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why would you want him to stay here? I don’t have to explain to you who’s staying at my house. You both are my guests. You got it? Excuse me. I can’t deal with him right now. I know you’re going through a lot, okay, with esme, you know, having your baby brother, the whole thing, but you gotta watch your tone. I’m not your eneyoI’m here for you. You’re right. I appreciate that. And I’m sorry, but I’m in a bit of a bad mood right now. And dex is the last person who I needed to see. Cameron, I don’t want to fight with you. I’m asking you to listen to me, because I have listened to you so many times when you said that you’ve hated living your life around the danger of sonny’s business, the amount of times that you were in lockdown, the amount of times you’ve had bodyguards trailing after you, that is your future with this man. Is anything you told me about yourself true? All of it. Okay, I’m an ex-soldier. I did a tour in afghanistan. I joined the military right out of high school. What I didn’t tell you is that after I left the army, I went to work for a private security contractor. That’s who set me up with my current employer. Doing what? I was hired to work my way into sonny’s inner circle to gather information and incriminating evidence that my employer could use against sonny. Dex is different than sonny. You don’t have to worry about me. I don’t want you to worry about me. I want you to go to stanford and — and be the star that you are. Okay? I’ll be fine. You promise? Yes, I promise. I knew we forgot something. Where’s that binky, huh, ace? Trina: Looking for this? You’re, um, spencer’s friend. That’s right. I’m trina. Trina robinson, yeah. I-I know who you are. Gregory: No, don’T. Don’T. No, I got it. I got it. I got it. It’s all right. It’S…

[ Sighs ] Are you all right?

[ Stammering ] I just — I lost — lost my footing.

[ Stammering ] It’s no — it’s no big deal. Have you been drinking? Drinking? I-it’s 11:00 A.M. Never stopped me.

[ Sighs ] This is orange juice. Period. I had a — a momentary attack of clutch– klutziness.

[ Scoffs ] You’re slurring your words. Just drinking orange juice doesn’t do that. Hi, aunt liesl. Come on in. So, did dr. Randolph call? Not yet. Still haven’t heard the results from my last round of tests. The lab ran much faster when I was in charge. We already know that you’re a match. I don’t get the holdup. Waiting is torture, I know, but we can’t take chances, for willow’s sake. You have to be patient a bit longer, nina. I can’t think of anything but willow, and I feel like I’m unraveling. And then I feel guilty because willow’s the one that’s going through this. Her body is shutting down. It’s failing. How long is she gonna be able to hold on? Maxie: Okay. The next item on the list is vendors. Carly, I didn’t get your list. Carly.

[ Amelia babbling ] Yes. Yes. Carly, did you send me the list of vendors who have donated to the nurses’ ball in the past? Mmm!

[ Smooching ] Hello? Maxie, give it up. That’s a fight you won’t win.

[ Laughing ] Aww.

[ Doorbell rings ] I’ve got it.

Chase. What are you doing here? I dropped by the gatehouse hoping to see willow and michael. I thought I’d check here before I took off. Ah, who am I kidding? I came to get a peek at amelia. Oh. [ Laughs ] Get in here. She’s just the cutest little thing. She really reminds me a lot of bailey when she was that age. How about we just take a break? I can’t compete with all that cuteness. I’ll just go check on olivia, and then it’ll be back to business. Right? Carly: [ Laughs ] Isn’t she the cutest? So sweet. Hi. Hi. Hi, maxie. Didn’t you notice that you smelled like lavender and chamomile? I mean, how did you not realize that you shampooed with bailey’s bubble bath? Don’t I always smell like lavender and chamomile? Besides, it was an honest mistake. Between the two of you, there were like 50 bottles on the bathtub. Oh, more like six. Oh. Am I interrupting something? Yes.No. I came to see willow and the baby. Oh, okay. Well, the love fest is in there. Great.

[ Door closes ] Looks like there was a love fest going on out here, too. What’s going on? Cam’s leaving. He got a scholarship to go to stanford for soccer, and they want him there for spring quarter. I know you guys are great friends. You’re gonna miss him. For sure. Yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna miss him. He’s been there for me despite all of our stupid rivalries. And now he’s leaving and dex is staying here? What does that have to do with dex? Because joss broke up with cam to get with dex. Here. This is a — this is a nice spot. Nobody can hear us or see us. So why don’t you talk to me? If you’re not drunk, why are you slurring your words? You claim I-I was slurring. I-I-I wasn’t aware. But I can assure you I have not been drinking. Well, there’s something off with you. And I would like you to talk to me because I’m your friend. This is a safe space. I will understand. You’re being ridiculous.

[ Sighs ] And insulting. Okay. I’m sorry. I am not drunk. Okay. Can we just sit down and talk about it? No, no. I-I-I have an appointment. Wait.

[ Stammers ] I’ll drive you, okay? Why don’t you just give me your car keys? When britta told me her diagnosis and I had to sit by and watch her deal with her symptoms, even when she pretended not to have them, it was hard. I understand, nina. I heard the clock ticking, too. But I had to follow britta’s lead and respect her choices and be the support she needed whenever she needed it. You’re right. Of course you’re right. I am so sorry. I’M…

[ Sighs ] Sonny will be here soon, so you won’t have to babysit me much longer.

[ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Not the hospital. Scott. The 10th call today. When will he get the hint? Well, s-scott loves you. And you love him, aunt liesl. If he loved me, he would have told me about elizabeth’s role in harboring esme prince.

[ Scoffs ] Her silence made the police spend too much time believing esme was the hook instead of looking for the real killer. My britta paid with her life. Scott only knew after the fact. It doesn’t matter. He helped elizabeth get away with it. He chose her over me and my family. Okay. You just got done giving me some sound advice, right? So allow me to return the favor. Aunt liesl, don’t shut out people who love you. You know, scott can support you during this time that you’re dealing with britt’s death. Life is so fragile. We need to spend the little time that we have left with the people we love. If josslyn broke up with cameron, that’s her decision. I don’t know. Maybe I just want someone to be mad at, and dex is a convenient target. Why do you need a target, spencer? Because cam is leaving, britt is dead, and my little brother’s in prison bonding with esme when he should be bonding with his real family. Is that long enough of a laundry list for you? Okay, you know what? You have diane working her magic. She’s gonna get you custody of your baby brother. Well, it cannot happen soon enough. Are you leaving? Yes, I am. I’m gonna go see nina. Listen to me. Lay off dex. Well, how long is he staying for? I don’t — I-I — listen, it’s open ended, but I want both of you to coexist peacefully. Got it? Okay. Yes. Yes, I got it. Good.

[ Sighs ] You know who I am? You’re, um… one of the people I did terrible things to. So you remember. Not even a little, but, um… my lawyers have told me about the charges I’m facing. You’re one of the people I hurt. Yeah. You framed me, and I almost went to prison. Why did i hate you so much? Are you admitting that you’re guilty? I can’t say that. But people have told me the person that I was before, and everybody says that I’m a terrible excuse for a human being. What do you think? I mean, if I really did what I’m accused of, I… think they’re right. But it’s like they’re talking about someone else, someone who terrifies me. And I am so glad that I don’t have to think what that person thinks or feel what that person feels anymore. And I pray to god that I never have to. I-I don’t want to hurt anyone, trina. I just want to be free so I can raise ace. Spencer’s baby brother. He’s a real cutie. He’s my baby, not spencer’S. Spencer can’t have him.

Spencer can’t have my baby. I mean, I’m ace’s mother. I didn’t suggest otherwise. He should be with me. Did spencer send you? Is he outside? Just chill, okay? Spencer isn’t outside. He doesn’t even know that I’m here. Are you his girlfriend? Uh… we’re friends. Okay, so if spencer didn’t send you, then what are you doing here? I wanted to see how you were and the baby were doing for myself. Why do you care? Because we all want what’s best for the baby. His name is ace. Ace. Right. Don’t you think it’s best for him to stay with his mother? I think you’re really lucky that spring ridge is letting you have him with you. But is it really the best place for ace to be raised in a prison? Of course not. But I won’t give up my baby. I mean, he should be with me. He needs me. And I need him, and… I can hardly believe he’s mine, but he is. And I can’t imagine life without him. I love him so much. I can see that. Look, I’m sorry for everything I did to you and your friends, but I’m not that person. I don’t even remember who that person was. So to go to prison now for something that I don’t even remember doing, I mean, it just doesn’t seem fair to me or ace. I wish we could all forget that, too. Look, my parents were insane. And my lawyer says that I’m not responsible because my dad was influencing me. No one forced you to drug me or to record joss and cam having sex. Well, do you know that for sure? Did I hear you right? You want my car keys? If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s on you. But I don’t think that you’re in any condition to drive a car. I don’t want you to hurt yourself or someone else. For the last time, I am not drunk. Which is what I said every time I was drunk. Not everyone’s a drunk like you, alexis! Got it. I’m really not trying to insult, embarrass you, or cause a scene. Oh, but you will, won’t you? Because alexis davis never admits when she’s wrong. You take the damn keys. I’ll call a car. They’ll be in my office. You can pick them up tomorrow. Oh, no. Leave them with the concierge. I never want to see you again. Hm. Did sonny leave? Yeah. Where’d he go? You’re off duty. It’s not your problem. You got in one sucker punch. It won’t happen again. Don’t worry. I promised sonny I’d play nice. I’m not worried. Oh, yeah? Then why are you lying to my uncle? Wow! She is so beautiful. She looks just like you, willow.

[ Chuckles ] Thank goodness. Oh, yeah. No argument there.

[ Laughter ] I’m so happy for you. You’re so lucky. Oh, I am so sorry. Chase, i am lucky.

[ Chuckles ] I have so much love in my life. Two beautiful, healthy children. A family that’s embraced me. Good friends and co-workers wishing me well. Dedicated doctors doing everything they can. The least I can do is acknowledge them and do my part. What’s that? Keep the faith. We should know today if dr. Randolph approves using liesl obrecht as a stem cell donor. Well, fingers are crossed. Hi. Hey. Liesl. Dr. Obrecht: Sonny. And before you ask, there’s no word yet. Would you like some tea? No, no, I’m more of a coffee guy. I know you’re waiting ’cause I saw the look on nina’s face. Hey. Why are there two bodyguards out front? We’ll talk about that later. Uh, have you seen michael or willow? Not recently. Nothing to report.

[ Cellphone rings ] Aunt liesl, you’re gonna have to talk to scott, please, sooner or later. Pick up the phone! It’s not scott. It’s the hospital.

I mean, he’s dead, and I-I can’t remember anything. How will we ever know the truth? Yeah, well, without your memories, it’s definitely a complicated situation. Um, it’s time for ace’s nap. That’s fine. I’ll go. Um, trina. Did I pass the test? What test? I mean, I may have lost my memories, but I’m not stupid. You came here to see for yourself if I was lying, didn’t you? You’ve always been an excellent liar, and you’ve never been stupid, esme. And neither have I. So, yes. I came here to judge you for myself. I appreciate your honesty. I hope you can appreciate mine. I’m not lying, trina. I don’t have any memory of my life before this. And… I don’t think I ever will. I should probably get back to work. Yeah, I should leave. Awkward.

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, I’m getting middle school flashbacks. Are we good? Really? Be happy, joss. You, too.

[ Cellphone rings ] Trina. Are you still with cam? Yeah, he’s — he’s finishing up his shift, and I’m about to leave. What’s up? I have something important to tell you. Um, I need to tell you, cam, and spencer. Spencer said we can come to sonny’s place.

Can you meet me there? What’s going on? I’ll tell you when I see you. Trina, wait — everyone’s got their assignments, so I’m gonna head out. Great. We’ll talk tomorrow. Okay. Yeah. Um, one quick question before I go. Why aren’t you in there? Uh, I just wanted to give chase a little alone time with everyone. Hmm. This isn’t, like, residual weirdness about him and sasha? Because I thought you guys cleared that up. Sort of. I mean, I know nothing’s going on. I talked to sasha. Not chase? Why not just be honest with him?

[ Gasps ] Now’s your chance.

[ Door closes ]

[ Breathes shakily ]

[ Door closes ] You still here? Yeah. I want you.

[ Whispers ] Hey. Come here. So, mother and baby are down for a nap. How are you? I’m, uh — I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me. Not for a second. I do worry about you. I know it’s not easy playing the waiting game. Or watching willow struggle to do the simplest of things. It’s got to be heartbreaking. Yeah, sometimes I have to leave the room just for a moment. Long enough to get myself back under control. So I can be the partner that willow needs me to be. You are. You are. I, uh… I can’t lose her.

We can’t lose her. She has to be okay.

[ Softly ] Come here. It’ll be okay. It’ll be okay. What do you think I’m lying to sonny about? Joss, for starters. You were told to stay away from her, correct? But as soon as you’d heard that she’d broken up with cam, there you were, moving right on in. Where are you getting your information? Are you denying it? So you’re not sneaking around with joss? You’ve known josslyn a long time, right? That’s correct. Does she seem like the type to sneak around? No. There’s your answer.

[ Knock on door ] Oh, how long does it take to say, “yes, you can donate,” or “no, you can’t”? Either way, liesl’s a doctor. She’ll want to know the details. Right? Thank you, dr. Randolph. I appreciate you calling me personally. Well? I’m going to be willow’s stem cell donor. Oh! Thank god! Oh! Aunt liesl, it’s a good thing you’re doing, really. But there’s a problem.

Whose are those?

[ Sighs ] I asked gregory to give me his car keys. Why? You didn’t want him driving? I don’t think it’s a good idea to drive when you’re intoxicated. Ooh. Was he over the legal limit? I don’t know. I didn’t have a breathalyzer with me. He was slurring his words and he was unstable on his feet. Okay. Well, did you smell alcohol on him? No. I don’t think he was in any condition to drive. That’s all. Wow. Have you ever seen him like this before? I have never seen him like this. This is completely out of character. Okay, well, maybe you are starting to see another side. Maybe I just never knew who he was in the first place. Oh, uh, why are there so many guards here? Is sonny here? No, he’s out.

[ Clears throat ] Don’t just stand there. Show my guests inside. What — um, is trina here? Uh, she texted that she’s on her way. Hey, would you mind giving my friends and I some privacy? No problem. Thanks. I’ll be in my room. Great. So do you guys know what this is about? No clue. Is, uh, dex living here now? Yeah. Unfortunately. Uncle sonny invited him. Can you believe that? Um, so — so, trina called, and she said that she needed to see all of us, but she hung up before I could know what — what she was talking about. Well, when she texted that she was on her way, you know, coming over here, I assumed that she was still at kelly’s with you. Oh, she took off after you left. Did she say where she was going? No. She sound okay?

[ Knock on door ]

[ Sighs ] Hey. What’s going on? You okay? I’m fine. I-I went to go see esme. Why? I wanted to see the new and improved version for myself. A delight, I’m sure. What about my brother? Is he okay? He’s adorable. She’s holding him and rocking him and loving him. Yeah. She makes a big show of that, doesn’t she? You don’t believe she loves her baby? What do you think? I think it’s amazing how different she acts now. “Act” being the operative word? If esme’s been faking, she’s very convincing. Which is why I want to go to the D.A. And ask him to drop the charges against her. You want me? Uh, for…the nurses’ ball. I’m, um — I’m organizing the musical acts, and I want you and blaze to perform for free. Of course. I mean, I can only speak for myself, but I’m in with or without blaze. Nurses’ ball is a great cause. And you’re a great guy.

[ Doorbell rings ] Dr. Obrecht, please, come in. I need to speak with willow. She’s in the living room. Thank you. I’ll show myself in.

[ Softly ] I’m sorry to disturb you. Oh, no, no, not at all. Hey. Is there news? Yes. Dr. Randolph has cleared me to donate. However…

[ Sighs ] …We can’t harvest my stem cells right away. The transplant has been put on hold. For how long? The good news is willow still has a donor. That’s huge. No, it’s huge. Yeah, it is huge, but every day, every second now counts, okay? And now we have to wait for aunt liesl’s medication to get out of her system? I didn’t even know that she was taking anticoagulants. The doctors are taking her off it, but it’s not safe to donate until, you know, it’s completely out of her system. We’re running out of time. My daughter needs a transplant. Now. We can’t afford to wait.

He’s furious with me. He accused me of being self-righteous and incapable of admitting when I was wrong. Which is not wrong. He said that I was projecting my alcoholism on everyone else because I am one. No, you don’t do that. Mm…maybe I do. You know, I’m hypersensitive about problem drinking, for obvious reasons. And maybe I just went too far. You know, he did seem a little unsteady to me, but, mom, one day of day drinking doesn’t mean that you’re an alcoholic. I know. I know that. I know. Something’s not right, though. I mean, what triggered my instinct is how he reacted when I asked him if he had been drinking. He was immediately hostile and immediately defensive. And that’s a classic alcoholic trick. Self-righteousness and then a stormy exit. I know it well. I’m sorry. It’s just that, given my history, I am telling you, he is hiding something. Trina, the D.A. Isn’t just gonna drop the charges against esme because we ask. He certainly didn’t drop them against you when we asked. Look, as long as esme is in prison, so is ace. We have to do something. I am doing something. And that does not include dropping the charges against esme. She needs to pay for what she did to all of you. And that’s why esme can’t be charged right now. You’ve got mail. I wish I could talk to willow. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I’m not going to. I know she doesn’t want to talk to me, and I’m not going to upset her. I just… I want to hear her voice. You want me to make you something? No, baby, I’m not hungry. Do you want to tell me why there’s two bodyguards out front? I’m adding extra security. Why? We’ll talk about it later. No, we can talk — you’ve got a lot going on. No, we can talk about it now. Uh, there was an incident last night. What do you mean, an incident? Were you — were you in danger? Are you hurt? No, I’m not hurt. You see I’m here. What happened? You’re the one who decided you didn’t want to know anything about my business. Okay, trina, you’ve lost me. Believe me, I’m in no way anxious to sit through a trial and have our sex tape brought up again. But I will happily do it. Because esme needs to face justice. Mm-hmm. But what if justice is impossible right now? Think about it! Esme is this poor, young, single mother…

[ Sighs ] …Who doesn’t remember anything about her crimes or anything about the person she used to be. What if the jury feels sorry for her and lets her off? And if that happens and esme goes back to being the old esme one day, she can’t be tried for the same crimes a second time. Trina’s right. I get it. I mean, if the D.A. Holds off prosecuting esme, esme will still have her old crimes hanging over her head. One slip up that shows her memory’s back, and she could be tried and convicted. Exactly. Prosecuting her right now is — is too big of a risk. Plus, there’s ace to think about. Esme could be stuck in spring ridge until the trial starts, and that could be months from now. Yeah, months of my brother being raised by security guards and surrounded by criminals. Are you sure that you wouldn’t mind seeing esme walk around free? I’m sure. Cam? Joss? What do you think? This is your call, too. I’m in. Yeah, me, too. For ace’s sake, esme needs to go free. Dr. Obrecht didn’t seem so happy. Does she ever? I hope it’s not bad news. Willow and michael can’t take another disappointment. When my medication is out of my system, we can proceed. But is it safe for you to donate? Once my blood can clot again normally, there’s no danger to me. I’m so sorry for the delay. Don’t apologize. I already owe you so much. Yeah, and thank you for coming by to tell us in person. Full transparency, I was with nina and sonny when I got the news. They know. That’s okay. I agreed to keep nina in the loop about my health. Nina’s very grateful. Willow, do you want to go to the gatehouse and get some rest? I’m gonna wait until amelia wakes up from her nap. Okay. I can walk you out. Everyone else is gonna want to know what’s going on. Would you mind filling them in? Of course I will. Thank you. I’ll be in touch. So, how do you really feel? Fine. Really.

[ Amelia fussing ]

I’ll, uh, let you know what blaze says about the nurses’ ball. You okay? Sure. You? Take it easy, brook lynn. Hey, willow. Are you okay? Do you want me to take amelia for a little bit? Thanks, carly, but I’m enjoying having her with me. In fact, would you mind bringing wiley down from the playroom? I would love to. That’s a great idea. I’ll be right back. Uh, do you want me to help you bring him down? No. I’m pretty good at bribing little boys away from their toys. I’m also good at listening. So, you know, if you ever need to talk, I’m here. Thank you, mom. Yeah. Hey, I just spoke to trish, and she said that gregory was not served any alcohol here today. Maybe he’s got a flask. I don’t — I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s pills. It’s something. I’m telling you, he’s hiding something. Mm, I mean, that’s true. He did lie to you about not working at pcu anymore. Another thing addicts do, they lie a lot. A lot. Okay, great. Thanks. Okay, so diane said she has time right now. Okay. Let’s do it. Thank you for trying to help my baby brother. Okay. When diane says now, she means now. Right. Yeah. Hey, joss. Are you coming with us? Yes. I’ll head out with you guys. Um, I’ll meet you guys in the lobby. Okay. And don’t think for a second you’re leaving for california without an epic goodbye party, alright? Okay. I cannot believe that I hope that esme walks free. But I do for my brother’s sake. Prison is no place for an infant. I hope it’ll be easy to convince diane. I mean, at least from what I can tell, esme’s not a threat to anyone. Sure hope you’re right. My mom said that wiley needed a quick clean-up. Did not realize he was finger painting.

[ Laughs ] That’s okay. This is nice. I meant what I said about keeping the faith. I’ll hang on as long as necessary. My family gives me strength. Well, something happened that worried you enough to increase your security. I’m not worried. I’m handling it. Okay, well, if I knew the details, would i be worried? I take that as a yes. You said you didn’t want to know. I didn’t think I did, but… …now I’m not so sure.

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