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Alex tells Maggie that he doesn’t understand not being named CEO as Sonny made it sound like a done deal. Maggie responds that Sonny doesn’t decide. Alex argues that he’s the logical choice since he did a damn good job when Sonny was out. Maggie informs Alex that Victor was all set to hand it to Alex when he got an unsettling phone call that changed his mind. Alex questions what she is talking about. Maggie reveals the call came from Leo Stark.

Leo talks excitedly to Gwen about releasing their first edition of the newspaper tomorrow while Gwen remains distracted. Leo says he can tell she’s still thinking about Xander. Gwen complains about how frustrating it is that Xander wants to define their relationship after his divorce is through. Leo encourages her to live in the moment. Gwen worries that Xander’s heart might always belong to Sarah. Leo insists that Xander will come around and any minute now, he’ll walk in and declare his love for her. There is then a knock at the door. Leo excitedly answers the door but it’s Jack.

Xander questions Justin about how there could be a problem with the divorce when they signed the papers weeks ago. Justin responds that things didn’t go exactly as planned and now there’s an issue, so Xander and Sarah are still very much husband and wife.

At the hospital, Sarah reveals to Rex that she is pregnant. Rex calls it amazing that they are having a baby and hugs her.

Alex tells Maggie that Leo is a worthless troll and questions why Victor would ever listen to a word Leo says. Maggie explains that Leo called Victor about the story he is writing for his gossip column including a tale of Alex having a threesome with two bisexual women. Alex asks so what since they were all consenting adults. Maggie adds that Leo is also alleging that Alex’s affair with Allie destroyed her relationship with Chanel. Alex argues that it wasn’t an affair but a drunken mistake. Alex questions who cares about his sex life as it has no bearing on his ability to be a successful CEO. Maggie tells him that it’s the optics of it and one could read him as misogynistic, making his personal life a liability. Maggie states that Victor is not willing to take that risk. Alex calls this wrong. Maggie says she’s sorry. Alex questions which other Kiriakis that Victor picked then.

Xander questions Justin about how he and Sarah can still be married and if Sarah changed her mind. Justin assures that Sarah has remained steadfast in wanting to dump him. Xander asks what the holdup is if they both did what they needed and questions why they are still married.

Rex tells Sarah that the timing is perfect as he was just talking to Emily about how she wanted a little brother or sister but he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Rex then notes that Sarah doesn’t look happy and asks if it’s because she doesn’t want to commit to him. Rex feels this could change things for them if they are having a baby together. Sarah then reveals they are not having a baby and announces that she’s pregnant but it’s not Rex’s child.

Jennifer comes home and welcomes Julie back from her cruise. Julie mentions how she thought she would check the Spectator to see what she had missed. Jennifer notes that she missed quite a bit. Julie says to imagine her surprise when she read Jack’s farewell article. Julie questions them handing the newspaper over to Xander and Gwen which Jennifer confirms. Julie guesses her next question has to be if they’ve lost their minds.

Jack delivers the keys to the Spectator to Gwen and Leo. Leo tells Jack that he can leave now but Jack says that he and Gwen have some unfinished business.

Maggie tells Alex that she thinks he will enjoy working under the new person that Victor has chosen as CEO. Alex hopes it’s not one of his brothers which Maggie confirms it’s not them or Justin. Alex asks who is left and says to please not tell him that Victor rehired Xander.

Justin tells Xander that he realized he hadn’t seen the final decree on his divorce, so he checked and the court had no record of it as one of the clerks misplaced the paperwork so it never got filed. Justin calls it the first time in all his years that this has happened. Xander asks what they do now. Justin says he printed new papers out so once they sign these, he will personally make sure the papers are filed and then their marriage will officially be over.

Sarah tells Rex that they slept together the night before Valentine’s Day, but according to the test, she’s further along than that so the timing doesn’t work. Rex guesses he just assumed and feels like an idiot but Sarah understands he got carried away. Rex then asks if that means Xander is the father which Sarah confirms.

Julie tells Jennifer that last she heard, Jack disowned Gwen for refusing to testify against Xander. Jennifer says that is true, so Julie questions why Jack is rewarding while punishing. Jennifer tells Julie that Jack didn’t have a choice because Xander and Gwen blackmailed him in to turning over the paper. Julie doesn’t see how that’s possible, but then realizes it’s about Jennifer running down Gwen with her car.

Gwen asks Jack what unfinished business they have. Jack tells Gwen that she can run the paper now however she wishes, but notes that he and Jennifer spent decades earning the trust of the public so he would hate to see that all wasted and turned in to a trashy tabloid. Leo argues that tabloids sell and nobody was reading their old newspaper. Gwen tells Jack that she will do her best to live up to the standard that Jack and Jennifer set, because she believes in it too. Jack says he’s glad to hear that and despite everything, part of him is grateful that it’s still one of his children taking over what meant so much to him. Leo argues that Jack disowned her so he doesn’t get to play daddy now while Jack states that she is still his daughter. Gwen promises to take good care of the paper. Jack then announces that he and Jennifer are both leaving town tonight.

Rex asks Sarah if she’s sure that the baby is Xander’s since they’ve been broken up for awhile. Sarah guesses they conceived a baby one of the last times they were together. Rex asks what she will do now. Sarah doesn’t know since she wasn’t expecting this. Sarah thought Xander would be out of her life forever after signing the divorce papers and this would be a fresh start. Rex tells Sarah that he might have a fresh start for her which is why he came to see her in the first place. Rex informs Sarah that there is an opening at his hospital in Chicago that he thought she would be perfect for, so the job is hers if she wants it. Rex asks if she’s interested.

Xander notes that Sarah hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. Justin explains that she doesn’t know about it since he came to Xander first. Xander says he’ll let him know when he has signed. Justin questions him not just signing while he’s here. Xander says that Justin always taught him never to sign anything without fully reading it, so he will spend some time with it and then get back to him. Justin tells him to suit himself and then exits the room.

Alex argues that Xander being in charge before was a disaster. Alex calls Xander a loser that no one else would even hire. Maggie tells him to calm down as it’s not Xander, so Alex asks who it is. Maggie says it’s not Brady, Shawn, or Ciara, as he’s forgotten a very important member of the family. Alex asks who else there is. Maggie then reveals that it’s her. Alex laughs off the idea of Maggie being CEO. Maggie asks why she can’t be. Alex questions her experience running a business. Maggie says she’s run very successful restaurants over the years. Alex argues that’s a little different than a multi-national corporation. Maggie brings up being married to Victor for over a decade and picking up a thing or two. Maggie knows she has a lot to learn and that’s where Alex comes in, as her second in command. Maggie hopes that he is interested.

Jennifer questions Julie knowing about the accident. Julie informs her that Gwen threw it in her face last Christmas Eve during an argument. Jennifer notes that Julie never said anything to her about it. Julie knew she would come to her if she needed to. Jennifer talks about not remembering it after it happened but once she did, she offered to turn herself in but Jack wouldn’t let her. Julie points out that it’s not like she did it on purpose. Julie complains about Gwen forcing her to give up her beloved paper. Julie declares that she won’t stand for it or let her get away with it. Julie adds that she will get in her car and finish the job.

Jack informs Gwen that he and Jennifer are going back to Boston tonight, where they still have another paper to run. Gwen says she’s sorry things ended up this way. Jack responds that she made her choices and he made his, so now they have to find a way to live with them. Gwen cries that she didn’t know what else to do since he gave her an ultimatum. Jack remarks that Gwen decided her loyalty to Xander was more important than her loyalty to him. Leo interrupts and calls that unfair. Jack says maybe not and maybe Gwen made the right choice since it finally put an end to the horrible cycle of them being disappointed in each other since they can’t be disappointed in each other if they aren’t in each other’s lives. Jack loves that Gwen came in to his life and he will always love her. Jack adds that he just hopes it will be easier for them to love each other with distance between them. Jack hopes that Gwen finds the love and happiness that she always wanted. Gwen cries that she loves him too as Jack then exits the room.

Sarah tells Rex that he’s right that it sounds like the perfect job for her and the salary is more, but she doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea since she saw how excited he got when he thought they were having a baby. Rex assures that he totally understands she’s not looking for a relationship right now and he just thought it would be a perfect opportunity for her. Sarah appreciates him recommending her but says things are complicated now. Rex points out that Sarah and Xander are obviously not a couple anymore, but he assumes Xander will want to be part of the child’s life. Rex asks if that means Sarah is staying in Salem and asks how she will break the news to Xander that she’s having his baby. Xander then arrives in the room.

Alex calls Victor to confirm that he heard the news correctly that Maggie is the new CEO of Titan. Alex admits he’s a little disappointed but says he understands why Victor didn’t choose him to take over right now. Alex tells him to have a safe trip back and hangs up. Maggie hopes that maybe now the news will be easier to accept. Alex tells Maggie that he loves her and thinks she’s an amazing person, but she doesn’t have anything in common with being a titan of the industry. Maggie talks about defying peoples’ expectations for her entire life. Maggie declares that if she puts her mind to it, she can be a very successful CEO because Victor said she has great instincts. Alex questions if she has killer instincts. Maggie asks how’s this for killer instincts and tells Alex that he’s fired.

Jennifer stops Julie and tells her that she’s not going after Gwen. Julie asks why not, arguing that someone has to teach her a lesson. Jennifer tells her that it’s not worth going to prison over. Jennifer suggests they cut their losses and move on. Julie responds that this is all Jack’s fault and remarks that none of this would’ve happened if he just kept it in his pants, right as Jack comes home and comments on how he’s missed Julie.

Leo and Gwen sit together to eat in the town square. Gwen cries that she’s worried that she made a huge mistake because Jack is right that she chose Xander over him and she doesn’t even know where they stand with each other. Leo insists that Xander loves her but Gwen is uncertain. Leo encourages her to have faith that she and Xander will be together as soon as the divorce papers are final which should be any day now. Justin then approaches and says he wouldn’t count on it.

Xander tells Sarah that he needed to talk to her and a nurse told him where to find her. Xander asks if he’s interrupting something. Sarah claims that she was consulting Rex on a case. Xander asks if Sarah has a moment to chat alone because it’s kind of important. Rex says they were in the middle of something but Sarah says it’s okay and they’ll talk later. Rex says he’ll be outside if she needs him and exits the room. Sarah tells Xander that she knows things got heated between them earlier and she doesn’t feel like fighting. Xander responds that he’s not here to fight. Xander informs Sarah that Justin came to see him and said their divorce didn’t go through. Sarah argues that she filed the papers weeks ago. Xander guesses some clumsy clerk lost them so Justin printed out more. Xander asks Sarah if this is really truly what she wants. Sarah says they’ve been over this. Xander says he wasn’t thinking of revisiting it but now it seems like a sign from the universe that maybe they should give their marriage another shot. Xander asks Sarah what she thinks.

Alex questions Maggie firing him. Maggie tells him that she was just kidding and laughs about the look on his face. Maggie tells him to lighten up. Alex calls this really unexpected. Maggie knows she’s not his conventional choice and that he has doubts and he won’t be the only one. Maggie adds that this is her family too, so she is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Titan on top. Alex acknowledges how smart she is, but questions what she is going to do when she goes up against somebody ruthless like an EJ DiMera. Maggie says they will find out. Maggie says she’s heard his concerns and hopes she has addressed them, but they need to move on because there is lots to be done and she needs to know if she has the support of her right hand man. Maggie asks if Alex is on board or not.

Jennifer asks Jack how it went with Gwen. Jack responds that he gave her the keys to the Spectator and advice on how to run it which she was surprisingly receptive to. Julie argues that Gwen must be playing some sort of angle. Jack mentions telling her that he and Jennifer are leaving town tonight. Julie wishes they would stay a little longer but Jennifer says they have to get back to Boston where they have a local paper counting on them. Julie pleads with them to visit soon which Jack assures they will do. Julie hugs Jennifer and Jack. Julie states that in Jack’s absence, she will keep an eye on Gwen and if she does anything to hurt anybody she loves, she will answer to her.

Gwen questions Justin about someone at the court losing the divorce papers. Justin confirms that Xander and Sarah will have to refile them. Leo says he’s sure this happens all the time but Justin admits that he’s never seen it happen in all his years. Leo argues that it will be an easy enough problem to fix and they will be divorced in no time. Justin says that’s assuming they don’t change their minds. Leo says he’s not helping. Gwen questions why they would change their mind. Justin says she would have to ask them but notes that Xander seemed oddly hesitant and said he wanted to read the papers over. Gwen points out that they are the same as before. Justin says that’s why he felt Xander was stalling. Justin tells them to have a lovely evening and walks away.

Sarah questions Xander believing in fate and signs from the universe. Xander says he doesn’t usually but even Justin said he’s never seen divorce papers go missing like that. Sarah asks how she doesn’t know it was just him. Xander says he was ready to try to move on but now it seems like they’ve been given a chance to rethink her decision. Xander wonders if they are supposed to stay together. Sarah tells him that he’s right that maybe the universe is sending them a message. Xander questions if she really believes that. Sarah responds that she also got one right before he walked in. Xander asks what it was. Sarah then informs him that Rex recommended her for a job at his hospital in Chicago and she decided that she’s going to take it, so it seems the universe is sending them a message and telling them that they did the right thing in going their separate ways. Xander questions Sarah leaving Salem. Sarah says she thinks it’s best for everybody involved. Sarah then asks Xander to hand her the divorce papers which he reluctantly does. Sarah signs the divorce papers and hand them back to Xander. Xander then signs them as well. Sarah says she will make sure they get filed properly before she leaves. Xander guesses this is goodbye then. Xander says they did have a good run while it lasted which she agrees with. Xander wishes her luck in Chicago and then exits the room.

Alex pours sparkling cider for Maggie. Maggie thanks him for agreeing to be her second in command. Justin comes home and asks if he’s arriving just in time to celebrate Alex’s new job as CEO. Alex informs him that he didn’t get it as Victor chose someone else to take over the position. Justin questions who. Maggie announces that she is the new CEO.

Jennifer tells Jack that she knows it can’t be easy leaving under these circumstances with the way things are with Gwen and the Spectator. Jack says all that matters is that he’s leaving with her. Jack tells Jennifer that he loves her. Jennifer says the same and they kiss. Jack says they will come back someday soon because this will always be their home. Jack and Jennifer then take their bags and exit together.

Gwen asks Leo if he thinks Justin is right that Xander is having second thoughts about divorcing Sarah. Leo spots Xander walking by and says there’s only one way to find out, so he calls Xander over. Xander asks what’s going on. Leo says they heard about what happened at the courthouse and questions why he hasn’t signed the new divorce papers. Xander reveals that he actually just did and Sarah did as well right in front of him. Leo says that’s good because he’s tired of Xander playing games with Gwen’s heart because she shouldn’t have to constantly worry that he’s going to go back to his ex. Xander assures that’s not going to happen, especially now that Sarah is leaving town with Rex Brady. Xander declares that as soon as the divorce is finalized, any connection that he and Sarah ever had will be gone for good.

Rex returns to Sarah and questions her taking the job. Rex guesses she didn’t tell Xander about the baby which she admits. Sarah calls it a complication that she does not need right now. Rex admits he’s no fan of Xander’s but asks if she’s sure about this, bringing up how Mimi tried to keep Emily a secret from him and how that turned out. Sarah acknowledges that she made a huge mess when she tried to do the same with Eric. Sarah doesn’t know what she wants to do about the baby but says this gives her an opportunity to think about it without Xander breathing down her neck. Rex says he understands. Sarah questions how it came to this since a few months ago they were married, happy, and in love, while now she’s leaving town all by herself and Xander doesn’t know that she’s pregnant with his baby.

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