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Dante and Sam get home and discuss their flight. Cody pays a ticket at the PCPD and see Heather. Sasha shows up and asks to see Heather. Joss wakes up in bed with Dex, they kiss. Brook Lynn congratulates Sonny on his new granddaughter. He asks Brook Lynn to help him. Drew is at the hospital finishing up Willow’s paperwork. Nina overhears him say Willow is gone. Willow gets home with Michael and Wiley and Carly is waiting for them with Amelia.

Sonny tells Brook Lynn that him and Michael are still fighting. Brook Lynn feels bad for him. He asks her to help him find a way to convince Willow to see Nina. Willow is holding Amelia while her and Michael talk to Wiley about being a big brother. Carly helps clean up. Michael thanks her for her help. Drew explains to Nina that Willow went home. Nina questions why she left the hospital. Drew tells her that there is nothing they can do for her without a bone marrow donor and Willow wanted to be home with her family. Nina asks if Willow is giving up. Joss and Dex snuggle in bed and talk about spending the night together for the first time and making their relationship more. Sam and Dante kiss on the couch and talk about what happened with Ryan and Heather on Spoon Island. Sam wants to take a shower and Dante offers to join her. Sasha pretends to be Heather’s lawyer. Cody questions if she knows what she is doing. Sasha says Heather killed her husband and she is going to get justice.

Carly tells Michael and Willow that Amelia is sleeping and Wiley asks Willow why she is always tired. Sonny tells Brook Lynn that Nina just wants to be a mother but Willow doesn’t want to see her and he wants to fix that. Drew explains that Willow is terminal and she made her decision. Nina says she should try to prolong her life as long as she can. Drew tells her she chose to go home. Nina wants to know what the specialist recommended and Drew tells her Michael and Willow made the decision together. Nina believes Carly had input too. Cody shows up at Sam and Dante’s penthouse to tell Dante Sasha is in trouble and needs his help. Sasha pretends to be Heather’s lawyer and asks to talk to her alone when the officer brings her in. Heather asks if she is her lawyer. Heather says she forgets days at a time.

Willow tells Wiley she still needs to rest for a while. He promises to play quietly. Michael says he doesn’t have to and he will take him to make pizza with Olivia and Leo. After they leave Willow cries about how hard it is and Carly comforts her. Nina thinks Carly loves having Willow somewhere she has no access to her. Drew tells her that is not true. Nina says she can’t believe Drew is ok with Carly lying to him for months. Dex brings breakfast back for Joss and his phone rings. The call is about the Pikeman shipment. Joss overhears him. He sees her when he turns around. She asks what Pikeman is and how it can land him in prison? Cody tells Dante that Sasha pretended to be Heather’s lawyer to get access to her. He says he didn’t rat her out because he didn’t want her to get in trouble. He asks Dante to help her without exposing her. After Dante leaves Sam asks why Cody cares so much about Sasha.

Michael see Sonny and Brook Lynn talking and asks Sonny what he wants to talk to him about. Dex tells Joss the less she knows the better. Joss tells him she doesn’t want to pretend like her mother did with Sonny. He tells her that he won’t be in jail, Sonny will. Willow wonders if being home when she is so weak is good for her kids. Carly tells her they love having her there. Willow asks how much longer they can lie to Wiley about her illness. Drew tells Nina he isn’t ok with what Carly did but they are connected through Michael and Willow and family. Nina says they seem very close. Drew says the family is rallying around Willow. Nina says she is Willow’s family too and she can’t be near her because Carly ruined any chance she had to have a relationship with her child. Drew tells her he is sorry Willow doesn’t want to see her and he knows it is painful but she has no one else to blame but herself. Sam gives Cody a cup of coffee. He is surprised she didn’t kick him out. She tells him he has changed since Britt died and she may have misjudged him. Heather tells Sasha she has vague memories of Ryan dragging her and Esme from Spring Ridge. Dante shows up and Sasha tells him Heather is going to fake insanity to get away with the Hook killings.

Willow says they should have told Wiley she was going to die soon. Carly says it is a hard conversation to have with a child and Wiley is too young to understand the concept of death. Willow says she knows they have to tell him, but she doesn’t know how. Dex tells Joss he is working to get evidence to take Sonny down. She asks if he is a cop, and he says no. She wonders if anything he told her is true. He tells her it is, but he left things out. He tells her he was hired to get information on Sonny. She asks who his employer is. Brook Lynn tells Sonny and Michael that family can hurt you the worst and can save you. She leaves and Sonny says she is right. Michael asks if Sonny is there about Nina. Cody tells Sam about finding the necklace with Britt. Sasha says Heather should have gotten the death penalty but she exploits her mental illness. Dante agrees Heather is good at finding the loopholes. Sasha says she is going to take Heather down for good.

Carly tells Willow she fought as hard as she could. Willow says she could have started treatment but it would have killed the baby. She convinced herself she could have a healthy baby and beat leukemia and was only half right. She worries she put Amelia over Wiley. Carly tells her she made the best choice for herself as a mother. She says she did the best she could for both of her children. Willow says she is afraid. She doesn’t want to leave her kids and Michael. Carly hugs her. Drew tells Nina she alienated Willow herself. She says everything changed when she found out Willow was her daughter. He tells her that she changed but Willow hasn’t. Nina blames Carly for not telling them sooner. Drew says she owed Willow the truth but didn’t owe Nina anything. She says he is just as unfeeling as Carly and just as deserving of payback. Michael tells Sonny he brought Willow home and they are still waiting for a donor. Sonny tells him he has to convince Willow to see Nina. Michael says he can’t do that. Sonny accuses him of still holding a grudge. Michael says Willow gets to decide who she spends her remaining time with. Sonny tells him he is done trying to reach him and what happens next is on him. Dex remembers talking to Michael about taking down Sonny and keeping Joss out of it. Dex tells Joss he can’t tell her who he is working for. He tells her that the Pikeman shipment can put Sonny away forever. He asks if that is what she wants. He offers to quit if she wants him to. Sam tells Cody about the Ice Princess diamond. He takes ownership of his actions, and she says he can change like she did. Cody leaves and looks at Mac’s phone number on his phone. Sasha tells Heather her act is compelling but she is compelling to and the jury will hear her. Sasha says she is going to do whatever it takes to make sure Heather is found guilty on all counts. Dante tells Sasha she has to leave. Heather tells Dante she is ready to confess.

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