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Gabi wakes up to find Li cooking in the kitchen and questions what he’s doing. Li apologizes for making noise if that’s what woke her up. Gabi asks where everybody is. Li informs her that Wendy and Tripp left for work which is what woke him up, but he can’t complain when the love of his life is living under the same roof as him. Li calls it their first morning together on the road to wedding bliss. Li offers Gabi breakfast but she says she’s not hungry. Li sits with Gabi and asks if she’s still upset that Stefan no longer loves Chloe.

Shawn walks through the town square and comes across Chloe seated at a table. Shawn greets her and asks when she got back. Chloe informs him that it was yesterday and remarks that if you miss one day in this town, you miss a lot as she shows Shawn her tablet with an article about Brady and Eric being arrested.

Belle visits Brady and Eric in their jail cell, commenting that they have gotten themselves in to a fine mess.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Nicole is reading about Brady and Eric’s arrest. EJ calls it nice for someone else to be dragged through the mud for a change. EJ says that Brady and Eric being arrested for what they did to Stefan is old news and he’s more concerned about what he and Nicole are going to do to Stefan. EJ suggests they focus on that task which Nicole agrees with. Nicole assures that she’s still totally committed to giving Stefan a taste of his own medicine. EJ declares that Stefan will reap what he sowed and he will be the one deemed unfit to be CEO. Stefan then walks in and asks if someone said his name.

At the police station, Melinda reads about Brady and Eric’s arrest until Sloan arrives. Melinda remarks that whoever Sloan is representing is undoubtedly guilty. Sloan responds that she’s not here on business as this is personal because she came to make sure that Melinda throws the book at Eric.

Belle tells Eric that she’s not surprised to see him get arrested again but admits she did not see Brady’s arrest coming. Belle asks if he even thought about Rachel when she already has one parent in prison. Belle questions what they were thinking when kidnapping Stefan is class one felony. Belle warns that if convicted, they could be facing serious prison time. Belle asks why they would do something so stupid. Brady responds that Stefan didn’t give him a choice.

EJ tells Stefan that he and Nicole were just discussing the egregious crimes perpetrated by Eric and Brady as they are outraged and concerned about Stefan going through such a horrible ordeal. Nicole says she can’t imagine what it must have been like to have someone mess with your head like that. Stefan appreciates their concern and outrage but admits they did him a favor because now he knows where his heart lies. Stefan declares that he loves Gabi and only Gabi.

Gabi asks Li why she would be upset that Stefan doesn’t love Chloe anymore when that’s exactly what she wanted, only now she’s stuck in this situation with Li for six months. Gabi complains that it already feels like an eternity. Li encourages her to live in the present. Gabi tells Li that his chances of winning her back are zero. Li wants her to know that he remains undeterred and gave her his DiMera shares as a symbol of his commitment to her. Li declares that Gabi is fighting it now, but will soon realize that he is the man that she belongs with.

Nicole questions Stefan being completely over Chloe which he confirms. Stefan says he had to see Chloe in order to see that his feeling had changed. Stefan explains that he went to see her and it’s as if his feelings for her were never there in the first place. Nicole mocks him letting her down gently. Stefan states that Chloe was letting him down gently, saying she couldn’t be with a man who loved to women at once and then it was like his feelings for her were never there. Nicole calls it good news, especially for Brady. EJ realizes that’s why Stefan missed cocktail hour yesterday when they were waiting for him. Stefan apologizes but EJ says it’s okay as they will have plenty of opportunities to raise a glass together which Stefan says he looks forward to. EJ asks Stefan if this means he will soon be reuniting with Gabi. Stefan questions if EJ is asking as his brother, concerned about his love life, or as a co-CEO concerned about his standing in the company. EJ admits to the first and won’t deny the second. Stefan then confirms it is his wish to be reunited with the woman he loves. Nicole questions what he’s doing here then. Stefan says because for some damn reason, Gabi made a commitment to stay with her husband.

Li and Gabi sit down for breakfast. Li tells her that he’s not asking her to pretend to like him and he wants her to be herself in their arrangement. Li knows he deceived her in the past but he’s determined to be honest and himself from now on. Li suggests giving it a try.

Shawn tells Chloe that it’s clear that the Deverauxs no longer run the Spectator. Chloe admits that Gwen and Xander may have used this as a hit job, but they’re not wrong. Chloe says it’s no wonder that Brady and Eric are in such trouble after what they did to Stefan. Shawn responds that the one sliver of hope is that Belle is on the case.

Belle mocks Brady saying he had no choice but to pull an insanely stupid stunt instead of using his head. Brady argues that Stefan wasn’t going to let Dr. Rolf deprogram him so he had to force him. Belle calls that a confession while Brady complains that Stefan was terrorizing Chloe with his obsession. Brady says the only reason Stefan had feelings for Chloe was because Dr. Rolf messed with his brain. Brady calls it borderline stalking and claims that Chloe had to leave town just to get away from Stefan, so he had to step in and do something. Belle understands his motivation but points out they have no case here, even if she could prove Stefan was a threat because Brady’s actions were extreme and indefensible. Belle then questions what Eric’s excuse is.

Melinda is surprised that Sloan has it in for Eric and asks if they had a falling out. Sloan informs her that Eric stole legal documents from her briefcase without her permission and used them to perpretrate fraud without her knowledge. Sloan states that Eric caused irreparable damage to her reputation. Melinda mocks the idea of her being moral and ethical. Sloan questions if Melinda is going to do her job and prosecute Eric to the fullest extent of the law or if she’s going to make snide comments at her and collect her paycheck. Melinda suggests all of the above. Melinda then asks if she puts Eric in three hots and a cot, then who is going to make Sloan hot in her cot.

Eric tells Belle that his excuse is that he was helping Brady do what needed to be done. Belle guesses the family loyalty runs deep with his brother but not with his sister. Eric questions her making it about herself. Belle argues that he made it about her when he assaulted her husband and then questioned her judgment when she defended Paulina against his girlfriend’s frivolous lawsuit. Eric calls it not relevant and none of her business but notes that Sloan isn’t his girlfriend. Belle asks if that’s because he dumped her or if she cast him aside after his idiotic decision to pose as her paralegal and misrepresented himself to the police which damaged any case against Li Shin. Belle declares that means that Melinda wants Eric’s head and she’s inclined to give it to her.

Li tells Gabi that he will share their plans for the day but Gabi stops him and reminds him that she is no longer employed and her daughter is on the other side of the world, so her plan for the day is to go back to bed and sleep the next six months away. Li points out that it’s a beautiful day and suggests they drive to the lake to feed the baby ducks. Li recalls Arianna telling him about that. Li suggests afterwards, they have a picnic on a paddle boat and then reveals he got tickets to a Van Gogh exhibit at the museum. Gabi points out that he made a lot of plans without consulting her first. Gabi then remarks that she would rather cut her own ear off than go anywhere with him. Gabi says to excuse her as she has a date with some pillows. Li pleads with her that he’s really trying and acknowledges he made some bad decisions but he also knows that under all the hurt, somewhere in Gabi’s big heart, there is room for forgiveness. Li asks her for a chance to help her find that.

Nicole can’t believe Gabi stayed with Li. Stefan doesn’t know the details but says apparently, Gabi made a deal with him with paperwork involved and then Li kicked him out before he could say anything. EJ assures Stefan that he has the full support of DiMera Enterprises and his family. EJ suggests they discuss this over coffee. Stefan calls that an excellent idea and says to allow him to pour it. EJ whispers to Nicole that they will let the games begin as Stefan drugs the coffee. Stefan brings the coffee to them. Nicole tastes hers and complains about the cream being sour so that Stefan takes it back, allowing EJ to switch his cup with Stefan’s behind his back. Stefan brings Nicole a new cup and they toast to DiMera Enterprises.

Gabi agrees to go along with Li’s plans to feed the ducks, have a picnic, and go to the museum, admitting that it might cheer her up but makes him promise not to try to hold her hand or whisper in her ear. Gabi tells him not to rock the boat either. Li calls this the beginning of something special and says he’s just so happy to be spending the day with her. Li decides he will go shower, get ready, and then they will meet back here to start their day together.

Sloan questions how her private life is relevant to Melinda. Melinda says they are not in a court room and says she’s just trying to break the cold ice between them with a little office gossip. Sloan tells her that’s not how gossip works. Sloan says they would have to talk about someone while they’re not here behind their back. Sloan questions who told her anyway about her and Eric. Melinda refers to “Lady Whistleblower’s” gossip column in the Spectator. Sloan asks how they know about her personal life. Melinda then informs Sloan that Lady Whistleblower is Leo Stark, who went in to excruciating detail, writing that according to Sloan, Eric was the best sex of her life and did things she’s never even heard of. Melinda shows Sloan the article in the Spectator, which shocks her.

Shawn informs Chloe that Belle was heading to the police station to see if she could help. Chloe states that if anyone can help them, it’s Belle. Shawn notes that Belle is committed to helping Brady in any way that she can, but he’s not sure she feels the same way about Eric. Chloe questions if he’s saying that Belle won’t take Eric’s case.

Eric tells Belle that he knows he’s made his share of mistakes and that they’ve been at odds recently, but he really appreciates her coming down to help him and he’s glad that he can still coutn on his little sister. Belle asks if he’s serious in thinking that she would come down to bail his ass out after his recent transgressions. Belle declares that there is no way she is taking his case after he blew up every bridge between them. Belle complains that now that Sloan said bye bye, Eric has the nerve to come to her for help after he refused to listen to reason. Eric argues that all Belle has done is rake he and Brady over the coals because she’s so superior. Eric shouts screw that and questions why the hell she’s even here if she didn’t come to represent them. Belle clarifies that she never said she wouldn’t represent Brady, but Eric is on his own. Eric calls Belle smug, arrogant, and judgmental, adding that she thinks she’s smart because of her law degree but points out that she failed the BAR three times. Brady tries to tell Eric to stop while Belle remarks on Eric’s long fall from grace. Brady tells Belle that Eric did all of this for him. Brady adds that he knows Eric has been a horse’s ass since breaking up with Nicole while Eric argues that this has nothing to do with Nicole. Brady tells Belle that he got Eric in to this mess, so he needs her help to get him out of it. Belle calls that very moving and heartwarming. Belle adds that it is very clear to her that Eric was only an accessory to Brady’s crimes, but she has not changed her mind and repeats that she will not be taking Eric’s case. Eric asks what their mom would say if she knew that Belle turned her back on him. Belle tells him not to dare bring up Marlena. Eric argues that she can’t just leave him in here. Belle says to watch her as she then calls out to the guard that she is taking Brady to court for his arraignment.

Shawn explains to Chloe that Belle offered her legal services to Eric and he went out of his way to refuse it and be a world class jerk to her lately. Chloe calls that kind of shocking as she feels like Eric has gone off the deep end and turned to the dark side after breaking up with Nicole. They talk about Eric’s break up with Nicole being his doing. Shawn comments on Eric living without sin for a while but now making up for it since then.

Stefan tells EJ that he knows he’s supposed to be on the call with the bank this morning but suggests EJ should handle this one on his own. EJ asks if he really wants to take that chance, especially with the concern about stock coming from his lapse of judgment. Stefan calls it all the more reason for EJ to fly solo and redeem himself, to prove he’s at the top of his game if he feels up to it. EJ says he feels fine and thanks him, but he still thinks it’s best that they both take the call and demonstrate that they are a team as co-CEOs.

Gabi finishes a call saying she’ll be right there as Li comes out of the shower. Gabi tells Li that sh’s sorry but that was Arianna’s school. Li thought she took Arianna out of school so she could move to New Zealand with Sonny and Will. Gabi says she did but they need her records to start her at the new school and they are having trouble transfering them. Gabi adds that she doesn’t know how long this will take but she really needs to get there. Li says they’ll have plenty of time for ducks another day but offers to go with her to Arianna’s school. Gabi says it’s fine and she can handle it as she quickly exits.

Shawn knows Chloe is worried about Brady but he’s confident that Belle will get him out on bail. Shawn asks if they can just start again when that happens but Chloe says she’s not sure that’s possible. Shawn brings up Brady and Eric succeeding in having Dr. Rolf deprogram Stefan, so he’s no longer in love with Chloe which she confirms. Shawn asks how she feels about that. Chloe calls it fine and says his feelings to begin with were overly intense and she never whole-heartedly believed in Stefan’s love for her. Chloe adds that Stefan’s love for her wasn’t the greatest obstacle that she and Brady were facing. Chloe brings up that Brady’s daughter Rachel hates her and says Brady is convinced they can move past it, but she’s not so sure they can.

Sloan cannot believe the article Leo wrote. Melinda suggests she could sue for libel unless it’s true that Eric was the best sex of her life. Belle and Brady then come up from the jail cell. Belle announces that she is representing Brady. Sloan asks what about Eric. Belle says what about him and asks for a moment with Melinda. Melinda asks if it can’t wait until they are in the courtroom. Belle informs Melinda that she is going to be requesting reasonable bail for Brady, pointing out that he’s not a flight risk or a threat to the community. Melinda remarks that Stefan would disagree. Belle argues that they both know why Brady did what he did and that the circumstances have changed now. Belle hopes Melinda won’t oppose Brady’s release. Belle adds that she noticed Melinda’s complaint doesn’t include a victim statement and asks if there’s a reason that she hasn’t interviewed Stefan yet. Belle guesses Stefan isn’t as upset as she thinks about what Brady did.

EJ asks Stefan if they should get this show on the road. Stefan agrees that a united front will help soothe the markets. EJ says his confidence in him means the world to him. Stefan remarks on trusting your own brother. Stefan gets a call from Gabi, who says she needs to see him immediately in the park. Stefan says he’ll be right there, so Gabi tells him to hurry and hangs up. Stefan tells EJ that normally he would never put his personal life ahead of business affairs but given his recent disasters, he’s sure EJ will understand. Stefan assures that he knows EJ will represent the family well and then exits the mansion, leaving EJ and Nicole disappointed.

Shawn goes to work at the police station. Belle joins him so Shawn asks how the arraignment went. Belle informs him that she made the case to get Brady out on bail. Shawn asks if the judge agreed and if Brady is out.

Brady finds Chloe in the town square and asks if the seat at her table is taken.

Li calls Arianna’s school about the transfer of her records that Gabi told him about, but they inform him that Will settled all of that before they went to New Zealand. Li says he’s sorry for the confusion and that he must have misunderstood his wife as he then hangs up. Li then complains that Gabi looked him dead in the eye and lied to his face.

Stefan meets Gabi in the park.

Sloan visits Eric in his cell and remarks that it looks like someone is in need of a good lawyer.

Nicole reads the gossip column in the Spectator, remarking to herself in disgust about Sloan calling Eric the best sex of her life. EJ then returns from the conference call and says the bank has been dealt with but complains about the numerous opportunities there would have been for Stefan to seem unfit. Nicole points out that they only gave him his first dose. EJ says as long as Stefan believes he’s drugging him, he’ll never expect the next ones. Nicole calls it a perfect plan. EJ declares that it’s only a matter of time before Stefan slips up and the board will have no choice but to kick him out on his ass and he’ll be left on top. Nicole adds that Stefan will be old news.

Gabi tells Stefan that she’s so glad he came. Stefan then starts to feel dizzy causing Gabi to worry and ask if he’s okay.

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