Days Short Recap Monday, May 15, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Belle talked about Seth firing her while she was being held captive. They talked about Greece and Belle mentioned being worried about Shawn feeling guilty for shooting Bo. Kayla assured him that Hope and Roman were there for him. Roman found Shawn throwing things at the hospital. Shawn told Roman that Victor was right. Everything that happened was his fault. Roman was upset that Victor blamed him. Shawn said he told the truth. Roman understood that he made a choice to protect someone he loved. Bo would have done the same thing. Shawn left to see Bo. Someone held a gun on Steve on the boat. Another henchman held a gun on Harris. Harris overpowered him and beat him. Steve warned the henchman about what the ISA would do to him once he’s caught. The henchman wanted to take his chances and pointed his gun at Steve again. Chad burst in Dimitri’s office with his gun in his hand. Dimitri grabbed Kate and pointed his gun at her. Chad and Dimitri went back and forth until Chad put down his gun. Dimitri was ready to shoot Kate. They heard a gunshot so Chad told him that he was with ISA agents. Dimitri knew they were coming which is why the henchmen were instructed to shoot to kill. Steve’s henchman went down. He noticed that Harris shot him. Steve yelled at him for alerting everyone that they were on the boat. Harris reminded him that he just saved his life. Steve thanked him before they left.

Steve and Harris burst into Dimitri’s cabin. Kate kicked Dimitri and ran to Chad. Steve and Harris subdued Dimitri and tied him to a chair. Harris volunteered to stay with Dimitri and told them to go to the mainland. Kate let them know that she couldn’t leave without her ring. She said one of the henchmen took it. Steve knew which one it was. He led her to the goon that Harris knocked out. The guy was gone. He showed up with a gun. Belle talked to Kayla about feeling helpless as far as Shawn was concerned. Kayla felt like Shawn needed time to heal. She believed Shawn would open up to her when he felt better.  He’ll know she’s thinking of him. Steve and Kate arrived at the hospital. Kate ran into Roman’s arms. She was terrified that she would lose him again. She didn’t have to worry because he wouldn’t let her out of his sight again. Belle tried to call Shawn. He sat in the hotel lobby. He was drinking. He saw his phone buzzing and slammed it down. Belle left a message for him. She wanted him to call her. Dimitri taunted Harris in his cabin. He thought it was funny that he was trying to redeem himself. He knew that he would be thrown in a blacksite without Kate as his hostage. He lost his leverage. Dimitri admitted that Kate wasn’t his only hostage. 

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