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Wendy goes to Li’s hotel room at the Salem Inn and says she just wanted to check on him again as she felt bad about not sticking around when he was bummed about Gabi turning down his Valentine’s Day dinner. Li then reveals that he and Gabi actually ended up having dinner together after all, surprising Wendy.

Gabi meets with Rafe in his office at the police station. Rafe questions Gabi being okay with Arianna moving 8000 miles away to New Zealand. Gabi says it was Arianna’s decision and admits she doesn’t love it, but Arianna will be with her dads and she will come visit when she can. Gabi decides that’s what is best for Arianna and changes the subject back to Dr. Rolf. Gabi adds that the desk sergeant needs to know that she doesn’t need an appointment to see her own brother. Rafe argues that she can’t just storm in and make demands. Rafe informs Gabi that Dr. Rolf did not sign his statement. Gabi thought Melinda was going to put the screws to him. Rafe explains that she tried but his lawyer said not to sign the statement, so he didn’t. Rafe assures that if there was anything else he could do, he’d be doing it. Rafe changes the subject by asking about Gabi’s Valentine’s Day date with Stefan last night. Gabi says next question. Rafe is confused since she was walking on air after Stefan called her. Gabi responds that she ended up flat on her back but not in a good way.

Brady goes to Sloan’s apartment and knocks on her door, saying he’d like to talk to her and asks her to open up. Eric then answers the door without a shirt on, surprising Brady.

Nicole returns home to the DiMera Mansion, saying she doesn’t know why she bothered going in to the office on a day like today. Nicole heads in to the living room and finds Johnny sitting inside, so she asks if he’s okay. Johnny responds that he’s not really after three funerals. Johnny mentions that DiMera stock dropped 20 points today because some sensitive information was leaked thanks to EJ.

At the DiMera Enterprises offices, Stefan questions EJ about going public that they were going to buy a company before it was locked in. EJ acknowledges that he was talking and before he knew what he was doing, he was telling the information. Stefan argues that EJ knew this deal required discretion but now it’s in every business section out there. Stefan questions what EJ was thinking. EJ responds that he honestly has no idea why he said what he said. Stefan flashes back to earlier this morning, where Stefan drugged EJ’s coffee. EJ tells Stefan that he’s so sorry for screwing up and he’s mortified. Stefan tells EJ that their focus now is damage control. EJ still doesn’t understand how he could have let this happen…

Nicole questions Johnny about EJ revealing sensitive information on television when he had to have known how it would affect the stock price. Johnny wonders if it was some kind of strategy. Nicole says it’s not one she’s familiar with. Johnny can’t believe EJ of all people would just blurt that out by mistake. Nicole agrees and notes that last night, EJ said he wasn’t feeling great so she hopes he’s not coming down with something. Johnny wonders if it’s possible EJ didn’t get enough sleep, revealing that he saw Nicole coming out of EJ’s room this morning.

Brady questions Eric slithering off to Sloan’s after the funeral. Eric says he needed to decompress and asks why Brady is here. Brady responds that he needed to talk to Sloan. Sloan then comes out from the back and asks what Brady needs to talk about. Brady brings up Sloan representing Dr. Rolf and says he needs him out of jail and he needs her to get him to sign the statement that says the person responsible for his crimes was Li Shin.

Wendy questions Li having dinner with Gabi as she thought Gabi gave him a hard no. Li responds that she did, but later on, she showed up and accepted his invitation. Wendy asks what changed her mind. Li reveals that her Valentine’s celebration with Stefan went awry after Stefan called her Chloe. Wendy mentions hearing about that when she went to the DiMera Mansion with Johnny to watch a movie and they saw Stefan trying to wipe a stain out of his shirt from Gabi throwing red wine on him before she stormed out. Li is happy that Stefan must have been pretty upset. Wendy points out that Stefan planned an amazing night for them and it got broken up before it got even started. Wendy comments on Li not being broken up about it and points out that he is the reason that Stefan’s plans were a bust.

EJ tells Stefan that he’s right that what’s done is done and now he has to figure out what to do about it. Stefan reminds him that they are in this together. EJ says he made the mess so he has to clean it up and Stefan has every right to be furious. Stefan claims he’s not furious and says if he came off harsh, it was only because he was surprised. Stefan says he’s past it now and ready to move on with his brother to correct course. EJ thanks Stefan for having his back. EJ asks where to start. Stefan suggests EJ talk with public relations on how to spin this and then they will figure out how to move forward. EJ thanks him again and says he can’t tell him how much he appreciates his support. EJ then exits the office. Stefan mutters that EJ will always have his support as long as it involves himself becoming sole CEO of the company. Stefan declares that with a few more doses, EJ will be out on his pompous, disloyal ass. Stefan prepares to drug another drink when Jada walks in to the office.

Wendy questions Li about why Gabi accepted his invitation and what changed her mind. Li responds that Stefan’s brain isn’t functioning properly which he laughs about. Li says that he and Gabi had a wonderful time and it was almost like old times. Wendy brings up Li having Dr. Rolf manipulate Stefan’s mind and reminds him that Stefan isn’t repulsed by Gabi anymore. Li acknowledges that Stefan loves Gabi again but he also loves Chloe. Li states that Gabi stayed because she was pleasantly surprised by him and he thinks she enjoyed being in the company of a man who only has eyes for her. Wendy guesses that’s possible but reminds Li that this is only temporary and that when Dr. Rolf finishes fixing Stefan, Gabi’s going to forget all about Li. Wendy worries that Li is setting himself up for heartbreak. Li responds that Gabi is worth the risk. Li decides that’s enough about him and asks about Wendy’s date with Johnny. Li jokingly asks if they got to enjoy the movie or if they spent the night consoling Stefan.

Stefan hides his vial and asks Jada what he can do for her. Jada responds that she’s here to ask him about his recent assault where he was knocked out, dragged into a basement, and forced to undergo a medical procedure because they are building a case, so she wants to know if he wants to testify against Gabi. Stefan responds that he’s afraid he can’t do that because he’s in love with her. Jada points out that Gabi did have an accomplice in Dr. Rolf. Stefan admits he has mixed feelings towards Dr. Rolf Stefan notes that since he’s been back alive, Dr. Rolf seems to be a bit confused as to where his loyalty lies. Jada asks if Stefan is willing to testify against Dr. Rolf. Jada adds that it would go a long way to putting Dr. Rolf back in prison where he belongs. Stefan agrees to take it under advisement. Jada warns him not to take too long as she exits the office.

Rafe tells Gabi that he’s sorry that her evening with Stefan didn’t end up the way she hoped. Gabi tells him that he should be because it’s his fault for encouraging her to have faith and be positive. Gabi explains that it started out perfectly, things started to heat up, and then Stefan called her Chloe.

Nicole questions Johnny seeing her coming out of EJ’s room. Johnny says he’s sorry as it’s none of his business. Nicole tells him that it’s fine as it was only a matter of time before he found out. Nicole brings up that she and EJ were married before and now that she’s moved in, they have been closer which is all she’s going to say. Johnny jokes that he’s got it figured out.

Sloan tells Brady that she is representing Dr. Rolf to the best of her abilities but there’s not much she can do right now since he is being held without bail. Brady explains that is why he needs him to sign the statement that implicates Li because then he will be free. Eric questions Brady suddenly being so concerned about Dr. Rolf. Brady reminds Eric about Stefan’s deprogramming and says that Chloe freaked out and ran off after finding out that Stefan was in love with her and Gabi. Brady tells Eric that Chloe left town. Eric realizes that’s why he didn’t see her at the funerals and asks if she’s okay. Brady tells him that Nicole said she was, but he doesn’t know since Chloe won’t see him and is completely overwhelmed. Eric questions Chloe leaving town over Stefan’s feelings. Brady says it’s his feelings too. Eric brings up that Dr. Rolf had started the deprogramming as Brady says this is why he needs him to finish the job, so Chloe can come back to him and everything will be fine. Brady repeats that he needs Sloan to convince her client to flip on Li. Sloan responds that she’s sorry but the answer is no.

Nicole asks Johnny about the rest of his night with Wendy. Johnny says it was pretty good and how they got the dinner that Stefan planned for Gabi, so he thinks Wendy had a nice time. Nicole questions him not being sure. Johnny talks about how things in the beginning were so easy and now it’s gotten complicated. Johnny says he’s just trying to convince Wendy that he’s not still hung up on his ex wife.

Wendy tells Li that she and Johnny talked to Stefan for awhile and then he excused himself, so their date went pretty well. Wendy talks about watching Evil Dead 2 and Stefan letting them have his dinner. Li jokes that everybody wins. Wendy decides she should go. Li asks if she has another date with Johnny. Wendy reminds him that she has a job so she should get back to the office. Li brings up seeing that DiMera stock took a nosedive earlier and remarks that things have been going downhill there since he was fired. Wendy then exits the hotel.

Brady questions Sloan saying no, reminding her that Dr. Rolf is sitting in a jail cell and if he signs the statement, he’ll go free. Sloan feels signing it is not in his best interest. Brady questions why the hell not since Melinda made him a deal. Brady asks if she heard what he said about Chloe. Sloan says she can’t base her defense strategy on his love life. Brady repeats that her client would walk. Sloan questions if he’s a lawyer. Brady reminds her that Dr. Rolf was offered freedom. Sloan talks about Melinda loves to pull a bait and switch, so she’s not going to fall for one of her tricks. Brady argues that Melinda just wants the bigger fish and in this case, that’s Li Shin. Sloan says maybe, but that doesn’t mean Dr. Rolf will skate as there are other angles to consider. Sloan then gets a text from Li, saying he needs to see her ASAP. Sloan informs Brady and Eric that she has to go see a client.

Rafe questions Gabi walking out on Stefan because he called her Chloe and then going to see Li Shin. Gabi argues that she didn’t have any other plans. Rafe reminds Gabi that Li asked her to marry him after brainwashing her husband. Gabi points out that technically, Li is her husband. Rafe reminds her that she said not to bring that up and then she went to see him. Gabi complains that she was humiliated by Stefan calling her Chloe, so she wanted someone to make her feel better. Rafe argues that she could have turned to family or a friend instead of Li. Rafe reminds her that Gabi said she wanted nothing to do with Li. Gabi acknowledges that Li hurt her, but complains that he would never have called her another woman’s name. Gabi points out that Li wants her and nobody else. Rafe brings up the lengths that Li has gone to make her feel that way. Rafe understands that Gabi is going through a rough patch right now but she cannot go back to Li Shin. Gabi tells him that she just didn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone like Rafe. Rafe then reveals that he wasn’t alone as he was with Jada.

Afetr Jada leaves, Stefan goes back to drugging EJ’s coffee. EJ returns to the office and tells Stefan that public relations has begun spinning. Stefan offers EJ the coffee and says they will start strategizing. EJ is not sure he’s up for this. Stefan encourages that EJ can’t let one mistake ruin his confidence. Stefan tells EJ to drink the coffee but EJ decides that he will go home and clear his head, hoping to have a fresh start tomorrow. Stefan reluctantly agrees as EJ exits. Stefan complains about EJ not drinking the coffee and asks how he is supposed to get the Board to throw EJ out if he won’t take the drug. Stefan throws the now empty vial agaisnt the wall in frustration.

Gabi questions Rafe going on a date with Jada. Rafe argues that it wasn’t a date, just two people having a burger and a beer. Gabi questions doing it on Valentine’s Day. Rafe calls it a coincidence. Gabi wants details. Rafe explains that there isn’t much to tell as he just saw Jada at the Pub and offered to join her, deciding it would be better than sitting at home in front of his TV alone. Gabi says that’s great and asks how it went. Rafe says it was fine and they talked. Gabi questions what they talked about. Rafe jokes that he shouldn’t have said anything. Gabi remarks that she’s happy for him because Jada is way better for him than that skank Nicole. Rafe clarifies that Jada is his friend and colleague, but that’s it. Gabi asks if he’s sure about that.

Nicole comments that Johnny had a lovely Valentine’s Day with Wendy, so she’s sure that’s enough to convince her that he’s over Chanel. Johnny gets a DiMera news alert and says it looks like the PR team is doing damage control as they made a statement about considering many acquisitions. Nicole is glad they are on top of it, but insists that what happened still doesn’t make sense. Johnny asks Nicole about EJ not feeling well last night. Nicole says this morning, he seemed fine so she doesn’t understand how he could make a mistake like that. EJ then comes home and says he doesn’t understand it either. Johnny asks how he’s feeling. EJ claims he’s fine and sees the news traveled fast. Nicole says by tomorrow, it will not be a story. Johnny agrees that the whole thing will blow over. Johnny asks if he can get EJ anything but EJ says he’s just going to go upstairs, change his clothes, and try to forget this day ever happened.

Eric tells Brady that he’s sorry as he doesn’t know why Sloan doesn’t want Dr. Rolf to sign the statement. Brady argues that her explanation made no sense which makes him wonder if it’s even true. Eric asks what that’s supposed to mean. Brady asks if he really thinks it’s in Dr. Rolf’s best interest to stay in jail. Eric points out that Sloan is his lawyer, so it’s her job to do what’s best for him. Brady questions why Sloan would even take the job when Dr. Rolf is broke and says it doesn’t make any sense. Eric says she must have some reason. Brady thinks that reason just texted her and that it was from the client that Sloan is actually working for.

Sloan goes to see Li at his hotel room.

Rafe assures Gabi that there’s nothing going on between he and Jada and there can’t be because he is her boss. Gabi argues that it’s so right and they work well together. Rafe says the conversation is over. Gabi asks if Rafe wouldn’t want something between the two of them. Jada then arrives and asks if it’s a bad time. Rafe says he was just telling Gabi that there’s nothing he can do about Dr. Rolf, so she was just leaving. Gabi remarks that she’s happy to leave the two of them alone as she exits the office.

Nicole joins EJ in his bedroom and says she just wanted to see how he was doing. EJ says he keeps going over everything in his head, asking how he could have made such an enormous error and letting crucial information slip as it’s just not him. Nicole encourages that he just had a bad day. EJ thinks it’s more than that as lately he’s been very distracted. EJ points out that the same thing happened on another deal as well. Nicole suggests it having something to do with recently losing his mother. EJ says maybe, or maybe it has to do with Stefan…

Li offers Sloan a drink but she declines. Sloan notes Li’s good mood and asks if that has anything to do with the reason she is here. Li informs her that it’s imperative that she continues to slow down his divorce because he’s pleased to report that he and Gabi took some very positive steps last night. Sloan tells him not to worry and promises that she’s doing everything she can to make sure Li and Gabi remain husband and wife. Sloan adds that nothing changed as far as Dr. Rolf not signing his statement, so she will continue to advise that he shouldn’t. Li tells her to do so in the strongest terms. Sloan asks if that’s all then. Li then informs her that there is something else that he needs her to do for him.

Brady shares his theory with Eric that Sloan is working with Li Shin, pointing out that Li has the most to gain from Dr. Rolf not signing his statement. Eric calls that a huge ethical violation. Brady asks if Sloan really strikes him as an ethical person. Eric argues that it’s all speculation as they have no evidence that Sloan is working for Li. Brady then notices that Sloan left her purse and starts to go through it. Eric questions what he is doing. Brady responds that he’s looking for evidence. Eric complains that he needs to stop because he’s invading Sloan’s privacy. Brady argues that she left her bag wide open. Eric says that’s not an invitation as there could be sensitive documents in there that are meant to be confidential. Brady then finds the statement that Dr. Rolf was about to sign and shows it to Eric, saying that it would put Li away for life. Brady declares that it’s obvious that Sloan is working for Li and keeping Dr. Rolf from signing that. Brady asks Eric if he’s going to help him divide and conquer.

Jada informs Rafe that she went to see Stefan to talk to him about the case against Dr. Rolf. Rafe asks if Stefan agreed to testify. Jada says he agreed to take it under advisement but she will stay on it because anything they have on Dr. Rolf could push him to flip on Li. Rafe assures that he intends to put Li away, whether Gabi likes it or not. Jada thought Gabi would be thrilled to see Li pay for what he did to her. Rafe thought so too but apparently Gabi has backslid when it comes to Li. Jada questions if Gabi is going back to him. Rafe responds that he’s not sure but admits he’s worried about her.

Gabi goes to see Li at his hotel room and asks what was so important that she had to come over. Li shows her that she left her scarf last night and gives her a belated Valentine’s Day gift with it. Gabi opens the gift and Li reveals that he’s signing his shares in DiMera Enterprises over to her.

Nicole asks why EJ would be distracted by Stefan. EJ responds that he knew Stefan had been brainwashed and said nothing, then when he told Stefan, he forgave him. Nicole says that’s a good thing. EJ points out that he betrayed his very own brother. EJ talks about disappointing Stefan and the company, but Stefan showed him nothing but compassion. EJ thinks the reason he’s been off lately is because he can’t help but feel incredibly guilty.

Wendy goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and finds Stefan inside, who says he just canceled a meeting. Wendy mentions having to install new antivirus software on his computer. Stefan says he was just headed out and tells her to do what she needs to do. Wendy notes him being in a better mood than last night. Stefan informs her that he just got a text from Chloe, wanting to see him, so that’s where he is headed. Wendy asks what about Gabi. Stefan says he loves Gabi, but he loves Chloe too. Stefan adds that Chloe is the one who reached out, so he doesn’t want to keep her waiting as he then exits the office.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s felt a lot of guilt for hurting a lot of people, so she understands what he’s saying about Stefan. Nicole encourages EJ that he can forgive himself and she’s sure that Stefan would want him too. EJ hopes the stockholders can forgive him. Nicole says everybody makes mistakes and adds that EJ is good at raising the price of DiMera stock. Nicole brings up them spending last night together and says it was wonderful. EJ says he’s glad it happened. Nicole feels the same and adds that she would be glad if it happened again as they kiss.

Jada tells Rafe that she will work on putting together everything they have against Li and Dr. Rolf to build an ironclad case against Melinda. Rafe tells her to let him know if she needs any help. Rafe then offers to order some food while they work on it together. Eric then arrives with Dr. Rolf’s statement from Sloan’s purse and says nobody is at the front desk. Rafe asks how they can help him. Eric responds that he’s here to see Dr. Rolf.

Sloan returns home and sees Eric is gone.

Stefan goes to the park to meet Chloe, but finds Brady instead, who informs him that Chloe is not coming.

Gabi questions why Li would give her his DiMera shares. Li says it’s to show her how much he loves her. Gabi calls that a lot of love since they are worth a fortune. Li adds that they would also allow her to vote on any prospective motions. Li calls it just one vote, but they both know how powerful that can be. Gabi doesn’t know what to say and calls it amazing. Gabi asks what the catch is.

Johnny brings Wendy hot chocolate at the DiMera Enterprise office. Johnny then finds the empty vial on the floor that Stefan had tossed and questions what the heck it is.

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