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Kristen sits in the prison visiting room, reading her last letter from Rachel. Megan joins her and asks about it. Kristen says she’s just going to read it over and over until she is holding her daughter again. Megan says she understands being separated from one’s child is very difficult for a mother. Megan adds that she hopes to be hearing from her son Dimitri very soon. Kristen questions how Dimitri is going to get them out of here when he’s in an Alamainian prison. Megan reveals that he’s not still there and he’s currently in police custody, which is only temporary. Kristen asks if his magic peacock is going to set him free. Megan responds that Dimitri doesn’t need magic because he’s brilliant, charming, and incredibly persuasive. Megan informs Kristen that Dimitri is negotiating their release as they speak.

At the police station in Greece, Steve and Harris confront Dimitri. Dimitri says he has nothing to say to them as he’s agreed to stay in police custody while awaiting word on if the ISA has conceded to his demands. Steve informs Dimitri that the police around here have been known to take a bribe. Harris reveals he gave them incentive to take a walk so they can have some privacy. Steve tells Dimitri that they have so much to catch up on. Harris suggests Dimitri start by telling them where Andrew Donovan is.

John arrives at Paul’s apartment in San Francisco, California. Paul says it’s good to see him but asks what he’s doing here. John knows Paul was worried about Andrew, so he thought he’d just come on out. Paul knows John wouldn’t have flown halfway across the country if he didn’t have something to tell him and guesses it’s something he didn’t want to say over the phone. John confirms that Andrew has been kidnapped.

Andrew is tied up in a chair as a guard throws a bucket of water on him to wake him up. The guard asks if Andrew doesn’t know how he got here. Andrew thinks back to asking Harris for help finding Kate where he then received a phone call from someone saying that they had kidnapped Paul and were holding a knife on him as they instructed Andrew to go to the airport for further instruction. Andrew remembers tracking Paul’s phone and arriving to find out it was fake and a man there pulled a gun on Andrew and tied him up.

Megan tells Kristen that Dimitri got someone to take his place in prison while he was out living his best life. Kristen recalls doing that herself once, but unfortunately her doppelganger is no longer available. Megan jokes that the idiots in this place probably wouldn’t notice if she replaced herself with a mop but to do it in an Alamainian prison is nearly impossible, yet Dimitri managed to do it with ease. Kristen brings up how she knows everything about the DiMera family and never hearing that Megan had a son. Megan points out that she also didn’t know she was alive and questions if Kristen is doubting her. Kristen wonders if this is a ploy. Megan calls it a fact that Dimitri is her flesh and blood as she gave birth to him and raised him to be the magnificent young man that he is.

Dimitri questions Harris and Steve trying to intimidate him and warns that if they lay a finger on him, Andrew will pay a steep price. Steve asks if he really wants to go against the director of the ISA. Harris warns that won’t go well with him. Steve asks again where Andrew is. Dimitri responds that they will have that information when his demands are met. Steve and Harris get that he wants immunity but question why he also wants immunity for Megan. Dimitri knows she’s not their favorite person. Steve calls Megan a sadistic freak who brainwashed both of them. Dimitri states that for some reason, he has a soft spot for her. Steve asks if Megan brainwashed him too. Dimitri assures that she hasn’t. Harris asks if Megan is his girlfriend or something which he laughs at. Dimitri then reveals to them that Megan Hathaway is his mother.

The man holding Andrew tells him that as soon as their boss gets what he wants, Andrew will be let go. Andrew asks who his boss is. The man says he’s going to get dinner and tells Andrew to sit there like a good little boy as he exits. Andrew remarks that is not going to happen.

Paul tells John that he was worried when he hadn’t heard from Andrew and no one had but he never thought this. John understands and mentions talking to Shane, who he says is doing everything he can to get his son back. Paul asks where to start.

Marlena starts to send a text to John when Roman shows up at her door. Marlena is thrilled to see he has returned as they hug. Marlena asks if this means it’s true. Roman tells her to see for herself as Kate joins him. Kate jokes that she’s not bad for someone who has been doing nothing but dodging death as she and Marlena embrace. Marlena says she’s so glad that Kate is alive. Kate is glad they are all okay but wishes they could say the same about Abe. Roman mentions that they just came from the hospital and that Abe is stable, but he’s not out of the woods yet. Marlena notes that she spoke to Kayla and asks if they saw Abe yet. Roman responds that only Paulina has been allowed in. Kate questions Abe being attacked by a mad man at the bakery. Roman assures that he’s been arrested but right now, his only concern is that Abe pulls through. Kate encourages that Abe is a fighter. Marlena points out that when Abe sees Kate, he will be so thrilled like she is. Marlena recalls her and Kayla hearing that gun shot. Roman is thankful that Bo didn’t go through with it. Kate talks about how she couldn’t wait to get off that island and then she ended up on another boat. Roman informs Marlena that Chad, Steve, and Harris rescued Kate from Dimitri. Kate complains that he had her cutting off the heads of fish. Marlena then reveals that Kate wasn’t the only one Dimitri held hostage as he has Andrew Donovan. Roman is shocked and Kate calls that terrible. Marlena thinks he’ll be okay because John is on the case.

Paul wants to go with John but John stops him and says the ISA is all over it and the person who took Andrew has already contacted Shane. Paul asks who it is. John informs him that it’s Dimitri. Paul thought he was in prison. John explains that he escaped but that was short lived and now he’s in custody in Greece where Chad, Steve, and Harris tracked him down. John adds that in exchange for the safe release of Andrew, he is demanding immunity for himself and his mother, Megan Hathaway.

Kristen tells Megan that she heard that Megan has been obsessed with Bo since high school. Megan doesn’t like that word but says that hasn’t changed as her heart will always belong to Bo. Kristen questions her having a kid with someone else then. Megan explains that after her “death”, she was put in a cryogenic sleep until Stefano had her thawed out. Megan says she immediately wanted to return to Salem to fight for Bo, but Stefano felt that would be unwise and he wanted her to lie low for awhile in Europe which she did and that’s where she met Dimitri’s father. Kristen remarks that they obviously hit it off. Megan states that she wanted a child and she got one, so she turned her focus to raising Dimitri but after a few years, his father decided that her influence on Dimitri was a bit too absolute. Megan adds that Dimitri was sent away to boarding school but that didn’t prevent them from being close. Megan remarks that a boy’s best friend is his mother.

Dimitri tells Harris and Steve that even though he and Megan weren’t always in close proximity, they were always deeply bonded. Harris asks if Steve is buying this. Steve believes Megan is Dimitri’s mother and says Dimitri is a DiMera through and through, ruthless and soulless. Dimitri says they can insult his lineage all they want but it’s Andrew who is on the chopping block. Dimitri asks if they are going to set him and Megan free or if they’re going to let Andrew die.

The guard returns to Andrew, who is pretending to be asleep. The guard guesses he’ll have to get another bucket of water to wake him up but Andrew pops up and knocks him out. Andrew tries to escape but the other guard appears with his gun raised.

Megan tells Kristen that she was never in love with Dimitri’s father and calls him a means to an end while Bo is everything to her. Kristen reminds her that Bo is in a coma so maybe she should just move on. Megan refuses and says she’s waited this long, so she will wait forever. Kristen questions what Megan’s plan is when she gets out and if she will just sit at Bo’s bedside. Megan says she will allow Hope to do that but she will monitor Bo’s condition closely so that she can be there when he wakes up. Kristen questions her not going straight back to Greece. Megan repeats that as soon as it looks like Bo will wake up, she will be there in a flash but in the meantime, she has her own destiny to fulfill and the next phase includes a long overdue return to Salem. Kristen calls that the one thing they have in common, similar destinies to fulfill. Kristen reminds Megan that she promised when she got released, she would take her with her. Kristen asks if that’s still happening.

Steve talks to Shane on the phone and talks about how Shane got the authorities in multiple different countries to drop the charges against Dimitri and Megan. Steve admits he would’ve done the same for his kids. Steve tells Shane that he will get these guys to release Dimitri and then he will make sure someone gets Megan released, so that Shane will then have his son back.

Kate says that Shane must be worried sick. Marlena hopes that Andrew is okay. Roman assures that the ISA and Black Patch will make sure that he is. Kate talks about being held by Dimitri being no picnic. Marlena relates to when Dimitri held her as well until John and Sebastian took him down.

Steve finishes his call with Shane and then Sebastian Alamain enters the police station in Greece. Sebastian introduces himself and Steve notes that his name sounds familiar. Sebastian questions Dimitri being released which Steve confirms is happening any minute now. Sebastian states that he’s sorry to burst his bubble but Dimitri will be coming with him. Steve questions what he’s talking about. Sebastian responds that he’s here to take Dimitri back to Alamainia where he will rot in prison for the rest of his miserable life.

Harris questions Dimitri really thinking that he’s getting out. Dimitri says he’s certain of it and he looks forward to all that the future holds for him. Dimitri asks if Harris can say the same, bringing up how he’s gallant rescue of Kate was a desperate attempt at redemption and says they both know Harris is not one of the good guys. Harris tells him to shut his mouth. Dimitri remarks that a hero like Harris deserves the utmost respect but argues that Steve and the others don’t respect, trust, or accept him. Dimitri says it must be hard to accept that he’ll never be good enough for John or Hope, but he’s not like them. Dimitri insists that he has a deep appreciation for his skills and Megan does too. Dimitri suggests Harris tells Steve and company to shove their judgment and come work for them. Harris questions if he’s seriously trying to lure him to the dark side. Dimitri says they’ll be in the shades of grey in between but Harris refuses. Dimitri brings up Bo heading there and being determined to shed his old life before he was shot. Dimitri talks about how Bo spent a lifetime being a good guy, but he realized that to become his true self, he would have to discard his true identity and venture in to the shadows. Dimitri declares that Bo did it without fear and embraced it, so he asks why can’t Harris. Harris questions Dimitri wanting him to come work for him and Megan. Harris remarks that he’d have to brainwash him again which Dimitri says he will certainly take under advisement.

Sebastian tells Steve that he came as soon as he heard of Dimitri’s release because his escape from the Alamainian prison was quite an embarrassment. Sebastian hands Steve an order from the highest court in Greece, giving them the right to have Dimitri released back to their custody. Steve understands why he wants to see Dimitri pay, noting what he and Megan did to him and John. Steve calls Dimitri a no good son of a bitch, but informs him that if he takes Dimitri back and locks him up, then a good man will lose his life.

Paul complains about having to sit and wait while Andrew’s life is on the line. John thought it might be easier if he had company. Paul appreciates him being there but says he can’t stop thinking about the picture of Andrew tied up. John encourages that Andrew is trained specifically for times like this. Paul questions how something like this happens. Paul asks if Shane gave any other details. John explains that Andrew was in Greece, helping Chad, Steve, and Harris find Kate. Paul mentions thinking Kate was dead. John says they all did but she wasn’t and then they thought she was lost at sea. John continues telling Paul about how Andrew was recruiting Harris, then got a phone call, left Greece and fell off the grid. Paul guesses whoever made the call lured Andrew into a trap. John knows they couldn’t have fooled Andrew easily, so whatever they used to pull him off the search had to be damn significant. Paul wonders if they used him since his phone was stolen out of his gym locker and guesses they could’ve used it to tell Andrew to tell him that he was in trouble. Paul worries about Andrew getting hurt or worse while trying to help him. John encourages that they will find him and get him back as he hugs Paul.

The guards tie Andrew back up and make sure it’s tighter this time.

Kristen assumes that she’s included in whatever deal Dimitri is making right now. Megan states that Kristen is her sister, so she wants to help her. Kristen reminds Megan that she told her last night that she would have her freedom when everything was sorted out and organized and it sounds like everything is organized now. Megan explains that she has to understand that Dimitri is trying to negotiate the release of two high profile prisoners so adding a third could upend everything. Kristen says if the ISA is willing to give her immunity after everything she’s done, then she must have something huge to offer them. Megan says that’s true but you can only push so far before they are going to walk away. Kristen argues that’s not her problem. Kristen reminds Megan that she kept her mouth shut about Bo being alive and in exchange, she promised that when she got out, she would take her with her. Megan assures she hasn’t forgotten that. Kristen adds that she’s only in here because she was held responsible for the deaths of Marlena, Kayla, and Kate despite her sincere efforts to retrieve the orchid to cure them and if Megan hadn’t ordered Bo to take the orchid from the mansion, she would be off the hook. Kristen declares that this is actually all Megan’s fault that she’s here in the damn first place. Kristen states that she considers herself an authority on the DiMera family, so if Megan plans to claim her birth right when she gets out, she will want her on her side because she knows how their brothers operate a lot better than she does. Megan says she does want to help Kristen and she will, but she’s asking her to take an extreme risk. Kristen warns Megan that she’s asking her to make a choice to either include her in her nephew’s deal, securing herself a valuable ally, or if she leaves her in here then she will gain a sworn enemy. Kristen assures that her reach goes beyond these prison bars. Kristen declares no more talking as it’s decision time. Kristen advises that if Megan turns her back on her, she will live to regret it. Kristen then asks her what’s it going to be.

Roman says he and Kate are going home to the Pub and invites Marlena to have breakfast with them. Marlena thanks them but thinks they need time alone. Kate says they will do it soon and suggests it being when Andrew is home safe. Marlena says she still can’t quite believe that they survived everything Megan put them through. Kate declares that it’s because they are badasses. Kate and Roman then exit.

Steve brings up Billie to Sebastian. Sebastian informs him that he and Billie went their separate ways. Steve points out how Billie and Shane Donovan were instrumental in bringing the Alamainian Peacock to Sebastian’s family. Sebastian says they are very grateful. Steve says now is the time to show that gratitude because Shane and his family are trying to get back something more precious than a statue. Steve explains that they are currently negotiating the safe return of Shane’s son. Steve informs Sebastian that Andrew Donovan’s life is in his hands, so he asks Sebastian to do the right thing and help them save Andrew.

Steve rejoins Harris with Dimitri. Dimitri asks if Steve got Sebastian to back down, noting that he couldn’t help but hear him through the walls. Steve warns Dimitri to stay away from Alamainia and away from Salem when he is free. Steve holds Dimitri’s phone as it rings with a call from Megan. Dimitri demands his phone so Steve hands it over and he answers. Dimitri tells Megan that they are going to be free soon. Megan calls that wonderful and says she’s so proud of him as she knew he would come through. Dimitri can’t wait to see her and celebrate. Megan says he did a magnificent job with these negotiations and she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but she has one little thing to add to their deal.

Paul recalls the last time John was here, how he urged him not to give up on Andrew and not let logistics get in the way of being together. Paul says shortly after John left, Andrew showed up and they committed to trying to make it work, so things between them have gotten really serious. John mentions that Andrew was in Salem not long ago and told him that they had reconnected. Paul informs John that he really loves Andrew. John assures that the ISA has poured everything they have in to getting Andrew released. Paul decides he just has to have faith that they will succeed and bring Andrew back to him. John hugs Paul as he worries.

The guard informs Andrew that his father did his best to secure his release. Andrew asks if he succeeded. The guard then pulls out a knife.

Harris and Steve discuss Megan demanding Kristen get immunity too. They worry that with the deal done, Andrew was getting released, but now the whole thing could fall apart. Harris asks Steve if he thinks they can save it. Steve admits he just doesn’t know.

Marlena talks on the phone with Kayla and they talk about not hearing anything from Greece. Marlena hopes that Andrew is alright and that those criminals won’t come back to make their lives miserable anymore. Marlena then hangs up as Kristen shows up at her door.

Andrew shows up at Paul’s door and surprises him. They embrace as John smiles.

Roman and Kate have breakfast at the Brady Pub. Roman tells her how happy he is that she’s home. Roman calls it her first full day back in Salem, so whatever she wants to do, they are doing it. Kate says she’d really like to go to the prison to see Lucas, so he can see his mom is alive and well and so she can see how he’s doing. Roman admits it will be a relief and he will be thrilled. Kate adds that she will also want to pay a visit to Megan Hathaway and give her a piece of her mind. Megan then enters the Pub and declares that it looks like she saved her the trouble.

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