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Wendy remains on the phone with Johnny and says she’s glad the drug vial didn’t belong to EJ, but wonders who it does belong to. Wendy hangs up and then her father, Wei Shin, storms in to the office asking what the hell is wrong with EJ but finds Wendy at the desk. Wendy greets him and says long time no see.

Nicole questions EJ thinking Stefan drugged him and asks what would make him want to do that. EJ says that is the burning question.

Rafe complains about Eric lying to them and getting Dr. Rolf to sign his statement. Rafe guesses Eric is done pretending to be a saint while Jada comments that this is not the Eric she knows. Rafe says now they can finally get Li, so he guesses in the end it will be alright. Jada encourages turning this into an arrest warrant. Rafe tells her to go for it. Jada hopes it will put a smile on his face, noting that she hasn’t seen that in awhile and she misses it.

Li and Gabi shake hands. Li says he’s thrilled that she took him up on his offer for his DiMera shares but not as thrilled as he is that she signed on for six more months of marriage. Li then asks if married couples really shake hands on deals and suggests they seal it with a kiss.

Sloan sits at home, wondering where Eric went. Sloan decides there’s only one way to find out and calls Eric.

Eric brings Dr. Rolf to his room where Brady has Stefan tied to the bed. Stefan complains that he’s refusing to be Dr. Rolf’s guinea pig again. Eric ignores Sloan’s phone call. Brady tells Dr. Rolf that it’s time to finish what he started. Brady declares that Dr. Rolf made Stefan fall in love with Chloe again, so it’s time to undo it. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s sorry but he can’t help him.

Nicole questions EJ thinking that Stefan is drugging him. EJ responds that he’s quite sure of it. Nicole calls that a serious accusation. EJ believes it solves the mystery of him feeling bad and then slipping up during his interview which doesn’t happen to him. EJ declares that this was the reason.

Wei Shin questions why Wendy is in the DiMera office chair. Wendy explains that she is installing antivirus software on Mr. DiMera’s computer. Wei argues that the only protection they need is from incompetence and asks where EJ is. Wendy responds that he’s obviously not here and she just talked to his son, who saw him at home. Wei complains about EJ going AWOL, just like Li who used to be his eyes and ears until he went off to fall in love.

Gabi tells Li that their deal is strictly business. Li says he had to hold on to hope and shows Gabi that it’s all in writing. Gabi signs the papers and declares this means she’s off the market for the next six months. Li adds that it’s part of the deal that she must wear her wedding ring again. Gabi reluctantly agrees to do it so Li puts the ring back on her finger. Li says now people will see that she’s off the market. Gabi doesn’t care and calls it a marriage made in Hell. Gabi declares that nothing matters to her other than getting her shares. Li says the shares belong to her as long as she remains his wife for six months, otherwise they’ll revert back to him. Li then informs Gabi that all that is left now is for her to pack.

Stefan asks if Brady and Eric are satisfied now, calling it a dumb idea to begin with. Brady questions Dr. Rolf saying there’s nothing he can do when he’s done it twice. Dr. Rolf argues that he had state of the art equipment the first time and then had old equipment then went up in flames the second time. Brady asks if Dr. Rolf is saying that Stefan is going to be in love with two women for the rest of his life. Dr. Rolf argues that he’s not a miracle worker. Brady suggests that he become one.

Sloan leaves Eric a message to ask where he went. Sloan then gets an alert on her phone that Dr. Rolf was freed. Sloan questions how the hell that happened as she storms out of her apartment.

Li tells Gabi that if they are going to stay married, they have to live together. Li says it’s a stipulation in the contract. Gabi remarks that she should’ve read it more carefully. Li explains that they have to be living under the same roof if he’s going to have a chance of winning her over and they can’t be at her place because Rafe wouldn’t tolerate it. Gabi warns that Rafe will kick him out on his ass. Li says he will find a place cozy for them and Arianna. Gabi informs him that Arianna is in New Zealand with Will and Sonny just in time to spare her from having to spend time with him. Li guesses that makes things simple. Li says it shouldn’t take long as he has good connections in local real estate. Gabi notes that Rafe won’t be thrilled when he finds out that she’s dealing with him. Gabi brings up the fallout when it gets out that she has his DiMera shares. Li assures that it’s nothing they can’t handle.

Wei complains that Li and EJ are nowhere to be found while millions are being lost. Wendy points out that she is here and says she’s doing fine. Wei responds that he has more things on his mind than stroking her ego. Wei brings up being in New York when word of the stock slide happened, so he came here immediately but he seems to be the only one who cares because no one in charge is greeting him or explaining what the hell is happening. Wendy repeats that she is here. Wei argues that this is a dire situation and asks where Stefan DiMera is. Wendy responds that he’s not here either.

Jada tells Rafe that the judge should have an arrest warrant for Li very soon and then it’s justice for Stefan and Gabi. Sloan arrives, questioning how dare they set her client free. Rafe questions her being a lawyer who wants her client locked up. Sloan argues that as Dr. Rolf’s legal representative, everything has to go through her so she demands answers as to why Rafe set Dr. Rolf free and who paid his bail. Rafe clarifies that Dr. Rolf isn’t out on bail, he’s out period because he signed his confession which was a key element of the original plea agreement. Rafe says he held up his end of the bargain so they held up their end. Sloan calls that impossible as Dr. Rolf couldn’t have signed it. Rafe asks Jada to get Sloan a copy of it. Sloan says not to bother and goes to pull it out of her purse but realizes it’s gone.

Brady complains that Dr. Rolf is supposed to be a genius with no limits. Dr. Rolf repeats that he’s not a miracle worker. Eric argues that Dr. Rolf brought Stefan back from the dead and asks if that’s not a miracle. Brady adds that Dr. Rolf screwed with Stefan’s affections for women and questions why he can’t do it again. Eric asks if he can’t go any further.

Sloan asks Rafe if he knows how much trouble he’s going to be in for accepting stolen materials and using them in an official capacity. Rafe asks if Jada knows what she’s talking about. Jada argues that it can’t be stolen if the person works for her. Sloan responds that Brady doesn’t work for her. Rafe clarifies that she wasn’t talking about Brady but about her paralegal Eric which shocks Sloan. Rafe remarks on it being an interesting relationship they have going. Sloan complains about them treating this like a joke and warns that when she’s done, they won’t be laughing. Sloan then storms out of the police station. Rafe and Jada joke about Sloan being mad.

Eric brings Dr. Rolf downstairs to the Brady Pub to search through equipment for him to use. Dr. Rolf says he saw through their pathetic attempt to appeal to his ego but says this will most likely work. Eric insists that this has to succeed. Dr. Rolf gathers a box of items including a fire extingusiher and then orders clam chowder from Eric as well.

Stefan tells Brady that this is kidnapping and assault. Brady says Stefan can turn him in after, but he’ll be thanking him along with Gabi. Brady knows it feels like he’s the villain but insists that he will be the hero. Stefan calls Brady a selfish son of a bitch who will stop at nothing to get him out of Chloe’s life. Brady assures that Stefan will realize it’s what he wanted all along and he just doesn’t know it yet.

Nicole questions EJ about Stefan drugging him to hurt the company when it’s his livelihood too. Nicole asks why he would do that and how he would get away with it. EJ recalls Stefan offering him coffee this morning, saying he needed caffeine before the interview. EJ remembers feeling fine until it was time for the interview. EJ declares that Stefan set him up to look like a fool. Nicole thought they were fine and that Stefan forgave EJ for staying quiet about what Li and Kristen did to him. EJ guesses that Stefan didn’t actually forgive him and now wants revenge.

Wendy tells Wei that it’s not usually like this. Wei is unsure because of the recent state of affairs. Wei acknowledges that he didn’t greet Wendy properly and ask how she’s doing, but insists that he does care. Wei says that all has to wait until he deals with this and says it all started with Li’s unfortunate obsession with Gabi. Wendy points out that Gabi is actually okay as they have bonded and become friends. Wei remarks that she never did choose her friends wisely. Wei says he’s going to tell Li exactly how disappointingly that he has failed him as he then exits the office. Wendy decides that she is going to warn Li first that their father is on the warpath as she then exits the office.

Gabi says that Li must have thought this through and worked out all the angles. Li calls Gabi his x-factor and says they are always better when they team up which is why he can’t let her go without a fight. Gabi tells him to go find them somewhere to live as she then exits his hotel room.

Nicole tells EJ that he’s talking about a lot of if’s. EJ then remembers the mimosas and how it was the day after Stefan forgave him. EJ talks about Stefan making the mimosas and then leaving, so he and Nicole shared them instead. Nicole says it’s all coming back to her now and realizes that she had the spiked mimosa. Nicole realizes why it hit her like a ton of a bricks and that she can hold her liquor. Nicole declares that Stefan drugged them both.

Stefan tells Brady that they went over in the park that he decides who he loves, not Dr. Rolf and his equipment. Brady talks about trying to put Stefan back together the way he was. Stefan mocks Brady’s relationship history and says he’s been in love with more women than anyone can count. Stefan asks what about what he wants and if he doesn’t get a say. Brady tells Stefan that he can do whatever he wants after this but says he is going to be with Chloe and to Hell with what Stefan wants.

Eric tells Dr. Rolf that he will have his clam chowder after he does his duty. They prepare to head back upstairs when Sloan bursts in to the Pub and calls Eric a son of a bitch.

Rafe tells Jada that there was no doubt before but Sloan was right that Eric stole the confession and brought it here for Dr. Rolf to sign. Jada points out that Sloan initially suspected Brady did it. Rafe talks about Brady being crazy about Chloe. Jada adds that he’s been fighting Stefan for her. They agree that Sloan was right about the fact that Eric broke the law. Rafe states that it was impersonation and interfering with a police investigation, so they might have to get a second warrant. Jada answers a phone call and tells Rafe that Eric will have to wait because the warrant for Li is ready. Rafe decides they will go pay him a visit and exits the station.

Gabi finds Wendy in the town square. Wendy informs Gabi that she’s on her way to Li’s room because their father is in town, looking for someone to take his anger out on, and Li is an easy target.

Li happily talks on the phone about a place to live until his father Wei shows up at his door and he hangs up. Wei complains about Li’s misadventures with Stefan and how the stock took a dive due to EJ’s stupidity and indiscretion. Wei says that with Li out at DiMera, he has no one inside to do damage control. Li calls it a temporary problem and assures that he could be back in the company very soon which Wei questions. Li explains that Dr. Rolf’s confession would give the authorities what they need to come after him, but he has an insurance policy in a great lawyer keeping that from happening so it’s no longer an issue. Li assures that Wei’s worries are unfounded as everything is coming together and he’s even getting things back on track with Gabi. Wei thought she washed her hands of him after the brainwashing. Li reveals that they made a deal, giving him six months of marriage to make her love him again. Wei questions how much this deal is costing him. Li says he knew how to reel her in and reveals that he just signed his DiMera shares away. Wei responds by slapping Li.

Eric tells Sloan that they are busy. Sloan tells Dr. Rolf that Eric can’t be trusted after stealing documents from her. Dr. Rolf argues that Sloan is the one who can’t be trusted and accuses her of never really representing him. Sloan tells him not to be ridiculous and asks if Eric has gotten in to his head. Dr. Rolf says Sloan just served her purpose but now she’s fired. Dr. Rolf then heads back upstairs. Sloan asks Eric how much trouble this puts him in. Eric responds that this doesn’t have to be ugly and that he’s only helping Brady because she refused.

Dr. Rolf returns to Eric’s room with the box full of equipment from the Brady Pub kitchen. Brady questions Dr. Rolf planning on reviving Stefan’s brain with this junk. Dr. Rolf calls it the tools for a scientific breakthrough as he raises an electric whisk mixer.

Nicole calls Stefan a bastard and a dirtbag. EJ gets her anger but points out that she wasn’t Stefan’s target and was just collateral damage. Nicole declares that she will show Stefan collateral damage he’ll never forget. Nicole states that Stefan needs to own up to both of them and wants to go find him but EJ says not so fast.

Wendy tries calling Li but he’s not answering. Gabi guesses Wei got to him before she did. Wendy notes that Wei does not give up easily. Gabi remarks that it must be where Li gets it from. Wendy asks what she means. Wendy then brings up Li and Gabi spending part of Valentine’s Day together and he was feeling quite hopeful afterwards. Wendy asks if he was being too confident. Gabi doesn’t know if this answers her question but reveals that she is not divorcing Li for another six months, surprising Wendy.

Wei questions Li giving up his DiMera Shares when they have incredible power and voting power in order to stay married to a woman that hates him. Li argues that it’s about winning Gabi back and that if they stay married, what’s her’s is his including the shares so he knows what he’s doing. Wei remarks that Li was always overly confident and not very smart. Wei then gets a notification about Dr. Rolf’s release and questions if Li knows what he’s doing.

Sloan questions Eric about digging in to her files to help Brady and betray her. Eric calls that funny because he would say Sloan betrayed Dr. Rolf to protect Li Shin. Sloan says that’s not the point and warns that Eric won’t get away with this. Eric comments that it sounds like a confession and a threat. Eric warns Sloan to be careful if she enjoys having a law license.

Dr. Rolf begins plugging things in while Stefan questions if Brady is really going to let him hook him up with this. Stefan asks what if he fries his brain. Brady thinks they need to trust Dr. Rolf. Stefan complains that these are less than ideal circumstances and brings up his father, Stefano and how he would react to this. Brady argues that Stefan will say anything to stop this but Dr. Rolf needs to fix him. Brady encourages Dr. Rolf to finish the extraordinary work that he started.

Nicole thought EJ wanted to get back at Stefan. EJ assures that he does but not without proof that he’s the one who drugged them. EJ says they have a solid theory but they need to get the vial analyzed to get their confirmation. Nicole asks if they will go after him afterwards. EJ says not yet because they don’t need Stefan to know they are onto him. EJ promises that when he makes his move, Stefan will not see him coming.

Wendy questions if Gabi agreed to the deal only for the shares or if Li actually has a shot with her and what about Stefan. Gabi asks about all the questions. Gabi admits she doesn’t know as a month ago she would’ve said Li burnt all his bridges. Wendy comments that it seems not to be the case. Gabi tells Wendy that Li keeps on showing her that he loves her and only her with all his heart, unlike Stefan. Gabi decides maybe Li is right that they are kindred spirits.

Li tries calling Sloan but it goes to voicemail. Li questions what is going on since Sloan said she had this all under control. Rafe and Jada then show up at the door. Rafe announces it is his great pleasure to once again arrest Li for what he did to Stefan, but this time it’s for keeps.

Stefan begs Dr. Rolf to stop this. Dr. Rolf says he’s sorry but he thinks Stefano would want him put back the way he was. Brady says they are back on track and asks how he can help. Dr. Rolf asks Brady for pictures of Chloe and instructs him to connect his phone to the projector which he does and then displays his photos of Chloe. Brady orders Dr. Rolf to do it now as Dr. Rolf goes to put the grip on Stefan.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows conflict of interest can land her in serious trouble so it seems they are at a standoff where they can both hurt each other. Sloan declares that Eric is only hurting himself because they are through. Sloan remarks that maybe he can crawl back to Nicole, but then says Nicole is already screwing EJ. Sloan calls him a bastard and walks out of the Pub.

Nicole says that EJ said Stefan will never see him coming but it’s never seeing them coming. EJ agrees that two can play at this game.

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