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Elizabeth: What if I get fired? What if this is the end of my time here at general hospital? Oh, she’s here. Ah. Hi. My part is finished. They’re making their decision now. How long is it gonna take? Is a quick decision good or bad? I wish I knew. What i do know is that you’re an excellent nurse, and I made that clear to the board.

[ Cellphone dings ] Oh. A little fire to put out here. I’ll be right back. Finn: Okay. This is so bizarre. Half of me wants this to be over with, and the other part wants it to drag on forever. Because what if these are my last minutes on staff? Either way, I just — I need to face it and deal with it. And you will. Look, I — I know how important your independence is to you. And if you need to face this on your own, I understand. I-I could step out. My life may be about to change forever. There’s no one else I’d rather be by my side.

[ Footsteps approaching ] I, uh, just got a notification. They’ve reached their decision. Oh, god. Here we go. Nurse baldwin. After careful consideration, the committee has decided… not to take any disciplinary action against you. I have your car keys. You called finn. I know that you’re upset. After I specifically asked you not to discuss what’s happening in my life with finn or chase. How can I explain what’s happening in your life if i don’t know what’s happening in your life? Because you won’t tell me. I’m worried about you. Worried. About what? You just said you don’t know anything. So let’s just leave it that way. I can’T. You’re my friend. I care about you, whether you like it or not. I am getting a whole-new education on the backstage elements of the nurses’ ball. You guys would not believe how important it is to have the right lighting package. Fortunately, the lighting designer that lucy has always used is available, but he is not cheap. Thankfully, the nurses’ ball is fully funded, so all the proceeds can go to hiv/aids research. I’m so glad deception is able to donate $300,000 and match all the customers’ donations. Wow. That’s a lot of money. Lucy will be so excited. God rest her soul. Sasha. Does kelly’s make biscotti? Not that I know of, but the cupcakes are spectacular. Hm. Oh! Uh, you know my mother-in-law, gladys. Sure do. Yeah, we met at the savoy. Isn’t that right, gladys? What were you doing at the savoy? Well, go ahead, gladys. You want to tell them or should I?

[ Elevator whirring ] Portia: Is there hope for us, curtis? I’m afraid it’s more complicated than that. Is it? Curtis. Just tell me if our love for one another is strong enough to get us through this. Not that long ago, you were the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And now that trust is broken. And I don’t think our love can fix that.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Telephone rings ] Marshall, hi. What are you doing here? Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah. I’m fine. I’m just coming back from my follow-up with dr. Samuels. I know we haven’t had a chance to chat at the house, but I’ve — I’ve really been wondering. How did it go? Didn’t curtis tell you? Well, curtis said to me he would tell me if he could, but the information is private. I think that says it all, doesn’t it? Scotch. Neat. Curtis. Hey. Uh, you don’t have to worry. This is my first drink. I can promise you it won’t be my last. Might get ugly, so… you might want to get while the getting’s good.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll have what he’s having. Trina. Hi. I was in the neighborhood. I wanted to see if the baby settled in okay. Come in. Things didn’t go exactly the way that I hoped that they would. We love our new room, don’t we, ace? Yeah? Who’s that? Esme’s here?

[ Ace cooing ] Um, we live here now, thanks to ace’s grandmother. Isn’t that right, ace? Just one big, happy family.

[ Ace crying ] Oh, I know. Why you fussin’? Why you fussin’?

Trina, it’s so nice to see you, sweetie. I’m sorry just to show up. Oh. Are you kidding me? You’re always welcome here. I didn’t want to disturb the baby. I-I really didn’t realize. This is a very recent development. We all agreed that, uh, it would be best if esme and ace stayed with us. The alternative would be to get esme a place above kelly’s, but that’s no place for a baby, so… yeah, so, um, mommy came up with a compromise. It seemed like a good idea. So are you — are you going back to your uncle sonny’s place or…? Spencer: No, grandmother has been very generous to let me stay here. That way, I can be right down the hall if my little brother needs me. So…why are you here? And not at your own nightclub? Drinks are free there, you know. Too many things to bother me at my nightclub. And tonight, I don’t want to be bothered. I will have another scotch, though. Go ahead. I know you want to ask me what’s wrong.

[ Chuckles ] I figure if you want to tell me, you will. And if not, well… it’s good scotch. You always did love a fine highland malt. You remember. Hm. Cop’s curse. I remember everything. I ran into trina tonight. And I’m guessing by your bar tab, things went badly? Actually, it was the opposite. Great. Trina’s a good kid. Trina’s the best. But she still doesn’t want to take a dna test. I gotta say, there was a — there was a moment there that I thought we could really have a relationship. There’s just one big “if.” If it turns out she’s your daughter? Well, it sounds like you made a nice start. Yeah, it was. Until her mom walked in. I hate that there’s still so much distance between you and curtis. And I know that this is my fault. But curtis has such little trust in me that he wouldn’t want to share your latest medical evaluation? It’S…

[ Sighs ] I just hope the information you got from dr. Samuels was good. Wait. Wait. Don’t go. Is there someplace we can talk? Listen, I don’t want you to feel obligated to keep me in the loop on this. I really don’T. No, no, no. This isn’t obligation. This is gratitude. You’re the one. You. You’re the one who first suggested I might have been misdiagnosed 40 years ago. It seems to me you should know what the specialist said. We could go to the break room. Gladys: It’s still a free country, isn’t it? Can’t I stop in a club without it becoming town gossip? Hey. Don’t be upset, gladys. It’s just not like you to go to the savoy by yourself. Ohh. I think I know why gladys was there. Same reason I was there. It was ladies’ night. Ha! You got me! Ha! Uh… if you were really my friend, you’d stop prying into my personal and professional lives. Gregory, if I didn’t pry into your personal and professional life, I wouldn’t know that you’ve been lying to me for months. If I didn’t speak to the dean, I wouldn’t know that you didn’t work there anymore. Which wasn’t your place. And you have absolutely no business reaching out to finn to dig up information on me. I — I — if I hadn’t been with finn when you called, you were gonna tell my son everything, weren’t you? Tell him everything? I don’t know anything.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what’s going on with you. I’m just trying to help. I don’t want any help. Is that clear enough for you? The committee has determined that you cooperated with nikolas cassadine in the service of providing medical care to a pregnant woman. We believe you had reason to assume involving the authorities would cause mr. Cassadine to run off with ms. Prince or, worse, cause her harm. Dr. Finn and dr. Randolph convinced us that you may have saved her and her baby’s life. As such, no further action will be taken against you. Thank you. You have an outstanding record and many supporters, nurse baldwin. It was clear to the committee that you’re an asset to the hospital. Good luck to you. Thank you. If you’ll excuse me, I do have to speak to the committee on another matter.

[ Both laugh ]

I know you think that I overstepped. Oh. [ Scoffs ] You did. Look, I am not the one with a drinking problem, so in the future, please save your sympathies for the people in your meetings. Gregory, wait. I jumped to the conclusion that you had a drinking problem because you appeared drunk at 11:00 A.M., And then you were belligerent, and then you lied to me about really, really important stuff for a long time. You lost your job and lied about it. What am i supposed to think? I was wrong. You’re not a journalist. You’re more like a cop who pulled me over. What’s next? A-a breathalyzer? Well, you tell me. Would you pass or fail? Thank you for staying by my side through this awful ordeal. Any time. Hey. Hey. The committee was influenced by what you had to say, finn. Your words had a lot of impact. Oh, it wasn’t just me. It was — it was you and portia and mayor collins. I mean, it was a lot of people willing to vouch for nurse baldwin’s commitment to this hospital and nursing. And epiphany. Yeah. Fortunately, the committee didn’t need to hear directly from your supervisor, since she’s out of town. And there are several testimonials from epiphany already in your file. Her support for you is well-known around here.

[ Chuckles ] So, nurse baldwin, no excuses. I expect to see you here in uniform first thing tomorrow for your next shift.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Both sigh ] Hey, you want to — you want to call the boys, give them the good news? No, I want to tell them face-to-face when I get home. Alright. Yeah. This is my home, too. And I almost lost it. Glad it didn’t come to that. Hated the thought of doing rounds without knowing you were here to have my back. Oh, well, you’ve managed without me in the past. That was before I knew what I was missing. Yeah, gladys was there for the good music and the dancing. And I was there because, well, whenever there’s a ladies’ night, there’s bound to be a few unattached ladies. Well, don’t leave us hanging. Did you get lucky? Uh, well, you know how it is. Luck comes and goes. Isn’t that right, gladys?

[ Coughing ] Are you okay?

[ Strained ] Went down the wrong pipe. Be careful. Maxie: You know what? I’m glad that you’re here. I have a question for you that will change your life. Come on. Come with me. O-okay. I’m g-gonna settle up and go. Ha! Hey. Gladys. I know that cody upset you. And I know why. Look. You don’t have to worry. I tried drowning my sorrows in a bottle on my wedding night. It didn’t work. Tonight I’m just blowing off some steam. Well, I am probably not the best person for you to be talking to about this. If I hadn’t opened up to stella, trina may have never confronted portia. You weren’t trying to sabotage my wedding. You know me, and you know that I don’t like the kind of lies that — the kind that blew up our marriage? You don’t, right? I don’t want the same thing to happen to you and portia. I believe you. I’m just afraid it’s too late to do anything about it now. As long as you meant the vows you said when you married portia, there is something you can do. Which is? Do what you couldn’t do with me. Forgive her. I hope you know how lucky you are to have someone like laura looking after you and your baby. I did have my doubts when spencer suggested that I move in above kelly’s while ace stayed here. I mean, I won’t be separated from my son. And I never wanted that. And I did have a hard time believing that part. I wondered if your loyalty wasn’t to nikolas and spencer. When I suggested that both ace and I stay here, you were so kind and, you know, quick to say yes that it really reassured me. We all want what’s best for ace, don’t we, spencer? It is the only thing that matters. Trina: Then I hope it all works out for y’all. I have to go. I’ll walk you out. It’s, um, past ace’s bedtime. Oh. Come on. I’ll help you put him down. No need to walk me to my car. I know you probably want to get back inside. Trina, I am so sorry. I did not mean to spring this on you. You don’t owe me an explanation. I just want you to understand that I’m only going along with this for ace. Spencer, I-I get it. I really do. And in this way, you and esme get to raise him together. That is the last thing that I want. But if esme and the baby had not moved in here, then I would have lost my brother for good.

A necessary evil. You know that esme has the law on her side and that she has the power to keep my brother away from me. Moving her into your grandmother’s house was the only way to keep him close. Yes. I understand. Um, that song you sang to ace, it was so pretty. Laura: Ohh. Thanks.

[ Chuckles ] It’s the same lullaby I used to sing to my children. Somehow I can’t picture heather or ryan singing to me. Even if they had the chance. Well, you know, fortunately, your biological parents didn’t raise you. Honey, I’m sorry that you don’t have more happy childhood memories. But you know what? It’s not too late to make sure that your son will. In other words, you’re counting on esme to be someone completely new, a totally different girl from the one who’s tried to do her crazy father’s bidding and hurt as many people as possible. She has no memory of that time, at all. She doesn’t seem to. I mean, when I went to visit esme in spring ridge, I didn’t get a feeling that she was putting on an act. But just because she doesn’t remember doesn’t automatically make her a good person. What if the new esme is — is even worse than the old one? If I forgive portia, what does that make me? A loving husband? No. It makes me a hypocrite. Jordan, our marriage ended because of lies that you had been telling me for barely a year. Oh. So — so how are you okay with portia’s even bigger lie for 20 years? You’re forgetting something. It wasn’t my choice to end our marriage. And dr. Samuels is sure you don’t have any of the markers for the disease? Not a single one. Of course, it doesn’t prove I don’t have schizophrenia, but according to the doctor… well, the odds are less likely because you don’t have any of the genetic markers. Exactly. And it also explains why, after your original diagnosis, you never experienced another episode. I can’t say I’m not relieved. Look, after walking around for 40 years being afraid of a ticking time bomb in my head… but I don’t even know what I have or if there was ever even anything wrong with me at all. Which makes you feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark. Sound like you know the feeling. I just hope it hasn’t made you doubt me. Because I couldn’t love you more if you were my own daughter. Gladys. I love you, too. And I know that you’re grieving brando as much as I am. I just hate to think of you going out alone when we could be together. So let’s make the nurses’ ball our coming-out party. We’ll get really glammed up and wow everyone on the red carpet.

[ Laughs ] Oh, well, you’re gonna have to wow them without me. I’ve seen the fancy gowns everybody wears. I don’t have anything like that. Well, that’s the perfect excuse to buy you one. With what? My money. What’s the point of having it if I can’t share it with you? Hello?! Cody! Woman right here giving you a great idea. Mm-hmm. Are you even listening to me? Yeah. No, no, no. You want me to, what, ride in on a horse for the nurses’ ball? Do some rope tricks or what? When I said I needed a cowboy, I meant to dance with the others. Mm-hmm. What — what others? Magic milo and the magic wands. Come on! It’ll be fun! There’s great music. You guys get to do this choreographed dance. All the women in the audience are screaming for you. And your costume is…simple! You get the shirt that you get to wear for, like, a minute, and then you have these breakaway pants. Breakaway — so this is a strip show. You want me to take off all my clothes? Of course not!

[ Chuckles ] You get to keep your boots on. I’m gonna say this one more time. I don’t have a drinking problem. Yes, I stumbled at the metro court. Everyone stumbles now and then. Probably even you. And you claim I was slurring my words. But have you thought maybe — maybe it’s just a case of confirmation bias on your part? Because you decided I was drunk, so you saw and heard exactly what you expected. What you didn’t see was me pouring vodka into that glass of orange juice. Just because no one saw you doesn’t — ohh! Have you ever — ever — seen me over my limit or out of control? In all the time we’ve been together, have I ever been drunk in your company? No. No. Will you please explain to me why you got fired from your job? Ah! I… I wasn’t fired. I quit! Why would you do that?! That doesn’t make any sense. You love to teach, you love journalism, and yet you walked away from both. I can see that something is really wrong here. Will you please let me help you? Alexis… I’m sick.

I’m sorry. You’re sick. Okay.

[ Inhales deeply ] Would you tell me — am I allowed to ask what’s wrong? No, no. I have already told you more than I intended. Or do you want to see my medical chart now? No, I — no, no, no.

[ Exhales deeply ] As long as you have someone to help you. You’ve got finn. He’ll get you the best hospital care or whatever care you need. Finn doesn’t know. You didn’t tell your son? No. No. And it’s going to stay that way. That doesn’t make any sense. He’s one of the best doctors in the country. Why — why wouldn’t you tell him? Do you really want to help me? I really do. There’s one thing you can do for me. You name it. Give me back my car keys.

[ Sighs ]

[ Elevator bell dings ] Hey, look who just got dropped off. Hi, baby girl. Hi, aunt elizabeth. We’re just going to beradino’s for spaghetti and meatballs. Want to come? Now I know what you’re thinking. This will be cheesy and embarrassing, and we’re exploiting men. But it’s — it’s not like that at all. It’s good, clean fun, and everybody loves it. You’d be shaking your booty for a fabulous cause. For you, maxie, yeah, I’ll do it. That’s it? I had a whole list of excellent reasons.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, it’s no worries, you know? I’ve been a body double on location shoots out west before. I even shot a whole scene, uh, naked on horseback. It was me, not the horse. The horse still had a saddle on. Okay. You’re still amazing. Thank you so much.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. You’re so sweet. But I-I-i wouldn’t feel right using your money on myself. Actually… I have been doing some research. Traditionally, the guardian of a conservatorship gets paid a court-approved salary. You have been managing my finances this whole time for free. It’s only fair that you get paid for all your hard work. That’s nice of you.

[ Chuckles ] I know how hard you have been trying to honor brando’s memory. He would want me to do this. Alright, who’s ready for some great news? Mine first. Maxie, we’ve got some high-end shopping to do. Guess who’s gonna be the belle of the nurses’ ball? Mm. I’m fine.

[ Sighs ] But this is about you right now. And I’m sure dr. Samuels explained to you that they would be weaning you off of your medication and monitoring you in case you had any unusual reactions. And if I don’t have any more episodes, blah, blah, blah. What does that mean? Were they just careless 40 years ago when they diagnosed me? Did they — they just call it schizophrenia — schizophrenia — when I might have had something else? Dr. Samuels is the expert in this field. I’m not. No. No. But you, you’re family. And I trust what you tell me. I appreciate that. What I can say to you is that the understanding of disorders like schizophrenia has evolved greatly over the past four decades. But I don’t want to second guess your original doctors or hypothesize a theory until we know more. Seems to me you already know more than what you’re saying. Haven’t we learned keeping things to yourself does more harm than good? If you didn’t want our marriage to end, then why didn’t you fight harder for it? I fought as hard as I could. But in the end, your happiness meant more to me than my own. Because…

[ Sighs ] Because what?

[ Exhales deeply ] Because I pushed you away. I was furious at the secrets you’d kept.

[ Sighs ] But what if… what if I wasn’t so quick to judge you? What if I had handled things differently? Would we still be together? We would. That’s another reason why it’s a good thing for esme to stay here with the baby. If she starts to show her true colors, I’ll be the first to know. I hope. I mean, she fooled you in the beginning.

[ Chuckles wryly ] That was a long time ago, before I knew you. What does that mean? It’s like imitation vanilla or something. Imitation anything, really. You know, that buttery stuff that they put on your popcorn? Imitation crab on your california roll. Did you just compare me to a california roll?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughing ] No, I just mean that it’s — it’s easy to settle for an imitation of something. But everything that esme gave me, or pretended to give me throughout our relationship — support, understanding, connection — it was all fake, and I bought it, and I believed in it till I experienced the real thing, and you showed me real support, real understanding, and a true connection. You gave me something that esme could never give me — honesty. And I may not always like what you have to say to me… but I never question that what you’re telling me is the truth. I want to do everything right for my son. I mean, give him all the things that — that I never had, but… heather, um, my mother, she… warned me not to trust spencer or you. Esme, sweetheart, your mom isn’t someone you should be taking advice from.

[ Ace cries ] I’m sorry. Oh, look at that. He didn’t stay asleep long, did he? Yeah. I’ll get him. It’s okay, sweetie. You take a minute. Oh, the baby’s crying. You should go. I’m sure that he has all the help he needs. So do you. Do I? You know you do.

this sweet little boy just missed his mommy, I think.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t you? Come here, angel. Look. Here she is. I know.

[ Chuckles ] Hello. You should be sleeping, right? [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Oh, I, um, don’t know what’s keeping your brother. Aww.

[ Ace babbles ] You know, I’ll go warm up a bottle, hon. Oh, thank you. What’s that?

[ Door opens ] Trina, um… I thought you left. There’s no point in reliving this all again. The past is the past. But we’re still here. And drinking, which always makes people sentimental. You know good and well it ain’t the booze.

[ Sighs ] It’s been a long time since we’ve talked like this. Yeah, too long. Thank you for your concern, but I think I have burned all my bridges. In fact, I’ve even torched them. You and curtis need to build new ones. I think we were talking about you, weren’t we? Now, if you really want answers, I think you should contact the original medical team that diagnosed you way back then. If any of them are still around. Yeah. It’s like you said. If a bridge is burned, build another one. Hm. Thank you.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] This is so exciting. Gladys and I are walking the red carpet together.

[ Chuckles ] Sasha insists on buying me a fancy dress. How lucky am i to have such a generous daughter-in-law? Hm. Yeah, you’re lucky alright. Actually, we’re all lucky here, because cody has decided to join magic milo and the magic wands and bare almost everything for charity. Really? Eh, it’s for a good cause, you know? Exactly. And now that my work here is done, come on, gladys, let’s figure out something for you to wear. I need to know what you’re thinking so we can figure out designers. You really made maxie’s day. Ah, well, same as you did for gladys. So things are okay with you two now? Gladys has been struggling with her grief. So have I. That doesn’t always make for the best communication, but we’re working through it. In fact, our conversation today was so good that I decided to start paying her a salary. You really think that’s a good idea? Why not? I as ked you to leave my keys –which, by the way, you had no right to confiscate — with the concierge. But once again, you decided you know best. I took your car keys because I care about you. I do.

[ Breathes shakily ] Alexis, I — I wish… gregory. Listen to me. Whatever this is, you don’t have to go through it alone. And I promise, I promise you, you can trust me. Whatever you say to me will not leave this room. I promise.

What you said about it never leaving this room…

[ Keys rattle ] I hope you meant it.

[ Sighs heavily ] Spaghetti and meatballs? My favorite. How could I say no? Can jake and aiden come, too? Sure. Sure. What about — what about cameron? He’s still sad about josslyn. Oh. Hmm. Well, hey, maybe a night out would cheer him up. Okay. He can come, too. All my favorite people. That’s what I call a celebration. You ready? Let’s go. If you think you can trust gladys, then who am i to tell you otherwise? There’s a “but” in there somewhere. And I don’t just mean the one you’ll be showing off at the nurses’ ball.

[ Both chuckle ] All I’m saying is… if you’re gonna put gladys on the payroll, trust but verify. The thing about cody is, the more I know him, the better I like him. Yes, I am grateful he agreed to be a magic wand with minimum fuss. And, yes, cody has his flaws. But everyone does. I don’t know, maybe it’s because he doesn’t pretend otherwise. He’s got that whole “broke cowboy with a sweet side” thing.

[ Both laughing ] I see a lot to like in him. I think sasha would understand what I mean. Do you think there’s something going on there?

[ Scoffs ] I hope not. Why? Don’t you like cody?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Terry. Terry, hey. Did the, um, committee make a decision about elizabeth yet? She’s been reinstated.

[ Gasps ] What a relief. Oh, that’s so wonderful. I know she must be so happy. It’s about time we had some good news around here, right? Stella. I know you’ve been avoiding me… since the wedding. Look, look, I need a favor. Do — do you still have all of irene’s papers? Well, are my medical records among them? Officer: Commissioner, your car is outside. Well. I think I about reached my limit. Me, too. Scotch is a lot stronger than I remembered. Good thing I have a driver waiting. A very good thing. I’ll be right out. No, no. It’s on me. Thank you. Well… have a good night.

[ Exhales sharply ] Um, spencer and i were just — trina was just telling me how pcu has a daycare in case I want to take classes during the summer. Oh. Um, I mean, that’s very kind of her. But you won’t need to take care of ace. I’m perfectly capable of caring for my son. Isn’t that right, ace? Mommy’s gonna take care of you. Thank you for stopping by. Good night. Night.

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