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Kayla asks Dr. Rolf who was in the cryogenic chamber if it wasn’t Stefano. Rolf responds that he never said it wasn’t Stefano. Kayla brings up that he said he kept this person alive for a decade. Marlena and Kayla pretend to be impressed and encourage Dr. Rolf to share his achievement. He admits there might not be harm in bragging about one of his greatest successes.

Megan declares there’s no point in dragging this out any further and instructs Bo to go ahead and kill Kate. Kate tells Bo that he doesn’t want to do that and tells Megan to call him off. Megan points out that Kate destroyed the serum so she has no use to her at all. Kate asks for a second chance and pleads with Bo. Megan thinks Bo does want to do it but Bo says that Kate is right. Megan questions what he’s doing. Bo points out that it could get messy and she wouldn’t want blood all over the lab. Bo suggests taking this outside which Megan calls a great idea. Megan instructs Bo to kill Kate outside and to then leave her to rot.

Hope finishes her call with Andrew, thanking him and says she’ll be in touch. Hope hangs up and informs John and Steve that ISA granted visiting access to Harris Michaels. Steve wants to go but Hope says they should go back to Salem. John questions her not wanting to come with her. Hope calls this something that she needs to do on her own. Hope looks up Harris Michaels on her tablet.

Dr. Rolf says he has brought people back from the dead, but in this case, they would be awestruck and jubilant when he tells them who it was. Megan interrupts. Dr. Rolf says they were just asking questions about his new serum. Kayla and Marlena question Megan about Kate. Megan informs them that Kate refused to cooperate so she is going to suffer a different fate now.

Kate tells Bo that Megan is gone now so he doesn’t have to follow her orders anymore. Kate argues that they can say she got away or that the gun jammed because he doesn’t want to do this. Bo keeps his gun aimed at her and walks her out of the lab.

Hours later, Roman is at the Brady Pub with Kate’s urn, wondering if he will ever hear from Kate again and what it will take to make he reach out. Roman questions if he has to plot another murder. Roman decides maybe he’s crazy and just imagined it all. Roman then closes the Pub for the night.

Bo walks Kate outside and declares this is a perfect place for her to die. Kate doesn’t know what Megan did to him and calls her crazy, saying he needs to get away from her. Kate says she, Marlena, and Kayla all know that this is not Bo. Kate argues that Bo is not a stone cold assassin. Kate tells Bo of how many people will be overwhelmed by the fact that he’s still alive. Kate urges him to think about Hope and asks what Hope would think if she saw him like this.

At an ISA Facility in Frederick, Maryland, Hope meets Agent Rose. She tells Hope that they are honored and notes that Hope and Bo are legends around here which Hope calls flattering. Rose gives her condolences on Bo’s death and says Hope must still miss him. Hope confirms that she does every day and then asks to be taken to see Harris Michaels which they then go to do.

Kayla complains that she and Marlena are never getting out now. Kayla wonders what Megan is planning now by saying Kate is going to suffer a different kind of fate. Marlena talks about Megan finding a cure for the virus and putting them in a cryogenic state. Kayla wonders why Megan wanted to keep them alive. Kayla worries that Megan’s new plan sounds ominous at best. Marlena agrees that they are in a world of trouble here.

Megan brings Dr. Rolf back to the lab. Dr. Rolf thinks it was short sighted for her to order Bo to kill their test subject. Megan orders him to make a new serum which Dr. Rolf says will take some time. Megan points out that they still have two women they can test it on and tells him not to question her. Megan orders Dr. Rolf to get to work and not procrastinate. Dr. Rolf points out that she’s already waited 40 years to be with Bo. Megan responds that she doesn’t want to wait any longer than she has to. Megan flashes back to last July, when Bo first regained consciousness inside of the cryogenic chamber and his first words were asking “where’s Hope?” Megan then complains about how she literally brought Bo back to life and all he could think about was Hope. Dr. Rolf remembers Megan giving him quite an earful about it at the time as they flash back to Bo wanting to escape to find Hope and Megan ordering Dr. Rolf to cure Bo of Hope. Dr. Rolf states that he did as Megan asked. Megan admits that it didn’t turn out as she expected.

Bo asks Kate why he would care what Hope thinks. Kate states that Hope is his wife. Bo recalls that they were divorced. Kate insists that Hope was the one great love of Bo’s life and that he never got over it. Bo mocks that and says it’s time to die. Kate asks Bo to take her wedding ring so he can return it to Roman.

John and Steve join Roman at the Brady Pub. Roman questions what they are doing back so early, what’s going on, and if they found Megan. They say not exactly but they have a lead. They explain that Andrew got them ISA access and they were able to track where Megan went to but they were too late and she was already gone. John then reveals they ran in to Hope, who was also looking for Megan, and she has an idea that Harris Michaels might be able to tell them something about where Megan is. Roman feels if Harris knows anything, he’ll never tell. John reveals that Harris told Hope that he thought maybe he was brainwashed by Megan too, so maybe Hope could get through to him. Roman questions if Harris ever really loved Hope. Steve guesses they will see about that.

Hope comments on Harris being locked down pretty tight. Agent Rose informs Hope that Harris has been quite uncooperative and sent agents to the hospital while he’s been highly resistant to treatment. Hope wants to be let in to the room alone with Harris because she needs some privacy. Rose warns that Harris is very dangerous. Hope insists that she needs to look him straight in the eye for this to work. Agent Rose gives Hope a panic button and says they’ll be right outside if she needs them as Hope then enters the room with Harris. Harris greets her and says it’s been a long time.

Megan tells Dr. Rolf that she had such high hopes at first. She flashes back to September after having Dr. Rolf brainwash Bo to get rid of his feelings for Hope. Dr. Rolf tells Megan that the procedure worked exactly as intended. Megan acknowledges that Bo no longer wanted Hope and he was loyal to her, but the spark between them was gone. Megan flashes back to trying to jog Bo’s memory by showing him their old yearbook where they were voted best couple. Megan told Bo that they could be that again and insisted the feelings could come back. Megan complains to Dr. Rolf that Bo was supposed to love her. Dr. Rolf argues that he warned her that he couldn’t create feelings of love out of nothing. Megan warns Dr. Rolf that this serum better work as promised.

Kayla wonders to Marlena if Megan was just trying to scare them and questions why she would kill Kate after going through so much trouble to revive her. Marlena says that Kate is resourceful and can talk her way out of any dire situation.

Bo tells Kate that as he recalls, she and Roman were over a long time ago. Kate informs him that she and Roman got back together and got married. Kate goes over how she apparently died and now she’s here. Bo guesses Dr. Rolf made it happen under Megan’s orders. Kate tells Bo that if he kills Roman’s wife, he will be devastated and asks if that’s what he wants.

Roman questions John and Steve thinking that Hope can get through to Harris Michaels. Roman worries that Harris might not know anything. John states that Harris is in ISA custody in a highly controlled situation. Steve adds that they wanted to go with Hope but she insisted on going alone. Roman worries that Hope almost got herself killed last time she was involved with Harris, so he hopes she’s being safe this time.

Harris questions why Hope is here and why she’d even want to talk to him after he almost killed her and her family. Hope brings up the last time they spoke, he said he thought Megan had brainwashed him so he was sent here for treatment but she questions why he’s fought against that every step of the way since. Harris claims he was lying and said whatever it took to get out of punishment. Hope doesn’t believe him since he’s not keeping up that lie now. Hope believes Harris is still fully under Megan’s control and that’s why he wouldn’t open up to Kimberly and she only sees the real him when they are alone. Hope tells Harris that she came all this way to remind him of what they had. Harris claims there was nothing between them and it was just a con. Harris says he was playing her to get the prism just like she was playing him. Hope says in the beginning, she wasn’t. Hope says there was something real between them before she found out about the prism which is why he couldn’t pull the trigger when Megan ordered him to kill her. Hope questions why Megan had to hire Thomas Banks to kill her. Harris calls that a backup plan. Hope asks Harris why she is still alive. Harris says it’s because he failed. Hope argues that he succeeded in stopping Megan. Hope declares that she’s alive because of him. Hope states that he felt something for her and he still does, insisting that she knows it’s real. Harris asks if she feels something for him too.

Roman tells John and Steve that Hope is risking her life and questions if it’s worth it. John responds that Megan is out there somewhere, behaving like a true DiMera, so who knows what she could be plotting to hurt even more people they love. Steve agrees that Megan is still a threat, so they need to stop her, whatever it takes.

Dr. Rolf tells Megan that he made no promises, but if this serum works, it will allow her and Bo to go back again and start from the beginning. They flash back to November when Megan summoned Dr. Rolf back to the lab where she asked him about the orchid with magical healing powers which she wondered if he could use to help her and Bo turn back time. Megan asked about reversing aging like a time machine and Dr. Rolf revealed to her that he knew where she could get the orchid. Back in the present, Megan tells Dr. Rolf that if they are young again, she knows he will love her again and not just follow her orders like a loyal soldier. Megan notes that Bo has never once questioned anything she’s had him do. Megan then reveals that she had Bo steal the orchid from the DiMera tunnels in December. Megan declares that nobody knew Bo was in Salem as they all think he’s dead and it’s going to stay that way.

Bo tells Kate that Roman already thinks she’s dead so if he pulls the trigger, it won’t make a difference to him. Kate disagrees, insisting that he will find out because the truth always comes out. Bo says he doesn’t care if the truth comes out or about Roman. Kate thinks he’s lying to himself and that she’s struck a chord with the real Bo, who is devoted to his family. Kate brings up Bo’s siblings and children’s names. Kate says she can see Bo deny his feelings for Hope and Roman, but a parent’s love for their child is pure and unshakable even in the worst circumstances. Kate brings up that his daughter Chelsea is her flesh and blood too. Kate argues that Bo won’t break Chelsea’s heart by killing her grandmother, so they know he won’t pull that trigger. Bo responds that he will, if only to shut her up.

Hope states that she and Harris were together for a whole year. Hope confirms that when he kissed her, she felt something. Harris asks if it wasn’t just part of the game and says he wants the truth. Hope admits that as much as she wanted to stay disconnected, there were moments where she felt something. Hope says that she admitted it and asks if he can do the same. Hope touches his arm and says maybe he needs her to remind him. Hope leans in to kiss Harris but he suddenly grabs her by the throat and stops her.

Steve and John tell Roman to think about what Megan did just for revenge on Hope. They argue that it’s not like Megan could have Bo no anyway. Roman can’t believe Megan Hathaway is still alive and not their wives. Roman says sometimes he feels like he’s going crazy since he told people that Kate was talking to him from the great beyond through an urn. John asks if he’s picked up anything from her lately. Roman says now she’s gone silent which makes him wonder if he imagined it. John points out that Paulina heard it too. Steve insists that he saw Kayla. Roman asks if anything like that happened to John or if he ever heard from Marlena. John confirms that he has not heard anything at all from her.

Marlena tells Kayla that she thought appealing to Dr. Rolf’s ego might get them somewhere. Kayla says it was and she’s sure that he was going to tell them who was in the other chamber until Megan interrupted but it won’t get them anywhere now. Marlena wonders if the person who was in the chamber got away, maybe they will come back to help them escape.

Bo asks Kate if she doesn’t think his relationship with Chelsea was complicated, pointing out that she was responsible for the death of another one of his kids. Kate encourages that he got past that. Kate talks about Chelsea and Max being happy in London now, Belle and Shawn are happy, and Ciara and Ben are sailing around the world just like Bo and Hope did. Kate adds that Hope is not happy, she’s miserable because she misses him and he could fix that. Kate encourages that he has another chance. Bo responds that there’s no fixing that since it was over decades ago. Kate questions if Bo is just Megan’s lapdog now.

Megan says some may think it’s selfish of her to keep Bo all to herself, but she brought him back to life and has loved him faithfully all these years which is more than anyone else can say so she deserves him. Megan flashes back to January where she read the article about Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s deaths as she held on to the orchid and then to February, where Bo questioned what the three women were doing there. Megan told Bo that with their help, they would get back all the time they lost and finally live happily ever after. Back in the present, Megan reminds Dr. Rolf that she got him this lab and the orchid is thriving so he can make lots of the serum. Dr. Rolf talks about the time it will take while Megan declares that she and Bo will be young again, so they can start from the beginning. Megan declares that this time Bo will stay and love her forever while Hope will go off with some other poor sap.

Harris warns Hope not to play him again as he could snap her neck in an instant. Hope says she knows that he won’t just like he couldn’t pull the trigger on their wedding day. Hope argues that he is Megan’s victim, just like she was, and he still is. Hope asks if he wants Megan to get away with everything she’s done to him. Harris doesn’t believe that she gives a damn what happens to him but Hope insists that she does care. Hope adds that they are not Megan’s only victims, revealing that she killed her sister in law Kayla, Kayla’s brother Roman’s wife Kate, and John’s wife Marlena. Hope says that Megan has killed a lot of people she loves. Harris questions why that should matter to him. Hope argues that he is so much more than a trained assassin. Hope says he was a navy hero, a good and honorable man before Megan got a hold of him. Harris reminds her that he killed two men. Hope argues that it wasn’t him and blames the brainwashing but Harris says it doesn’t change the fact that they are dead. Hope encourages that Harris has the opportunity to get his life back and asks if he wants that. Hope says she wants to help him and then he can help her make sure that Megan never hurts anyone ever again. Harris responds that he doesn’t care about Megan. Hope asks him to do it for her then.

John and Steve tell Roman that they will let him know if they hear anything from Hope. They go to leave the Brady Pub and notice the wind has picked up. Roman notes that they must be in for a storm and warns John and Steve to be careful as they leave. Roman heads back inside the Pub and goes back to put Kate’s urn behind the bar.

Kayla asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena guesses quiet times are the hardest and keeps trying to reach out somehow to John and her family to let them know how much she loves them but all she ends up picturing is their pain. Kayla remembers how she grieved for Steve when she thought she had lost him for years and now thinks about their families going through that. Marlena calls that their motivation to get out of here.

John stands outside the Pub and hears Marlena’s voice telling him not to give up on her. John calls out to her but guesses it was just the wind and walks on.

Hope brings Harris out of his room and informs Agent Rose that Harris has agreed to another session with Dr. Brady-Donovan and she has a feeling that he’s going to be a lot more cooperative this time around.

Bo tells Kate that he’s nobody’s lapdog. Kate says that’s not what it seems like to her since this was Megan’s idea and not his. Kate says to her, he just looks like a glorified errand boy.

Marlena tells Kayla that they have to keep the faith that they are going to get out of here along with Kate.

Bo questions Kate thinking this is the best time to insult him. Kate says she’s just surprised that Bo would fall in with a wannabe Stefano like Megan. Bo tells her to stop. Kate questions if Bo is going to shoot her just because Megan told him to. Kate asks where the Bo is that she knew, that would’ve blown up the whole lab and taken off on his motorcycle without bothering to look back. Bo tells her that this is not an action movie, it’s real life. Kate tells him that she just never expected to see him go out this way. Kate brings up how many times Bo brought down Stefano and says that Bo didn’t take orders from anyone and would be disgusted by him. Bo declares that he wants Kate dead. Kate questions if he really does and tells him to go ahead and pull the trigger if he does.

Marlena and Kayla hear a gunshot.

Megan tells Dr. Rolf that the deed is done, so he needs to get back to work and make more of the serum so they can test it on Marlena and Kayla. Megan adds that if it works, she and Bo will be young and in love so they can finally have their happily ever after. Bo returns and informs Megan that it’s done. Megan says she heard the gunshot and she’s very proud of him. Megan tells Bo that she has something else that she needs, but Bo says he doesn’t give a damn because he doesn’t take orders from her. Bo tells her that it’s over and walks off.

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