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Ridge: Let’s see what you can do. Son, to everybody else, this right here… is nothing, just blank page, right? To us, this is the idea of possibilities, endless possibilities. This is a door we can open, a door to life, right?

Rj: Dad. No, dad, I–

Ridge: No, listen, you were given something. You’re given this incredible gift and grandad has it, he gave it to me, you guys have it. But it doesn’t land in the same place for everybody else. I need to know where it landed with you. Let me see it.

Thomas: What?

Hope: Nothing, it’s just, uh, your creative energy.

Thomas: Well, I just had an idea, had to get it out on the paper, you know? Is– is it too much?

Hope: [ Laughs ] No, never too much. It’s, um, good. I mean, your– your passion is lighting up this entire office. It’s nice to see you in your element again. I’m just happy it’s with me– with hope for the future.

[ Laughs softly ]

Count boucie: You got a nice little establishment here, mr. Sharpe. But obviously, it’s missing something.

Deacon: Let me guess, that something would be you?

Count boucie: Well, you know, right now it’s a nice restaurant, but as a level two sommelier from napa valley and a sommelier to the stars, I can turn il giardino into the “it” restaurant it’s longing to be.

Deacon: “It” restaurant?

Count boucie: The most talked-about, trendsetting, highest reviewed, the best, if you will. Just say the word and count boucie will snap into action.

Orville: Yes!

Deacon: Well, count, your name does convey quite a bit of gravitas. Uh, what’s your background?

Count boucie: Well, I was named after the great count basie, the king of swing.

Deacon: So that makes you the king of sommeliers.

Count boucie: King, perhaps. Count? Most definitely.

[ Laughs ]

Thomas: Thank you for that. You made me feel like I’m alive, you know? It’s almost like my– I’ve been reborn.

Hope: Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Thomas: That’s actually not a bad idea for a design. See? You always never stop inspiring me, it’s– it’s– it’s impressive and you just– you want me to be the best I possibly can be, and you encourage me to do that and– and it means so much, so I’m just– I’m in your debt, hope.

Ridge: You say you’re not interested in design, you don’t want to be part of this company. I get it, I hear you. But it’s in your blood, you can’t deny it. So maybe, just take this pencil, and just maybe, you could surprise yourself. Maybe this is it, maybe this is your true calling, to be here with us. I said, I see it

Deacon: I– I– I gotta tell you, count, you got me thinking, you got me intrigued. All right, tell me about your experience.

Count boucie: My experience?

Deacon: Yeah, you know, uh, who you worked for or where you worked?

Count boucie: Well, the list is long and plentiful. I’ve been requested by some of the most influential people in the world. Movie stars, athletes, politicians, royalty?

Deacon: Wow, so maybe tell me about the last person you worked for.

Count boucie: I’m not apt to kiss and tell, mr. Sharpe. One of the hallmarks of an a-list sommelier is discretion, but my reputation led me here, did it not?

Deacon: You know, actually, I– I thought it was my listing.

Orville: Grandpa?

Count boucie: Uh, I’m working right now, just relax.

Orville: But grandpa, I’m hungry.

Deacon: Well, hey, if you’re hungry, guess what? You’re in the right place.

Orville: What do you mean?

Deacon: What do I mean? I– I tell you what. You tell me what you want to eat and I’m gonna have somebody bring you a plate of whatever it is. How’s that sound?

Orville: Do you have corn?

Deacon: Corn? What, are you kidding me, man? I got fields of corn!

Ridge: Give it a shot, there’s no pressure.

Rj: Yeah, you know just ’cause you say “no pressure” doesn’t mean there is no pressure, right?

Ridge: That’s exactly what it means, there’s no pressure. I don’t care if you do this for a living or not, I just want to see what you’re capable of.

Charlie: Sorry for the intrusion.

Ridge: What is it, charlie?

Charlie: I just wanted you to know that I just finished scaling back all that extra security we had when sheila was the big problem.

Ridge: Okay, do you remember having a conversation where I told you that things like that can be sent in an email? Maybe a note left on pam’s desk? You don’t have to run in here like the building’s on fire.

Charlie: Gee, who– who curdled the big cheese?

[ Laughs ] See what I did there? It’s like a metaphorical image, joke, “curdled cheese”? Get– get it? See?

Rj: Yeah, yep, I got it, thanks. I, uh– I think dad was just, uh, interrupted in the middle of a heartwarming plea to get me to follow in his footsteps.

Charlie: Oh.

Ridge: That’s– that’s not what I’m doing at all, I’m sorry and I’m– what I wanted was for you to take the pencil and let nature do the rest. Because my first design, the first time I ever did this, I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s a big wave that came over me, and it was incredible, and I– I will never forget it. I just thought, if this is something that you may wanna do, that you should have that same euphoric, life-changing moment, that’s all.

Charlie: I know– I know exactly what you mean. I get the exact same feeling every time I go skinny dipping. I mean, a couple of laps in the buff every morning has given me two things. It made me, one, a better protector, and two, it made my neighbor build a higher fence.

Ridge: Make a statement. You can do it.

Hope: I’m proud of you, thomas. All the growth you’ve been showing? It’s been reflecting in your work as well.

Thomas: Really?

Hope: Yeah. Come on, you don’t have to do the pretend humility thing with me, I know you know you’re good.

Thomas: I may be aware. But I– I will say something that I didn’t know. Honestly, I– I had no idea if, uh, the new-and-improved thomas would actually be any good.

Hope: What do you mean?

Thomas: Look, I… I realize this now after putting myself through therapy and digging into this stuff, but in the past, I– I took all of my frustration, my anger, and– and that’s what fuelled me and made me put pen to paper. Very “rage against the machine,” right? And, now, uh, I– I don’t do that anymore and there was a time where I thought I would have no idea if what would come out would actually be of any substance, or good.

Hope: Well, I don’t think you have to worry, thomas, because your designs are on a whole other level now.

Thomas: That’s ’cause of you. You have inspired me from the beginning, but you used to inspire me in a different way, and now, you inspire me with… love. And that is what fuels me and I wake up every morning now with– with all of these designs flowing through my mind and it’s like– it’s a freedom that I have never experienced.

Hope: Peace.

Thomas: Exactly.

Hope: I think it’s evident that you have finally found peace within yourself. And it’s made you not only a better designer, but a better father and a better man as well. Need relief for tired, achy feet?

Deacon: Uh– uh, mr.–

Count boucie: Shh, I’m still reading.

Deacon: Yeah, I– I was just gonna say, if there are any changes you think that I need to make–

Count boucie: Oh, there’ll be changes made if we make this deal.

Deacon: Okay. Uh, oh, great, thank you. All right, here you go. Look at this– you got pizza, you got french fries, and good old california corn.

Orville: I love corn.

[ Deacon laughs ]

Deacon: You know, your grandfather’s a count, so who knows? Maybe some day, you’ll become a colonel. Get it? Kernel? Ah, I guess it was kinda corny, wasn’t it? Count, what can I say, I’m impressed. But there’s only one way to find out you’re as good as you think you are. So, I’m gonna put you to the test.

Count boucie: A test?

Deacon: Yep, blind taste-test. I’m gonna ask you to please leave the room, I’m gonna pour three glasses of wine and I want you to tell me what region they’re from. Sound good?

Count boucie: Brilliant.

Deacon: Mm.

Orville: Corn rules, man.

Ridge: Let it out, son. Trust your instincts.

Charlie: Oh, the suspense is killing me.

Ridge: Anything else I can do for you, charlie?

Charlie: No, thanks.

Ridge: ‘Cause my son and i were having a very important moment.

Charlie: Oh, I know, and I– and I– it is an honor for me to be here, to protect you from any interruptions.

[ Laughs ]

Charlie: I guess I’m the interruption, huh? I– well, you know, I was just– you know what? [ Stuttering ] I’m gonna get out of here and– and leave it. Good luck over there!

Ridge: Charlie!

Charlie: Yeah, all right… good luck, rj!

Ridge: Finished? May I?

Rj: Sure.

Ridge: Really?

Rj: Well, what? You said to draw what inspires you.

Ridge: This– this is what you learned? This? Really? You–

[ Grunts ] All right, very cute. Very cute.

Rj: Thank you, I try.

[ Door opens ]

Thomas: Hot out of the sewing room.

Hope: Oh, this is my favorite part– getting to see our designs come to life.

Thomas: Drumroll, please.

[ Drumming on legs ]

[ Hope gasps ]

Hope: Oh, my gosh, thomas! It’s extraordinary, it’s exactly how we envisioned!

Thomas: I know, it’s beautiful. I– I really wanna see it up and moving, but sadly, we don’t have any models coming in ’til later.

Hope: I can try it on.

Thomas: You sure?

Hope: Yes, it’s fine, I mean, I’m just as anxious as you are to see this design in all its glory!

Thomas: Awesome, thank you!

Hope: All right.

Brooke: Thomas,

he is a bad boy, and you,

my sweet, precious daughter,

you don’t like the bad boys.

Unlike your mother.


Deacon: All right. One of these is french, one is italian, one is californian. Oh, count boucie! We’re ready for you! Please. Okay, so here’s the deal. You’re gonna take a taste from each glass, you’re gonna tell me what region it’s from. One is french, one is italian, one is californian. Should be easy for a guy of your talent.

Count boucie: Delightful! Hmm.

Deacon: All right, count, game time. Italian? French? Or californian?

Count boucie: French!

Deacon: Well done. Next?

Count boucie: Italian.

Count boucie: California like the beach boys.

Deacon: Well, look, you obviously know your stuff, I can’t dispute that.

Count boucie: Well, not only do I know my wine, but I can also charm your customers into buying more product and make you a ton of money! Sound like a plan?

Deacon: All right, all right, yeah, I’m digging it, okay? I am. Let me– let me think about it, but I promise you, I’m gonna get back to you. I really am impressed. Thanks a lot, count. Orville, it was a pleasure meeting you.

Ridge: I don’t really look like this, do I? Come on.

Rj: No, what? No. Not at all.

Ridge: Uh-huh. You’re funny. It shows me how talented you are.

Rj: Thank you, dad, it means a lot coming from someone as accomplished as you.

Ridge: Everyone dreams, you know. There’s only a few of us, a few fortunate people that can take that dream and make it into something that the whole world can experience.

Rj: Dad, that’s exactly what I want to do. I– I know that I can draw, that I can create. I mean, come on, you had me doing this when I was younger, too. I don’t want to design dresses. And please don’t take that as a jab, I love everything about forrester creations. I’m– I’m proud of the work everyone here does. But especially you. I mean, I– I just– I– I want to do my own thing, you know? And build my brand.

Ridge: As an influencer?

Rj: Yes, dad, as an influencer. You know I can hear the disapproval in your voice?

Ridge: That’s not– that’s not– no, it’s just not a career, you know?

Rj: You sound old.

Ridge: I am old! You drew an old man!

[ Laughs ]

Rj: I know, I’M… you know, I didn’t draw that just to be funny. You said to draw what inspires you, and that’s you, dad. You inspire me. I just– I really don’t want to disappoint you, okay? I have to build my own future.

Ridge: I know, come here, I’m not disappointed in you, come here. I love you.

Rj: I love you, too.

Brooke: And you,

my sweet, precious daughter,

you don’t like the bad boys.

Hope: I’m ready!

Thomas: ‘Kay. Wow! Come here. Careful, don’t want to have you fall like last time.

Hope: [ Laughs ] Yeah.

Thomas: Wow. This is great. Uh, do you mind?

Hope: Oh, yeah, sure, sure.

Thomas: ‘Kay. Okay.

[ Hope clears throat ] Is everything okay?

Hope: Yeah, yeah, I’m just… excited about the design.

Thomas: ‘Kay, yeah, I mean, me too, this is– the only thing is, I think I wanna change the hem a little bit, but other than that, it’s– it’s great. This is remarkable.

Hope: What is?

Thomas: Well, the dress, but also, um, the fact that we’re able to work together like this and you can finally trust me.

Brooke: There’s no denying that I’ve always desired the wrong man. Glad you’re not like me that way.

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