri tells her everything. Megan brings up Lucas being behind bars. Kate warns her to keep her son’s name out of her mouth. Megan says she’ll just keep talking about how grateful she is that Dimitri is free. Roman asks if she just came to gloat. Megan responds that she came because she has pressing business to discuss with him.

Harris reveals to Shawn that Megan is Dimitri’s mother and explains that Dimitri refused to accept the immunity deal unless they included Megan and Kristen which shocks Shawn. Harris wanted Shawn and Hope to be the first to know because Megan will have her sights on Bo. Harris asks if he can talk to Hope for one minute and promises to do whatever it takes from now on to keep Bo and Hope safe. Shawn tells Harris that he’s done enough and he will take it from here as he then exits the room.

Chad says it’s insane to think they would be one big happy family. Chad asks if Dimitri, Megan, and Kristen are all going to move in to the DiMera Mansion which he confirms. Chad says it’s a good thing he moved out when he did then. Dimitri questions his attitude and suspects that they have a lot more in common than he thinks. Dimitri asks Chad to call the DiMera Jet so they can get to know each other on the ride home.

Roman tells Megan if she’s here to make more threats, she can leave or he can call the police on her for trespassing. Megan remarks that Roman used to be one of those cops that he’s now threatening to call and says the mighty have fallen. Kate asks what Megan wants since she already said that she’s of no use to her. Megan brings up Rachel’s letter to Kristen, saying that Bo was shot by his idiot son and asks how he is. Roman informs her that Bo is in a coma but they don’t blame Shawn because if anyone is to blame, it’s Megan. Megan declares that if it wasn’t for her, Bo wouldn’t even be alive. Roman argues that if it wasn’t for her, Bo would have been here with his family for months but she had to try to make Bo love her. Roman calls that an epic fail because after just a short time with Hope, their love was stronger than ever. Megan remarks that was before Hope’s son put him in a coma. Roman encourages that Bo is a fighter so he will make it through this and when he does, his heart will belong to Hope and only Hope. Megan declares that she will have to fly to Greece then to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Shawn returns to Harris and comments on him still being there. Shawn informs him that he told Hope what he said as they are in the process of moving Bo to a long term care facility. Harris comments on the process going slowly. Shawn says they hoped to move Bo to Montreal so they could be close to Hope’s home but obviously that’s the first place that Megan would look, so they need to find some place else that is secure where no one can track him down.

Chloe asks if Xander is serious about her working for him. Xander reminds her that he’s co-owner of the Spectator and has an ownership stake with the power to fire and hire. Chloe argues that she’s not qualified for anything at the newspaper. Xander encourages that they could use her in advertising and marketing and she’s already an expert on music and fashion so she’d be perfect. Chloe argues that he doesn’t know she can do those things or even if she can write. Xander declares that if Leo Stark can do it, why can’t she which Chloe admits is a good point. Chloe wonders if she should accept. Xander thinks she should but Chloe asks if them living together and working together isn’t a bit much. Xander thinks they can handle it and remarks that it’s not like they are sleeping together.

Brady points out to Kristen that Xander didn’t sleep with her when he was working for her, so he tells her to just shut her mouth about the subject. Kristen tells Brady that she’s sorry as she knows this must be painful for him. Brady knows that’s why she said it. Kristen argues that he needs a dose of reality. Kristen points out that Brady and Chloe have been on again off again for 20 years and it never lasts and never will. Brady compares it to the toxic relationship he’s had with Kristen being in and out but fortunately it’s been more out than in. Brady calls it a nightmare. Kristen disagrees and says they had some good times. Kristen adds that unlike Chloe, they share a daughter. Brady sometimes wishes they didn’t and that Kristen would stay the hell out of his daughter’s life. Kristen complains about Brady calling Rachel his daughter and shouts that she is as much her daughter as his which Brady calls a shame because Rachel has no idea how bad she is for all of them. Brady tells Kristen that she’s not going to stay here and put Marlena through Hell again. Kristen questions if he’s putting it on Marlena to get her out because he can’t do it himself. Kristen insists that’s why she knows Brady will come around again, because he always does.

Chloe cleans up the apartment while Xander jokes about hiring a housekeeper. Chloe tells him that she has a personal question about the job at the Spectator. Chloe wonders if Gwen is running the day to day operations and if that means she gets a say on new hires. Chloe guesses that Gwen isn’t happy they are living together and probably hates her. Xander says he will handle Gwen. Chloe asks what if he can’t handle her because she just left a really toxic work environment and she can’t deal with that again. Xander promises that Gwen won’t be a problem and tells her to focus on enjoying her new job. Xander adds that she will practically make her own hours, work from home, and be her own boss. Xander tells Chloe to get changed and he will give her a tour of the office which she accepts. Chloe thanks Xander and goes to change.

Brady questions Kristen not thinking he has it in him to kick her out. Kristen argues that he can’t keep her away from her daughter. Brady reminds her that he has full custody. Kristen brings up that Rachel took a rideshare to come visit her in prison. Kristen asks what he thinks Rachel is going to do when she finds out she’s back in town, arguing that he can’t keep them apart and that Rachel will hate him as much as Chloe. Brady says not if he makes her understand that Kristen is mentally disturbed person who refuses therapy. Brady doesn’t want Kristen near Rachel. Brady states that she may be her biological mother but she forfeited her parental rights when she became an evil person. Brady feels he would be considered an abusive father if he let Rachel around her for a minute right now. Kristen warns Brady that she will see him back in court then to revisit their custody arrangement. Kristen tells Brady to go to Hell and walks out.

Roman warns Megan that she does not want to go near Bo. Megan supposes there is no rush since Rachel’s letter made it clear that Bo has been quite unresponsive. Megan decides that she will delay her trip to Greece until Bo is closer to waking up while there’s plenty for her to accomplish in Salem. Kate asks if she means destroying more lives. Megan declares that her family is here and she wants to get to know them better while claiming her rightful place as a DiMera.

Harris gets that Shawn doesn’t trust him and he doesn’t blame him. Shawn is glad he understands and says they are done here. Harris then gives Shawn a heads up that when he leaves Greece, he will be flying home to Salem.

Brady asks Marlena why this is happening again. Marlena says she’s so sorry. Brady apologizes for everything Kristen is putting Marlena through. Marlena says they are fine but it’s Brady and Rachel that are suffering. Marlena adds that no judge anywhere would allow Kristen full custody of Rachel. Brady admits that Kristen is right that Rachel is going to want to see her mom and he’s going to look like the bad guy if he tries to put distance between them. Marlena understands he’s in a tough place. Brady calls it so hard to talk to Rachel right now when she’s so stubborn and hard to reason with. Marlena points out that she is just a little girl. Brady says she wants her parents to be together and in love but that’s not going to happen. Brady knows that’s part of the reason he can’t reason with her but another reason is that she is just so Kristen’s daughter. Marlena calls that one of the reasons she’s worried about her, but she’s also worried about Brady because she knows how much he wants to make Rachel happy. Brady knows Marlena thinks he will get sucked back in by Kristen and get back with her to make Rachel happy, but he can’t do it. Brady knows he needs to keep Rachel away from Kristen just as much as himself. Brady declares that Hell will freeze over before he gets back with Kristen, swearing that it won’t happen and nothing will change his mind about that.

Xander and Chloe walk through the town square with coffees until they run in to Kristen. Xander is shocked to see her while Kristen questions him as a news reporter, asking how she knows about his living situation and he knows nothing about hers. Chloe responds that they don’t care about whatever she’s doing or whoever she’s torturing. Chloe adds that if Kristen wants Brady, he’s all hers. Kristen assures that he will be and says she hopes that Chloe and Xander are very happy together.

Chad tells Dimitri that he doesn’t have the DiMera jet at his disposal. Dimitri says he’ll even fly coach if he can spend the time getting to know his uncle. Dimitri asks Chad for any insights on how to be accepted in to the family. Chad talks about how they all sleep with one eye open around each other. Chad doesn’t care if they are related, he doesn’t want a relationship with Dimitri ever. Dimitri responds that whether he wants to or not, they are still family so there will be holidays, weddings, and funerals, so they are going to spend quite a bit of time together. Dimitri hugs Chad and tells him that there is no escaping that as he exits the room.

Shawn doesn’t get why Harris would go to Salem. Harris explains that he grew up there, so Salem is the closest thing he’s ever had to a home. Harris admits that he has an ulterior motive and says he wants to keep an eye on Megan Hathaway, because he feels it’s his responsibility after everything he did while she was pulling the strings. Shawn tells him that it really isn’t and that he was a victim too. Harris feels he owes it to Hope to make sure Megan doesn’t hurt her and Bo. Shawn remarks that Harris won’t be the most popular guy in town but notes that’s coming from the guy who put his own dad in a coma. Harris says no one blames him for that but Shawn points out that his grandfather does. Shawn tells Harris that there’s enough blame to go around and right now, his priority is to make sure Bo gets moved to his new location safely. Shawn thanks Harris for the intel. Harris guesses he will see him in Salem as he then exits.

Roman and Kate sit back down at the Pub. Kate has lost her appetite and says she just wants to get to the prison to see Lucas. Roman gets a text from Shawn that Harris told him that Megan has been released, so Hope is making plans to keep Bo off her radar. Kate wishes them luck and says who knows what Megan has in store for them now that she’s back in town.

Megan enters the DiMera Mansion and approaches the portrait of Stefano on the wall as she proclaims that she is home.

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