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EJ and Nicole finish having sex. Nicole comments on EJ having a lot of energy for not feeling well earlier. EJ says that’s thanks to her as they kiss. EJ assures that he’s feeling better than he did earlier as when he gave that interview earlier, he felt in a complete fog, like he had lost his filter and blurting out whatever came to mind. EJ is glad he’s gotten over that. Nicole asks if there’s something he’s not telling her. EJ admits there is and it’s about Eric.

Rafe questions Eric wanting to see Dr. Rolf and says that’s too damn bad. Eric tells Rafe to put his dislike for him aside for once and argues that Dr. Rolf is allowed visitors like any other prisoner, so he can’t deny him access for no reason. Jada points out that Rafe is the police commissioner so he doesn’t need a reason and what he says goes. Rafe admits that now Eric has him curious as to why he’s so damn eager to see Dr. Rolf.

Stefan questions Brady saying that Chloe is not coming. Brady reveals that he sent Stefan the text about meeting in the park.

Gabi asks Li what the catch is to signing over his DiMera shares to her. Li assures there is no catch and just his Valentine’s Day gift to her. Li adds that after everything he did to her, it’s the least he can do to show her how serious he is about atoning for his sins. Gabi knows how much the shares are worth and how much money means to him. Li says not as much as she does.

Johnny and Wendy inspect the vial that Johnny found on the floor of the DiMera Enterprises Office. Johnny wonders if it’s some kind of drug. Wendy points out there is no label, so she guesses it’s an illegal one. Johnny asks if she’s aware of any projects but Wendy says not one and suggests he just put the vial back where he found it. Johnny says he can’t do that since this is his family company and DiMera has a no tolerance policy on drug use, so if someone is using then they need help. Wendy suggests not jumping to conclusions and sending it to a lab to have it analyzed. Johnny questions what they would say then. Johnny declares that they have to find out without anyone else knowing. Wendy questions investigating it by themselves. Johnny points out that they have before. Wendy feels it will be really hard to figure out who left it since people are in and out of the office all day. Johnny can’t imagine something like that was just laying around unnoticed for long and asks if anyone was in the office when she came in. Wendy says it was just Stefan.

Stefan questions how Brady sent a text from Chloe’s phone. Brady reveals that he used a burner phone to spoof her number. Stefan calls this crazy and questions why Brady had to lure him here. Stefan brings up not speaking to Chloe and asks if she’s okay. Brady says Chloe is fine physically but emotionally not so much because of Stefan. Brady declares that the time has come for Stefan to get Chloe out of his head once and for all.

Eric argues that he doesn’t owe Rafe any explanation. Rafe guesses that Eric blames Dr. Rolf for the virus that led to Marlena’s death but Eric wanting to see a prisoner that he has no relation to makes him think that he has some vigilante justice in mind which is not happening on his watch.

Nicole asks if EJ is seriously lying next to her in bed and thinking about Eric. Nicole jokes that she must have lost her touch. EJ assures that she hasn’t as he kisses her. EJ clarifies that he’s lying next to her while wondering if she is thinking about Eric. EJ reminds her that they said they would take things one step at a time and see where it led, but things heated up quickly after they ran in to Eric and Sloan on Valentine’s Day. EJ wonders if Nicole would still be in his bed right now if that hadn’t happened.

Li tells Gabi to just take his shares. Gabi questions believing that he wants nothing from her in return. Li admits that maybe there is one small thing.

Nicole asks EJ where this is coming from since it’s not like they just fell in to bed out of nowhere. Nicole adds that they would’ve been there sooner if EJ didn’t put the brakes on. EJ says that was because she was drunk but she was blinded with rage over Eric and Sloan’s relationship, just like yesterday. EJ sees it as a common thread. Nicole supposes he’s right that if Eric hadn’t jumped in to Sloan’s bed, then she probably wouldn’t be in EJ’s bed right now.

Eric questions if Rafe isn’t going to let him see Dr. Rolf because of his personal grievances against him. Rafe repeats that he has reasons to have concerns about Eric seeing Dr. Rolf. Eric argues that Rafe is on a power trip but Rafe says he’s doing his job. Rafe declares that the only person he’s required to let see Dr. Rolf is his attorney which he is not. Eric then responds that he’s not Rolf’s attorney, but he works for her.

Stefan tells Brady that his feelings for Chloe are none of his business. Brady responds that they are because Chloe fled town because of him. Brady says Chloe was shaken when Stefan claimed to love Chloe and Gabi. Brady argues that if Stefan truly loves Chloe, he will let her go. Stefan asks if it’s just so Brady can have her. Brady says it’s about not squandering any more time on this but admits it’s also about not screwing things up for he and Chloe, or Stefan.

Gabi calls it a load of crap that Li said there was no catch but now says he wants one small thing. Li supposes it is a catch. Gabi questions what the hell the small thing is. Li asks Gabi to stay married to him.

Wendy asks Johnny if he thinks the vial could belong to Stefan. Johnny notes that Stefan has been a hot mess since Dr. Rolf messed with his brain. Wendy wonders if the vial could belong to Dr. Rolf. Johnny points out that Dr. Rolf is in jail now and Stefan wants nothing to do with him. Johnny says Stefan’s personal life may be a dumpster fire, but he’s been on top of things as CEO at DiMera. Johnny then brings up EJ not feeling well and being so distracted at work, causing the stock price to plummet. Johnny then wonders if it’s possible that EJ could be using drugs.

Nicole worries that she’s upset EJ. EJ admits it doesn’t do much for his ego, knowing that she only moved on with him because she saw Eric move on with Sloan. Nicole assures that’s not the only reason and jokes that if she really wanted to hurt Eric with revenge sex, she would’ve slept with Eric’s brother instead. EJ laughs at how that’s supposed to make him feel better. Nicole explains that she and Brady have a past too, so if she really wanted to inflict maximum damage on Eric then she would be in Brady’s bed. EJ says it sounds like she could be if she wanted to. Nicole says that’s not what she means and she couldn’t be with Brady now even if she wanted to, which she does not. Nicole adds that Brady is in love with her best friend, so she really does hope that Brady and Chloe get to be together and get Stefan out of the picture, so they can finally be happy. Nicole then kisses EJ.

Stefan tells Brady that he’s not the only one confused about his feelings, reminding Brady of how he broke Chloe’s heart with Kristen. Brady argues that he had no choice. Stefan argues that maybe that’s why Chloe left town and that it had nothing to do with him and everything to do with Brady. Brady disagrees, insisting it has everything to do with Stefan. Brady says Stefan’s insanity has made Chloe and Gabi miserable. Stefan argues that this is about Brady being miserable. Brady questions if Stefan really wants to string two women along. Stefan argues that he isn’t since he was completely honest with them. Brady calls Stefan a shallow man who is having trouble deciding which woman he loves more. Brady tells Stefan that Chloe never would have given him a second look if he wasn’t forced to break up with her. Brady declares that Chloe loves him and their relationship was the best that either of them ever had, like Stefan and Gabi’s. Brady knows Stefan loves Gabi, but thinks Gabi is too smart to be hanging on to a guy who loves another woman. Stefan insists that Gabi is going to wait because he is the one true love of her life. Brady warns Stefan that if he keeps this up, he’s going to be the biggest mistake of Gabi’s life, which Brady thinks he already is.

Gabi questions Li saying it was something small and complains that she’s not going to stay married to him after what he did to her and Stefan. Gabi refuses to accept his lousy bribe and says she won’t give up her soul for DiMera shares and a vote on the board because nothing is worth that. Li asks her to hear him out. Gabi questions why he would want to stay in a loveless marriage anyway. Li argues that it’s not loveless because he loves her. Li asks if Gabi didn’t love him when she married him. Gabi clarifies that she loved the man that she thought he was. Li argues that Gabi deserves the DiMera shares and she also deserves a man who loves her and only her. Gabi refuses to discuss this with him. Li points out that she was eager to last night after Stefan called her Chloe and she came running to him to remind herself what it feels like to be truly wanted and cherished. Gabi says she came to talk about their divorce. Li asks why she stayed for dinner then. Gabi tells him to stop blaming Stefan for something that isn’t his fault because after Dr. Rolf is done with him, he’s going to forget all about Chloe. Li asks if she’s sure about that. Li argues that all Dr. Rolf did was reinforce feelings that Stefan already had for Chloe. Li reminds her that Stefan was with Chloe before her. Gabi tells him to stop trying to convince her that Stefan doesn’t love her. Li acknowledges that Stefan does love her, but he loves her more. Gabi argues that he doesn’t know the meaning of love. Li wants to prove to her that he does. Gabi calls that impossible. Li asks Gabi for six months to change her mind about divorcing him.

Rafe asks Eric what the hell he’s talking about. Eric claims that Sloan hired him as a paralegal. Rafe laughs at that and questions his qualifications. Eric says it required a broad skillset. Jada asks when Eric started working with Sloan. Eric says he needed a job after quitting Basic Black and adds that he and Sloan have gotten close. Eric claims the file he has is what he needs Dr. Rolf to look over. Rafe asks to take a look but Eric says he can’t as that would be in violation from his attorney. Eric tells Rafe that he would like to see Dr. Rolf now as his legal representation. Jada warns Rafe that if he denies him, Sloan could have the whole case thrown out and asks if he really wants to take that chance. Eric asks Rafe what it’s going to be. Rafe then brings Eric to the interrogation room to meet with Dr. Rolf and tells him that he has 20 minutes.

Gabi calls Li a disgusting creep and asks if he’s crazy. Li asks her to let him finish his request before she turns him down. Li encourages that his shares can get her foot in at DiMera to get rid of EJ, especially after his recent slip ups. Li argues that the company needs Gabi and he knows she wants to be back in charge at DiMera. Gabi points out that Stefan is already co-CEO, so once they get back together, they will run DiMera and won’t need Li’s shares. Li remarks that is unless Stefan wants to run it with Chloe. Li apologizes and says if Gabi does end up with Stefan, she’d still be in a much better position to run the company with another board vote in her pocket. Li asks Gabi for six months and if after that, she’s still determined to get a divorce, she can keep the shares, get rid of him, and she’ll be free and clear. Li asks if that’s not an offer she can’t refuse.

Brady warns Stefan that Gabi is the least patient person on the planet, so he doesn’t think she will put up with this kind of behavior much longer. Brady asks what woman would. Brady knows Stefan doesn’t want to lose Gabi after everything they’ve been through. Stefan admits that but says he doesn’t want to lose Chloe either. Stefan says he can’t just forget his feelings for Chloe and even if he wanted Dr. Rolf to finish deprogramming him, Rolf is in jail so there’s nothing he can do. Brady tells him not to worry about that because he’s working on that as they speak.

Eric presents Dr. Rolf with the statement he wrote and says he’s still sitting here because he didn’t sign it. Rolf responds that his lawyer advised him not to because she said it would be a terrible mistake since Kristen and Li would come after him. Eric reminds him that Kristen is in prison and he believes his attorney gave him some truly lousy advice. Dr. Rolf questions what he knows about it and how he got his statement. Eric knows Dr. Rolf did his best to save Marlena with the Orchid, so he wants to do something for him in return. Eric reveals that he believes his attorney is also working for Li Shin which means a major conflict of interest and the reason she didn’t want him to sign the statement is because Li would be screwed. Dr. Rolf states that he needs to speak with Sloan. Eric asks if he thinks she’s going to tell him the truth if she’s taking her orders from Li. Eric adds that Melinda had already signed off on his plea deal before he changed his mind which Rolf notes that no one ever told him. Eric tells Dr. Rolf that if he signs the statement, he can have him released immediately.

Wendy asks Johnny if he really thinks EJ might be doing drugs. Johnny says he never seems to have any kind of problem, but he did used to sell drugs years ago which surprises Wendy. Johnny explains that EJ got mixed up with Clyde Weston, who was really bad news. Wendy recognizes Clyde’s name as the man who killed Abigail. Wendy asks if EJ wasn’t a dealer but more of a kingpin. Johnny doesn’t know as he was just a kid and he doesn’t think EJ would ever use, but he doesn’t know for sure. Johnny acknowledges that EJ’s been going through a hard time lately with Sami and Belle, then losing his mother, which could explain some of the behavior he’s been displaying. Wendy asks what he’s going to do. Johnny responds that he’s going to ask him. Wendy questions if he thinks EJ will just tell him the truth point blank. Johnny admits he doesn’t know but declares he’s going to find out one way or another. Johnny tells Wendy to keep this to herself for now and thanks her as he then exits the office.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s not rooting for Brady and Chloe to get back together because that would free up Stefan and Gabi to resume their lives together, which would be an utter disaster for him and DiMera. Nicole feels EJ can handle it as he has before. Nicole thinks Brady and Chloe are destiny. EJ questions if she means like herself and Eric. Nicole admits she used to think that, but the truth is, she thinks her and EJ are more compatible than her and Eric. Nicole points out that EJ accepts her for who she is and doesn’t make her feel guilty. Nicole adds that she’s obviously extremely attracted to him as they kiss. EJ says that what gives him pause is they said they would see where things led and under normal circumstances, casual sex is fine by him, but he doesn’t think that works for them anymore because of their history. EJ says there are feelings that are being reawakened, so if she wants a little fling with no strings then it’s probably best they put an end to this now. Nicole asks if he’s ending things with her. EJ says no and explains that for him, it just can’t be a fling. Nicole agrees that there are feelings because of their history. Nicole suggests they enjoy the ride and see where things go. EJ likes that idea as they continue kissing until they are interrupted by a knock at the door. They quickly get up and put their robes on as EJ answers he door to see Johnny. Johnny sees Nicole and apologizes, saying he’ll come back later but Nicole says it’s okay and he can come in. EJ notes that Johnny seems upset and asks what’s wrong. Johnny then presents the vial and asks if it’s his.

Rafe is on the phone at the police station, arguing that they can’t be serious in telling him to release Dr. Rolf. Rafe says he’ll call back as Eric comes out from the interrogation room. Rafe asks what the hell Eric did as Jada asks what’s going on. Rafe questions Eric getting Dr. Rolf to sign the statement that he’s been refusing to sign which his attorney talked him out of signing. Eric tells Rafe that he’s welcome. Rafe realizes Eric lied to them about working for Sloan and questions what the hell he’s up to.

Stefan questions Brady saying he’s working on it. Stefan reminds him that the last time Dr. Rolf tried to put him back how he was, his equipment malfunctioned and he could feel his brain frying so he was almost a dead man again. Stefan has no intention of repeating that experience. Brady argues that he can’t continue to go on this way. Stefan insists that his feelings for Chloe are real, so he intends to work through them naturally. Brady asks how he plans to do that when Chloe is not even in town. Brady questions his interest in keeping her pinned to him. Stefan says he could ask Brady the same thing because they wouldn’t be in this situation if Brady hadn’t dumped Chloe for Kristen. Stefan tells Brady that whatever his plan is with Dr. Rolf to screw with his mind again, he can forget about it. Stefan says goodbye to Brady and goes to walk away but Brady grabs him from behind in a chokehold and chokes Stefan out.

EJ questions where Johnny found the vial. Johnny says it was on the floor at his office and asks if it’s his. EJ says no and asks what it is. Johnny assumes it’s an illicit substance and says he had to ask after everything that happened at the press conference this morning. Johnny says EJ was off the rails and he knows EJ is going through a hard time after Susan’s death. EJ argues that doesn’t mean he resorted to taking drugs. Nicole points out that Johnny is just worried about him. EJ takes a look at the vial and calls it very strange. EJ knows the terrible harm that drugs can do and he may be far from perfect but he’s noy a hypocrite on this. EJ assures that he’s not using drugs, never has, and never will. Johnny says that’s good and hopes EJ isn’t upset with him for asking. EJ says he did the right thing and he’s glad that Johnny felt he could come to him and ask. EJ insists that he’s telling the truth. Johnny calls it a huge relief.

Brady tells Stefan that he’s sorry as he wanted to do this the easy way, but he’s one stubborn S.O.B. Brady then drags Stefan’s unconscious body away.

Gabi tells Li that she doesn’t trust him and the deal sounds too good to be true, so it’s going to be a hard no from her. Li warns Gabi that his attorney said he could drag this divorce out for years. Gabi thought he wasn’t going to contest it. Li says he won’t go back on his word but there are delicate financial matters in dissolving their marriage which need to be sorted and clarified. Li adds that he could make this last a lot longer than six months, so she has nothing to lose with his proposal unless she’s afraid of opening herself up to him again. Gabi tells Li that there’s nothing he can say or do to keep her in this marriage. Li says then in six months, she’ll be single and rich, and if Dr. Rolf helps Stefan get over Chloe by then, they can live happily ever after.

Rafe frees Dr. Rolf from his handcuffs. Eric tells Rafe that it was a pleasure doing business with him. Eric escorts Dr. Rolf to the door. Rolf says now he will get back to his laboratory but Eric says not so fast. Rafe tells Jada that he can’t believe how Eric came in and lied to them like that. Jada assumes Eric must have had good reason. Rafe questions why she would assume that. Jada knows Rafe hates Eric and says he’s not her favorite person either but they made their peace, so she recommends Rafe do the same. Jada advises Rafe to not let Eric get under his skin but Rafe says it’s too late. Jada says that Eric delivered on getting Dr. Rolf out of jail, so he can deprogram Stefan which is what Gabi has been begging for and now they have hard evidence against Li Shin. Rafe agrees and declares that they should get Li in custody before he can hurt Gabi again.

Li tells Gabi that she has to admit it’s a sweet deal and she’s too good of a business woman to turn it down. Gabi responds that she won’t walk away and agrees to take the deal. Li assures that she won’t regret it. Gabi wants it in writing. Li says six months, the shares, and divorce is all right here but for now he suggests they seal the deal with a handshake which Gabi accepts.

Johnny calls Wendy and informs her that EJ said the vial wasn’t his. Wendy asks if he believed him. Johnny admits that EJ is a first class liar but he is pretty good at reading him and he seemed shocked and genuinely upset that he would even think he was using, so he believes him.

Nicole asks EJ about Johnny finding the vial in the office that EJ shares with Stefan. Nicole asks if EJ thinks Stefan could be taking drugs. EJ then says or else Stefan is drugging him.

Stefan wakes up tied to a bed with Brady at his side. Stefan questions where the hell he is. Brady reveals that he’s in Eric’s room above the Pub and that it wasn’t fun carrying him up the stairs either. Stefan asks what he’s doing here. Brady responds that all his questions are about to be answered as Eric then arrives with Dr. Rolf.

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