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Alex goes to Gwen’s room at the Salem Inn. Alex says he knows she’s busy but her assistant told him that she was working from home. Gwen says it’s okay and invites him in. Alex says he just needs to vent about his infuriating relative and figured she might understand. Gwen assumes he’s talking about Xander, so she says she is all ears.

Chloe and Xander play darts at the Brady Pub. Chloe talks about her bad last shot and how this time she is closing her eyes to concentrate first. Chloe then throws and hits a bullseye which excites her. Xander congratulates her and they hug as Brady walks in and greets them.

During hypnosis, Marlena asks if Stephanie still hears the sound of her mother’s voice but she doesn’t so Marlena brings her out of the hypnosis. Marlena asks how she feels. Stephanie says she’s fine and asks if it worked. Chad worries that he messed it up by asking who’s name Stephanie heard and thinks he threw it off. Stephanie confirms that she did hear Kayla say a name. Chad asks if it was Thomas Banks, but Stephanie reveals that she’s pretty sure it was Victor Kiriakis. Stephanie confirms that’s definitely what Kayla said. Chad wonders what it means and what Victor could possibly have to do with Kayla’s kidnapping.

Kayla helps Steve up and sits him in a chair in the wine cellar, asking if he’s okay. Steve asks if it’s really her and kisses her as they tearfully reunite.

Alex tells Gwen that he’s sorry to disappoint and as much as detests Xander, he’s here about Maggie, who he calls the boss from Hell. Gwen asks what she did now. Alex says he had an unbelievable opportunity land in his lap with the four prisms that the DiMeras and ISA were trying to get their hands on for decades. Alex says he found out Dr. Rolf had them and he pulled some strings so the prisms would’ve belonged to Titan in the biggest deal of the century but Maggie didn’t understand and made him go crawling back. Alex calls this a catastrophe because they lost and now the prisms will end up in the wrong hands and who knows what they will be used for.

Steve hopes he’s not dreaming and Kayla assures that it’s real as they kiss. Kayla tells him that she’s missed him so much. Steve thought he was going to have to miss her forever and to live without her. Steve calls this a miracle. Kayla asks how badly he’s hurt. Steve questions her worrying about him after everything she’s been through. Steve says he just has a little headache from where Bo pistol whipped him and doesn’t suppose that was a dream either. Steve can’t believe it and talks about Bo being dead for years but there he was alive and then he treated him like his sworn enemy. Kayla explains that Megan brainwashed him so he’s not really Bo and is like a heartless impostor. Steve asks if Bo was working with Thomas Banks in taking Kayla off the island. Kayla doesn’t know anything about that and asks why. Steve informs her that Megan said Thomas was the one who took her. Kayla calls Megan a liar and complains that Bo went rogue and Megan knew it. Kayla figures Megan just didn’t want to give Hope the satisfaction of knowing that Bo is alive. Steve asks if she knows why Bo brought her here. Kayla explains that Bo wants her to use the prisms to create the miracle serum that Dr. Rolf and Megan have been working on. Kayla says she doesn’t even have any idea how to do it, so they are never getting out of here. Steve encourages that so many people are looking for her and they know he’s here now, so it’s only a matter of time before they are found.

Stephanie goes over that they know Kayla is in Greece and Victor is from Greece. Marlena wonders if Victor was somehow involved in Kayla’s disappearance. Stephanie doesn’t know what to think. Chad suggests going straight to Victor directly. Stephanie agrees and adds that they could get Maggie involved to help. Chad assures that Maggie will be on their side.

Gwen tells Alex that she still doesn’t understand why Victor made Maggie the CEO of Titan and argues that she doesn’t seem very bright or have much experience. Gwen insists that Maggie can’t afford to lose Alex because she needs his energy and business sense. Gwen calls him a tremendous asset to the company. Alex thanks her but says unfortunately Maggie thinks he’s a liability so that’s why Maggie is dying to replace him and probably will. Gwen questions who she would replace him with and who would want to take a thankless job. Alex tells her that it starts with an X. Alex says that Xander is miserable as Gwen’s business partner so he’d be happy to abandon the Spectator and make his mark on Titan. Alex adds that Xander would also be punishing him for taking his place in Gwen’s bed, by taking his spot in Titan.

Brady questions what’s going on here. Xander says they are just playing darts while Brady points out that Chloe hates darts. Xander says not anymore as she just got a bullseye. Chloe tells Brady that she and Xander were eating alone at separate tables, so they just ran in to each other. Chloe asks how Rachel is doing. Brady says she’s okay and happy to have Marlena back. Chloe tells him how sorry and ashamed she is of what she said to Rachel and says it’s no excuse but she was so hurt from Rachel saying she hated her. Xander assures that Brady understands, but Brady tells him to stay out of this. Xander argues that if Brady doesn’t understand, that would be very unkind of him since Rachel is being horrible to Chloe. Brady tells him to shut up while Xander continues saying that Rachel has provoked Chloe over and over again until she finally couldn’t take it anymore, lost her temper, and gave Rachel a taste of her own nasty medicine. Brady warns Xander not to talk about his daughter and that he has no idea what she’s been through. Brady adds that Rachel’s mother is in prison, so as a parent, he tries to give her tenderness and understanding. Brady questions how any of this is Xander’s business and then questions Chloe telling him about it. Chloe apologizes but says she was upset and needed someone to talk to. Brady questions confiding in Xander of all people in Salem. Xander argues that he happens to be compassionate and understanding. Xander remarks that he’s glad that Chloe stood up to Brady’s spiteful daughter. Brady calls Xander spiteful and insensitive, arguing that he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a parent so he can’t talk like he does. Brady adds that Xander doesn’t even know how to be a decent human being. Xander brings up that he gave Alex a black eye the other day, so maybe Brady would like one too.

Steve tells Kayla how crushed their kids were to lose her and brings up how Stephanie didn’t make it to the hospital in time before she supposedly died and she was so tortured by that. Kayla can’t wait to see Joey, Tripp, and Stephanie. Kayla worries that Steve needs stitches but Steve assures it will heal fine. Kayla says it’s bad enough that Bo kidnapped her, but now to hurt him this way. Steve insists that they will be fine and Bo will be too. Kayla hopes so but feels that Bo somehow broke away from Megan’s mind control. Kayla talks about all Bo has been through over ten years in limbo with whatever Dr. Rolf and Megan did to him. Kayla worries that Bo is at war with himself because he kept talking about wanting a fresh start and figuring out who he really is. Steve asks if being Bo Brady doesn’t appeal to him anymore. Kayla says she kept trying to appeal to him about their past but Bo didn’t want to hear it and just dismissed it. Kayla adds that Bo wants to build an empire with wealth and power. Kayla thinks it’s all about being Victor’s son or maybe even his clone.

Gwen encourages Alex that Titan is his birthright, so she warns him not to roll over and let Xander take his job. Gwen questions why Maggie would want Xander anyway after he screwed her daughter over. Alex remarks that it seems Maggie has a soft spot for Xander and just forgives him for whatever he does. Alex can’t believe Maggie gives Xander a pass at every turn, but get pissed off at him if he even sits in her CEO chair. Alex stops and apologizes but Gwen tells him to go ahead and insult Xander because she doesn’t care. Alex asks if she no longer has a soft spot for Xander. Gwen asks why should she. Gwen adds that ever since taking a step back from their relationship, Xander has been avoiding her at every turn and didn’t even bother to show up at the office for work today. Alex asks if he at least had an excuse but Gwen says he didn’t call or even bother go give an excuse. Gwen remarks that it’s no mystery where he’s spending his time now and that he’s probably cozying up to Chloe as they speak.

Chloe tries to stop Xander and Brady from fighting. Xander calls Brady arrogant and self righteous, bringing up that he fathered a child with a sadistic psychopath. Brady warns him not to go there. Chloe says that’s enough. Brady agrees and then Chloe tells him he can leave. Brady refuses to leave until he talks to Chloe. Xander asks if Chloe wants to talk to him. Brady argues that Chloe can speak for herself and asks if they can talk. Chloe asks Xander to give them a few minutes. Xander agrees and goes to get another round of drinks. Brady sits with Chloe and says he wants to fix this which surprises Chloe. Chloe cries that she was so terrible to his daughter and feels horrible about it. Chloe says she would understand why that would be a deal breaker. Brady says it doesn’t have to be and that Rachel just needs to understand that Chloe doesn’t hate her. Chloe asks how she could hate Rachel when she’s just a child who has been through way too much lately. Chloe says her heart breaks for her having Kristen as a mother. Chloe adds that she truly loves Rachel and wishes she didn’t see her as the enemy or as the person who came between her and her mother. Brady encourages that they used to have a great relationship. Chloe wishes she could have that again but cries that she can’t take back what she said, so Rachel just thinks of her as the evil step monster. Chloe asks how to change that. Brady says he will talk to her. Chloe offers to write an apology but Brady says he seems to be the only one who can get through to her. Chloe is not sure talking will be enough to get Rachel to see her in a better light, feeling that it’s going to take a miracle. Brady questions if she’s saying she wants to give up because of this issue with his daughter. Chloe cries that she doesn’t. Xander then comes back and asks Chloe if she’s ready for a rematch at darts. Brady then gets up and walks out of the Pub.

Alex questions Gwen about Xander and Chloe. Gwen informs him that she saw them with their heads together the other day. Gwen says she stopped Leo from putting it in his column, thinking he was making something out of nothing, but now she’s having second thoughts. Gwen shows Alex the photo that Leo sent her of Xander and Chloe hugging and asks if that looks platonic to him. Alex says maybe. Gwen says maybe she should’ve let Leo run the story then, especially since he replaced it with something Sloan would have gone mental over. Gwen wonders if Leo was right about Chloe and Xander because after she told Leo it was rubbish, she walked in and saw the two of them in each others’ arms.

Xander tries to encourage Chloe to another game of darts but Chloe doesn’t want to play anymore. Xander blames Brady for making her feel worse. Chloe says she’s just miserable and full of regret and guilt. Chloe adds that Xander threatening to beat up Brady didn’t help. Xander apologizes and argues that Rachel treating Chloe like dirt and Brady doing nothing to protect her from it is outrageous. Chloe argues that there’s nothing Brady can do to protect her from it because Kristen has convinced Rachel that she’s evil and that she’s keeping her from her mother, so now Rachel just wants her out of her and Brady’s life. Xander guesses all he did by nixing Leo’s article was postpone the inevitable. Chloe asks what he means. Xander says from personal and recent experience, there comes a point of no return in a failing relationship. Xander talks about trying to go back to before it all fell apart and trying to make it work, but it’s already over and just a matter of admitting it to yourself. Xander says he could have saved he and Sarah so much heartache if he just let go, but now they are divorced and Sarah can’t even bring herself to live in Salem. Chloe asks if he thinks she and Brady are at the point of no return. Xander responds that it doesn’t matter what he thinks and asks what she thinks.

Brady goes home where Marlena is reading. Brady talks about still getting goosebumps when he sees her because he’s so grateful that she is there. Marlena feels the same and is grateful to be alive and home with family she loves. Brady asks if there’s any news about Kayla. Marlena responds that they may be making progress as Chad and Stephanie were over and they think Victor may be able to shine some light on where Kayla is. Brady questions that. Marlena explains that Victor is not involved in Kayla’s disappearance but Stephanie remembered Kayla saying something about him. Brady says that could be crucial to finding Kayla and offers to talk to Victor. Marlena says they will see how they do and if they don’t discover anything, then maybe Brady can give it a try.

Chad and Stephanie go to the Titan office where Maggie asks what she can do for them. Chad asks if Victor is around. Maggie says he’s out of town. Stephanie says they needed to ask him something. Maggie suggests asking her and maybe she could help. Chad explains that Kayla is in Greece and asks if Maggie can think of any reason why Kayla would bring up Victor’s name when Stephanie asked where she was. Maggie says she can’t be sure but Victor has investment properties all over Greece. Stephanie asks for a list of those properties. Maggie says she has access and get her assistant on it right away. Stephanie says that would be very helpful. Chad thanks her and asks if she can think of anyone in Greece that is connected to Victor. Maggie says they will keep their ears out and if they hear anything, they will be their first call.

Steve and Kayla talk about this being Victor’s childhood home. Steve comments on the smell of goats. Kayla mentions that Bo did encourage her to open up a bottle from the wine cellar. Steve suggests making the best of it while they are stuck here but Kayla thinks he should stick to water and aspirin for his headache. Steve agrees to hold off on wine until they get out. Kayla assures they will have champagne when they get out. Steve agrees that they will party, sing, and dance back in Salem. Kayla states that just being with him makes her so happy and grateful because he is all she really needs as they kiss.

Chloe tells Xander that she doesn’t know how she and Brady can come back from this but she also doesn’t know how to give up since she has loved him for so long. Xander says he understands but it’s not like Brady is the only fish in the sea as there are plenty of handsome single men in Salem. Chloe asks like who. Xander asks what he is. Chloe brings up that he left her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord. Xander says she’s just never going to let that go. Xander admits he has some flaws and has behaved abominably at times, but jokes that he’s better looking and more intelligent than Brady. Chloe jokes that she still can’t let the left her to die stuff go as they toast their beers.

Marlena tells Brady that Rachel has been playing in her room for hours and she offered to take her out for ice cream but she refused. Brady explains that Rachel didn’t want Marlena to know that she’s grounded because she decided to skip school and take an uber to prison to see Kristen. Brady adds that he forced Kristen to write a letter to Rachel, telling her to accept Chloe, but Rachel saw through it. Brady thought they could work through it but it’s just escalated and then Rachel told Chloe that she hated her and out of anger and frustration, Chloe gave it right back. Brady doesn’t know what to do as he wants to put his kid first because he doesn’t want her to be miserable, but if he doesn’t fix things with Chloe, he’s going to be miserable. Marlena relates to having the same problem with John and Sami. Brady remembers how terrible he was to her as a teenager but she took it with grace. Marlena understands he was acting out of anger like Rachel is, but he outgrew it. Brady says that John and Marlena were already married and a solid couple, so there was no coming between them while Rachel still thinks that he and Kristen could get back together. Brady adds that to top it off, Xander is moving in on Chloe. Marlena is surprised as she didn’t think Xander was her type. Brady says whether he is or isn’t, they are hanging out. Marlena assures they are just friends. Brady agrees, for now. Marlena says she’s so sorry and asks how she can help. Brady asks Marlena to talk to Rachel, thinking she might be able to get through to her. Marlena agrees to do that right now. Brady says he has no expectations but thinks she might be the only other person in the world that can make her understand things. Marlena agrees to do her best but says not to expect any miracles. Brady thinks Rachel having her grandma back is miracle enough. Marlena then heads to Rachel’s room.

Chad and Stephanie walk through the town square as Stephanie tries calling Steve but says it’s going straight to voicemail. Chad gets a text from Maggie with the listings of Victor’s properties in Greece which Stephanie says she will text over to Steve. Stephanie knows they don’t have anything concrete, but she feels like they are getting closer. Chad encourages that they are and they are going to find her mom. Alex then appears and questions what they mean by finding her mom. Stephanie then reveals to Alex that her mom is alive.

Kayla wonders where Bo went as she thought he would be eager to supervise her scientific endeavors. Steve wonders why Bo left him with her, knowing he’d try to break them out. Kayla asks if he thinks anything will bring her brother back. Steve assures that he thinks the real Bo is still in there. Steve talks about how Bo threatened to take his other eye out but he couldn’t go through with it and kept him alive. Kayla says Bo isn’t thinking rationally. Steve believes that deep down, Bo knows he needs them to save him from himself. Steve brings up that it was love that got through to he and John when Megan messed with their minds. Steve encourages that will get through to Bo as he will feel all of their love and come back to them, just like he came back to her.

Marlena comes back from Rachel’s room and informs Brady that Rachel is busy perfecting her 3D printing skills. Marlena adds that she did ask about Chloe but Rachel was not very receptive, so she will try again tomorrow. Brady knows she said this might be a long process but he doesn’t think he has time as he feels Chloe slipping through his fingers as they speak and it may already be too late..

Chloe resumes playing darts with Xander and gets another bullseye. Xander says he’s proud of her. Xander toasts to Chloe’s new found dart prowess and to both of them letting go of the past and getting on with their lives, right as Gwen enters the Pub. Gwen thinks the universe is trying to tell her something and remarks that it looks like the rumors are true. Chloe questions what rumors. Gwen responds that according to Leo, they are Salem’s new hottest couple and it looks like he was right.

Alex tells Stephanie that he’s really happy for her and can’t tell her what a relief it is for him either. Stephanie points out that he barely knew her mom. Alex says that’s true, but if she’s alive, at least now he knows he didn’t deprive her of being able to say goodbye to her after all.

Kayla shows Steve the old letter she found from Victor to Caroline, a plea to come visit him in Greece, but she never read it as it was returned to sender. Steve notes that it looks like it makes Kayla sad. Kayla confirms it does but she’s not really sure why. Kayla is glad Caroline stayed with her father as she always felt they had a wonderful marriage, but she finds herself feeling sorry for Victor and questions why. Kayla guesses there is just something tragic about Victor pining after Caroline all these years. Steve says it reminds him of when they read the story of Emily and Gideon. Kayla recalls how sad they were, thinking they wouldn’t get their happily ever after. Steve points out that they did and they will too. Kayla hugs Steve and says she loves him.

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