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Steffy: Okay. I think we are finding our routine. It’s nice when we’re together in the morning to get through the chaos. Thank you.

Finn: You know what impresses me, though?

Steffy: What?

Finn: Having douglas here doesn’t add to it.

Steffy: He is independent, getting himself ready for school.

Finn: He helped kelly tie her shoes and buckled in hayes. I just, I love a kid who’s willing to roll up his sleeves.

Steffy: He’s a sweet boy.

Finn: Okay. I should start thinking about hitting traffic. I got a busy day ahead. I love your dedication, your patience, but selfishly… I miss you.

Finn: Same.

[ Phone chimes ]

[ Steffy sighs] Everything okay?

Steffy: It’s hope, wondering about douglas.

Liam: Hey.

Hope: Hey. How was the drop off?

[ Liam chuckles ]

Liam: Oh, beth was so excited to see her friend. She couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.

Hope: Does she seem… okay to you?

Liam: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Good. Just… just such a big part of our life, missing now with douglas gone and… I feel it.

Liam: We all do.

Hope: You know, I’ve been trying really hard to put on a brave face out there. But here I… it’s safe to admit that I am, um… hurting right now. I miss douglas a lot.

Eric: Dear carter,

hard to believe it’s been

10 years since we had

the good sense to hire you.

You remain one of the best

decisions we ever made.

Here’s to the next 10.

Carter: You messing with me?

Ridge: You’ve been promoted.

You’re the new coo

of forrester.

Hey, dad, good news.

He said yes.

[ Eric chuckles ]

Eric: I’m glad to hear it.

We’re glad to have you here

in this new role.

Carter: I’m looking forward

to the responsibilities.

Eric: Been a long time

coming, hasn’t it?

You’re a valued member

of this… forrester team

and a great friend

of this family.

Carter: You’re all like

family to me.

And honestly, this…

this means the world.

Brooke: Somehow, you always

managed to close the deal.

Ridge: You know what, man?

We are very lucky to have

your business mind.

Ridge: Carter. Thank you.

Carter: You’re welcome.

Eric: You found the notes.

[ Carter chuckles ]

Carter: Yeah, I, uh… can’t believe you guys remembered.

Eric: Well, 10 years ago you walked through those doors and had a– an incredible impact on this company and on this family. How could we forget?

Carter: Yeah, that was a lucky day for me.

Eric: For all of us, carter. Congratulations.

Carter: Thanks again, eric. I know exactly where I’ll put this on my desk.

Eric: Good. Well, it’s our pleasure. Just like the pleasure of having you here for the last ten years and many more to come.

Carter: I better not start slacking now. Shall we?

Eric: Yeah, let’s do it.

Carter: Well, katie worked her usual magic. She brought marketing under budget. Now we can roll that surplus over or redirect it to advertising.

Eric: Well, let’s reward katie with the advantage and keep the money in marketing.

Carter: Fair enough.

Eric: Look, I want to talk about all these other departments before, uh, before steffy gets here and starts talking about creative, all right? I’m not looking forward to discussing that.

Carter: The hope for the future issue.

Steffy: I feel terrible for hope. She’s getting more and more anxious, wondering when her son’s gonna come back home.

Finn: It shouldn’t be much longer. As welcome as he is here, we always figured that this would be a temporary situation. Eventually, douglas, he’s gonna want to go back to the cabin and be with hope and liam and beth.

Steffy: Yeah, but that doesn’t help hope day to day. Her son isn’t where he should be. At home, with her and their family. The longer douglas is here, the more it hurts hope. I’m sure she thought he’d be back home by now.

Hope: Douglas should be home… with us. He– the family that he knows, the family that has lived with, you, beth, and me. What were we thinking, liam, letting him decide where he wants to live?

Liam: We had every reason to think that he would choose to stay put because the options were thomas and us. That’s it. Right? I mean, steffy wasn’t even on the table until douglas put her there, so there’s no way that we could have anticipated that. I miss him, too. But this too shall pass. It’s gonna be okay. I promise.

Hope: Will it?

If you have this…

Carter: Unfortunately, this is where it gets bleak.

Eric: Yes, it does. It’s not good. Not good at all.

Carter: We’re flourishing in every department, but hope for the future continues to underperform. Steffy has expressed concern about sustainability.

Finn: I know, thank you for the update, megan. I’ll– I’ll check on mrs. Johnson as soon as I get in. Bye.

Steffy: You have to go?

Finn: I want to finish this conversation. Something else is going on between you and hope.

Steffy: Yeah, hope’s line. It’s been struggling ever since we let thomas go.

Finn: I thought eric and zende were following (indistinct)?

Steffy: Yeah, their designs… they were great, but… not what thomas brought to the line. Thomas made it, like, edgy and sophisticated. He understood hope’s vision and the clientele.

Finn: So, what does that mean for hope for the future?

Steffy: Well, that’s what we have to decide. I’m gonna go see carter and my grandfather to discuss.

Finn: Okay. I’m sorry. That’s– that’s– that’s really tough.

Steffy: Yeah, the timing couldn’t be worse. But the truth is, hope for the future is underperforming with thomas’s absence.

Finn: You gonna pull the line?

Steffy: I– I don’t know. I don’t know, I gotta look at the numbers and go from there.

Finn: No wonder you’re concerned.

Steffy: Yeah, hope’s going through a lot. Douglas, so much.

Finn: You’re worried how she’s gonna react to the concerns with her line.

Steffy: Yeah, I am.

Liam: I wish I could just make your pain go away.

Hope: The only thing that would really do that is douglas… walking through those doors, dropping his bags, and saying, “mom, I’m home for good.”

Liam: Well, guess what? That will happen.

Hope: When?

Liam: I don’t know.

Hope: Liam, I’M… I’m douglas’s mom and douglas is my son and I am so tired of people bringing up the fact that I’m his adoptive mother like that should change anything. I have been that boy’s mother in every way that counts and I love him.

Liam: Absolutely. Of course you do.

Hope: Liam, I’m so terrified that he’s going to realize that he is happier over at steffy and finn’s and that he’s going to choose to live there permanently.

Liam: Hey. Hey. Not a chance in hell.

Hope: That’s how we got into this situation in the first place because we assumed that he would want to live here instead of–

Liam: All right, all right, I’ll give you this. I’ll give you this. Nobody can predict the future and– and unexpected things happen all the time. Fine. Here’s what I know. Douglas loves you as much as you love him and that will bring him home. And in the meantime… he’s safe, he’s protected, steffy loves him, and she’s gonna give him an awesome time while he’s there.

Hope: But this is his home. And he belongs here with us. Hi, I’m karen.

Li: I was on your floor and I thought I’d just peek in.

Finn: I’m glad you did.

Li: How’s your day so far?

Finn: Good, good. A patient of mine just turned the corner on a recovery, so I’m– I’m happy about that.

Li: Under your capable and caring hands, I’m not surprised.

Finn: See, that– that’s spoken like a true mom.

Li: Well, I might be the tiniest bit biased, but I’m also a doctor in this hospital and I hear the buzz around here. About you.

Finn: Buzz?

Li: Let’s just say your hard work and dedication haven’t gone unnoticed. You’ve impressed a lot of people.

Finn: I’m just– I’m just trying to help my patients to the best of my ability.

Li: My humble son. From what I hear, at this rate, you could be in the running for head of your department.

Finn: Well, I mean, that would be a tremendous honor.

Li: One you deserve.

Liam: Hey, um… question for you. Is, uh… anything else going on for you lately? Just, like– like, outside of– of douglas, I don’t know, you just seemed a little… internal, you know?

Hope: Just been under a lot of stress lately. I mean, it’s mainly… about douglas and… addressing a life without him has been… difficult. You know, then there’s sheila running around, wreaking havoc, and now under your dad’s protection and, um… yeah, uh, hope for the future is, um… it’s not doing too well.

Liam: Oh… well… you don’t have to go through it alone. That’s what I’m here for. The ol’ husband. You can talk to me about anything. I hope you know that. Do you know that? Do you? Okay, good.

Hope: I know. You know what I need? I just need douglas to come home. I need my line to rebound successfully and I just need my life to go back to the way it was.

Steffy: Ah, there he is! Mr. Ten years.

Carter: You guys are way too kind. And thank you for the engraved clock, by the way.

Steffy: Of course, we still want to take you out to celebrate, too.

Carter: You know I won’t turn down a free meal.

Eric: That’s why you’re coo.

Carter: How’s life at the beach with douglas in the mix?

Steffy: Got a house full of, uh, happy kids.

Carter: And hope, how is she holding up?

Steffy: Not very well, I’m afraid, which makes what we have to decide here today that much harder.

Carter: Hope for the future continues to underperform, it’s numbers are disappointing yet again. Starting to cost us.

Eric: Look, I feel terrible about this. Zende and I tried to step in for thomas there, but we couldn’t quite capture his vision for the line. We couldn’t do it.

Steffy: No, you and zende had gorgeous designs and I’m really grateful that you tried to turn things around.

Carter: And let’s not forget how quickly you had to work.

Eric: Yeah, well, thank you both, but, uh, what are we gonna do now?

Carter: What are you thinking, steffy?

Steffy: Unfortunately, we can’t let personal feelings dictate business decisions. The truth is, changes need to be made to hope for the future. Ever leave your clothes in the dryer

Li: Takes a special skillset to head a department, one you’re clearly proving to have to navigate the bureaucracy, the politics, as well as continue to treat your patients.

Finn: It would be a lot. But, you know, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, there’s a lot of qualified candidates who have, you know, worked here a lot longer than I have, but… that’s why I’ve been putting in the time, you know, doing the work. And the personal sacrifice of my dad being here so much has really cut into my time with my wife and kids.

Li: I hope it’s not causing problems?

Finn: No, no. No one understands work demands more than steffy.

Steffy: Have I mentioned I hate this?

Carter: I get it. I hate it too. Hope for the future’s not just a fashion line or creative outlet for hope, it’S… it’s wrapped in her identity, it’s how she sees the world.

Eric: It’s never been just about the clothes for hope, has it? It’s always been about this message of empowerment and positivity.

Steffy: Yeah, she did a lot of good through hope for the future. But what worked then isn’t working now. We’re running a business and we have to do what’s best for forrester creations, even if it hurts.

Carter: Sounds like you’ve made a decision.

Hope: Oh, sorry. I know I’m early. I just, I didn’t realize you had another meeting.

Steffy: Did you– do you need something?

Hope: Um, no, it’s fine. I– I can get out of your way.

Steffy: Actually, come in. What we’re discussing affects you.

Hope: Oh. So, you must mean hope for the future then.

Steffy: The latest numbers are in.

Eric: Hope, I take full responsibility. I did everything I could to convince the two of you and zende that we would be able to replicate thomas’s flair for the line, but we weren’t able to do that.

Hope: No. You two were amazing. Hope for the future is just… we’re in transition and that is why the numbers are low, we are trying to find our footing again now that thomas is no longer lead designer and I think it just requires some patience and us finding our new identity and once we do, I believe that these numbers will rebound. Do you… not agree?

Steffy: Hope for the future has been one of forrester creations’ most popular lines.

Hope: Which is why I think it deserves consideration now that it is struggling.

Steffy: Hope, the numbers are dipping. The latest set are the lowest. We can’t allow hope for the future to continue bleeding like this. It’s not sustainable and it is not good for business. We need to take action now.

Hope: Okay, so what does that mean? What kind of action? What are you saying? Are you thinking of cutting hope for the future?

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