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so, we will talk details tomorrow. You bet. Have a good evening. Okay. Kevin? Guess again. Oh, god! Esme’s father is ryan chamberlain? Esme’s willful and sometimes reckless, but she’s not like him, I tell ya. Esme’s father is the serial killer, not esme.

[ Vehicle approaches ]

[ Engine shuts off, door closes ] Jordan: Oh, my god. Mac! If your plan is to torture me into submission… I can think of more interesting ways. Well, I just thought that yoga might help calm you down, you know, help you stop being quite so restless. I was born restless. Yeah. I hate being stuck in this house. Okay. I mean, I like the company. Thanks. Aside from martin and lucy and their constant shagging…

[ Chuckles ] …And when lucy’s not complaining about the food. Yeah. Well… we just have to tough it out for a bit longer. Mm-hmm. We have to hide. Eileen and victor believe that we’re all dead. Assuming the plan works. Either way, we’re in it now. You know? You just have to wait to hear from your contact. And then we’ll make our next move — continue gaslighting eileen ashby. I don’t care if it’s 2:00 in the morning. If I’m up, you are up. Now, have they completed the search of the catacombs yet? Alright. And have they recovered lucy and anna’s bodies?

[ Sighs ] No. No. That is just not acceptable. Look, I am fighting hard enough as it is to have them release my son’s body to me so I can give him a proper burial. You must handle this situation immediately! Alright. I’ll be in touch. Ah! Deputy mayor ashby. What a pleasant surprise. Please. Care to join me? Yeah. Thank you, mr. Cassadine. Don’t appreciate being summoned. I’m not at your beck and call.

[ Chuckles ] Oh. But that is exactly what you are. That is part of our arrangement. I told you I can’t work with you anymore. You never worked with me. You work for me. And that will continue. Of course, she’s not reading her texts. I can’t even be here right now. I have to go. No! You can’t leave like this! No! I can’t! I can’t! Trina! Listen! We have to talk about this! I can’t even look at you right now! I can’t even look at you right now! I don’t even know who…

[ Exhales deeply ] I don’t even know who i am anymore. But I sure as hell don’t know who you are.

[ Sobbing ] Baby girl, is everything okay? Hey, hey, hey, hey.

[ Sobbing ] Honey? You care to tell me what’s going on?

[ Sobbing ] Well, well. Two for the price of one.

[ Door closes ] Oh, happy day.

-Get that processed immediately. -Right away. Laura. Jordan. How’s mac? What — what happened?! I was on my way to spring ridge after learning about the prisoner escape, and I saw him on the side of the road. I’m glad I did. That makes two of us. Thank god you’re alright. I got to get to spring ridge. No, you need to get to the hospital to get checked out. Paramedics suggest a ct scan, possibly an mri. Look, I’ve got two fugitives on the loose. You’ll go, chief. And that’s an order. Okay. Bring me up to speed. Who are the two inmates who escaped? Heather webber and esme prince. How do you know about that? Because I’m the one who found ’em. Come on. Admit it. You hate being cooped up in this house as much as I do. I never said that I didn’T. Where’s felicia? I mean, she said she’d be late, but she should be here by now. Do you think something happened to that plan of hers? I don’t know. You don’t have any faith in it, do you? I don’t think that eileen ashby is the right person to get to victor. She’s all we have. Really. She’s all we have. A-and before she threw in with your father, I mean, her record was unblemished. I don’t know what he has on her, but I can tell you she’s not a career criminal. An ambitious politician. Perhaps. Yeah. I mean, look, she probably just had no idea what casting her lot in with your father would cost her. She’s in over her head. If we keep spooking her, she’s gonna crack. She won’t be able to live with the guilt. And then hopefully she’ll — she’ll flip on victor. Then we will be able to get all the evidence we need to put him away. I don’t know. Eileen ashby’s been working with my father for a long time now. I don’t know that the woman still has a conscience. Mr. Cassadine, I am telling you I can’t do this any longer. I am no good to you. For heaven’s sakes, get a grip! You know, you have been moderately useful in the past. Now, what on earth has happened to make you lose your nerve like this? Anna: You’re next.

You’re next, eileen.

You’re next. You’re next.

You’re next!

[ Exhales sharply ] Things have gone too far. Anna and valentin are dead! I don’t need you to remind me my son is gone. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good, and you are gonna continue to serve as deputy mayor and keep me informed. I think laura might be onto me. Well, then you’ll have to apologize to her as soon as possible. Tell her you realize that you, uh — you’ve really overstepped your authority in a sad attempt to impress her. Hmm. That the power of the job went to your head. That’s why you sent in the federal marshal. In other words, do whatever it takes so you don’t disappoint me, eileen. Victor: Spencer! Good evening. Uncle victor. Oh, you’re looking very dapper. Tonight was trina’s mom’s wedding. Ah, yes, of course. So why aren’t you at the reception? The party’s over. I just thought I’d stick around in case a friend… needs me. Everything’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna figure this out. Is she gonna be alright? What’s going on? Curtis… was it aunt stella? Look, spencer told me that she was never sick, okay, that she stayed away from the wedding purposefully. Aunt stella, she’s always got her nose in other people’s business. Stella was right. This is your business. And yours. What is, portia? Why is our daughter bawling her eyes out? Mom says I may not be your daughter. I have no idea who esme’s mother is, but with that monster as a father, is it any wonder the woman would give esme up for adoption? Who knows if she’s even alive or how she came to bear ryan chamberlain’s child. I’m just so thankful esme’s been safe from him all along. Have you met ryan chamberlain? Ugh. Saints preserve us, no. I only know him by reputation. When I thought you’d been sent by him, I was ready to abandon my life here to keep it that way. No, we actually have absolutely nothing to do with him. He is a dangerous psychopath, and I’m really happy you’ve kept your distance from him. Just so you know, also, ryan’s locked up, serving a life term in prison. And he’s also paralyzed. So he can’t hurt you. Can he still talk? Uh, apparently, no. Um… he blinks to communicate. Um… but, maggie, he’s locked away. He can’t get to you. That’s right. Nice and easy. No sudden moves, please. How are you here? You couldn’t walk or talk. I know. You’re thinking you’re seeing things, right? I’m a medical miracle. Now be a love and shut those doors. Come on. Come on. I knew you were faking it. Oh, did you, now? And here I thought I was so convincing. What do you have to smile about? Well, I’m just thinking about all those times I saw you at spring ridge… taunting you…. testing to see if you’d react. And I didn’T. Therefore…I win. Thank you. Eh, but you heard me just the same. And you couldn’t do anything about it. You just had to… sit there and listen. Hearing how pathetic we thought you were, and you couldn’t do anything about it. That had to have burned, huh? You really were helpless, ryan, weak. Not weak! Which you can see for yourselves. Or…unless you’d like a further demonstration.

How you doing? Regretting lost time. Things left unsaid. I’ll never see my son again. That’s the reality I have to face. The more it sinks in, the more I’m inclined to mend this rift between myself and your father. But I, uh, haven’t been able to reach nikolas. I doubt that you’ll be hearing from my father any time soon. Ava says that he left town. Have you secured the area? We set up a perimeter and have officers stationed to keep looky-loos and the press at bay until we process the scene. Csi is en route. Okay. Keep me posted. Will do.

[ Radio chatter ] Can you answer some questions? Whatever you need. You said you had esme and heather in your sights. Who hit you? Never saw them. Everything went black. There was a third person. They took your car. And my gun. Take care of that. Get him to G.H. -I’ll be there soon. -Okay. Spring ridge reported two inmates missing. Do you think that esme and heather had a third person on the outside? And how did those two end up teaming up to begin with? They were seen talking together in a common room. Maybe they bonded? I’m gonna call spring ridge and follow up. What if heather wanted to escape? Why would she saddle herself with a woman who’s nine months pregnant? Maggie: When esme’s adopted parents died, she became obsessed with tracking down her birth parents. There were no records, and the only clue to their identities was a four-leaf clover brooch made out of emeralds. It was pinned to the baby blanket that swaddled esme when she was left with the nuns. I helped esme track down the person who commissioned it. A woman named connie cooper. Ryan chamberlain’s first victim. That’s it. Very good. See? All you have to do is show me the respect I deserve. And just what are you doing here, anyway? I mean, you’re far too self-righteous to ever be a friend to ava. But, you know, come to think of it, I think that ultimately that’s why you and i didn’t work out. And I thought it was because you almost burned to death in that funhouse. That, too. But, then again, there’s nothing like your first love. Which reminds me… I’m surprised mac didn’t mention that you’d be here when I saw him earlier. That’s right. Mac was headed to spring ridge. Is that where you saw him? No. I ran into him while he was on his way there. You don’t recognize his gun? He won’t be needing this anymore. What did you do to him? Oh, I don’t think you want the details. Not after I spent all that time in spring ridge pretending to be locked in… day after day, month after month. All my rage and hatred built up until I felt like I was going to explode! And then suddenly I was free… and then…there was mac. I might have gotten carried away. Is what trina said true? When I found out about trina, I asked you, was she my daughter? You looked me in my eyes and you said it was impossible. I said it was impossible because… that’s what I wanted to believe. W-whoa, whoa. So trina’s not mine? Am I trina’s father? I don’t know.

[ Trina sobs ] I can’T. I’m sorry. I can’t hear this again. Trina.

H that was found on esme belonged to connie cooper, wouldn’t that make her her mother? We thought that at first, too. But connie was killed before esme was born — by ryan chamberlain. The brooch was missing when connie’s body was found. Ryan used to collect “trophies” from his victims. We found one on cabrera. And a four-leaf-clover brooch would be irresistible. And taking a woman’s lucky brooch is… the sick sense of humor that ryan chamberlain has. It’s kind of a stretch, though, no? This brooch proves that ryan is esme’s father? True or not, esme was convinced. A routine bed check revealed that heather webber and esme prince were missing. A search was initiated immediately. How did they get out? Where’s the security footage? There was a problem with one of the cameras in the corridor. I can tell you none of the doors appeared to be forced. And there’s some information I just received. One of the guards is also missing. Heather’s hostage perhaps? Eileen: Or accomplice. What kind of guard gets ambushed by two women, one of whom is pregnant? I think it’s a little early to assign blame. Thank you, warden brewster. Keep me posted. I want to know everything. Thank you, mayor. I’ll be in touch. Thank you. Eileen. What are you doing here? You’re lying. Mac’s fine. Yes. Of course, he is. You know that mac can take care of himself, right? Maybe. If he’d seen me coming. You sick bastard! Do you have a plan here? You just escaped from prison to immediately get yourself trapped on an island? Your skills are slippin’. Why? Worried about who’s gonna come to save you? Well, let’s see. Out of all the people you know… I don’t think avery would be much of a challenge. And, of course, kiki’s dead. Don’t you speak her name. You son of a bitch. Too soon? I’m sorry. I just couldn’t think of anybody else. Except for that waste of space nikolas. Oh, I’d love to see him again. When is hubby expected home anyway? What are you doing out here in the cold? Hmm? Thanks, but… I’m not even cold. I just feel numb… like my life is ending. We’ll figure this out. How could you say that? Mom has been lying to me, to us, my entire life! Doesn’t that matter to you? No. Because you have been and you always will be my daughter. My baby girl. Daddy. I’m here. Okay? I’m not going nowhere. You lied. All those talks we had about having kids, and you already knew I had one — with you! I-I didn’t — I didn’t — I didn’t know, not for sure. Because you didn’t want to find out. You walked away from me! You hated me for — I didn’t — for lying to me about being married. Go ahead. You can say it. You made it clear that you didn’t want to have anything to do with me. No discussion. I thought you were out of my life!

[ Scoffs ] And then taggert — he was making an effort for the first time in a long time. And I-I wanted to save my marriage, especially with a baby on the way. A baby that might have been mine. You know, I had a right to know if I was gonna be a father. In my mind, taggert was gonna be a father. And you were gone. What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to destroy my marriage and the possibility of a family because you might want to be a part-time dad with a woman that you really didn’t want to have anything to do with — a woman that you didn’t trust? What would that even look like? You’re actually standing here justifying your lie. No, no, what I’m doing is I’m telling you where my head was at. And I was afraid. That’s all. I was just afraid of losing everything… right when I needed love and companionship the most.

[ Sobbing ] And I know I should have been braver. I should have been honest with you. But there was a chance that marcus was the father, so… that’s what I told myself. I just kept telling myself that he is the father. I-I just wanted my child to grow up in a loving family. And I wanted trina to have a happy home. Right. Happy home without me.

I heard about the escape, the attack on the chief of detectives, and I came to see if I could be of any help. Mac is going to be fine, and, uh, everything is under control. Laura, um… I want to apologize for overstepping while you were away. I was just so eager…

[ Both chuckle ] …To prove that I could handle the job and… and — and live up to your expectations. Yeah. Well, I appreciate that a lot. You know, there is something that you can do for me. Sure. Anything. Go deal with the reporters who are hanging out outside the hospital. You can confirm that there are two inmates missing, but don’t give out any names. On it. Thanks. Did your father mention to you that he was leaving town? Did heay goodbye? No. My father was furious with me the last time that we spoke. I told him that I was suing for custody of his kid.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Excuse me. Oh, I’m sorry. I have to take this. Shouldn’t be long. Yes, I thought I made myself clear. The subject of your moving on is closed. I have news. Esme prince has escaped from spring ridge. What? Are you sure? When? At least an hour ago. It’s not yet clear how she got out. Alright. Keep me posted. Is that about my father? No. Your ex-girlfriend. Seems esme has escaped.

[ Cellphone chimes ] What time is it? Where’s felicia? Is that your contact? Yeah. We’re all set. Next time eileen ashby uses her phone, we’ll be ready. Dante, did you find maggie fitzgerald? Uh, yeah, we — we did. Um… she knows who esme thinks her father is. “Thinks”? Never mind. Just give me the name and explain later. I’m in the middle of a situation. Esme’s escaped from spring ridge with heather webber. Uh, okay. Uh, esme thinks her father is ryan chamberlain. W-wait. What the hell? What is it? More bad news?

[ Sighs ] Dante, hold on. Ryan chamberlain is esme’s father.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Warden brewster asked me to give you an update. Correction officer williams has been located in ryan chamberlain’s cell. He was dressed as an inmate and propped up in chamberlain’s wheelchair. So you mean it — it was staged? He’S…? Dead. Preliminary report is that he was stabbed in the back. He was mistaken for chamberlain in the initial sweep. So ryan chamberlain’s on the loose, too? How is that possible? You know, ava, you really don’t look very confident that hubby will show, let alone ride to the rescue.

[ Chuckles ] I knew you and nikolas wouldn’t work out. Not as long as you and i share a soul. You haven’t got a soul.

[ Chuckles ] Figure of speech. You and I are alike. Two peas in a pod, my love. Someone will come for us. Because we have people who care about us. Who helped you escape, ryan? Did someone figure out you were faking? What, you think I’d give myself away? Please. I still have your fingernail marks on my arm. No, my aide was malleable enough, but the person I let in on my secret? Much more worthy person. Chip off the old block, you might say. Trust me — everything that you’re saying, I’ve said to myself a thousand times. Was I wrong? Yeah. But did I do what I thought was best for all of us at the time? Yes. You were gone. H-how was I even supposed to know that you wanted to have a baby with a woman that you despised, curtis? You could have asked me. You could have kept me in the loop. I never despised you, portia. I broke things off because you were married. Yeah, I walked away from you, but I never — i never would have walked away from my child. I never thought I would see you again. But you did! Never mind what happened 20 years ago. What about the last two years when you realized that we both lived in port charles and your relationship with taggert was over? Why didn’t you tell me the truth then?

[ Spray, spray ]

Astepro and go. Warden brewster:

Brewster. Warden brewster, this is deputy mayor eileen ashby, calling for an update before I address the press. Any progress determining how the inmates escaped? Actually, uh…

[ Static hisses ] …We haven’t really —

[ Static hissing ] Warden brewster? Are you there? Anna:

You’re next, eileen.

You’re next. Who is this? You know who it is. You killed me.

[ Gasps ] I-I — I didn’t know.

Yes, you did. You have blood on your hands.

[ Breathing shakily ]

[ Static hissing ] Warden brewster:


Deputy mayor? Yes. Yes! Did you hear that?! I-I think our connection was temporarily lost. How’d I do? Was it scary? I thought it was hot.

[ Laughs ] This puts esme’s obsession with ryan in a whole new light. That’s why she was so desperate to see him, especially after kevin made him off limits to her.

[ Groans ] I can’t get felicia on the phone. It rolls right to voicemail. If chamberlain’s on the loose, she could be in danger. Maybe she just can’t pick up. Chamberlain’s wheelchair was left behind. He could have been faking his paralysis the whole time. Heather webber sometimes acted as chamberlain’s aide. She learned how to communicate with him. She wanted robert to use her as an informant and said she could get chamberlain talking. Sounds like they’ve been planning their escape for a while.[ Line ringing, click ] Felicia, where are you?! Hey, buddy. How’s your head?

Chamberlain?! You know, you’re coming off a little needy there. Always calling your wife. What? Don’t you trust her? Put felicia on the phone! Oh, I’m so sorry. Felicia can’t come to the phone right now. You touch her, I’ll kill you. Yeah, yeah. Predictable. Listen. Felicia is with me now. As my insurance policy, that is. If I see a cop… felicia dies. You want her okay? You stay out of my way.

[ Line clicks ] Chamberlain! Chamberlain! Could nikolas have sprung esme from spring ridge? Could he be planning to take the mother of his child away with him to prevent you from getting custody? Could esme have been faking the memory loss? Perhaps she’s not the blank slate that she pretended to be. Which means that trina could still be in danger. The police cleared esme of being the hook killer. And if she’s on the run, I doubt she would take the time to settle a score. I’m not taking any chances. Esme is all about revenge. You better? I’m still numb. Which I suspect is for the best. Did you ever suspect that I wasn’t yours? It’s just that I remember when I was little… and I was just being a brat… …and you would yell to mom to come get her daughter. Oh. Oh, no. I — I was joking. I mean, mom would turn it around on me when she would get frustrated with your messiness, but I never, never, not even for a moment, thought you weren’t my daughter. Even when mom cheated on you? Even then. How could you forgive her? After she betrayed you like that? I struggled for a bit. But, you know, it — it takes two people to ruin a marriage. And I-I left your mom hanging. I made her feel like she wasn’t important in my life, and that — and that affair was a wake-up call for me. I didn’t want to lose portia. Then I found out you were coming. I didn’t want to lose you. So I forgave her. I mean, we were happy for a while, but then I got all…

[ Sighs ] …Crazy about that cyrus case, you know? After all the talks mom and I had about being honest with each other… she told me I can tell her anything… this whole time,

she was the liar. I will — I will never forgive her. For the past two years, all I’ve been doing is agonizing whether or not I should tell you about trina. Oh, so it has crossed your mind. Of course it has. I knew that you’d be an amazing father. But trina already had an amazing father. And they were so close. It was just so hard to imagine blowing all that up. And then when we thought that taggert died in the warehouse, trina — she was grieving so hard. A-and — how could I tell her that the man that she loved might not be her father? I-I couldn’t take that away from her. So you lie to us instead.

[ Glass cracking ] I knew you were lying. Mac is fine. I just forget what a hard head your husband has. Should have taken care of him when I had the chance. Lesson learned. Ryan: Okay, ladies. Time to go. Been here too long already. They could be getting impatient. They, who? Who’s with you? Oh. Kindred spirits. One of them is especially creative. Can’t wait for you to meet her. We’re not going anywhere with you, ryan. You know what? You might be right. I think we might have a problem.

That was good. Your contact really paid off. Intercepting eileen’s phone call was perfect. Yeah, I think I owe him one. Her nerves are frayed. Well, maybe felicia’s plan is gonna work out after all. She said she was gonna be late. I don’t know. I’m beginning to think there’s a problem.

[ Monitor beeping ] Felicia’s phone immediately goes to voicemail. Call I.T. Already did. Think, mac. Did you hear any background sounds? No. Felicia is strong, and she’s smart, and she knows how to fight back. And that’s what I’m afraid of. Chamberlain’s been obsessed with felicia for decades. When he fixated on ava, I thought she was safe, but apparently not. I think I know where to look. My nephew nikolas has left town, and I am not about to lose any more family. Find him. I want you to know something. No matter what happens, nothing changes between us. You always do that. Try to make me feel better. That’s what fathers do.

[ Footsteps approach ] Sorry to interrupt. Then don’T. Move on. It’s important. So is this. Daddy, I don’t really want to talk about this anymore. I can call you. Okay? Yeah. Okay. Get me out of here. Okay. I never wanted to take anything from you, curtis. Curtis, I love you! And the longer I stayed silent, the worse the consequences if I did speak up. So I lived with it. I lived with the constant anxiety and guilt. And I didn’t want to jeopardize the life that we had planned together over something that might not even be true. What kind of life could we have had with that kind of lie between us? You said ryan chamberlain was imprisoned and helpless! Right. Yes, I did. Because he was the last time we checked. Wait. What does heather webber have to do with any of this? -I have no idea. -And now he’s taken esme? They have to find her. They have to stop him before he kills again! What’s the problem, ryan? There’s not enough room on the boat for all of us, so one of you is coming with me, and the other is never leaving this room. Now… who’s ready to say goodbye?

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