GH Short Recap Friday, February 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Anna continues to haunt Deputy Mayor Ashby and bursts in on a cell phone call to tell her she is next
and remind her that she killed her. Deputy Mayor Ashby tells Victor that she doesn’t want to work for him but Victor tells her that she has no choice. Deputy Mayor Ashby later calls Victor that Esme has escaped from Spring Ridge. Victor tells Spencer who rushes to find Trina.

Jordan finds Mac and he is taken to the hospital. The Warden of Spring Ridge tells Laura and Jordan that Ryan killed a guard and escaped with Heather and Esme. Dante calls Jordan and tells her nanny Maggie helped Esme find out that Ryan was her father and Esme came to town searching for him. Trina tells Curtis and Taggert that Portia isn’t sure which one of them is her father. Taggert isn’t mad with Portia and he assures Trina no matter what happens he will always be her father. Curtis is hurt and angry with Portia because she never toild him that he could be Tina’s father. Curtis wonders why Portia didn’t tell him this two years ago. Portia tells Curtis that Trina was grieving Taggert because they thought he was dead and she didn’t want to take her father away from her.

Ryan calls Mac and tells him Felicia is with him and if he sees a cop Felicia will die.

Laura tells Jordan that she thinks she knows where Ryan might be.

Austin is in the stables waiting for Ava and he feels someone behind him and he sees a hook go up.

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