Lessons in Cross-Cultural Communication from “Emily in Paris”

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Lessons in Cross-Cultural Communication

from “Emily in Paris” by Jodi 3/6/23

In general, communicating with strangers can be a challenge. It can become impossible when a cultural barrier exists. Differences in language, culture, and tradition can be complicated. Therefore, cross-cultural communication requires effort. However, globalization has made interaction easier. In particular, entertainment plays a significant role in helping people interact. One such show that helps cross-cultural communication is Emily in Paris. This article presents cross-culture communication lessons you can learn from this excellent program.

Learn the Language

The first and the most crucial lesson you can learn from Emily in Paris involves learning a language since it is essential when communicating with people in a foreign land. This show highlights the importance of learning French as Emily struggles to interact with colleagues. Also, it demonstrates how the inability to speak and comprehend another dialect can obstruct people. Yet, Emily quickly improved her communication skills after enrolling in language classes. While learning French, she was better able to:

  • Interact with her peers;
  • Understand the French culture;
  • Articulate her thoughts in French;
  • Build respect.

Emily took her classwork seriously for her to improve her vocabulary. Similarly, homework is essential for your education. If you struggle with your homework, be it essay writing, research or other activities, consult lord of paper. This site has a plethora of resources that learners will find useful.

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Take Note of Nonverbal Cues

Many people who decide to learn another language concentrate all their efforts on speaking. However, verbal indicators are not the only instruments for communication. Nonverbal cues play essential roles shown in Emily in Paris. The main character quickly discovered that people in Paris communicate differently from Americans. Emily quickly realized the people around her interacted more with their hands and preferred maintaining eye contact during conversations. Understanding this helped her connect with her colleagues on a deeper level. By extension, comprehending the importance of non-verbal cues can improve your cross-cultural communication skills.

Understand Cultural and Traditional Norms

Culture and tradition play critical roles in influencing how people interact and communicate. Therefore, understanding these norms should help you get along better with the people around you. Emily had to adapt to these differences while she was still new to France. It was a bit of a shock for her to understand the French value of keeping a balance between work and life. Therefore, comprehending these norms helped Emily adapt to her new environment. This message is highlighted by various other college life films. However, each movie presents a different take for viewers to benefit from.

Avoid Making Assumptions

Humans continuously take in details from their surroundings via the various senses. Each detail is processed, which leads to the creation of specific assumptions. However, assuming things is not always beneficial, especially if you are learning a language and trying to fit into a new society. Emily, the main character, made a judgment call on her new colleagues. She believed them to be lazy, disorganized, and unprofessional compared to what she was used to in America. By interacting with people and learning about their way of life, Emily understood things worked differently in Paris.

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Be Respectful

Making negative assumptions about people is not ok. It may lead you to become disrespectful to individuals who deserve your respect. Also, it can adversely affect cross-cultural communication. To avoid problems, you must respect other people’s beliefs, culture, and way of life. Emily initially struggled to be respectful to people as she had little understanding of their way of life. Gradually, she developed a deep sense of respect towards the French as she became comfortable around them.


Achieving cross-cultural communication can be challenging. However, the main character in Emily in Paris shows it is not impossible to achieve it. To accomplish this, you will need to learn a language. In addition, you must be aware of nonverbal cues. It is also helpful to understand cultural norms. Finally, you should avoid making assumptions and be respectful to everyone you meet.

About “Emily in Paris”:

After landing her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends and romance.
Starring: Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park
Creators: Darren Star

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