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After Maggie fires Alex over the phone, Alex asks for a chance to explain but she hangs up on him. Alex informs Stephanie that Maggie told him there was nothing more to talk about and reveals that she fired him which shocks her.

Kayla and Belle eat together at the Brady Pub. They talk about Seth Burns trying to fire Kayla while she was held captive. Kayla feels he was disappointed that she wasn’t dead after all. Belle mentions not hearing from Steve yet. Kayla assures that she won’t hear from Steve until he and Chad find Kate.

The guard on the ship holds his gun on Steve and warns that the penalty for boarding the ship without permission is death.

Harris searches the ship with his gun raised but is caught by one of the guards, who pulls his gun and warns that Harris is going to end up hanging on the wall.

Kate asks if Dimitri doesn’t want immunity for his crimes. Dimitri assures that he does but he also wants something else and he needs everything in place in order for him to achieve his goal. Kate hopes he’s not going after the Peacock again. Dimitri says no and what he’s after is much more personal. Chad then bursts in with his gun raised on Dimitri, surprising Kate. Chad says thank God she’s alright. Kate tries to run to Chad but Dimitri grabs her and holds her at gunpoint. Dimitri warns Chad that this is premature because he and Kate are on a date and Chad’s not invited. Chad tells Dimitri that he’s not going anywhere. Dimitri doesn’t think Chad thought this through and questions how Chad’s going to shoot him without shooting Kate, remarking that he doesn’t think Chad is that good of a shot. Dimitri calls Chad another one of Stefano’s bastard children, commenting that he has Stefano’s arrogance but not his cunning. Dimitri states that Chad overplayed his hand by bursting in with his pistol. Dimitri warns that now neither Kate or Chad are getting off the boat alive.

Harris asks the guard if they can talk about this. He says he can talk to the boss and orders Harris to drop his gun and start walking. Harris drops the gun but then fights the guard off and beats him down.

Steve calls the guard kind of dumb while the guard warns that Steve will be kind of dead. Steve asks if he thinks he just randomly got on the boat. Steve explains that the boat is part of a global search from the ISA, Interpol, and the FBI so they all know where he is which means he has no chance of getting away. The guard responds that Steve has no chance of staying alive. Steve warns him that if he kills an ISA agent, the entire agency will be devoted to making him pay and putting him in the deepest, darkest hole. Steve adds that if he kills him, the ISA will hurt him so bad that he will be begging them to kill him.

Stephanie tells Alex that she loves Maggie, but she should’ve given him a chance to explain. Alex asks why since she was right that he blew the deal. Stephanie disagrees and argues that Yuri just got cold feet which could only be temporary since he said he was going to sleep on it. Alex says Stephanie didn’t hear Maggie’s voice and that she wasn’t angry, just sad. Alex adds that she doesn’t know what Maggie has put up with from him. Alex talks about moving in to Maggie’s home and treating like a frat house, being arrogant and rude but Maggie always saw the good in everybody when he made it damn near impossible. Alex says that what Maggie thinks of him is one of the main reasons he’s trying to change, so it kills him to let her down. Stephanie doesn’t think that he did and encourages that he was doing everything he could to save the deal. Alex says he begged Maggie to put him in charge and as soon as she did, he disobeyed her orders. Stephanie argues that he was blinded by Yuri’s misgivings and was trying to make the best of it. Stephanie declares that she got Seth Burns to unfire Kayla, so she’s going to call Maggie now and work the same magic with her. Stephanie takes her phone and walks away to make the call.

Kayla tells Belle that she would think after all these years, she’d be used to not hearing from Steve. Belle suggests trying to call Harris Michaels but Kayla thinks he would be just as impossible to get a hold of. Belle asks how Roman is. Kayla says his façade doesn’t crack but he’s been through so much from scattering Kate’s ashes in Ireland to finding out that she’s alive but in danger and then finding out that Bo is alive, but he’s not the Bo they remember and now Bo is in a coma. Belle tells Kayla that she’s really worried about Shawn. Kayla assures that Shawn did what he had to do as he thought Bo was going to shoot Hope. Belle worries that if Bo doesn’t make it, Shawn will blame himself for the rest of his life for killing his own dad.

Shawn throws things in frustration in the hospital waiting room until Roman walks in and asks what’s going on. Shawn tells him that there’s no change with Bo as he’s still in a coma and nothing indicates that he’s ever going to come out of it. Roman encourages him to keep the faith. Shawn complains that it won’t change anything as he shot his father. Roman tells Shawn that Hope needs him. Roman suggests they take a walk and get some air but Shawn says that won’t change anything either. Shawn declares that Victor was right that this is his fault.

Chad tells Dimitri that they are at a standoff. Chad decides to put his gun down and asks how to resolve this. Dimitri responds that he just did by putting his gun down and now he shoots him. Chad points out that Dimitri wouldn’t profit much from that and asks if he has any idea how much the other DiMeras would pay for his safe return. Dimitri admits that’s something to consider but decides he’d still like to kill them both.

The guard tells Steve that he will take his chances with the ISA and raises his gun towards him.

Chad hears the gunshot and tells Dimitri that he wasn’t stupid enough to come alone as he has a host of ISA agents, a Black Patch investigator, and a Navy SEAL. Dimitri guesses that’s Steve and Harris as he reveals that they have been expecting them which is why everyone on the ship is armed and has standing orders to shoot to kill.

Harris fired the shot that took out the guard to save Steve. Steve argues that he had the situation under control. Steve questions if Harris had to fire his weapon and let everyone on board know that they are here. Harris comments on Steve not thanking him for saving his ass. Steve then begrudgingly thanks him and they continue to search for Kate.

Stephanie finishes her call and returns to Alex. She informs him that she talked to Maggie and told her that she was in the room for the meeting but Maggie said that if she didn’t keep Alex in line, then Titan might be in the market for a new PR firm. Alex can’t believe she called to talk Maggie out of firing him and she instead threatened to fire her. Stephanie assures that she’ll be fine but she’s so sorry as she doesn’t think Maggie is going to give him his job back any time soon since she seemed pretty upset. Stephanie adds that there must be something else they can do. Alex responds that they can get drunk.

Belle tells Kayla that nobody blames Shawn given all the things Bo had done and of course he was justified in thinking Hope was going to be next, but Shawn doesn’t see it that way and there’s no reasoning with him. Belle adds that Shawn just sounds so bleak. Kayla encourages that she’s been there many times and they have to hold on to the fact that Hope and Roman are there for him and they will see him through this. Kayla assures that Hope will never lose track of Shawn, so they just have to hang in there as they have no choice.

Roman questions Shawn about Victor blaming him for trying to save his mother’s life. Roman asks who the hell he is to pass judgment. Roman declares that he’s going to rip Victor a new one but Shawn stops him and says it’s bad enough in there as they can barely keep it together as it is. Roman complains that he can’t get away with this while Shawn argues that all he did was tell the truth since he is the one who shot Bo. Roman argues that he thought his dad was going to kill his mom. Shawn says that he was wrong and it’s not like he just shot Bo in the leg to disarm him or something. Shawn complains that Bo is lying in that bed and may never come out of it as Roman hugs him. Shawn talks about how he’s missed his father so much and he’s a good man. Roman points out that he kidnapped Kayla and they thought he killed Kate. Shawn responds that he didn’t and that proves he made the wrong call.

Harris and Steve continue searching the ship and come across the first guard that Harris took out. Harris remarks that it’s been a busy night.

Dimitri remarks that he’s sure Chad and Kate have spots in the DiMera Crypt but they are going to have to settle for burial at sea. Harris and Steve then burst in with their guns. Dimitri remarks that the calvary has finally arrived but he still has a gun pointed at Kate. Harris and Steve rush Dimitri and overpower him while Kate rushes to safety with Chad. Chad hugs Kate, thanking God that she’s okay. Kate thanks him for that. Harris says he will call the coast guard to come pick up Dimitri. Kate questions who he is. Chad introduces her to Commander Michaels. Kate greets him and praises his timing. Kate greets Steve and asks how things are. Steve says things are getting better for the both of them. Harris decides he will stay and babysit Dimitri while Chad and Steve get Kate back to the mainland as he’s sure she can’t wait to get off the boat. Kate says she won’t argue with that and calls for drinks on her as soon as they are on dry land.

Alex tells Stephanie that he doesn’t think he likes becoming a better person and he may be ready to backslide already. Alex says he just feels bad about everything, that Maggie and Victor don’t trust him, that he’s letting Maggie down, and that she has to worry about taking care of Titan and Victor. Alex declares that he feels bad that Stephanie is in trouble with Maggie now too and he just hates feeling bad. Alex argues that things were so much more simple when he was just shallow and self-absorbed as he was so good at it until he met her. Alex jokes that Stephanie really screwed him up. Alex adds that one thing he’s working on with Marlena is giving up meaningless sex, but before he met Stephanie, he didn’t know he was having meaningless sex as he thought it was great, not meaningless, but then he saw how Stephanie looked at him and started looking at himself the same way. Alex remarks that it’s not her fault that she’s out of his league but for a moment, he really thought he had a shot with her and then he blew it like he blows everything.

Chad, Steve, and Kate prepare to leave the ship. Kate declares that she cannot leave until she finds her wedding ring. Chad argues that they need to get out of here while Kate insists that won’t leave the ring because Roman gave it to her. Steve notes that he knows where to find the guy who took it so they head there.

Belle informs Kayla that EJ offered her the DiMera Jet to take to Greece but she said no because she’s working a case, but maybe she could get it postponed. Belle worries that even if she went, that Shawn would keep her a million miles away even if she was by his side. Kayla relates to feeling helpless with her brothers. Kayla encourages that Shawn just needs time to heal and then he will open up to her and he will need her so much.

Shawn asks Roman if there’s any news on Kate. Roman informs him that Steve and Chad are trying to track her down along with Harris Michaels. Roman remains unsure about Harris. Shawn points out that Harris did save Chad and Stephanie from Thomas Banks. Shawn wishes there was more he could do but doesn’t think he’d be of much help. Roman encourages that Shawn’s place is here with his parents. Roman adds that when Bo wakes up, he’s going to tell him that he made an impossible choice to protect someone he loves and that’s exactly what Bo would have done. Roman asks if Shawn thinks he can go back in to see Bo, which he agrees to do. Shawn tells Roman that he hopes they find Kate soon as he then exits.

Steve brings Kate and Chad to where the guard was. The guard emerges with a second gun and pulls it on them.

Dimitri asks Harris if he thinks he has finally redeemed himself and if he assumes that his heroics act tonight have somehow atoned for all of his sins. Harris remarks that he knew they should’ve gagged him. Dimitri questions if one tiny good deed outweighs all of the bad. Dimitri asks if that’s why Harris wanted to stay behind and personally hand him to the ISA. Harris responds that maybe he just wanted to see the look on his face when they drag him kicking and screaming to one of those black sites. Dimitri asks if he really thinks that will happen.

Belle notes that it’s getting late while Kayla suggests she give Shawn a call so that he knows she’s thinking of him. Belle agrees to do so and thanks Kayla for listening as they hug. Belle adds that she will pray for Steve and Chad to bring Kate home safe.

Alex assures Stephanie that he knows that she is with Chad now and he respects that while noting that he still hates it. Alex admits there are times that it’s hard to see the point in changing when you don’t get what you want. Alex remarks that he was a great stud but a D- nice guy. Stephanie encourages that therapy and trying to change takes a lot of courage. Stephanie says it’s been a bad day but it’s just one day and the stuff with Maggie was just a temporary setback. Stephanie goes over how many CEOs that Victor has gone through and at the end of the day, it’s just a job. Stephanie calls therapy a very big deal and encourages Alex not to give up after just one bad day. Stephanie adds that he’s only just started and she already thinks this version of him is way better. Alex offers her another drink which she accepts. Stephanie heads to the ladies room first while Alex says he will order some appetizers as he’s getting hungry. Stephanie leaves her phone behind on the bar and it rings with a call from Chad. Alex answers the call and asks Chad what’s up. Chad then questions why Alex is answering Stephanie’s phone.

Steve returns to the hospital waiting room with his arm in a sling. Roman questions what he’s doing here, points out that he’s hurt and asks about what happened with Kate. Kate then enters the room and reveals they found her as she and Roman embrace.

Belle stands outside the Pub and decides to call Shawn, who is having a drink at the hotel in Greece. Shawn sees the call but ignores it. Belle leaves a message, saying she just wanted to tell him that she was thinking of him and to call whenever as she loves him.

Alex informs Chad that Stephanie is in the ladies room and he knew she wouldn’t want to miss his call, so he picked it up. Chad thanks him. Alex explains that they had a client meeting at the Bistro and are just finishing up, but notes that Stephanie is really worried about him and asks if everything is okay over there. Stephanie comes back from the ladies room so Alex hands her the phone and tells her that it’s Chad and that he only picked up because he knew she wouldn’t want to miss it. Stephanie takes the phone and asks if Chad is alright. He says he’s fine. Stephanie tells Alex to just call her tomorrow. Alex says he will and thanks her for being in his corner tonight as he then exits. Chad questions Stephanie having drinks with Alex. Stephanie calls it Titan business and asks Chad if he has any news about what’s going on. Chad informs her that he, Steve, and Harris found Kate and everything is fine. Stephanie calls that wonderful. Chad says the best thing is that Kate is still herself and says he’ll tell her the whole story when he gets back. Chad encourages Stephanie that Steve is fine and he’s going to call her when he gets done but reveals that he got shot. Chad promises that he’s fine as the bullet just grazed him and the hospital already released him. Stephanie says she believes him and asks if this means they are all coming home now. Chad is not sure about everyone else but assures that he’s on the first flight back to Salem.

Steve calls Kayla and informs her that he got shot, but promises that it’s just a scratch and that it was worth it to see the look on Roman’s face when he saw Kate. Kayla asks if Kate is okay. Steve says she’s better than okay since she’s with Roman now.

Kate finishes a call with her son Austin, assuring that she is fine and will call everyone else in the morning. Kate says she loves him and hangs up. Kate tells Roman that Austin will tell everyone else for her and says to tell Roman that he’s happy for him. Roman asks if she’s sure she is fine. Kate confirms that the doctor just said she needs rest. Kate talks about not being afraid of Megan or Dimitri the whole time, but she was terrified of losing Roman. Roman says she’ll never have to worry about that because he is never going to let her out of his sight again.

Harris tells Dimitri that the ISA is going to dump his ass in a black hole where no one has to see or hear from him ever again. Harris adds that Dimitri lost his leverage when Steve and Chad took Kate home as a hostage situation only works when there actually is a hostage. Dimitri then reveals that Kate was not his only hostage…

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