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Gwen goes to the Bistro and starts drinking. Alex arrives and asks if she had a bad day. Gwen calls it the worst. Alex tells her to join the club as he sits at her table. Gwen points out that she didn’t invite him to sit there and questions why he is here. Alex responds that members of the bad day club have to stick together. Gwen supposes she can’t argue with that. Alex and Gwen officially introduce themselves. Gwen comments that they have so many people in common already. Alex asks who put her in such a rotten mood. Gwen responds that it was his rotten cousin, Xander.

At the Titan office, Maggie tells Xander that she’s sorry his talk with Gwen didn’t go so well. Maggie asks if it was bad business wise or relationship wise. Xander says it was both and he made Gwen so angry that he doesn’t think there’s any relationship left.

Johnny guesses he will have to confront EJ because you can’t do something that underhanded and expect to get away with it. Tripp then comes home and asks if Johnny means like what he just did to him. Johnny questions where his anger is coming from. Wendy says she doesn’t get it either and asks what Tripp thinks Johnny did to him. Tripp responds that he knows exactly what Johnny did and he can’t dodge this one, because he has the receipts.

Li and Gabi sit together for dinner. Li asks if she had fun at the Van Gogh exhibit. Gabi responds that she’s not going to complain about seeing Van Gogh paintings up close. Li compliments her until Gabi asks if they are really going to keep doing this. Li reminds her that going to the exhibit was her idea after he found her with Stefan, so he thought she was making amends. Gabi says she was making the best of a situation and didn’t know dinner was going to be a part of it. Li asks what’s wrong with dinner. Gabi claims she’s not hungry. Li insists that she loves the steak here. Gabi questions if he thinks she’ll just let go of Stefan and love him again at the end of their six months deal. Li says that’s right but points out that things can happen a lot sooner than that.

EJ, Nicole, Stefan, and Wei Shin toast their drinks. EJ thinks back to switching he and Stefan’s drinks after Stefan drugged his. Stefan then thinks back to switching he and EJ’s drinks back. EJ remarks that this feels like it’s going to be a night to remember. Stefan comments that he couldn’t have said it better himself.

Alex hopes Gwen doesn’t hold it against him that he and Xander are related even though blood is the only bond they have, especially after the whole kidnapping mess. Gwen doesn’t want to talk about that. Gwen adds that Xander’s actual crimes are the least of her issues with him. Gwen states that Xander tried to be good in his own way. Xander asks if she tried to be good too and how that’s working out for her. Gwen asks what he thinks. Alex says it seems to him that in a weird way, she and Xander are a pretty damn good match. Gwen responds that it’s not the match that Xander wants despite the fact that Sarah wants nothing to do with him, Xander will never stop loving her.

Xander tells Maggie that he realized he was leading Gwen on which he didn’t want to do. Xander really thought that once he saw the final divorce decree, he would finally accept that he and Sarah are over for good. Maggie doesn’t think it works that way. Xander confirms that his feelings didn’t miraculously disappear, so he can’t lie to Gwen about that even if Sarah hates him. Maggie encourages that Sarah doesn’t hate him, she’s just done with him. Maggie warns Xander to get over Sarah or he could end up alone.

Gabi complains that Li needs to listen when people tell him things as she repeats she doesn’t love him, noting that he keeps saying he’s going to win her back and is starting to sound delusional. Li calls it being hopeful while Gabi calls it a pipe dream and a chore. Li suggests she look at it like the quality time they are spending is him doing her a favor since the more time she spends with him, the less time she spends fighting her temptation to be with Stefan. Li reminds Gabi that if she caves, she loses out on all his DiMera shares. Li questions if one night of nostalgia with Stefan is really worth that.

Stefan talks to Wei about finding a new start up company in South Africa that is hungry for investors. EJ says he must have missed the memo on this. Stefan says he was going to brief him in the morning. Nicole guesses it was a misunderstanding. Stefan remarks that he’s sure EJ was caught off guard, just like he was caught off guard by Wei joining them for dinner tonight so now they are even. EJ decides to go check on dinner and invites Nicole to join him since she had a request for the chef. EJ and Nicole step out and complain about Stefan trying to win Wei Shin’s favor. EJ points out Stefan saying they were even and says they only will be after the drugs kick in and Stefan starts making a fool of himself which Nicole says should be any minute now.

Back in the living room, Wei praises Stefan for his work on the start up company in South Africa and says that he seems to be on top of things. Stefan notes that he sounds surprised. Wei reveals that he had a conversation earlier with EJ, who worried that Stefan was still feeling the effects of what Dr. Rolf put him through. Stefan says he appreciates EJ’s concern but assures that he’s perfectly fine…

Alex and Gwen drink shots. Alex suggests maybe Xander will come around. Gwen says she has told herself that so many times. Alex comments that feelings are weird and sometimes they can take a little while to sort out. Gwen informs Alex that Xander said once he sees the divorce decree, reality would set in. Alex guesses that’s not what happened. Gwen says reality set in for her, not him. Alex asks if Xander told her that he doesn’t want to be with her. Gwen responds that Xander said he still loves Sarah and he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get over her. Alex tells her that he’s sorry to hear. Gwen adds that the worst part is that Xander was trying not to hurt her by saying it’s not fair to lead her on while still have feelings for Sarah. Alex guesses that’s honorable but Gwen disagrees and argues that she’s the best thing to ever happen to Xander and he’ll never know. Gwen starts calling for another refill but Alex decides the next round is on him. Gwen says she’s been going on about herself and hasn’t even asked why Alex is here and so miserable. Gwen guesses it has to do with a lady. Alex confirms he did ruin things with the best thing he ever had in his life but says that’s not the reason he’s here tonight. Alex declares that he’s here tonight because of Sarah Horton’s mother.

Xander asks why he’s telling Sarah’s mother all of this. Maggie suggests maybe he expects her to get in touch with Sarah and let her know that he still loves her. Xander says no unless she wants to. Maggie reminds him that she wished they worked it out, but she learned her lesson. Maggie says she made her feelings clear to Sarah but she’s going to stay out of it. Xander understands he’s lost Sarah and has driven Gwen away. Xander remarks that it seems he can’t help but hurt the women in his life. Maggie says there seems to be a lot of that going around..

Wendy questions what this is about. Johnny is sure it’s nothing. Tripp explains that Johnny came asking for his help with some lab results for EJ but he couldn’t help him, so Johnny stole his ID, impersonated him, and stole the results from the lab. Wendy questions that being how Johnny got those results. Tripp complains that Johnny put his reputation on the line all because he and his family think they are always above the rules.

Stefan comments on knowing how much Wei admired Stefano. Wei talks about his drive being unmatched and never letting anyone get the best of him. Stefan says that’s why he’s trying to follow in his father’s footsteps. On the other side of the room, EJ complains to Nicole about Stefan trying to impress Wei. EJ remarks that Stefan will get what’s coming to him soon. EJ decides they will go join them to see how things are progressing. EJ stumbles. Nicole tells EJ good job on making Stefan thinking he’s drugged but suggests toning it down a little. EJ then asks if it’s a little warm in the room as Stefan watches on. Wei is glad EJ threw this dinner party as he gave him a chance to emphasize the importance of raising their stock price. Nicole assures that it’s all EJ is thinking about. Stefan adds that EJ is doing everything in his power that no mistakes happen again. Nicole adds that EJ is using this opportunity to make changes within this company. Stefan says he’s produced a new program to teach all employees media strategy and he’s sure EJ is on board. EJ tries to speak but Stefan says he’s not finished. Stefan talks about being sure that the culture is going to change. EJ yells at Stefan to stop talking and says that Wei heard him the first time, remarking that he’s old, not deaf.

Maggie asks if Xander distancing himself from Gwen means he’s quitting the Spectator. Xander says Gwen doesn’t want him there. Maggie reminds him that he owns half of it. Xander admits that it’s Gwen’s legacy, not his. Maggie points out that means he’s unemployed again. Xander assures that he’ll find a legal way. Maggie then suggests Xander take over for Alex at Titan and says she wouldn’t complain.

Alex informs Gwen that Maggie got the job that he was expecting at Titan. Gwen asks if he has a problem answering to strong women. Alex responds that he loves strong women so gender is not the problem, but that job should be his and he should be on the cover of the Spectator with his plans for the company. Gwen asks why isn’t it him then. Alex explains that Victor got wind of some gossip about his extra curricular activities which Gwen laughs at. Gwen admits that she is the new lead at the Spectator and Leo is her gossip columnist. Gwen asks what the big deal is since Alex is handsome, charming, and rich, so why shouldn’t have a romp with two beautiful and willing women. Alex likes the way she thinks but says Victor is old school. Gwen questions if Maggie is really best for the job and if Victor thinks she’s CEO material. Alex thanks her and is excited that someone else sees his point. Gwen thinks he will have to follow Maggie’s orders to get what he wants. Gwen tells him not to cause trouble and he gets to live a fabulous life. Alex wishes he was told that yesterday.

Wendy brings up that Johnny just said he has his ways when she asked how he got the test results. Tripp accuses him of identity theft. Wendy asks Johnny about it. Tripp says they don’t have to believe him, they can just call the lab director who called him, looking for his lost badge. Wendy asks what he said. Tripp explains that he figured out someone unauthorized got those reports. Wendy asks if Johnny is going to say something. Johnny then admits he used Tripp’s badge to get the results. Tripp reminds him that it’s illegal. Johnny argues that they needed answers because he and Wendy are trying to help someone. Tripp asks if he’s actually throwing Wendy under the bus. Wendy questions why Johnny lied to her about how he got the results. Tripp declares that Johnny knew how she would react and he’s too much of a coward to be honest.

Li recalls he and Gabi’s last dinner where they ordered the most expensive bottle of wine. Li remembers it as one of the best nights of his life and says he never felt closer to anyone. Li can tell Gabi remembers too. Gabi stops him and says she knows what he’s trying to do. Li asks if it’s working.

EJ apologizes to Wei for his outburst and blames himself for what happened to the stock. Wei understands it’s frustrating. Nicole encourages that the frustration will be gone once he gets the price up. EJ says dinner should be ready and suggests they eat. Wei and Stefan head to the kitchen. Nicole talks to EJ about how he’s supposed to pretend to be impaired, not insult Wei Shin. EJ says he didn’t mean to say that and he doesn’t know what happened, just Stefan got under his skin. Nicole notes that EJ looks sweaty. EJ says it’s warm in here but Nicole says it’s not. Nicole asks if he’s sure he switched the correct drinks with Stefan because Stefan is acting fine while EJ seems off. EJ insists he’s fine and that the drugs will kick in on Stefan soon so they are going to dinner where Stefan will prove he’s unfit by going face first in to his soup so they head to the kitchen.

Xander questions Maggie about Alex undercutting her authority and still having a job. Maggie says she let him off with a warning since he was only being passionate about something he believes in. Alex argues that she can’t have insubordination in her ranks. Maggie admits that she didn’t want to become CEO and fire the only other Kiriakis in the company on her first day. Maggie wishes she had a Kiriakis she could count on…

Alex tells Gwen that he wasn’t just going to let Maggie shut the door on Bella so he took his concerns to Victor. Gwen goes over that Alex went behind his boss’s back to her husband. Alex guesses he’s not a team player. Gwen can’t find one person in his family who is and says they all go after what they want, consequences be damned. Alex asks how Gwen was raised. Gwen responds that she mostly raised herself but it doesn’t seem like either of them have gotten what they want. Alex and Gwen toast to misery as they drink another shot. Alex then asks if Gwen wants to get out of here.

Johnny apologizes for getting Tripp in trouble but says that he gave him no choice since he asked for help but he didn’t want to give it to him, so he borrowed his badge for ten minutes. Wendy argues that he stole it. Johnny asks if Wendy thinks what EJ is doing to Stefan is okay then. Wendy argues that both are wrong and adds that Johnny knew this was wrong, or he wouldn’t have kept it from her. Wendy tells Johnny to go and questions what they have if she can’t trust him. Johnny says he’ll text her tomorrow when she’s had time to think about this and understands. Johnny then exits the apartment. Tripp apologizes to Wendy and asks if she’s okay. Wendy responds that Allie warned her about how impulsive and selfish Johnny could be and guesses she’s still trying to learn what that means.

EJ, Nicole, Stefan, and Wei return to the living room after dinner. Stefan offers to get everyone coffee and drugs EJ’s cup. As Stefan talks to Wei, EJ switches he and Stefan’s cups. Afterwards, as EJ and Nicole talk to Wei, Stefan switches the cups back. EJ suggests Stefan show Wei the sculpture he purchased at an auction. Stefan notes that their father actually owned it in the 60s. After Stefan and Wei leave the room, Nicole asks if EJ drugged him again. EJ suggests maybe he didn’t get enough in the first drink, but this time he’s going down..

Gabi calls Li’s flirting shameless. Li says he was just remembering what it was like to be in bed with her and hoping she would forget about Stefan. Gabi admires his persistence. Li asks what else she admires about him. Gabi then calls for the check but Li says they can’t leave yet since he pre-ordered dessert. Gabi says they can get it to go, so Li asks if she just wants to go back home like last time.

Tripp apologizes to Wendy for being hard on Johnny. Wendy says that Johnny had it coming and Tripp had every right to be pissed. Tripp complains that it was his first day back at the hospital and he wanted everything to be perfect. Tripp felt it was his responsibility to honor Kayla’s memory. Wendy is sure she would be proud. Tripp knows he’ll never be as good of a doctor as Kayla was but it’s important to him to not stain her reputation or disappoint Steve while he’s still grieving. Wendy insists that he did nothing wrong today so Tripp thanks her. Wendy says she’s really sorry that Johnny put him in this position. Wendy adds that if she knew what he was going to do, she would’ve stopped him.

Stefan and Wei return to the living room. EJ suggests Stefan share numbers for the South Africa project with Wei. Stefan asks if he’s sure he wants him to do that now. EJ asks why not. Johnny then comes home. EJ over excitedly greets Johnny and begins introducing him to Wei, while Nicole tries to ask if they can talk. EJ talks up Wei to Johnny and brings up the Devil possession. Nicole interrupts and says there’s been a mistake so they need to talk. EJ remarks that the only mistake he sees is two CEOs. Johnny asks if EJ is alright. Stefan tells EJ that he doesn’t know what’s going on but he needs to go lie down before he embarrasses himself any further. EJ asks Stefan who he thinks he is. Stefan says that EJ is clearly messed up, so EJ shoves him to the shock of Wei, Nicole, and Johnny. EJ says that was clearly not supposed to happen. Nicole says that EJ didn’t sleep much and was up all night working. EJ whispers to Nicole that he knows he switched it. Nicole says that EJ just needs to freshen up and takes him out of the room. Johnny follows them out. Stefan apologizes to Wei for EJ’s behavior and claims he has no idea what’s going on.

Tripp and Wendy get close until Li and Gabi come home. Li asks if they were interrupting something. Wendy says no and they were just talking, then asks where they were. Gabi says they brought dinner. Wendy goes to help get it ready while Tripp sits with Li. Li tries to convince Tripp to take the couch so he can take his room but Wendy says he’s not interested. Tripp says if the living situation is too much, he can always go back to his dad’s, but Wendy says she loves having him here so her brother is just going to have to get used to the couch.

Xander comments that it seems Maggie is wrestling with an impossible question as to rely on the Kiriakis who lied to her about going behind her back to her husband or rely on the Kiriakis who lied to her daughter after his ill-fated kidnapping scheme. Maggie says that’s why she’s the CEO, getting paid to make those tough calls. Maggie says most people would think it’s an easy call since Alex may not be the most reliable, but he’s not a felon. Xander points out that she’s not most people. Maggie agrees that she’s not and actually thinks Xander did a pretty good job when he was in charge a few years ago. Xander says it’s fun to imagine them taking on the corporate world and defying expectations, but they both know Victor wouldn’t sign off on it. Maggie declares that she is the CEO, so Victor doesn’t get a say about Alex or Xander.

Gwen brings Alex home to her room at the Salem Inn. Alex questions her living here with Leo Stark and complains that Leo cost him his job at Titan. Gwen jokes that it’s a good thing Leo isn’t home then. Gwen brings up that they came here for a night cap so she pours them drinks. Alex asks if that’s the only thing they came for.

Nicole and Johnny help EJ to his bedroom as EJ says this doesn’t make sense what is happening to him. Nicole doesn’t know how but says Stefan must have switched the drinks. EJ questions how and why. EJ guesses this was Stefan’s plan all along but asks how he figured it out. Johnny realizes this might be his fault which Nicole questions. Johnny argues that they said Stefan was on drugs and that didn’t sit right with him, so he got his hands on the test results from the vial and he thought they were drugging Stefan. EJ questions if he told him. Johnny says he didn’t say it was him. EJ worries that he’s now ruined as he falls back on to his bed.

Wei brings up that EJ warned him that Stefan was still feeling the effects of what Dr. Rolf put him through, but clearly EJ is the one they should be worried about. Stefan appreciates his concern but says EJ is resilient. Wei tells him that he has no obligation to defend family members as their obligation is to the shareholders. Stefan agrees and says sometimes he’s too loyal for his own good. Stefan then tells Wei that he has been worried about EJ ever since the death of his mother. Wei says clearly his worries have been justified. Stefan asks what he can do since they are equals. Wei says perhaps not for long.

Tripp and Wendy step outside while Gabi strips down to her nightgown which takes Li’s breath away. Li calls the outfit incredible. Gabi responds that it’s not for him, but for six months from now when she can finally sleep with the man she loves. Li guesses this is her torturing him then. Gabi says it’s because he tortured her. Li says it was just an incredible meal. Gabi says she’ll just go to her bed all alone where she will dream all about Stefan. Gabi tells Li to have a good night on the couch and heads to her room.

Xander asks if Victor can’t stop Maggie from bringing him in to replace Alex. Xander then jokes that now she’d just have to go down the list of the other four thousand reasons it’d be a terrible idea for her to do that. Maggie says she’ll get to work on that right away but she needs to go home. Xander says he just needs to send a quick text so Maggie says she’ll meet him in the hallway. Xander thanks her for listening to his stupid mistakes and standing by him anyways. Xander calls her a very loyal person. Maggie says who knows, maybe she’ll be asking for that loyalty in return pretty soon. Maggie then exits the office. Xander texts Gwen that he’s sorry about today and hopes she’s doing alright.

Alex moves towards Gwen but she steps back and suggests they just enjoy that drink. Alex says you can’t blame a guy for trying. Gwen then gets Xander’s text. Gwen then agrees with Alex, who asks if she’s okay. Gwen says she’s not okay and suggests changing that. Gwen then rips Alex’s shirt open and begins kissing him. Gwen removes Alex’s shirt fully as they continue kissing.

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