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EJ and Nicole arrive at the Bistro and see Eric and Sloan. EJ tells Nicole they can go somewhere else but Nicole insists that she’s fine. Nicole says it’s Valentine’s Day and every place will be busy and she’s starving. EJ asks if she doesn’t mind being in the same room as them. Nicole responds that if Eric can take it, she can, so they get a table for two. Sloan remarks to Eric that this should be fun. Sloan jokes that usually she sees Valentine’s Day as just a commercial ripoff, but this just got a lot more interesting.

Johnny walks through the town square with a bouquet of flowers and then bumps in to Tripp. Tripp guesses the flowers are for Chanel but Johnny reveals that they are actually for Wendy.

Li sits alone in his hotel room and finishes his second glass of wine until there’s a knock at the door. Li hopes it’s Gabi but it’s Wendy. Wendy tells Li that he has to face the reality that he completely blew it with Gabi and it’s over.

Gabi tells Stefan that she loves him while Stefan responds “I love you too, Chloe,” leaving Gabi confused. Gabi asks if he just heard what he said as she can’t believe he just called her Chloe.

Steve is passed out on the couch at home with he and Kayla’s wedding photo nearby. Steve then dreams of seeing Kayla in the room as it is their anniversary.

Nicole complains to EJ about Sloan and Eric grinning at each other. Nicole remarks that she thought Sloan was just rebound sex but now Eric is staring at her like she hung the moon and now they are spending Valentine’s Day together. EJ reminds her that they are too. Nicole argues that they are just celebrating the Italian deal while EJ points out that it’s also the proper dinner date that he promised her. EJ adds that it can be as romantic as he wants it to be as he holds her hand which Eric looks over and sees. Sloan asks Eric what’s wrong. Eric responds that Nicole led him to believe there was nothing romantic going on with EJ, but now she’s holding hands with him and probably sleeping with him too. Sloan calls it sad that it still bothers him.

Johnny knows Tripp thinks something is going on with he and Chanel. Tripp says he owes him no explanation and that he thinks it’s great if he and Wendy worked things out. Tripp asks if he has big plans for tonight. Johnny confirms he’s supposed to meet Wendy in a couple minutes and they are going to see a movie. Tripp apologizes if he screwed up his date with her last night. Tripp explains that Joey called Wendy and told her that he needed her. Tripp adds that he doesn’t know what’s gotten in to Joey but for some reason, he decided to play matchmaker and that he was interested in Wendy. Johnny then asks if Joey’s right.

Wendy asks Li what happened now. Li explains that he asked Gabi to have dinner with him and she turned him down flat. Wendy says she’s sorry. Li questions what she’s doing here on Valentine’s Day and guesses she was checking up on him. Li gets why since he’s lonely, unemployed, and possibly about to go to prison. Wendy suggests that if Li wants Gabi back, he has to start small. Wendy tells him that he should invite her out for coffee and be her friend instead of inviting her over for Valentine’s Day dinner. Li responds that he doesn’t want to just be Gabi’s friend as she is still his wife. Wendy points out that the only guy she wants is her previous husband, Stefan. Li admits that he knows.

Stefan claims he didn’t call Gabi “Chloe” and that he wouldn’t do that but Gabi insists that she heard it. Stefan says that if he did, it’s only because he’s worried about Chloe. Gabi questions him worrying about Chloe when he’s about to take her upstairs to bed and asks why he’s worried about Chloe. Stefan says that Chloe ran out after Dr. Rolf was taken in to custody and he hasn’t heard from her since. Stefan says he left her three messages that she’s ignored and called her earlier. Gabi then questions if Stefan called Chloe before or after he called her.

Steve imagines seeing Kayla but says it can’t be real and he just had too much to drink but she insists that it’s real as they kiss.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s not bothered, he’s just tired of people telling him that he’s not over Nicole. Eric then admits that maybe he’s not. Sloan guesses now he’s afraid that she’s over him. Eric states that he’s the one who divorced Nicole, so she has every right to move on, and he just wishes it wasn’t with that jackass. Nicole tells EJ that Eric could have any woman he wants, so she doesn’t know why he’s settling for Sloan. Nicole then apologizes. EJ tells her that she can go on but Nicole doesn’t want to spend the rest of the evening talking about Eric. Nicole then pours them glasses of champagne and toasts to their first proper dinner date. Eric finishes his glass of wine at the same time.

Li tells Wendy that he doesn’t understand why a woman like Gabi would waste her time on a man that loves somebody else. Wendy relates to trying to believe he loves her more. Li says he wasn’t talking about her and Johnny. Li offers her a glass of wine but Wendy responds that she has plans tonight with Johnny. Li thought they were over. Wendy says it turns out to be a misunderstanding. Li notes that Gabi encouraged her to not give up so easily, that Johnny is a good guy, and that she should fight for him. Li tells her to go ahead and have a wonderful time. Wendy asks if he’s sure he’ll be okay. Li is just glad one of them is having a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Stefan admits to Gabi that he called Chloe before he called her, but only because C comes before G in his contact list. Stefan argues that he’s been through a lot. Gabi calls him unbelievable as she thought he called her over because he made his decision that she’s the one he wanted. Gabi questions if he called her by hitting the wrong button. Stefan insists that he knew what he was doing. Gabi asks if he only called her because Chloe didn’t pick up. Gabi then questions if she would even be here if Chloe did pick up.

Tripp tells Johnny about how he met Wendy last summer and Joey was there. Tripp says that he and Wendy are friends which Johnny questions him more about, but Wendy then arrives. Wendy apologizes for being late as she stopped to check on her brother. Wendy asks if they were talking about her. Tripp says they just ran in to each other and Johnny just told him that they worked things out, so he’s really happy for them. Tripp tells them to have fun tonight. Wendy wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day. Tripp wishes her the same and walks away. Johnny then gives Wendy his flowers which she calls so sweet of him.

Steve questions his imagination of Kayla, who says she really needs his help because Heaven is not working out.

Nicole asks EJ how long he thinks they have to stay out to give Stefan space for whatever he’s planning. EJ has no idea what Stefan has in mind. Nicole says Stefan is dreaming if he thinks he can keep stringing Chloe and Gabi along. EJ believes he heard Chloe was not returning his calls. Nicole informs EJ that Chloe left town because she had it after Brady lied to her and she thought she had something with Stefan until she found out that he was just programmed to fall for her. The waitress comes by to ask if they are ready to order. Nicole orders the steak that Sloan is having but the waitress informs her that Sloan got the last one, so Nicole asks for a few more minutes to look over the menu. Eric has some of Sloan’s steak and comments that it’s so good. Nicole rolls her eyes and asks why they don’t just take it back to her place. EJ responds that he’s sure they will eventually.

Stefan tells Gabi that he’s not lying and that he really was going to call her. Gabi questions if he was going to call her and Chloe and hope for a threesome. Stefan says no, unless she’s in to that. Gabi then throws her wine on him. Stefan can’t believe what she has done. Gabi says he deserved it and she can’t believe she was going to sleep with him tonight. Stefan begins to remove his wine-stained shirt and tells Gabi not to be upset. Gabi says she’s beyond upset. Gabi tells him about Rafe telling her to focus on the fact that he loves her, but says it’s hard to focus on that when he also loves Chloe. Gabi gathers her things so Stefan questions if she’s really leaving and tries to stop her. Stefan declares that he really does love her. Gabi responds that when he decides that she’s the only woman he loves, he can call her then as she then storms out of the mansion.

Steve continues talking to his vision of Kayla, who tells him about being in a locked room in Heaven and seeing Adrienne but it turned out to be Nick Fallon, who tricked her in to signing away her soul.

Eric and Sloan laugh together while Nicole complains to EJ that the PDA at their table has ruined her appetite. Nicole asks EJ what his excuse is. EJ responds that he just has a headache. Nicole questions him having a headache again and feels his face, which Eric notices. Nicole notes that EJ doesn’t feel like he has a fever. EJ responds that he just feels a bit off. Nicole suggests maybe her hangover was a bug she passed on to him. Nicole wants to check if they have aspirin. EJ says that’s not necessary but Nicole insists that he needs to take something for his headache. Eric realizes he forgot his glasses in the car to read the menu, so he gets up to go get them but realizes he left his keys. Eric turns back around but runs in to Nicole right as she gets up from her table.

Johnny brings Wendy to the DiMera Mansion where they see Stefan cleaning his shirt in the living room. Johnny points out that they have servants for that. Stefan responds that he can handle it himself. Johnny guesses his evening didn’t go very well. Stefan admits that it sucked because Gabi walked out on him.

Li calls for room service but hangs up when Gabi arrives at his door, asking if his dinner invitation was still open. Li says of course it is and invites her inside.

Steve talks to his vision of Kayla about her, Kate, and Marlena signing their souls away. She says somebody needs to help them. Steve says he would do anything but he doesn’t get this because Heaven is not a place of corruption. Kayla wonders if they got sidetracked from Heaven somehow and says whenever she’s in trouble, she turns to him, bringing up how many times he has rescued her. Steve wishes he could’ve saved her this time. His vision of Kayla asks him to help her one last time. Steve tells her to just tell him what to do. Tripp then comes home and finds Steve asleep on the couch. Tripp asks if he’s okay and who he was talking to. Steve responds that Kayla was there. Tripp calls that not possible. Steve insists that Kayla told him that she needed his help because Nick Fallon tricked her in to selling her soul to the Devil. Tripp says it was a dream and he was talking in his sleep. Steve swears that she was there and it was real. Tripp understands he’s thinking about her because today is their wedding anniversary and tomorrow is her funeral. Tripp notes that Steve also had a certain amount of beer and he totally gets it. Steve decides maybe he’s right, but it felt so real.

Eric tells Nicole that he was worried about her after she fainted, but she seems fine today. Nicole assures him it was nothing and asks how he is doing. Eric says he’s fine. Nicole calls that hard to believe since Marlena, Kate, and Kayla’s funeral is tomorrow. Eric would rather not talk about that. Nicole just wanted to say she was thinking about him and his family but tells him to forget it as she sits back down. Nicole realizes she forgot to get EJ’s aspirin. Eric goes back to his table and realizes he forgot his glasses. Sloan tells him to forget about it because she’s had enough of this for tonight and asks if they can just go home. EJ offers to take Nicole home and says they can go out on another proper dinner date another night.

Li is curious why Gabi is there since she made it clear on the phone that she had no interest in seeing him. Gabi claims that she realized they should talk about the divorce. Li thinks back to Sloan telling him there are ways to drag it out. Li tells Gabi that he doesn’t want a divorce, but he knows she does and he loves her enough to want her to be happy, so he will talk to his lawyer to get the ball rolling. Gabi asks if he’s serious. Li responds that he always is. Gabi thanks him. Li says it’s the least he could do.

Johnny questions Stefan calling Gabi “Chloe”. Stefan says he didn’t mean to but he’s clearly still not thinking straight. Johnny and Wendy blame it on Li, Kristen, and EJ. Stefan remarks that he was everybody’s pet project. Wendy mentions hearing Dr. Rolf will be released on bail, so maybe he can undo what he did to him. Johnny encourages that Stefan can go back to the guy he used to be and that he hears that Stefan was totally in love with Gabi back then. Stefan confirms that he was. Wendy adds that his feelings for Chloe are like Dr. Rolf’s idea, so he should be able to make them disappear. Stefan responds that the weird thing is, he’s not sure that he wants him too.

Tripp starts cleaning up which Steve questions, saying that it’s Valentine’s Day so Tripp should be out with some nice girl. Tripp responds that all the nice girls he knows already have a date. Steve asks about Wendy. Tripp questions why he asked about her. Steve says he heard Tripp and Joey talking about her, so he suggests giving her call and asks what he has to lose. Tripp says he’d lose his self respect since she already has plans.

Johnny and Wendy question how someone could want to stay brainwashed. Stefan explains that what Dr. Rolf did only made him show up at Chloe’s door, the rest was him. Stefan says he started talking to Chloe and remembered how much he liked her which was well before he and Gabi were serious. Stefan adds that he and Chloe were getting somewhere which was not Dr. Rolf’s idea and then the truth came out, so he remembered how much he loved Gabi. Johnny comments that Dr. Rolf really messed with his head which Stefan acknowledges. Wendy guesses it must be pretty confusing. Stefan questions who says it’s not possible to have deep feelings for two different people. Wendy remarks that she can only imagine what that’s like while Johnny comments that stringing two women along like that doesn’t seem very manly. EJ and Nicole then come home. Nicole asks if they can join the party while Stefan calls it more of a wake.

Li asks Gabi if she’s had dinner which she admits she hasn’t. Li says he was just about to order room service, but he can order for two. Li then points out that she’s not with Stefan on Valentine’s Day. Gabi responds that she was with him and they were going to make love for the first time in forever. Li asks what happened. Gabi claims nothing. Li says she’s been obsessing over him since finding out he was alive, so he questions what stopped her tonight. Gabi then reveals that Stefan called her Chloe which causes Li to bust out laughing.

Eric brings Sloan home. Sloan calls Valentine’s Day a bust. Eric is sorry they didn’t get to have dessert. Sloan thinks they can still salvage the evening, assuming he still wants to do that. Sloan knows tonight was awkward and tomorrow will be one of the worst days of his life, so she will understand if he just wants to call it an evening, but if he wants to rip off her clothes and forget about everything else in the world, she’s up for that.

EJ and Nicole head upstairs. Nicole says she doesn’t know what was going on downstairs with Stefan but she didn’t want to hang around and find out. EJ says he didn’t either. Nicole adds that there was enough awkwardness for the evening. EJ then informs her that he heard what Eric said to her about her fainting in the park and questions why she didn’t tell him. Nicole calls it just a couple seconds and no big deal. EJ says it is to him. Nicole asks why. EJ brings up that Nicole said she changed her mind about them sleeping together. EJ tells Nicole how lovely and desirable she looks this evening. Nicole reminds him that they’ve been taking it one day at a time for exactly one day now. EJ points out that she didn’t seem so reluctant yesterday but supposes that was the alcohol talking. Nicole doesn’t know why since she only had two drinks. EJ suggests a kiss goodnight which Nicole calls an excellent next step as they then kiss.

Gabi tells Li to stop laughing as it’s not funny. Gabi blames Li for the whole nightmare since he played God with Stefan’s life. Li responds that he did that because he’s crazy about her. Li adds that Dr. Rolf could do whatever he wanted to him and it would never change that he’s crazy in love with him. Li says it makes him sick when Stefan is playing both ends when he could have Gabi all to himself if he wanted which is all Li wants. Li adds that if he ever went a little overboard, that’s why. Li admits maybe he went a lot overboard. Li asks Gabi to stay for dinner, which she agrees to do.

Stefan tells Johnny and Wendy that if they are hungry, the kitchen is cooking dinner for two and he’d hate to see it go to waste. Wendy jokes that they were just going to have popcorn which Stefan questions being dinner. Johnny explains that they are going to be streaming Evil Dead 2. Stefan jokes about Johnny knowing how to treat a woman on Valentine’s Day. Johnny remarks that he seems to be doing better than Stefan did. Stefan tells them to enjoy their night and exits. Johnny tells Wendy that maybe he’s right if she wants to watch something else. Wendy responds that she doesn’t care what they watch as she just wants to be with him.

Eric tells Sloan that he thinks he wants to go to bed. Sloan says she understands. Eric clarifies that he means with her. Eric wants just what she said, to forget about everything else in the world and be with her. Eric and Sloan then start kissing.

EJ tells Nicole that he guesses this is goodnight. Nicole says what the hell and continues kissing EJ. EJ stops her and asks if she’s sure. Nicole says yes, unless he’s not. EJ then opens the door to his bedroom and she pulls him inside as they shut the door.

Tripp brings Steve a drink to restore his electrolyte balance. Steve thanks him and tearfully calls him a good son. Tripp tells his dad that he loves him. Tripp asks if he’s going to get some sleep. Steve says he will eventually and tells Tripp to go ahead as tomorrow is going to be a long, hard day. Tripp says goodnight to Steve and heads to his room. Steve starts to cry and thinks back to his last wedding to Kayla. Steve asks how he’s supposed to let Kayla go. Steve insists that seeing her earlier was just so real and questions where she is. Steve adds that he would go anywhere to help her as he holds their wedding photo. Steve declares that his vow to her remains the same; he will love her until the end of time. Steve wishes Kayla a happy anniversary.

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