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Alex joins Maggie at the Titan office. She notes his black eye has healed while Alex says his bruised ego has as well and he always gets back up. Maggie asks if he’s ready for the board meeting. Alex says he actually wants to sit out on this one if that’s okay. Maggie asks if he has something more important to do. Alex knows she’s had her doubts about him but he promises to prove to her that she made the right decision in keeping him in his position, by closing a huge deal for Titan. Maggie asks what huge deal but Alex says it’s a surprise. Maggie doesn’t like surprises but Alex promises she will love this one.

Tripp goes home and lays on the couch but then Stephanie shows up and says she’s been trying to get ahold of him. Tripp asks if there’s news about Steve and if he found Megan Hathaway. Stephanie confirms that he did, but there’s more. Stephanie reveals that Kayla is alive.

Hope and Harris go to a hotel in Greece. Harris carries her bags and tells her that his room will be right down the hall. Hope thanks him for coming with her. Harris says it’s the least he could do as he knows how important Kayla is to her. Hope says she’s family since she was married to Kayla’s brother, Bo. Harris mentions passing a wedding in the plaza. Hope acknowledges that Greece can be romantic. Harris suggests after they find Kayla, maybe they can hang out for awhile and appreciate the beauty. They agree that they would like that. Harris says he will let her unpack and goes to leave, but stops.

Andrew Donovan goes to the police station and greets Shawn. Shawn says he hasn’t seen him in forever while Andrew jokes about missing the last family reunions. Shawn mentions needing to get everyone together again. Andrew informs him that it looks like his mom is trying to do that now as Hope is in Greece, trying to find Kayla.

Kayla tries to escape the cabin in Greece but Bo appears at the door and asks if she’s going somewhere.

Harris and Hope almost kiss but are interrupted by Steve arriving at the door. Steve tells them that he thinks he’s got a lead on the son of a bitch who took Kayla

Kayla claims to Bo that she was just going out to get fresh air. Bo tells her to let him know and he’ll crack a window. Bo hopes she wasn’t planning to leave, warning that the path is treacherous. Bo tells her that he has dinner but Kayla says she’s not hungry. Bo encourages her to eat because it’s a big night. Bo asks if she’s made any progress on the formula for the serum from the orchid. Kayla responds that she’s working on it. Bo mentions that Dr. Rolf said the formula would reverse aging so it would be worth a fortune that would dwarf Victor’s. Kayla asks if Bo’s goal is just to be richer than Victor. Bo says he just wants to build an empire of his own and getting a back a few years he lost would be a benefit.

Shawn thanks Andrew for the update on the search for Kayla but says he knows he’s here on ISA business. Andrew confirms he’s here to transfer his prisoner. Shawn hopes they lock Megan up for the rest of her miserable life. Shawn and Andrew then head in to the interrogation room where Megan awaits. Megan tells Shawn that she would know his face anywhere and that he reminds her so much of his father.

Tripp is shocked and questions how Stephanie knows Kayla is alive. Stephanie confirms that she talked to her on the phone and heard her voice. Tripp hugs her and calls it unbelievable. Tripp says Steve must be going out of his mind. Stephanie says he’ll be a lot better once he finds her. Tripp doesn’t understand and asks where she is. Stephanie says they don’t know as the connection on the call was horrible, so all they know is that Kayla’s been abducted somewhere in Greece. Tripp asks if Steve is there now. Stephanie confirms that he and Hope just arrived. Stephanie adds that Kayla sounded so scared, so she hopes they get there in time. Tripp encourages that he will and that Kayla has survived this long. Stephanie talks about being unable to sleep since the call and knowing that she’s been alive after all these months. Stephanie wonders if she missed a clue to what Kayla was trying to tell her and wishes she could hear the call over again. Tripp suggests maybe she can.

Harris asks if Steve got a location on Thomas Banks but Steve reveals that Dr. Rolf has been spotted in the area. Harris asks how Steve knows that Rolf is here. Steve says his face is all over the news feeds as he’s an international fugitive, so someone called in a tip while he was ordering takeout but he was able to give the local cops the slip and they believe that he made it off the island. Harris says they were so close. Steve notes that Dr. Rolf was apparently in a hurry and left all his stuff at the hotel, so he’s going to the police station to see if they found anything that can lead them to Thomas Banks and Kayla.

Bo asks Kayla how soon the serum will be ready. Kayla responds that after reviewing Dr. Rolf’s notes, she’s pretty sure there is no chance that she will make that serum for him.

Andrew informs Megan that she is now in the custody of the Salem police department, who will hold her until she is transferred to Statesville prison. Megan continues talking about how Shawn reminds her of his father and remarks that it’s as if she actually succeeded in turning back the clock and made Bo young again. Shawn questions what that is supposed to mean.

Bo asks Kayla what the problem is since she has Dr. Rolf’s notes and he made several batches of the serum. Bo tells her to just follow the directions. Kayla argues that it’s complicated, they’re not in a lab, and the notes are incomplete. Bo asks what she means. Kayla says it’s clear that Dr. Rolf was taking instructions from what was on the three prisms that Megan got last summer. Kayla says she can’t decipher the short hand. Bo questions what she is saying. Kayla declares that without the prisms, there’s no serum. Bo thinks he knows where they might be.

Alex calls the police department in Greece and says he’s ready to move over the funds if he has his items. The officer confirms he does and tells Alex to just wire the money and the prisms are his.

Tripp suggests Stephanie try hypnosis and tells her about how it worked for Allie before. Tripp says Stephanie may have been in shock but her brain may have remembered more than she thinks. Stephanie worries that Marlena just got home but Tripp assures that Marlena would want nothing more than to help find Kayla. Stephanie agrees that she has to try and hopes she remembers something that will bring Kayla home.

Bo tells Kayla that when they left the island, he was going to go get the prisms but they weren’t where he thought they would be. Kayla repeats no prisms, no serum, so there is no reason for him to keep her here. Bo says he might know where they are at as it’s possible that Dr. Rolf left them behind.

Alex prepares his wire transfer to the Greek police. Maggie returns to the office. Alex asks how the board meeting was. Maggie says she was distracted the whole time because she was worried about Alex and his big surprise he has planned. Alex informs her that while she was at the meeting, he cemented the deal, so he’s happy to share. Alex brings up Dr. Rolf. Maggie says he’s currently a fugitive and questions what he has to do with Alex’s deal. Alex reveals that Dr. Rolf was hiding out in Greece but he got away, though he possessed three prisms that are powerful artifacts that Li Shin failed to acquire for DiMera last summer. Maggie mentions hearing of these prisms. Alex talks about how there are reports that the prisms can cure diseases and possibly even reverse aging. Alex asks what if he told her that he was about to secure all of the prisms for Titan.

Shawn questions what Megan meant when she said make Bo young again when she knows he’s been dead for years. Megan claims that she was just saying seeing his face was like traveling back through time. Megan states that she and Bo had a very intense love affair until he settled for Hope. Shawn warns her to keep his parents names out of her mouth as he’s done listening to this nonsense. Shawn argues that she’s hurt his family enough. Megan doesn’t think Hope is suffering that much and says she’s moved on from them and from Bo as well with Harris Michaels. Megan informs Shawn that Harris and Hope are together for real now. Shawn repeats that he’s had enough. Megan mocks him that it’s tough when his mom moves on with a new dad. Shawn warns her to shut her mouth.

Hope and Steve talk about finding Kayla. Steve knows it’s a longshot and maybe implausible to think Dr. Rolf left a clue behind. Steve knows the connection is thin but it’s the only one that they have to Thomas Banks, but Harris says maybe not.

Tripp makes breakfast for Stephanie. Stephanie says she’s not hungry but Tripp encourages her to keep up her strength so that she can help Kayla. Tripp offers to cancel his plans for later so he can make sure she can get in to see Marlena. Stephanie asks if Tripp’s plans are with Wendy. Tripp asks who told her that. Stephanie knows Tripp and Joey were competing for Wendy’s attention in Hong Kong and that Joey backed off, then tried to play matchmaker. Stephanie says that Joey just wants him to be happy and she does too. Stephanie asks if Tripp likes Wendy. Tripp confirms that he does but the problem is that she’s been hanging out with Johnny. Stephanie points out that Wendy is going to dinner with Tripp, so maybe she’s just as interested in him.

Harris reminds Hope of the restaurant where they first met. Harris notes that Megan had him staying in a room upstairs and there was another one of her employees looking for the prisms, Thomas Banks.

Maggie tells Alex that she’s heard rumors of these prisms for years but it sounds like science fiction to her. Alex knows that it’s far fetched but says for the price he’s paying, the risk is worth the reward. Maggie says she will be the judge of that. Maggie asks for the details and who his contact is on this transaction. Alex explains that when he found out Dr. Rolf was in Greece, he reached out to Victor’s people and they put him in touch with the police there and it turned out that when Dr. Rolf evaded capture, he left the prisms in his hotel room. Maggie questions them agreeing to sell the prisms to Alex. Alex confirms that one of the cops did. Alex adds that they are just sitting in an evidence locker and the cops have no idea what they have, so he convinced one of them to sell them to him for a relatively small sum. Alex calls it pretty amazing but Maggie calls it amazingly stupid.

Harris and Hope plan to go show Thomas Banks’ picture around while Steve decides to go see what Dr. Rolf left behind. Hope hopes that one of their longshots pans out.

Bo warns Kayla that he doesn’t have all night and has to get going. Kayla brings up their childhood which gets Bo arguing, but then he tells her it was a nice try to walk him down memory lane to get him to be the old Bo, but he likes who he is. Kayla asks what he’s going to do and if he’s just going to just walk in to a random Greek police station and ask for the prisms. Bo says he’s just going to get her what she needs to decipher Dr. Rolf’s notes and then she will get him what he needs. Kayla questions Bo leaving her in a wine cellar. Bo tells her to try to relax as he then leaves her locked up.

Stephanie asks Tripp about declaring his feelings for Wendy. Stephanie tells him that tonight’s dinner is his once chance to convince her to be with him instead of Johnny. Tripp worries about pressuring her. Stephanie doesn’t think being clear about your intentions is ever a bad thing. Tripp asks if he’s not doing what Alex did to her. Stephanie says that Alex tried to manipulate and control her because that’s who he is. Stephanie adds that unlike Tripp, Alex will do whatever it takes to get what he wants no matter what it costs.

Maggie questions Alex using Titan money to pay off a police officer but Alex argues that it’s not a payoff. Maggie asks if it’s a bribe then. Alex says this is how these people do business and Victor has relationships with them. Maggie questions him not talking to Victor about this. Alex says he wouldn’t go behind her back again because he’s going to prove to her that she can trust him. Maggie accuses him of using Victor’s name and Titan’s money to bribe a government official. Maggie remarks that Alex is now giving a black eye to the company and the family.

Andrew tells Shawn that he knows this is intense and asks if he needs to take a break but Shawn assures that he’s good. Megan comments on Shawn having the same temper as Bo. Shawn declares that he’s done talking about his father as her relationship with him is ancient history. Shawn brings up that Megan’s deal requires her to cooperate fully. Megan says she told Steve that Thomas Banks took Kayla and claims that’s all she knows. Megan adds that he can ask any questions he’d like but it will be a waste of time. Shawn says he will decide that. Megan responds that she is exercising her right to counsel because she wants to make sure this transfer goes off without a hitch. Megan asks for a phone to call her lawyer.

Harris and Hope go to the restaurant where they met. Harris recalls when he first saw her and says no photo could capture the spark in her eye as they then kiss. Hope says they shouldn’t draw attention to themselves while Harris says this is them blending in as a couple caught up in the romance of Greece, so they continue kissing.

Kayla complains about her own brother locking her in a wine cellar to create a youth serum. Kayla then finds a lockbox on one of the shelves of wines.

Bo goes to the police station in Greece and impersonates Shane Donovan. Bo says he’s here about evidence collected from Dr. Rolf’s room and a set of prisms that are extremely powerful and could be dangerous if they fall in to the wrong hands. The cops asks if he has any paperwork of his claim. Bo then questions if he’s saying there’s a problem with a request from the director of the ISA.

Maggie hopes Alex didn’t send anything to this corrupt cop in Greece. Alex states that he was about to when Maggie walked in. Maggie argues that he was doing something so irresponsible. Alex argues that acquiring these prisms for Titan is a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change the landscape of science and medicine while also humiliating DiMera Enterprises. Maggie doubts the scientific claims but says it’s still bribery and smuggling. Maggie vetoes Alex’s surprise and orders him to call the dirty cop back to tell him the deal is off. Maggie warns that she will deal with him later and asks if he understands. Alex reluctantly says that he does as Maggie exits the office.

Bo tells the cop that he needs the prisms now as it’s a matter of international security. The cop then gets a call from Alex. He tells Alex that there is a man from the ISA asking about the prisms. Alex begrudgingly tells the cop to go ahead and hand them over because the deal is off and then hangs up. Bo threatens to go over the cop’s head but the cop apologizes for the delay and directs him to wait in a room while he goes to retrieve the prisms for him. After Bo leaves, Steve arrives and tells the cop that he hopes he can help him.

Kayla searches for something open the lockbox she found. She finds a bottle opener and gets the box open.

Tripp offers to go with Stephanie to see Marlena and cancel his plans with Wendy. Stephanie tells him not to do that and thanks him for the offer but assures she’ll be okay. Stephanie adds that if anything happens or she hears from Steve, she’ll let him know. Tripp wishes her luck. Stephanie tells him the same and that Wendy would be very lucky to end up with a guy like him. Tripp thanks her for saying that. Stephanie gets a call and answers, hoping it’s Kayla.

After leaving the interrogation room, Shawn tells Andrew that he’s sorry for not keeping his cool with Megan. Andrew thinks he did fine, given the circumstances. They talk about wishing they could listen to clients and lawyers as it would make things easier. Shawn hopes Megan plays this straight but worries she could use it as another opportunity to go after Hope.

Megan uses her phone call to call Thomas Banks and give him a heads up that a lot of people are looking for him. Megan adds that he can return the favor by doing one little thing for her. Megan instructs Thomas to find Bo Brady and shoot anyone who gets in his way.

Hope asks Harris if he’s ready to do what they came for. Harris confirms that he is and pulls out a photo of Thomas Banks, wondering who they should talk to first. Hope tells him to follow her lead.

Steve introduces himself to the cop and says he’s working with the ISA and needs to see the evidence found in Dr. Rolf’s room. The cop responds that he’s afraid his colleague already made that request as he arrived a few minutes before him. Steve asks if he’s still there. The cop informs him that “Mr. Donovan” is in the other room. Steve questions Shane being there. The cop suggests Steve join him while they check to see what’s taking so long on their end. Steve goes to the room looking for Shane, but is shocked to find Bo instead.

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