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Jack: Summer worked so hard on these arrangements. She wanted to get every detail just right.

Diane: I’m sure it’ll be a lovely tribute. Although, the location she chose makes me a little uncomfortable.

Jack: Yeah, the new jazz lounge at the athletic club. I was surprised, too.

Diane: Yeah. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s an elegant space. It’s certainly large enough.

Jack: It’s also where we saw phyllis collapse after she created that dreadful scene and where– where we all got the news that she passed away.

Diane: Why would summer pick that spot to say goodbye to her mother? Why not choose a place with happier memories?

Kyle: I couldn’t agree more. It’s a terrible mistake.

Summer: Excuse me, I’m gonna go out for a bit but I’ll be back in time to greet the guests.

[ Exhales ] I will make this right. I promise you that.

Lily: Hi. I figured maybe you want to go get coffee before the memorial?

Daniel: [ Sighs] Room service just brought a fresh pot, help yourself.

Lily: Oh, wow, you’re very organized.

Daniel: Well, I was up pretty early.

Lily: Yeah, I assumed that everything would be really tough for you today. Are you coping or are you just shutting it all out?

Daniel: Little bit of both. Today is important, you know? Even if I’m faking it, I gotta pull it together for summer and for my mom. My sister singlehandedly put this whole memorial together. I’m proud of her, you know? I’m also worried for her.

Lily: Yeah, um… look, I know that you’re really overwhelmed and I really don’t want to add to any of it. So, I wanted to let you know that we’re gonna suspend work on omega sphere.

Sally: Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Sally: Come in.

Nick: Thanks.

Sally: How are you this morning? Sorry, that was a really dumb question.

Nick: I’m okay, for now. Thanks for asking.

Sally: Are you worried about summer?

Nick: Yeah. On top of all the pain she’s in grieving for her mom, she’s gotta be exhausted. I mean, she’s been going nonstop, working on the details of this thing with zero help from anyone.

Sally: Not even her brother?

Nick: That’s what she wanted. To be in charge of everything, to be able to create this perfect celebration of life for phyllis. As, like, a gift to her. Could also be to make up for the fact that they had been clashing lately as well.

Sally: Yeah, makes sense.

Nick: Not really feeling this location, though. I mean, we weren’t there when phyllis blacked out, but other people were. It had to be terrifying. And now everyone’s back in the same room. I just– I’m worried that this celebration of life is not gonna turn out the way summer is hoping.

Jeremy: Talk to me. Wait, what? Say that again. What do you mean she was a no-show? She was supposed to be on that damn flight last night. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

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Diane: Kyle, I didn’t mean to second guess your wife.

Kyle: No, it bothers me, too. Having the service there with all those traumatic memories. But I couldn’t talk summer out of it. We’ve barely talked about anything lately. She’s so caught up in planning this service, we’ve barely spoken in days.

Jack: Hey, summer is a perfectionist, even in the best of circumstances. Staying busy, distracting herself from the pain she’s feeling might be soothing.

Kyle: It’s more than that, dad. It’s like she’s on a mission to prove something. To be together where we last saw phyllis.

Diane: Well, either way, it leaves me with a dilemma.

Jack: How do you mean?

Diane: Well, I’m trying to give summer space to grieve in her own way, but to her, I’m– I’m a reminder of the events that led up to phyllis’s collapse. I don’t want to cause her any more pain, so maybe I should just stay home.

Kyle: That’s the one answer I was able to get out of her. She wants all of us there. In fact, she insisted. Look, do I think having the service in this venue will be upsetting? Yes. But it’s the only support summer’s asked for. She wants all three of us there. So, we need to be there for her.

Nick: Why don’t you, uh, grab a table and I’ll order?

Sally: Okay, yeah. Sounds good. Summer, I’m– I’m really sorry about your mom. I mean, what a terrible shock. I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask, and feel free to give me a job at the memorial. I would really like to be useful in some way.

Summer: To be honest, sally, it never occurred to me that you would come to the memorial, when you so clearly don’t belong. You know we’re mourning my mother. Do you really think that she would want you there? Especially now that you’ve glommed onto my father. I hate that he is still with you when you’re pregnant with adam’s baby. That is who you should be with. Adam. Because the two of you deserve each other. So, please just stay far, far away.

Nick: Hey, the, uh, barista had a question about your order.

Sally: Yeah.

Nick: What are you doing?

Summer: Everybody’s been telling me to stop being so stoic, so I was just sharing how I felt. You don’t seem to like that either.

Nick: Look, if you need someone to take something out on, I am right here. I mean that. Whatever I can do to help. Is there any part of the service I can take off your hands?

Summer: No, I just came from the venue and it’s all ready to go. I had one more errand to run and I wanted to grab a coffee, but you know what? I’m just gonna get one at the club, so I’ll see you there.

[ Sally sighing ]

Nick: I’m sorry about that.

Sally: Look, she just lost her mom, I get it. I really wanna be there with you. Summer is the priority right now, okay? And she’s right. Phyllis would not want me there. But I will be thinking of you and I will be sending you support. Summer needs you. Go.

Daniel: You’re suspending my platform, why? Do you not think that I can deliver? I–

Lily: No, daniel, that is– that’s not it at all.

Daniel: Well, then why even suggest it?

Lily: Well, because your mother just died. You’re overwhelmed and I don’t want you to worry about work while you’re mourning.

Daniel: Work is exactly what I need to worry about. I need structure. I need something positive to focus on. Lily, please. My mom, she loved the whole idea of this concept, even if she went behind my back and she tried to find other backers without consulting me first. You know, if you think about it, it was probably the most phyllis thing that she could do.

Lily: Okay, daniel, okay. Look, if– if you wanna keep at it–

Daniel: I need– I need to keep at it. This kind of trauma is exactly the sort of thing that chelsea and I think that the game could help people with. So, no, I don’t want to delay it.

Lily: [ Sighs ] Okay. Okay. I mean, yeah, if you want to keep working on it, that’s fine. Just not today, okay?

Daniel: [ Laughs ] Thank you.

Jeremy: Phyllis. Are you here? Dammit. Hi.

[ Summer sighing ]

Kyle: Anything I can help with?

Summer: No, I got everything under control.

Kyle: Well, it must be weird for you being in this room again.

Summer: I’m fine. You know, it feels right to me, even if no one else understands.

Kyle: What’s he doing here?

Summer: Uh, I asked him to be here, in case stark or any unwanted press shows up. I figured a detective could handle them discreetly.

Kyle: Hmm. Sounds reasonable.

Summer: I need to go touch base with him. Excuse me. Any updates?

Chance: No, not yet. Got your message about the venue. It’s why I’m here at your request.

Summer: I appreciate that.

Chance: It looks like you’re going for maximum impact to unnerve diane by choosing this place. That is if there’s any validity to your theory.

Summer: Well, I’m grateful that you agreed to come so you can see for yourself. Wouldn’t expect you to take my word for it.

Chance: Thanks for that.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Once diane sees what my mom’s loss means for all the people that loved her, there’s no way that she’ll be able to hide her guilt.

Adam: I thought phyllis’s memorial was now? Are you not with nick?

Sally: I was supposed to be, but summer made it very clear that she does not want my condolences, which is fine. You know, she’s under a lot of stress right now, and plus, she found out about the baby, which has made her resent me even more.

Adam: Oh. Does she know that it’s mine?

Sally: Oh, yeah.

Adam: Hmm.

Sally: Yeah. She was hoping it would break up nick and me, but no such luck.

Adam: Well, if I can get used to it, I imagine she will, too.

Sally: Well, I really appreciate your optimism. In fact, um, if you would care to join me, I could use a little more positive assurance right about now.

Nikki: Darling.

Nick: Hi, mom.

Victor: Summer seems to be holding up well.

Nick: Yeah, she’s being strong.

Victor: Mm.

Nick: Too strong, if you ask me. When she breaks, and I don’t know how she won’t, it’s gonna be very bad.

Nikki: Ah. My heart goes out to her and daniel.

Victor: Did she arrange all of this on her own?

Nikki: She wouldn’t accept any help, I tried.

Nick: She insisted on doing it herself as a gift to phyllis.

Victor: Well…

Nick: I think she was, uh, trying to make up for the fact that they’d been estranged lately.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nikki: Well, all we can do is to be there for her when the grief sets in.

Lauren: You know, your mom always raved about your talent, and I can see why. Your portrait really took my breath away.

Michael: It’s lovely, daniel.

Daniel: That’s, um, very kind of both of you to say. I just wish she was still alive to appreciate it.

Michael: Hey, I think there’s, uh, somebody you’re gonna want to say hello to.

Lauren: Oh.

Daniel: Oh, my god, lucy. Oh, my god.

Lucy: Hi, dad.

Daniel: How is it that you’re here right now?

Danny: We couldn’t let you go through this alone.

Lucy: Grandpa talked to mom and took care of everything.

Daniel: Come here.

[ Indistinct whispering ] Hey, man. You could save hundreds

Kyle: He has a lot of nerve showing up here.

Diane: He has no shame, none.

Summer: I was afraid that he was gonna try to pull something like this. I don’t care about his claims that he married my mom. I don’t want him here.

Jack: I will handle this.

Summer: Jack, no. Please don’t let this blow up.

Chance: I’m on it.

Jack: Okay. What the hell do you think you’re doing here? What is it gonna take to get you to back off this vicious plan to frame diane? Name your price.

Jeremy: She’s guilty, jack. She killed phyllis. And for that, she’s going to prison. And that’s the only payoff I’m after.

Kyle: All right, we’re done. You’re out of here. I’m sick of you harassing my–

Chance: Gentlemen. Gentlemen! This is a memorial service.

Jeremy: Yeah, for my wife. And I deserve to be here.

Chance: That is still up for debate.

Jeremy: Listen, I don’t know what you–

Chance: Shut your mouth–

Jeremy: I deserve to be here, just like everybody else.

Chance: Shut your mouth. Nobody wants a replay of the other night, okay? Now, you’ve had your moment. Today is a private affair hosted by phyllis’ children, and you were not welcomed.

Jeremy: You think I’m here to cause trouble? I’m here to mourn my wife, that’s all. But I think you should turn your attention to the real perpetrator, diane, and stop bullying me.

Chance: Stark, I’m going to escort you out of here, or I will arrest you. Pick one.

Jeremy: Arrest me for what?

Chance: I’m sure I can find a parole violation if I look hard enough. Now, it only takes one. You wanna risk it?

[ Summer sighing ]

Sally: First, some ground rules.

Adam: Oh. Should I, uh, take some notes?

Sally: I don’t want to talk about nick and me. Or you and me. And anything too serious is off limits. I really need less stress in my life right now.

Adam: What about babies? Parenthood? I mean, I could let you in on some of my trade secrets.

Sally: Please do. ‘Cause I could use some. When I think about all that I don’t know, it scares the crap out of me.

Adam: [ Chuckles] Well, you and everyone else who is new to this. I mean look, even if you’ve read every book there is on this, when the kid arrives, it still throws you. Plus, every kid is different. So, whatever you’ve read or you’ve heard or you have planned to do, I mean, within the first few months it’s– gets thrown completely out the window.

Sally: So, learn to roll with the punches?

Adam: Mm. Exactly.

Sally: Mm. Well, that’s actually my forte.

Adam: Look, everyone’s a beginner. They just learn on the job. And eventually, the kid is gonna get older, and then you will become an expert on potty training, nighttime routines, discipline, homework, carpooling. You will not realize how boring your conversations have become, but how fascinating you still think they are.

Jack: Hey, hey, you look white as a sheet.

Diane: That horrible man, he has no business being here, spreading his lies.

Kyle: Stark is behind whatever set this in motion, I’m sure of it. And for him to point the finger at you, I want him out of here and far away from us.

Jack: Let’s focus on summer right now, get her through these next few hours, okay? We’ll deal with stark later.

Michael: It’s not the time or the place for jeremy stark to make an appearance.

Lauren: I doubt he’s ever been accused of having manners or of being a decent human being.

Danny: Um, excuse me a second, okay?

Lauren: Yeah. Hey, lily. Uh–

Lily: Hi.

Danny: Hi. Do you mind, uh– just keep an eye on daniel, okay? For– for lucy’s sake.

Lily: Yeah, of– of course.

Danny: Thank you.

Lily: Yeah.

[ Indistinct whispering ]

Summer: If I could have everybody’s attention, please. If you all could make your way to your seats, we’re about ready to begin.

[ Chairs scraping ] That’s me before dawn powerwash.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. (Vo) is she tired? Sad? Bored?

Sally: The pep talk I gave you on how to deal with victor and victoria, have you given any thought to my advice?

Adam: Um, uh…

Sally: Okay, I get it. I take it your family is off limits, too.

Adam: If you would like to keep things light.

Sally: Fine. I just– I wanna help.

Adam: Well, that’s very sweet of you, it is. But I don’t know how you would, unless you had a couple 100 million lying around that you wanted to invest, if I decided to make a play for mccall unlimited on my own.

Sally: Wait, that’s the company that they want to acquire?

Adam: Wanted to acquire, past tense. Victoria packed up her marbles, she went home.

Sally: [ Clears throat ] Okay. What I have to offer isn’t money, but maybe it’s better. It’s a distraction. Something that’ll give you some perspective on what’s really important, other than business and proving yourself to your family.

Adam: Well, I doubt that there is one perspective that is strong enough to break me of that habit.

Sally: Okay, well, try this on for size. I have a doctor’s appointment coming up. One that checks for any anomalies and the baby’s gender. Would you want to be there?

Summer: I want to thank you all for coming this morning to honor the memory of my mom, phyllis summers. As you can see, I kept the guest list small and intimate, and that’s because I wanted to be surrounded by the people who knew my mom the best. And who loved her and cared for her the most, and who are also grieving her sudden and sh– shocking death. I know that this, uh, choice of venue came as a surprise to many of you. But I felt like it was important to restore some peace to this elegant club. One that was so lovingly dedicated to the memory of neil winters, a great man with a beautiful soul who did so much for our community. I wanted this place to be remembered as where we honored my mom and– and celebrated her life. A place that we could all come again and again. So…

[ Sighs ] The healing starts now. I also want to say that I am so grateful to everybody who offered to help me plan this service and who respected my need to do it on my own. Because… the fact is, is I– I need to make amends to my mom. I mean, we all knew how infuriating my mom could be at times, right? Could lead to arguments and hurt feelings and… unfortunately, daniel and I were both going through a time like that in the weeks leading up to her death. Our mom crossed some lines that she shouldn’t have crossed, and it left us feeling upset and alienated. I think we both understand now why she did it.

[ Sobbing ] It was because she loved us and she wanted the absolute best for us. I was just coming around to accepting that the night she was taken from us. The night I had– I had a chance to tell her that, before suddenly it was too late.

[ Whimpering and sobbing ] I am so sorry, mom. I’m sorry that I fought with you. I’m sorry that I doubted you and I would give anything, anything, to have you back right now. I would tell you right here and right now that… I love you and I believe you.

For your most brilliant smile,

Adam: I would love to come to your appointment. And I’m glad that you trust me to support you in this way.

Sally: It won’t just be the two of us. Nick– nick will be there, too.

Adam: Of course. Does he know that you’re inviting me?

Sally: I haven’t brought it up with him yet, but, I mean…

[ Sighs ] This is an important milestone, so I’m sure nick will understand.

Adam: A little boy, a little girl. Which one will it be?

Sally: Mm.

Adam: Wow, we’re soon gonna have our answer.

[ Sally laughs softly ] How great is that?

Summer: Once everybody has a glass, let’s all raise them in a toast.

[ Sighs ] To my mom, who loved very deeply, and was deeply loved in return. And who will now be terribly missed.

Man: Here, here.

[ All exclaiming ]

[ Glasses clinking ]

Summer: [ Sighs ] Now, I really do want this to be a celebration of my mom’s life. So, if anybody feels moved to speak, I– I hope that you will stand up and say something, starting with my brother. Daniel?

Daniel: Um… I didn’t, uh– I– I– I didn’t prepare anything, I’m sorry, I–

Lucy: It’s okay, dad, just speak from my heart. You got this.

Daniel: I can’t– I can’t, I’m sorry, I…

[ Summer exhales ]

Nick: Phyllis and I were, uh, extremely competitive with each other, in everything. What started out as a cool friendship, deepened into something so much more. It was a love story. One that lasted a very long time. And it produced this amazing, beautiful woman standing next to me.

[ Kissing ] You know, all relationships have, uh, good times and bad. I believe when someone important is taken from you, the difficult memories, they just fade away. What’s left is, you get the very best parts of that person. The difference they made, that they were a part of our lives. If you asked me to describe phyllis in 10 words or less, I couldn’t do it. And if you really knew her, you couldn’t do it either. She was that unique and complex. She was one of the most brilliant women I’ve ever known. Also one of the most fun-loving. She was fearless and adventurous. It’s so damn funny. When phyllis loved you, you felt like the most important person in the world. But boy, when you made her mad, look out.

[ Light chuckling ] There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for someone she cherished. Especially you kids. She loved you… so much. She was one of a kind.

Jack: I’m gonna say something. I think most of you here know that, uh, my history with phyllis is a– a long story of extremes. Love and heartache, happiness and despair, marriage and divorce. We tried more than once to make it all work, but I don’t know, we seemed destined to hurt each other. Nick is right. She was one of a kind. A force of nature, strong and stubborn and willful and exasperating and fiercely loyal and… [ Chuckles ] And absolutely certain she was right. And god help you if you ever got in her way. I know this because I managed to get in her way for decades.

[ Nikki chuckling ] I have a lot of memories of phyllis, but one in particular stands out. It was winter, middle of an ice storm. Phyllis was very pregnant with nick’s child and she and I were in an elevator on our way out of the building when the power went out. We were stuck between the fifth and the sixth floor, and we pounded and screamed and yelled for help, and tried to find an exit above us. And phyllis’s water broke. And the two hours that followed are perhaps the most powerful in my life. With everything working against her, with very little help from me, she– she struggled and fought through round after round of contractions. And she held my hand and cried and it– just when it seemed like she had no more fight left in her, through sheer strength and courage and this fiery determination… she singlehandedly willed this beautiful little girl into the world. Summer, your mother loved you and your brother more than anything in this world. Your miraculous arrival in that elevator changed her life forever. And I want you to know that her death has forever changed mine.

[ Summer sobbing ] Here’s looking at you, red. -Fixed. -That’s my son.

Sally: Ooh!

Adam: What’s wrong?

[ Sally groans ] You okay?

Sally: Yeah, I just haven’t been sure if what I’ve been feeling has been the baby moving, but I– I think this is it.

Adam: Wha– whoa. Oh! That– that is definitely a moving baby. Wow. He or she, wow, that is quite a kick.

[ Both laughing ]

Lauren: Phyllis was the kind of friend that you could call at 3:00 A.M. For, uh, bail money, and she would show up. Instantly. With the cash, a strong cup of coffee, and no questions asked.

Michael: Not that you ever needed bail money at 3:00 A.M., Because you married a lawyer.

Lauren: [ Laughs ] Perish the thought.

Michael: But still… phyllis was always there for the both of us.

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah. She’s one of the few people who knew what it was really like for me to be, uh, kidnapped and terrorized at the hands of sheila carter. Something I would not wish on my worst enemy, let alone my best friend. She was her victim, too. And, um, that bonded us like nothing else could.

Michael: For phyllis, life was a rollercoaster. The highs could be, oh, thrilling! And the lows…. eh, could be devastating. It’s too bad that she was taken from us on the downswing. Too soon.

Lauren: If only she had had more time.

Nikki: Phyllis and I had our differences, god knows. But we had one very important thing in common, and that was our love for summer. We were in business together, once upon a time. And recently, we collaborated on a special project that was near and dear to both of our hearts. I came to appreciate how her mind worked. She could come up with very creative solutions to prickly problems, and never, ever give up, no matter what.

Jeremy: Phyllis, where in the hell are you? You are not gonna screw this up for me.

Nikki: Of course, if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be at a memorial service for phyllis, singing her praises, I would have told you, you had lost your mind. But her passion and dedication to those that she loved won me over. And I will miss her. But I believe that her unique spirit can be felt in this room, and it will live on.

Summer: [ Sighs ] Would anyone else like to say a few words?

Lucy: Um, I would, if that’s okay.

Summer: Of course. Lucy, go right ahead.

Lucy: Um, phyllis– she let me call her that. Actually, she made sure I called her that. She was always fun. But we had serious talks, too. She taught me to always fight for what I believe in. And to work for what I want. She flew all the way up to portugal just to try and help my dad and i when we weren’t getting along. And I’m really glad she did. Phyllis taught me to never be too proud to say you’re sorry, because love is so much more important.

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