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John goes to Marlena’s office and tells her that he knows her schedule is jam packed but he just wanted to see if she needed anything. Marlena informs him that she’s actually just about to leave. John is surprised she doesn’t have any more appointments. Marlena informs him that her last patient just left for an important business meeting…

Alex sits at the Bistro while on the phone with Maggie. Maggie tells him the flight was long and Victor is in with Bo now, but there’s no change in his condition yet. Alex assures that he has everything under control and he is waiting for his meeting with Yuri as they speak. Alex states that by the time the check comes, the tech company will officially be in business with Titan. Maggie reminds him that the deal is all laid out, so all he has to do is close it. Alex declares that getting Yuri to sign the contract is his only job. Alex adds that he even recruited someone to help make sure he keeps his focus, as Stephanie then arrives.

In Greece, Steve and Harris meet with Chad to inform him that they found a small motorboat that they think Kate must have used to escape the island. Chad asks about Kate. Harris says they searched everything but unfortunately there were no signs of life. Chad asks what that means. Steve reveals that the coast guard believes there is no way Kate survived.

Kate continues cutting fish on the boat until the guard comes in and informs her that the captain wants to see her. Kate asks why. He tells her no questions and holds his gun on her so she tells him to lead the way.

Chad doesn’t care what the coast guard says. Steve and Harris assure that they are not giving up as they promised Roman that they would find his wife. Steve says there was no body found, so as far as he’s concerned, Kate is still alive. Chad asks what their next move is. Harris explains that they think Kate could have been picked up by a passing ship so they can check for a location and figure out who picked her up. Chad says that makes sense but thinks Kate would have tried to reach out to them if she boarded a ship.

Kate is brought to see Dimitri and asks what he wants with her. Kate asks if he called Roman for the ransom but Dimitri says not yet. Kate questions why the hell he summoned her then. Dimitri says she’s been working so hard that he thought she could use a break. Dimitri invites Kate to join him for a late supper. Kate tells him to take his invitation and shove it up his ass.

Alex thanks Stephanie for coming as she joins him and asks how he’s feeling. Alex admits he’s nervous but played it cool with Maggie. Stephanie assures that he’s totally prepared. Alex worries that he’s never closed a deal this big before and Maggie made it clear that it’s his last chance to prove himself so he can’t mess this up. Stephanie says that’s why she’s there to keep him on track and assures that he’s got this. Yuri arrives and meets Alex and Stephanie. Yuri mentions being unaware that Stephanie was coming and asks if there’s an image problem that he’s not aware of. Alex says not at all and it’s just a very big deal for them so they wanted to have all hands on deck. Yuri asks where Maggie is. Alex questions him not getting his e-mail that Maggie had a family emergency. Yuri suggests they should reschedule but Alex assures he is fully prepared. Yuri notes that he’s used to only dealing with the top dog. Alex explains that Maggie felt he might be comfortable with him just carrying the ball pass the goal line. Alex presents Yuri the deal to sign but Yuri says he would actually like to speak with him about a few things.

John tells Marlena that he still can’t believe she’s back to work after all she’s been through. John asks how many patients she has treated over the years. Marlena says she’s never thought about it. John talks about how she started as a psychiatrist in 1976 so he thought if she took her average case load and multiplied it by how many years she’s been at it, it would be about 5000 patients. John declares that needs to be celebrated and that’s exactly what they are going to do.

John and Marlena go to the Brady Pub. John asks what to order to celebrate Marlena reaching 5000 patients. Marlena laughs that it’s nowhere near that but admits she’s never tried to count. John is sure she’s reflected on when she first started. Marlena admits she has from time to time. John asks what stands out the most. Marlena suggests her very first patient, Mickey Horton. Marlena calls it a tough case but a lovely man and says they developed a very dear friendship as she flashes back to when they first met. John asks if she’s okay. Marlena says she was just thinking back to when she first came to Salem. John is sure things were a bit different back then. Marlena confirms that they were, but what makes Salem so special is all of the people that live here which is what made it so comfortable to develop her practice. John tells her it’s not too late to go some place a little fancier for their celebration like the Bistro but Marlena says no. Marlena mentions that her client is having his business meeting at the Bistro, so she doesn’t want to show up and throw him off his game.

Alex asks what Yuri wants to discuss. Yuri says he’s all about optionality with more avenues to create buy in. Yuri adds that according to the deal, the expansion plan is kind of weak, safe, and conservative. Yuri says he came to play and it’s go big or go home. Alex says that their analysts have done a lot of research and it seemed like the optimal amount of growth for everyone. Yuri doesn’t care about research and says his gut says that they need to be aggressive. Alex explains that Maggie believes in having more patience. Yuri remarks that Maggie seems a little bit out of touch and asks how old she is. Stephanie questions why that is relevant. Yuri says it’s very relevant and promises it’s not about women. Yuri declares that he goes fast and Maggie won’t be able to keep up with him. Alex insists that Maggie can keep up and is a very shrewd business woman, especially for being so new to the business. Yuri questions Maggie being new to the business and says that she is the CEO, so he assumed that she had a lot of experience. Alex then says that Maggie did run a lot of successful restaurants that flourished under her excellent leadership and guidance. Yuri is glad he clued him on that but he didn’t realize he was about to make a billion dollar deal with a total newbie…

Roman joins Maggie in Greece and hugs her, saying he’s so glad she’s there and asks how she is. Maggie says she’s still wrapping her head around Bo being alive. Roman says there has unfortunately been no progress since Bo squeezed Hope’s hand, so they are making plans to move Bo to a long term care facility. Roman hopes he wakes up before it comes to that but it doesn’t look good. Maggie encourages Roman not to give up as Bo is so strong and so is Kate.

Harris finds out there is only one sea line that passes where they found Kate’s boat, so only a handful of ships have been in that area. Harris pulls up the live radar. Steve points out a cargo ship that doesn’t seem to be moving. Harris finds out it’s been anchored off the coast for several weeks. Steve notes that it’s not docked and is just hanging out in the water. Harris looks up more information and it says the only other ship is Dimitri Von Leuschner.

Dimitri remarks to Kate that he sees where her daughter Billie gets her spunk. Kate asks what he’s going to and if he’s going to poison her food. Dimitri asks why he would do that when he needs her alive to get what he wants. Kate argues that he hasn’t called for a ransom and won’t share his end game, so she questions why she’s here. Dimitri suggests she would make company and he thought she would missing the finer things in life like wine and lobster. Kate then decides to accept but Dimtiri says she can’t have dinner looking like this. Dimitri offers her his private bathroom to shower and change. Kate asks if he thinks she’s going to put out. Dimitri remarks that he’s well aware that her days as an escort are behind her and he would just prefer that his dining companion smell a bit less fishy. Kate rolls her eyes and then goes to change.

Chad can’t believe it’s Dimitri Von Leuschner and informs Harris and Steve that he met him a few years ago in Phoenix. Chad calls Dimitri like a James Bond villain and mentions that he tried to steal the Alamanian Peacock which was a statue that could vaporize an entire city. Chad calls it a long story but points out that Kate’s daughter Billie was the one who took him down, so he wonders if Dimitri found Kate and took her hostage to get back at the woman who screwed him over. Harris says that would explain why Kate hasn’t reached out. Steve thought Dimitri was locked up. Harris decides they better find out.

John tells Marlena that she’s had an incredible career with all the people she’s helped and lives she’s touched. John jokes that it’s been 5000 but Marlena insists it hasn’t been that many. John counts all the listeners that called in to her radio show. John admits maybe the numbers don’t work out like that, but she has literally talked people off the ledge. Marlena flashes back to talking her client Matt off of a ledge until she ended up falling off the ledge herself. John points out that she almost died while helping Matt. Marlena says she would do it again but admits that’s easy to say now that they both survived. John states that Marlena has always put her patients first because that’s just who she is.

Stephanie tells Yuri that Alex didn’t mean to make him think that Maggie isn’t qualified and assures that she is savvy and respected by her peers. Yuri mocks that and calls this off brand for him, arguing that he needs a CEO who is in it. Alex declares that Yuri is right that maybe Maggie isn’t completely in touch, but assures that what she outlined in the deal is rock solid. Alex adds that maybe Maggie doesn’t fully appreciate the tech space, but he does. Alex understands that Yuri wants to revolutionize and inspire. Alex declares that they can get there and urges Yuri to sign the contract and then they can tweak a few things. Stephanie isn’t sure about that and thinks they should stick to the original terms. Yuri thinks Stephanie should listen to Alex and says that Alex totally gets that they need to change things up. Yuri comments that he needs an energy boost. Alex offers to order a round of drinks but Yuri says he needs something stronger and heads to the bathroom. Stephanie then asks Alex what the hell he’s doing.

Maggie asks Roman if he’s getting any sleep at all. Roman says not much as he’s trying to spend as much time with Bo as he can and he also wants to help with the search for Kate. Maggie insists that now that Steve is on the case, it’s only a matter of time before Kate is found. Roman comments that Steve and Chad have been on it non stop along with Harris Michaels. Maggie recalls Harris as the man who was brainwashed by Megan Hathaway. Roman informs her that Chad and Andrew are convinced that Harris is fully deprogrammed while he and Steve remain unsure, but at this point they can use all the help they can get.

Steve finishes a call while Chad says that Andrew is not picking up. Steve says he just talked to Frankie and last he heard, his cousin Dimitri was still behind bars. Harris then reveals that’s what Dimitri wants them to believe but it’s not true. Harris explains that he just spoke to Sebastian Alamain, who had a guard check on Dimitri’s cell and found an impostor in his place. Chad questions how long ago Dimitri escaped. Harris says the impostor isn’t talking which means Dimitri could be on the cargo ship and could be holding Kate hostage.

Kate gets dressed and Dimitri tells her that she looks stunning as they sit down with glasses of wine.

Chad still can’t get ahold of Andrew and wonders if they should reach out to the coast guard to get a hold of the ship. Steve doesn’t like the idea of giving Dimitri a heads up and says it’s better to take him by surprise which Harris agrees with. Steve hands Harris a gun and pulls one out for himself. Chad asks where his is but Harris says Chad is staying here because he’s a civilian. Chad disagrees but Steve says he’s with Harris on this one. Chad argues that Kate’s like a mother to him so he’s not staying here. Steve argues that Chad is also a father to two young children. Chad insists that he can handle himself. Chad adds that he had a front row seat to Dimitri’s last scheme so he knows how he works and maybe he can pick up on a few things that they can’t and make sure nobody gets hurt or that Dimitri doesn’t slip away. Steve admits that Chad has a point and hands him a gun.

Dimitri comments on Kate cleaning up nicely. Kate asks where the lobster is. Dimitri relates to inhaling his first meal after prison. Kate points out that he never explained how he got out of prison. Dimitri responds that even behind bars, he has plenty of resources and eventually he traded places with a sorry sap who agreed to impersonate him. Kate feels that sounds risky. Dimitri says not at all and laughs that it was surprisingly easy while now, nobody even knows he’s gone.

Roman tells Maggie that he doesn’t get where Kate has been all this time and why she hasn’t contacted anyone if she’s still alive. Roman worries that’s not a good sign. Maggie encourages that Kate has overcome every obstacle in her life, so this time is no different. Roman appreciates her saying that and notes that Maggie is pretty tough herself. Roman mentions hearing that she’s kicking butt at Titan. Maggie admits she’s enjoying the challenge. Roman guesses it must have been tricky to drop everything and fly to Greece with Victor. Maggie explains that Victor tried to talk her in to staying behind but there was no way, so she had to leave Alex in charge and she hopes that wasn’t a mistake.

Stephanie reminds Alex that Maggie told him to stick to the original deal. Alex says he knows that but argues that he had to do something or Yuri was going to walk out of the deal. Stephanie feels that Alex was undermining Maggie. Alex calls that an accident and says he was trying to make up for it. Stephanie argues that Alex is not authorized to change the terms. Alex says he knows, but all that matters is that the obnoxious jerk signs with Titan and he’s going to get it done. Stephanie reminds him that he hired her to help him stay on course but right now, he’s drifting way out in to uncharted waters so he needs to turn around. Alex argues that they will lose him. Stephanie disagrees and says Alex was excited about the original deal. Alex points out that he’s not excited now and is ready to walk. Stephanie thinks he’s just getting cold feet, so Alex needs to reassure him and sell him on Maggie’s vision by being confident in it. Stephanie insists that Yuri would be lucky to be in business with Titan. Stephanie instructs Alex to stand firm and not give in.

John tells Marlena that helping Matt off the ledge wasn’t the only time her job became hazardous to her health. John brings up Roger Lombard, who Marlena remembers as the drunk driver who hit Kimberly. John adds that he wasn’t even the most dangerous member of his family as that was Stella, who thought Marlena was having an affair with her husband. They recall Stella throwing her in a pit and John jumping in to rescue her, which rekindled their love which they flashback to. John comments that he’d still be in the dark if not for her and he thanks God every day that he met her. John talks about the influence she had over the years on patients she never gave up on and calls her a real miracle worker. John brings up Marlena rehabbing a serial killer and Ben overcame his demons to become a real stand up guy thanks to her. Marlena says that Ben did all the hard work and she’s just proud of the man he has become. Marlena thinks back to counseling Ben. Marlena mentions hearing from Ben and that he’s over the moon to be becoming a father again. John says there is no question that Marlena deserves a little bit of credit for that happiness.

Yuri returns to the table and says he needed to clear his head. Alex says that while he was gone, he looked over the original contract and says the terms are pretty awesome so he thinks they should stick with it. Yuri says Alex got him pumped up for something more in your face. Alex argues that’s not always the best approach and he promises that taking Maggie’s approach and having patience will pay off in the long run. Yuri decides to go back to the Salem Inn and sleep on it. Alex thinks they need to lock it in tonight and celebrate. Yuri tells Alex that he made him realize that he doesn’t have enough information on Maggie, so he can’t make this decision yet. Alex tries to stop Yuri but Yuri thanks him for the drink and exits the Bistro.

Kate asks Dimitri again why he hasn’t made a ransom request as she doesn’t think he’s just keeping her around for the company. Dimitri responds that there are still many factors at play. Dimitri asks what good it would do for him to ask for a large sum of money as everyone would know he escaped prison and send him right back. Kate guesses he’s looking for immunity then. Dimitri calls it a bit more complicated than that.

Chad, Steve, and Harris arrive on the ship with their guns raised. Steve tells Chad to stick with him but Chad insists that he can handle himself and that it’s best to go separately. Harris tells him to text if he finds any sign of Kate as they each then head off in different directions.

Alex can’t believe this and begins to panic that he blew it. Stephanie tells him not to freak out since Yuri did not say no. Alex asks what he’s supposed to do. Stephanie instructs him to get him back at the table and not let him leave without signing. Stephanie calls this a temporary setback and completely normal for someone to second guess signing a deal this big. Stephanie encourages Alex not to freak out and to take a deep breath to regroup because this is not over. Alex agrees that he just has to keep pressing on and to convince Yuri that not signing with Titan would be a huge mistake. Stephanie says she will help and promises they will win this. Alex calls her a lifesaver and hopes tomorrow they can get this whole thing wrapped up so that Maggie never finds out about this blip. Alex then gets a call from Maggie, so Stephanie tells him to be cool. Alex answers the call and claims that everything went great. Alex admits Yuri didn’t sign right now but everything is good and he’s confident that he will sign tomorrow. Maggie then reveals that he’s not as she just spoke to Yuri and he decided that Titan was not a good fit after all, so the deal is off. Alex calls that insane and insists that he will fix this by going to the Salem Inn now to talk to him. Maggie thinks he’s done enough and reveals that Yuri told her that he had some doubts about her terms and that Alex got him all excited about a vision that was more in your face, so he doesn’t think she’s the right person to see it through. Alex calls Yuri wrong and says he’s going to fix this to make it up to her. Maggie tells him no and that this is the last straw. Alex asks Maggie not to be angry with him. Maggie responds that she’s not angry, just disappointed because he told her that she wouldn’t regret trusting him and promised he wouldn’t let her down, but he did. Maggie declares that she’s sorry to say that he’s fired.

Steve finds the room of the ship where Kate was being held and finds her ring on the floor which he calls a promising sign. The guard then catches him and asks what they have here.

Kate asks if Dimitri doesn’t want immunity for his crimes. Dimitri assures that he does but he also wants something else and he needs everything in place in order for him to achieve his goal. Kate hopes he’s not going after the Peacock again. Dimitri says no and what he’s after is much more personal. Chad then bursts in with his gun raised on Dimitri, surprising Kate.

John toasts to Marlena’s incredible career and says she has made a mark on the town and the entire world. John calls Marlena a true legend. They exit the Pub together. Marlena calls it a lovely and perfect celebration. John says there is nothing he loves more than celebrating his extraordinary wife. Marlena thanks him and they kiss. Marlena jokes that maybe 5000 isn’t such a crazy number after all. John wishes her a happy 5000 then as they walk off together.

Happy 5000 Episodes, Deidre Hall!

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