GH Short Recap Thursday, February 16, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Esme’s nanny Maggie tells Dante and Sam that Esme”s father is Ryan Chamberlain and she didn’t want to talk to them at first because she thought Ryan had sent them to keep her quiet. Ryan, Heather, and Esme escape Spring Ridge although Esme is frightened because she doesn’t remember Ryan is her father even when he tells her he is her father. Mac runs into the escapees while he is on his way to Spring Ridge to take Heather back to Darkham. Ryan hits Mac over the head and knocks him out.

Heather drives the RV to Ava’s house because Ryan wants to see her. Ava and Austin are about to leave to take Nikolas’ body to the Pine Barons when Felicia arrives to talk to Ava. Ava tells Austin she will meet him at the stables, when she finishes talking with the person who is at the door. Felicia tells Ava that she thinks Ryan is the mastermind behind the hook killings he just has someone else doing the footwork. Felicia thinks that she and Ava could get Ryan to reveal the identity of his accomplice. Ava agrees to go with Felicia to Spring Ridge to talk to Ryan tomorrow. Ava opens the door so Felicia leaves and the ladies are surprised to see Ryan standing there.

Portia tells Trina doesn’t know if Curtis or Taggert is her biological father because she never thought it was important to find out the truth. Trina is mad that her mother kept such important information from her for her entire life. Trina is about to leave the room because she doesn’t know who her mother is anymore but when she opens the door to leave, Curtis, Marshall, and Taggert are standing there.

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