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[ Console beeping ]

[ Machine beeping ]

Ridge: How are you holding up, partner?

Bill: How am I holding up? How am I holding up? How do you think I’m holding up? I am ready. I am so ready to put sheila carter behind bars for life.

Ridge: You have to hang in there a little longer.

Bill: That’s easy for you to say, forrester. This little sting operation was supposed to last for a week.

Ridge: You said you wanted this done the right way.

Bill: Don’t tell me what I said! Fine, that’s what I said, but this has gone on for months. Months of that vile creature living in my home, sleeping in my– sleeping in my bed.

Ridge: And why is that? This is your idea. This phony love affair and she’s buying into it. Good.

Bill: Yeah, my love for her freedom. Makes me wanna puke. I hate that woman. With a passion!

Ridge: And you’re alone on this? How do you think I feel? Tried to kill my daughter, tried to kill finn, but this– we’re almost there. It’s gonna be the end of it. We’re gonna put her away. Our family’s gonna be safe.

Bill: Who’s she talking to?

Chen: Deacon sharpe. My team’s monitoring the call.

Ridge: What’s she saying?

Sheila: He’s– he’s acting

so strange. Could he suspect something?

Deacon: About us?

Sheila: God, I hope not. How could he? We’ve been so careful. I’ve only seen you a few times.

But I’m worried, deacon.

Bill can never be on to us.

Bill: We’re on to you, all right.

Ridge: Do you see what that is? That is a woman who’s starting to lose it. We’re gonna have her exactly where we want her.

Sheila: We’ve got to play it safe, deacon. We can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Deacon: Look, I know you’re stressed out about this, but you’ve got to– sheila, I’ve got to go. Keep it together and stay strong and keep us out of trouble. Hey, honey. How are you?

Hope: Hi. Uh, good. How are you? Is everything all right?

Bill: I love watching sheila pace around like a caged animal.

Ridge: It is satisfying. Maybe not for you, seeing your girlfriend flirt with someone else, but for us.

Bill: Well, I think I’m gonna be able to get over that. Are you kidding me? That pizza boy convict is doing me a favor. Less time I have to spend around that vile woman, the better. Plus, it’s given me an opportunity to plant some seeds in her brain. Make her squirm.

Ridge: Well, maybe you can find a way to make her squirm enough to give up some information. What do you think?

Bill: She was very close.

Ridge: Really close.

Bill: She was about to confess her deepest, darkest secrets until the lights flickered and she clammed up!

Chen: Technical glitch with one of the bugging devices. It shouldn’t happen again.

Bill: It better not happen again!

Ridge: How is this helping anybody? She trusts you. We’ll get her to that place again.

Bill: I don’t think I fully appreciated the lengths I would have to go to when I involved the fbi. And it better not all be for nothing.

Ridge: She’s– she’s gonna pay for what she’s done. To my family, to your family. Can we just take a moment? Can I– can I ask you something? And look, I didn’t think you had it in you that you could make anybody love you. You– you’ve done it. Tears rolling down your face, it was– it was beautiful.

Bill: Yeah, save it, samurai sam.

Ridge: Whatever you did wasn’t enough. You gotta keep going. You gotta keep pushing her. We need a confession.

Bill: I have given it everything I’ve got. Man, I can’t believe she hasn’t caved yet. How– what’s keeping her from just confessing?

Ridge: She will. And when she does, we got her. Not for attempted murder on my daughter, but for actually killing somebody. Murder one.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Murder one. She found it.

Deacon: I’m just not sure how I feel about you and thomas working together again.

Hope: Dad, he has to respect the boundaries I put in place, otherwise he’s gone.

Deacon: Well, your husband isn’t quite sure he’s gonna be able to hold up his end of the bargain.

Hope: Liam and I have had this discussion and I– I thought we were on the same page, that we don’t want this to affect our marriage.

Deacon: That’s easier said than done.

Hope: Look, I get why liam would be upset about this, especially since I initially told him that I wasn’t going to bring thomas back on board, but I am allowed to change my mind.

Deacon: It’s a woman’s prerogative. Hey, focus on the positive. You got douglas coming home and that is great news.

Hope: Yeah, it’s wonderful.

Deacon: Hope, take care of that little family of yours.

Hope: I will, but dad, I really do feel like everything is gonna be okay. It is actually you that I’m a little worried about because it’s very rare that I see you stressed out and you got off that phone pretty quickly, so… what’s really going on?

Bill: After I rescued finn from that apartment and got him back to steffy, I– I couldn’t stand by knowing that sheila had escaped. I knew everyone would be in danger. That– that whole bear mauling bs. I didn’t buy your missing toe story for a second. Ugh. It– it is actual torture having to look at that woman on camera and off.

Ridge: Well, it isn’t a picnic for us either, watching her 24/7.

Bill: Watching me 24/7.

Ridge: Or watching you 24/7, right. Although this morning, I gotta say, bill, your pajamas, they were form fitting but still classy. Nice job. Nice color.

Bill: Well, coming from the dress maker fashionista, I suppose I should be flattered. God, there are no cameras in my bedroom. There are no cameras in my bedroom, right?

Ridge: No, there aren’T. And you know why? Because no one could ever unsee that.

Bill: Well, you’re right about that. But seriously, this whole setup, the cameras, the mics, it makes me feel like I’m living in– in a freaking fish bowl.

Ridge: Well, it’s to keep you safe. To keep everyone safe.

Chen: We’ve been maintaining close tabs on sheila to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone. Especially when she leaves your house.

Bill: Practically had her. I mean, she was just about to confess all her sins. Killing that– that lance day with the bees. I mean, who– who does that? Pushing that dr. Garvin to his death, shooting steffy and finn and who knows what else? She said she has done things that are absolutely unimaginable. Why couldn’t she just spit it all out already?

Ridge: This is really taking a toll on you.

Bill: You have no idea, forrester. I– I have had to go so deep into this thing that there are times when I– I actually believe what I’m saying. I mean my sons, brooke, katie, they actually think that I’ve lost my mind! That I’ve gone to the dark side and fallen for sheila carter. If they only knew the truth.

Ridge: Well, they will know the truth and when they do, you’ll be a hero.

Bill: I don’t give a damn about any of that. I just want everybody to be safe. I just hope they will understand and forgive me.

Ridge: Of course they’re gonna forgive you. They’re gonna throw you a party. You know why? Because they’re gonna realize that the police weren’t gonna hold sheila. They couldn’T. Attempted murder? She’s not gonna be in there forever. That’s why we need that confession. So she goes away for good and brooke, taylor, our kids, our grandkids, everyone’s gonna be safe.

Bill: I’m trying, ridge.

Ridge: Well, you’re not trying hard enough. As long as she’s out there, no one is safe. (Terrie) if you’re a smoker.

Customer: Thank you.

[ Hope clearing her throat ]

Hope: Something’s up with you.

Deacon: I– okay, I’m a little stressed. I mean, I’m trying to make a success of this place. I’ve got investors on my back, but you know what? These are high end problems. I’m good.

Hope: You sure?

Deacon: Yes, absolutely.

Hope: Okay because I could help out. I could roll up my sleeves, wash some dishes. I make a mean margarita. I could even mop the floor.

Deacon: Are you implying that my floors are dirty?

Hope: I would never. I know I could eat a pizza of that floor. I am just saying I don’t like seeing you stressed out. I mean, this is supposed to be fun. Are you having fun?

Deacon: I am, I am. I– I do, yes. I’m good.

Hope: Okay. It’s the same way you worry about me, I get to worry about you.

Deacon: I know. Listen. I got everything under control. I’m not gonna do anything to ruin this life that I’m building.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Bill: I love you, sheila.

Sheila: You love me?

That’s all I ever dreamed of.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Is to be loved. Oh.

[ Sheila sighing ]

Bill: I’ve done my damnedest to get to sheila, but she’s holding out on me.

Ridge: She’s loosening up. You’re saying all the right things, you just gotta step it up a bit.

Bill: I gotta what? I gotta step it up a bit? Well, easy for you to say, forrester, as you sit in here day after day, eating hot dogs and donuts. Let’s not forget who’s doing the heavy lifting. You have– you have no idea what it’s like. Can you even imagine being intimate with a murderous, vile woman like sheila?

Ridge: Yeah, I– I’d rather not imagine any of that.

Bill: No, no, no. I want you too, all right? I really want you to kind of– to live in that for a minute. Imagine what that’s like.

Ridge: All right. Couple of things. Number one: Don’t touch a grown man’s chair. Number two: You know I don’t like you. I never will, but I respect you because I could never do what you’re doing. Not with someone as dangerous as that. I couldn’T.

Bill: Yeah, you know what I have to do? I have to sleep with one eye open.

Ridge: I want this to be over. All I’m doing is sitting here and growing hair. My kids think I’m in europe. I’m only just a couple miles away from them, trying to keep them safe. That’s all I’m doing.

Bill: You’ve done a lot. Not to the level of me, but you’ve done a lot.

Ridge: It’s never to your level, I know that.

Bill: Yeah.

Ridge: But you know what? I’m doing what I can. He’s doing what he can. You do what you can and in the end, sheila’s gonna be gone for good. Life… doesn’t stop for diabetes.

Ridge: I thought you were nuts when you came up with this crazy scheme.

Bill: Every attempt in the past to keep sheila locked up failed. We gotta come up with proof. Iron clad proof that she is responsible for several murders and attempted murders.

Ridge: And you’re right, if you can get her to admit it on camera, then we got it.

Bill: If I can get her to say the words.

Ridge: If anyone can get her to say the words, it’s you. You figure out a way to give her something that she’s always wanted. Love.

Bill: I actually duped her into thinking that she’s finally got that from me.

Ridge: Took one for the team.

Bill: I didn’t think it through. How to maintain my dignity in the process.

Ridge: I’m– bill spencer and dignity in the same sentence, that’s a tough one for me.

Bill: Listen. I– I mean it, ridge. It is really hard to keep up this façade, you know? I– I am looking pure evil in the eye night after night, whispering sweet nothings in its ear, pretending that I accept sheila for who and what she is.

Ridge: So, you know what we should do? We’ll cut together a tape and send it to the academy because I think best actor. It’s– you know.

Bill: Get my speech ready.

Ridge: You did it. You reeled her in like a pro.

Bill: Yeah. It all began that night when I lured her to the beach. I knew sheila had been watching me at il giardino. I sent enough signals to grab her attention. So she would follow me to the beach. I was playing the part of the lonely, heartbroken, misunderstood man. Sheila bought it. Hook, line and sinker. When she hesitantly walked toward me, I acted surprised to see her. I didn’t lash out, which obviously shocked her. I pretended to open my heart and soul up to her. We sat there together for hours, talking through the night. I worked my magic to get her to trust me, using all of sheila’s vulnerabilities and insecurities against her. Not to mention, the promise of freedom. Something I ultimately said I would give her. It was risky. Sheila could’ve gotten suspicious. It was also risky to tell her that taylor shot me, but she had to be in on it for the blackmail scheme to work. That’s why I went to the feds and made sure that they were to exonerate taylor of any charges.

Ridge: I don’t like that she had to be involved at all. I don’t like what it did to steffy or to finn.

Bill: Everyone’s had to suffer as a means to an end.

Ridge: Yeah, all of us. I don’t like being away from my family.

Bill: Yeah. At least they don’t hate you. I’ve had to push my family away.

Ridge: Well, they’re not gonna hate you once they figure out what you did with sheila.

Bill: Part of me’s a little offended. I mean, I know I put on the performance of a lifetime, but come on. They all actually believe that I have fallen for sheila carter? Ugh.

Ridge: To be fair, you guys make a very, very handsome couple.

Bill: I know you’re trying to keep things light, forrester, I’m gonna be real with you. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Ridge: I know. And I don’t blame you at all. But bill, we’re this close. We’re this close to doing what the police couldn’t do, put sheila away forever. Don’t quit. Not now.

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