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John and Steve join Lucas in the prison infirmary. They tell him that they’ve disabled the security cameras while Lucas explains how he pretended to be drunk and pass out, so they brought him in to the infirmary. John says now they just have to wait for Orpheus to begin his shift. Steve declares that they are finally going to end Orpheus’ reign of terror.

The prison guard reminds Orpheus that he has a shift in the infirmary. Orpheus says something is tripping him up and questions Lucas being so drunk that he passed out. Orpheus notes that Lucas was acting kind of buzzed when he asked for a second bottle, but he wasn’t gone that long and certainly not long enough for him to get that wasted. Orpheus declares that he smells a rat.

At the Brady Pub, Roman talks to Kate’s urn and declares that before this day is over, Orpheus will pay for what he did to Kate, Kayla, and Marlena, so they will finally be able to rest in peace.

Nick tells Kayla and Kate that John, Roman, and Steve are going to kill Orpheus and the plan is already in motion. Nick calls it poetic that it’s the same day they laid the three women to rest. Kate doesn’t believe that Roman would ever willingly take someone’s life. Nick asks even if it’s to avenge her death. Kate insists that Roman would not because he’s a cop and believes in doing the right thing. Nick points out that was before Orpheus killed his wife, his sister, and the mother of his children so he lost three women that he loves very much. Nick says Roman, Steve, and John are upset, angry, and scared of Orpheus going after the rest of their family. Kate still doesn’t believe it and turns to Kayla. Kayla admits that when Orpheus was first released from prison, Steve did want to eliminate him to protect her and the kids and he did try to talk John in to it. Nick points out that if John listened, they wouldn’t be dead.

The Devil tells Marlena that if she agrees to stay by his side in Hell for eternity, then he will free Kate and Kayla from their contracts, so it’s two souls for the price of one. The Devil asks Marlena if they have a deal. Marlena argues that there has to be recourse and that they are only here because Nick tricked them in to signing their souls. The Devil says if Marlena doesn’t like the deal, she can walk away and he will just enforce the contracts. The Devil admits that he doesn’t like to win by cheating and says Marlena is the one that got away, twice. Marlena says she’ll think about it but The Devil calls it a limited time offer and declares that he needs her answer right now.

Kate questions why they would believe anything Nick says. Nick then turns on a screen, showing Roman, John, and Steve creating their plan to put Orpheus down. Kate argues that is just Steve proposing a crazy idea, so Nick fast forwards it to Roman and John agreeing with Steve’s plan. Kate can’t believe it and asks Kayla what the hell is wrong with Steve.

Roman continues talking to Kate’s urn and says he would give anything to hear her voice one more time. Roman thinks about all the time they lost and wasted. Roman knows nothing they do will be able to bring her, Kayla, or Marlena back, but at least that madman will never be able to hurt anybody they love again. Roman states that it will all be over soon. Anna then enters the Pub. Roman tells her that the Pub is closed. Anna says that’s why she came in the back as she just wanted to see how he’s holding up since she didn’t get to talk to him at the funeral. Roman claims he’s fine. Anna points out that he was talking to the urn when she came in. Roman knows it’s not Kate, but it brings him closer to her and he’s pretty sure Anna understands that. Anna talks about people rolling their eyes at her when she thought Tony was dead, but it brought her comfort. Roman understands that now. Anna says the one thing she doesn’t get, is that he was saying it would all be over soon, so she questions what he meant by that.

Lucas tells John and Steve that Orpheus should be starting his shift any minute now. John tells Lucas that he should get going then but Lucas says he’s not going anywhere. Steve tells Lucas that he’s done his part by getting them in, so he can go back to his cell as there’s no reason for him to get blood on his hands. Lucas argues that Orpheus killed his mom, so he wants to be there to see him take his last breath. John understands but says it would be safer if Lucas lets them handle it. Lucas argues that he’s already in prison so he questions what difference it makes. John says Lucas will be out before long and Allie is going to need him. Steve appreciates his help but says it was their idea so they should see it through. Lucas asks what if something goes wrong and they need backup. John assures that they know what they are doing. The doctor then walks in and questions what is going on in here.

Orpheus asks the guard if he actually saw Lucas take a drink. He admits he didn’t, but he wasn’t there the whole time. Orpheus then checks the trash can and finds the bottle. Orpheus notes that it’s empty and then smells the trash can to confirm that Lucas poured it out. Orpheus declares that Lucas is pretending to be drunk. The guard asks why he would do that. Orpheus says he doesn’t know but he’s obviously playing some type of game, so they’re going to find out what it is.

John claims to the doctor that they were just cleaning up the Infirmary and got sidetracked by Lucas talking to them. The doctor points out that he’s never seen them before. John says they just started a couple weeks ago while Steve says they usually work night shift. The doctor says they shouldn’t interact with the inmates and should go. John says they just have to finish cleaning the room up so the doctor says he won’t get in their way. John and Steve started cleaning while the doctor questions Lucas about his drinking. Steve remarks that Lucas probably just needs to go back to his cell and sleep it off. The doctor says he’ll handle it and begins checking Lucas out. He says he seems fine but does smell of alcohol. Lucas responds that he’s good at sobering up. The doctor advises him not to drink the next time he thinks about it. The doctor then walks Lucas out.

Anna asks Roman what is going to be over soon. Roman claims he meant the funerals but Anna points out those are already over. Roman says he still has to scatter Kate’s ashes, so it won’t truly be done until she’s laid to rest. Anna says she sees what he means and cries that this is so tragic because he and Kate didn’t have nearly enough time together. Roman admits he misses her so much and he hopes that she’s at peace.

Kayla questions Kate blaming Steve. Kate argues that Steve talked Roman in to committing murder, so he could end up in prison for the rest of his life. Nick points out he could also be damning his soul for all eternity. Nick jokes that they will eventually reunite with their husbands in Hell. Kayla argues that won’t happen since Marlena is negotiating with the Devil to let them remain in Heaven. Kate remarks that Roman should be rewarded for getting Orpheus off the Earth. Nick says that’s not how it works and he has other guests to torment, so he will be back when The Devil makes a decision about their eternal souls. Kate can’t believe Roman let Steve talk him in to this. Kayla says she didn’t know and if she had, she would’ve stopped him but now there’s nothing they can do. Kate says unless there is…

Marlena asks how she knows she can trust The Devil to keep up his side of the bargain. The Devil responds that his word does count for something around here. Marlena goes over the deal again. The Devil gives his word that if she agrees to stay with him, he will allow Kate and Kayla to go to Heaven. Marlena then tells The Devil that he’s got a deal and they shake hands. The Devil calls it rare for him to make such a bargain. The Devil says Marlena being with him for all eternity will be enough thanks for him. Marlena asks if she can at least say goodbye to Kate and Kayla. The Devil allows her and then says Nick will escort her down to his neck of the woods. Marlena can’t believe this is happening. The Devil tells her to enjoy her last moments of peace and warns that the next time she sees him, he will be in his true form.

Kate questions how Kayla reached Steve last night. Kayla doesn’t know and calls it sort of an accident which Kate questions. Kayla says she was just thinking about Steve and it just sort of happened. Kate suggests trying that so she can talk to their husbands and talk them out of this terrible idea. Kayla reminds her that Nick said they already closed the hole in the firewall. Kate says that was about Kayla and Steve, so maybe she can still reach Roman. Kayla decides it’s worth a shot. Kate then tries calling out to Roman but Kayla doesn’t think that will work. Kate asks Kayla what she did. Kayla thinks she got lucky because Steve was half asleep when she contacted him, so she sort of just walked in to his dream. Kate says she can’t wait until Roman is sleeping since they are going after Orpheus during the day. Kayla has Kate close her eyes and try picturing Roman. Kayla thinks it’s about concentrating and imagining that her voice is traveling all the way down to Roman. Kayla encourages her to imagine Roman is right in front of her. Kate tries but decides it’s ridiculous. Kayla suggests she try again, so Kate tries speaking through to Roman.

Anna advises Roman to save some of Kate’s ashes for himself when he scatters them and suggests he could put them in a vial around his neck so she would be with him always. Anna knows some may see that as extreme or creepy, but she sees it as romantic. Anna jokes that it’s not like she’s suggesting he snort Kate’s remains like a line of cocaine like Keith Richards with his dad. Anna thinks he should keep a little bit of Kate around so he can talk to her whenever he needs. Roman then starts hearing Kate’s voice calling out to him and asks what the hell.

Orpheus goes to The Infirmary looking for Lucas but finds John and Steve instead.

Roman asks Anna if she heard that then says he’s just exhausted. Anna acknowledges that it’s been a rough morning so she suggests he go lay down. Roman says he would but he’s waiting for a call. Roman then continues hearing Kate’s voice and calls out to her. Roman hears Kate saying she knows what he’s planning with Steve and John and he can’t go through with it. Kate says she understands he’s upset but Orpheus is not worth condemning his soul for eternity so she begs him not to do it. Roman asks Kate where she is. Anna says she’s right there. Roman responds that he can hear Kate talking to him right now.

Kate continues pleading with Roman to hear her. Kate thinks she can feel him. Kayla urges her to keep going and keep focused. Kate asks Roman to promise not to kill Orpheus. Nick interrupts and questions what the hell they are trying to do. Kate then says she lost the connection. Kayla asks what happened. Kate says she couldn’t see Roman but she felt the connection. Nick doesn’t know what just happened but says he’s going to have a strong word with their I.T. department about this. Kate can’t believe she reached Roman. Kate admits she can’t be sure but she knows in her gut that he got the message.

Roman calls out to Kate asking if she can hear him. Anna asks if he’s been drinking. Roman responds that he’s completely sober. Anna says she won’t judge him since he just lost his wife so it’s understandable. Roman insists that he could hear Kate but he can’t hear her anymore. Roman asks if Kate is still there. Anna asks if she had spoken to him before. Roman confirms this is the first time and continues asking if Kate can hear him but there’s no response. Roman states that she’s gone. Anna asks what she said to him. Roman responds that she was trying to stop him from going through with the plan. Anna questions what plan.

Nick thought he made it very clear that they were not allowed to make contact with the living. Kate asks what he’s going to do about it because he can’t send them to Hell without permission from his boss. Nick warns that he can make their lives miserable and jokes that he has Baby Shark on loop and is not afraid to use it. Kate tells him to do his worst because it won’t change the fact that she already contacted Roman. Nick asks what she thinks that accomplished. Kate believes Roman is now convincing Steve and John not to murder Orpheus. Marlena then returns from Hell and questions them saying that John and Steve are going to murder Orpheus. Kayla tells her that they are apparently planning to avenge their deaths. Kate thinks she managed to stop them or at least she hopes so.

Orpheus says he knew Lucas was up to something, though it didn’t occur to him that John and Steve were involved. Steve jokes that they can still surprise him. Orpheus guesses that Lucas faked his blackout to sneak them in which John confirms. Orpheus says it’s not a terrible plan, but he’s glad they are there. Steve questions why that is. Orpheus mentions hearing that today was the funeral for their wives and he felt terrible he couldn’t send his condolences. Steve tells him to cut the crap now. Orpheus continues talking about how it was a tragedy. John holds Steve back from going after Orpheus. Orpheus comments on them both still being devastated by their loss. John calls it a difficult day. Steve adds that he and John have found a way to ease their suffering. Orpheus questions what that is. Steve responds that they are going to watch him die.

Marlena questions Kate feeling like she was reaching Roman. Kate assures she felt a connection. Nick suggests they start thinking about their own souls instead of their husbands. Kate asks about Marlena’s meeting with The Devil. Marlena reveals that she was able to make a deal. Marlena then announces Kate and Kayla are not going to Hell. Kayla hugs Marlena and says she knew she’d come through for them as Kate thanks her. Nick doesn’t understand and asks how that happened. Marlena shows him that The Devil has voided the contracts. Kate asks how Marlena pulled that off. Marlena admits that she had to make a deal. Nick points out that Marlena’s papers aren’t there. Kayla questions what Marlena did. Marlena then explains that in order to guarantee that Kate and Kayla stay in Heaven, she had to agree to spend the rest of eternity in Hell with The Devil.

Anna questions Roman about he, Steve, and John going to kill Orpheus today. Roman tells her to keep her voice down. Anna asks who he thinks is going to hear. Anna agrees that he can’t go through with it. Roman argues that because of Orpheus, he lost three of the most important women in his life. Anna says she’s not saying he doesn’t deserve to burn in Hell, but they can’t be the ones to end his life. Roman argues that they have to stop him from hurting anybody else. Anna points out that Kate doesn’t agree. Roman asks if she believes that he really heard Kate’s voice then. Anna remarks that if you live in this town long enough, there’s not a lot you won’t believe. Anna urges Roman to stop John and Steve from murdering Orpheus.

John and Steve strap Orpheus in to the hospital bed in the infirmary. Orpheus remarks that in some ways, he’s surprised it took them this long to seek revenge as he was beginning to think they didn’t have it in them. John tells him to keep talking as it strengthens their resolve to put an end to him. Orpheus questions how they plan to achieve that. John and Steve explain that they plan to make it look like Orpheus got in to the opioids in the infirmary and got a little carried away, so it looks like an accidental overdose. Orpheus figures they are both too cowardly to claim credit for their handy work. Steve says he’s already taken enough from them, so he won’t take their families and freedom. Orpheus asks what about their immortal souls because taking a life in cold blood is breaking a commandment. Steve thinks in this case, God will understand. Orpheus asks if he’s sure. Orpheus knows he’s going to Hell and asks if he really wants to join him there. Steve then gets a call from Roman. Orpheus asks if there’s a crack in their coalition or if Roman is a weak link and getting cold feet. Steve reminds Orpheus that he killed Roman’s wife, his sister, and the mother of his children, so he’s rock solid. Orpheus questions why he is calling then. John responds that Roman is just anxious to hear that they completed the job. Orpheus says there’s only one way to find out. Steve tells John to just get this over with and they’ll fill Roman in once they are on their way home to their families and Orpheus is in a bodybag.

Roman tells Anna that Steve didn’t answer and John’s phone is going straight to voicemail while they aren’t texting either. Anna urges that Roman has to get to the prison to stop them. Anna warns that killing Orpheus would be playing right in to his hands and he will have won yet again by turning them in to something they are not. Roman agrees that he has to do whatever he can to stop this, so he hurries out of the Pub.

Orpheus tells Steve and John that killing him won’t bring their wives back. Steve feels it will go a long way in evening the score. John adds that this isn’t just about revenge, but being proactive. Steve says they know it’s only a matter of time before he decides they haven’t suffered enough so what’s to keep him from going after their kids or grandkids. John declares this is the only way to ensure he never hurts anybody ever again. John starts searching for a syringe. Steve asks Orpheus if he’s ready for his journey to Hell. Steve brings up that he’s seen Orpheus die before, but this time after what he did to Kayla, he is really going to enjoy watching the life drain out of him.

Marlena explains that The Devil admitted that the contracts couldn’t be enforced because they were obtained through trickery. Nick questions the Devil having a problem with trickery now. Kayla asks about the deal. Marlena says he agreed to cut them a deal if she agreed to accept her fate of an eternity in Hell. Marlena thinks The Devil is just upset because she slipped through his fingers twice. Kate thanks Marlena for her sacrifice and says they will never forget it. Kayla argues that they are not doing this. Kate thinks it’s a done deal. Kayla refuses to let Marlena trade her soul for their souls. Kate doesn’t think they can talk her out of it. Kayla insists that they need to stick together as they are stronger together and can fight this. Nick gets instructions to escort them all to Hell immediately if Marlena backs out of the deal. Kate feels they have no choice but Kayla argues that they do. Kayla declares that they are going to stick together and present themselves as a united front so if one of them goes to Hell, they all go to Hell. Marlena tells Kayla that she appreciates her gesture but she’s okay. Kayla questions her being okay with going to Hell. Marlena responds that she’s at peace with her decision but Kayla is not. Kayla says they cannot let their friend suffer in Hell while they are in Heaven as they wouldn’t be happy. Kate thinks in time, they would adjust but then agrees with Kayla that they are sticking together, so there is no deal. Nick decides he will escort them to Hell then.

Anna remains at the Pub with Kate’s urn. Anna looks at it and then asks if Kate’s there. Anna doesn’t expect her to answer so she says she’ll do the talking. Anna thanks Kate for being Roman’s guardian angel. Anna comments that she didn’t always agree with how Kate lived her life but she thinks deep down that Roman knows what he’s doing is wrong. Anna hopes Roman gets there in time to stop Steve and John from making a huge mistake.

Roman arrives at the prison visiting room where Lucas asks what he’s doing there. Roman asks where Steve and John are. Lucas assumes they are in the infirmary with Orpheus. Roman orders Lucas to take him there because they have to stop them and call this whole thing off.

John loads a syringe full of morphine, saying it should be enough to knock Orpheus out for good. Steve asks to do the honors. John says he won’t have a problem doing it but Steve says it was his idea, so he should do it. Orpheus mocks him making the self sacrifice and warns that he is going to regret this. Steve responds that his only regret is that he didn’t do it sooner, before he poisoned their wives, and now he’s going to pay for what he did. Orpheus stops him and says there’s something he needs to know. Steve is not interested because nothing he can say can change their minds. Orpheus asks if he’s sure about that and what if he was to tell them who is really responsible for the death of their wives…

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