GH Short Recap Wednesday, March 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Liesl blames Elizabeth and Scott for playing a part in Britt death because Elizabeth didn’t go to the police, and tell them Esme was not the hook killer because Nikolas was holding her hostage. Liesl slaps Elizabeth and tells her she will reap what she has sown. Liesl is also upset with Scott because he helped Elizabeth get an immunity deal so, as far as she is concerned, Britt’s blood is on his hands as well.

Finn promises to support Elizabeth whenever she needs him and he is learning to respect her boundaries. ,

TJ tells Liesl she is a bone marrow match for Willow. Nina calls Michael who shares the happy news with Willow.

Austin and Ava are shocked when Dante opens the tack room closet, and Nikolas’ body isn’t in there. Dante finds Nikolas watch. Ava tells Austin she checked for a pulse after she hit him on the head with the statue and she is sure he didn’t have a pulse. Mason calls someone on the phone and tells the person on the phone that Nikolas is fine, and he is on life support and then the audience sees Nikolas hooked up to the life support machine.

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