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At Basic Black, Brady finds an arrangement of roses for Valentine’s Day sent by Stefan to Chloe. Brady dumps the roses in the trash and drops the card on the floor. Brady then pulls out his phone and calls Chloe. Brady leaves a message, saying he knows he’s left 20 messages since she checked out of the Salem Inn but he’s worried about her and no one he knows has seen or heard from her. Nicole then arrives and reveals that she has.

EJ and Stefan enter the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan praises Nicole for closing an Italian deal for Basic Black and being on fire. EJ says unlike him and remarks that he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. Stefan comments that EJ lost his train of thought, but thankfully Nicole was there to save them and bring it home. Stefan asks if EJ is alright. EJ says he’s just a bit foggy again but it will pass. Stefan suggests he needs a good stiff drink which he accepts. Stefan then goes to pour EJ a drink and drugs it again.

Gabi joins Rafe in his office at the police station and questions what is taking so long. Gabi complains that she hasn’t heard from anybody and tells Rafe that he needs to release Dr. Rolf now so he can finish fixing Stefan. Rafe reminds her that he’s happy to do that as soon as Dr. Rolf comes through with the goods on Li Shin.

Sloan goes to Li’s hotel room and informs him that Dr. Rolf wrote a long statement, detailing everything Li had done to Stefan, but as their attorney, she convinced him not to sign it and that it was his best chance to avoid being charged. Li remarks that speaking of charges, he got her first bill. Sloan responds that she may be easy, but she’s not cheap. Sloan asks him what’s wrong since she just made the Dr. Rolf problem go away, but he still doesn’t seem happy. Li responds that he is, but now he just wants to know what she’s going to do about his Gabi problem.

Nicole questions Brady trashing the roses and picks up the card to see they were from Stefan. Brady states that Stefan needs to go back to Gabi. Nicole is pretty sure that was the idea of the forced deprogramming she put him through. Brady mentions Anna telling him about that and asks if Gabi really held Stefan prisoner in the DiMera basement which Nicole confirms. Nicole explains that Dr. Rolf showed up to zap Stefan’s brain but his machine broke halfway through the procedure, so Stefan does love Gabi now but he also loves Chloe. Nicole talks about feeling bad for Stefan. Brady continues to argue that Stefan should be with Gabi. Nicole agrees that Brady should be with Chloe and mentions that she even told Stefan that after the procedure. Brady asks Nicole about speaking with Chloe and if she’s okay. Nicole says kind of but she’s freaked out since she’s been on an insane roller coaster caught between Stefan and Brady. Brady brings up that Anna told him that Chloe went to the DiMera Mansion to tell Stefan that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Nicole confirms that and brings up that once she got there, Stefan’s feelings for Gabi were back and Chloe just had to get out of there. Brady asks Nicole to tell him where Chloe is, but Nicole says she can’t. Brady questions why not so Nicole reveals that Chloe doesn’t want to see him either because she’s still upset about him breaking up with her out of the blue and moving Kristen in. Brady argues that now she knows why he did it but Nicole says that Chloe doesn’t understand why he didn’t confide in her first. Brady complains that he couldn’t because Kristen was blackmailing him. Nicole explains that Chloe still wishes he told her so she could help him and that he trusted her. Brady repeats that Kristen was threatening him with Marlena, Kayla, and Kate’s lives and then they died anyway. Brady admits maybe he should’ve said something, then maybe they would have been saved. Nicole says what happened to the women is not his fault. Brady says all he knows is that they are gone. Brady complains that this tragic set of circumstances and then losing Chloe is all too much. Nicole encourages that he hasn’t lost Chloe and she’s just overwhelmed and needed space. Nicole reminds Brady that she is on his side and she wants him and Chloe to be together. Brady asks what if they are stuck in love limbo indefinitely. Nicole says nobody wants that including Stefan. Nicole declares that sooner or later, Dr. Rolf will finish the procedure and everything will go back to the way it should be; Brady with Chloe and Stefan with Gabi.

Gabi complains to Rafe that this waiting is torture, so he needs to release Dr. Rolf. Rafe tells her to chill while Gabi complains about Stefan having feelings for her and Chloe. Rafe says he feels for her and that’s why he’s trying to get the information on Li. Gabi doesn’t want to be reminded that she’s married to him. Rafe says he’s trying to get the evidence to charge him. Gabi thought Dr. Rolf was writing his statement. Rafe confirms that he did, but then Sloan walked in and somehow kept him from signing it.

Li tells Sloan that Gabi is infatuated with Stefan and hates his guts. Li brings up Gabi wanting a divorce. Sloan reminds him that they can fight that and says she could drag it out in court for months or even years, though it could get expensive. Li assures that money won’t be an issue and tells her to just keep him out of prison and keep him in his marriage. Li says he’ll find a way to get Gabi to forgive him and forget all about Stefan.

Stefan gives EJ his drugged drink and claims he hopes it will get him to shake off the cobwebs. Stefan toasts to always looking after each other and to family. Before they take their drink, Chad walks in and says he wants in on this as well. Chad hugs them and mentions hearing about Stefan’s impromptu session with Dr. Rolf and that he got his feelings for Gabi back when Stefan confirms. Chad is happy that Stefan is back in the right state of mind but admits he still has reservations about Gabi. EJ adds that he does too but their reunion isn’t a done deal yet, because Stefan still has feelings for Chloe. Stefan remarks that there are worse fates than being in love with two beautiful women. Chad is not sure he agrees but says since it’s Valentine’s Day, he will drink to that. Chad says first he needs a drink, so EJ offers him his drink which worries Stefan.

Brady reminds Nicole that it’s Valentine’s Day. Nicole says she promised Chloe that she wouldn’t tell anyone where she is. Brady says he just wants to talk to her but she’s not answering her phone. Brady wants to be able to ask how she’s doing, tell her that he misses her and that he loves her. Nicole promises him that Chloe knows. Nicole reminds him that tomorrow is Marlena’s funeral, so she thinks he should just let this go for now and focus on helping his family get through that. Brady agrees to try and decides he doesn’t want to talk about himself anymore. Brady asks how Nicole is. Nicole says she’s fine and hungry. Nicole mentions closing the Italian deal. Brady questions her about calling in sick yesterday about a weird hangover. Nicole calls it weird because she only had two drinks but felt like she got hit by a trick. Brady tells her that she’s not the only one because Eric is drinking. Nicole says she knows because she ran in to him yesterday and his breath smelled like beer. Brady informs her that Eric invited him to join him which surprises her. Brady assures that he declined but he’s worried that Eric is not in a good place. Nicole points out that he did just lose his mom. Brady says that’s definitely part of it, but he thinks there’s a little more to it. Brady argues that he thinks Eric and Nicole miss each other more than they’ll ever admit. Nicole doubts Eric’s drinking has anything to do with her since he’s moved on and prefers hanging out with Sloan Peterson. Brady asks what about Nicole as he hears she’s been hanging out with EJ. Brady questions what’s going on there and if Nicole has moved on.

EJ decides he doesn’t need the drink right now. Chad asks if he’s okay. EJ says he has a bit of a headache and tells Chad the drink is all his. Stefan interrupts and offers to get Chad a fresh one but EJ says it’s fine as he didn’t touch it. Chad then takes a drink of the drugged drink but spits it back out, noting that it was so strong and asks what he put in it. Stefan guesses it was too much of something. Chad decides he’ll get a club soda and goes to dump out the drink which he calls disgusting.

Rafe tells Gabi that they are lucky that Dr. Rolf isn’t on some DiMera Island and the judge saw that he’s a flight risk, so he denied him bail. Rafe assures Gabi that Dr. Rolf is not leaving the police station until he signs his statement. Gabi points out that his lawyer won’t let him. Rafe feels five minutes with Melinda Trask will make it clear that Dr. Rolf either flips or he’s going away for life. Gabi argues that Melinda can do that after Dr. Rolf wipes Chloe from Stefan’s mind. Rafe says Melinda is gone for the day, so it will be first thing tomorrow. Gabi cries that she needs this done today because it’s Valentine’s Day so she and Stefan need to be together. Rafe encourages her to look on the bright side as not long ago, Stefan couldn’t stand the sight of her and now he’s in love with her. Gabi continues to bring up Chloe. Rafe bets it’s temporary. Gabi asks how he knows and continues complaining about Chloe. Rafe reminds her that Stefan said many times that Gabi was the love of his life. Gabi questions why he isn’t with her then and why they are not together on Valentine’s Day. Gabi worries that Stefan wants Chloe more than her.

Sloan reminds Li that he’s told her multiple times that Gabi hates him. Li acknowledges that she has good reason to. Sloan is curious on what Li’s plan is to turn that hate back in to love.

Jada runs in to Stephanie outside the Brady Pub. They hug as Stephanie thanks her for sending flowers after Kayla’s passing and says it was so thoughtful. Stephanie says she’s been meaning to call her. Jada tells her not to worry as she knows she’s dealing with a lot. Jada asks how she and Steve are doing. Stephanie admits they are all a mess and she doesn’t know how they will get through Kayla’s funeral tomorrow. Jada assures that they are all here for her and her family, tomorrow and always. Stephanie tells her how much she appreciates that and asks how Jada is. Jada says she’s fine and just focused on work. Stephanie mentions hearing that she and Eric broke up. Jada says it’s fine and just wasn’t meant to be. Stephanie asks if Jada is still living above the Pub. Jada says she’s been so busy with work that she hasn’t been able to look for a new place. Jada adds that she and Eric seem to be on different schedules so they haven’t run in to each other much. Eric then approaches and greets them.

Brady asks Nicole again what’s going on with her and EJ. Nicole claims not to know what he means. Brady brings up that they have been married twice and now she’s living in his house, so he was curious if there’s anything romantic going on or if he’s right that she just can’t get Eric out of her head. Nicole says she has a meeting to get to and encourages Brady to hang in there as she’s sure that he and Chloe will get back together before he knows it. Nicole then quickly exits the office.

Stephanie decides she should get going. Jada tells her to call if she needs anything. Stephanie hugs Eric and says she’ll see him tomorrow as she then walks away. Jada tells Eric that she’s sorry about his mom, aunt, and stepmom. Eric thanks her and says he knows she and Kate got close. Jada talks about Kate being there for her. Eric comments that it’s nice to see she’s moved on. Jada mentions that Eric has too since she heard he’s dating Sloan Peterson.

Sloan brings up Li saying he didn’t want a divorce but he felt he had no choice and there was no way to turn this around. Sloan reminds him that she told him to think outside the box, so she assumes he took his advice with his renewed confidence. Sloan asks what his plan is. Li responds that it’s not fully formed yet so he’s open to ideas. Sloan tells him that she can handle the legal side but not the personal issues like love. Sloan states that Valentine’s Day is just another day to her. Li asks for her suggestion since he loves Gabi but she despises him. Sloan sees a man sitting in his hotel room, who is careful and deliberate. Sloan says if there’s one thing she’s learned, if you want to get anything, you have to be aggressive. Sloan advises him to stop worrying about how other people will feel about what he’s going to do and just do it. Li comments that she sounds a lot like Gabi. Li says underneath Gabi’s tough exterior, she’s a huge romantic. Sloan thinks he has found his play. Li agrees that he shouldn’t try to win Gabi back with logic, reason, or the perfect argument to change her mind and he should instead go straight for her heart.

Chad gets club soda and asks what they should toast to next. EJ proposes a toast to Chad’s new beginning with Stephanie which they drink to. Chad says he’s sorry to break up the party but he promised the kids pizza for dinner. Stefan says to send Thomas and Charlotte hugs from their uncles. Chad agrees to and wishes him luck with his situation because he’s going to need it. Chad then exits. Stefan offers EJ another drink to celebrate their victory. EJ thanks him but says he’s going upstairs to shower to try and clear his head. After EJ heads upstairs, Stefan shuts the doors. Stefan tells the portrait of Stefano and tells him that he’s not going to kill EJ, he’s just going to give him a few more doses so that he feels like going off the deep end and then he will be out at DiMera. Stefan declares that he will turn his attention to vengeance tomorrow because tonight is for love as he pulls out his phone..

Rafe reminds Gabi that Stefan said he loved her with all his heart. Gabi confirms that they kissed like they’d never been apart which is why she doesn’t understand why Valentine’s Day is almost over he hasn’t called yet. Rafe bets that Stefan is planning a special surprise for her and that her phone is going to ring any minute. Gabi’s phone then does ring which excites her, but it’s Li. Gabi answers and Li says he’s so glad she picked up. Gabi says she’s not and questions why he is calling her. Li tells her that it’s Valentine’s Day, so a husband is calling to invite his wife over for a romantic dinner. Gabi tells him that he nauseates her so the thought makes her gag. Li suggests they can discuss their divorce then. Gabi tells him there’s nothing to discuss and to just sign the papers, so she can be done with him. Gabi tells Li to lose her number and hangs up. Rafe says he’s sorry but he had a good feeling. Gabi then sees a missed call from Stefan and gets excited that he left a voicemail. Gabi plays the voicemail on speaker and listens to Stefan say it’s Valentine’s Day and he can’t stop thinking about her. Stefan asks her to come see him at the house as he’s counting the minutes until they are together again.

Eric informs Jada that he and Sloan are a casual thing. Eric asks if Jada is seeing anyone. Jada says she’s not really looking to get in to anything right now. Eric says things didn’t work out between them but he wants her to know that he thinks she’s great and whoever she chooses to be with will be a lucky person. Jada tells him to enjoy his night and heads in to the Pub. Eric then pulls out his phone.

Nicole goes to EJ’s room at the DiMera Mansion, looking for him. EJ then comes out from the shower in just a towel. Nicole says she just wanted to check on him since he seemed a little out of it at the office. EJ says he’s fine now as the shower seemed to do the trick. EJ asks if Nicole managed to shake off the last of her nasty hangover. Nicole assures it’s all done now. Nicole decides she will go but EJ reminds her that they agreed he would take her out on a proper dinner when she was feeling better. EJ asks if Nicole is up to it tonight.

Stephanie goes to see Chad at the Horton House and says she got his message, inviting her over so here she is. Chad asks if she’s okay. Stephanie admits that tomorrow is weighing on her but she’s trying not to think about it. Chad hugs her and says he’s here for anything she needs. Stephanie thanks him and says it means a lot. Chad asks if she’d rather be at her home. Stephanie assures that she’s exactly where she wants to be and she’s glad he called. Chad jokes that he was scared she got a better offer for Valentine’s Day. Stephanie asks what could be better than pizza with her new guy and his two adorable kids.

Sloan guesses Gabi is not coming over. Li confirms that she said the thought of having dinner with him makes her physically ill, but he knows underneath, her feelings for him are still there because that passion doesn’t just go away. Sloan guesses there will be no Valentine’s Day reunion then. Li guesses he’ll just waste another day here alone, unless Sloan wants to have dinner with him. Sloan admits she can’t say she’s not tempted, but then she gets a call from Eric, who asks if she has plans tonight. Sloan says possibly but Eric tells her to break those plans because he thinks they should have dinner. Sloan suggests meeting at her place in 30 minutes but Eric says he was thinking a restaurant and invites her to the Bistro. Sloan agrees to see him there and hangs up. Sloan then tells Li that she’s sorry as she has plans tonight, so Li’s going to have to eat dinner on his own. Sloan then exits the room.

Stefan sets up a candle lit dinner at the DiMera Mansion as Gabi then arrives in a red dress.

Rafe is picking up a cheeseburger at the Pub when he sees Jada having a beer, so they decide to sit together.

Nicole questions EJ wanting to go to dinner tonight, reminding him that it is Valentine’s Day. Nicole says a meal with him is kind of a big deal. EJ tells her that what happened at the office today is kind of a big deal, one they wouldn’t have closed without her. Nicole is not sure about that. EJ says he was struggling hard but Nicole came in with confidence and carried them over the finish line, so that’s an achievement worth celebrating. Nicole says that’s nice of him but points out the holiday. EJ tells her the deal was an Italian deal, so they can pretend they are in Rome where it’s February 15, a regular day with zero expectations. Nicole tells EJ to go get dressed and she will change, then they will head out.

Sloan meets Eric at the Bistro. Eric greets her and tells her she looks great as he pulls her chair out. Sloan wants to get straight that she knows it’s Valentine’s Day, but this is not a date, and she only came for the ribeye so he can get rid of the side order of romance.

Stefan tells Gabi that she looks beautiful. Stefan tells her about an opera and hearing a song in his head and heart when he looks at her. Stefan says he’s so happy that she accepted his invitation. Gabi asks why he went through all this trouble if he had any doubts. Stefan says it’s never any trouble to make the woman he loves feel special. Stefan points out that he got their favorite wine.
Gabi can’t believe he remembered. Stefan responds that he remembers everything now. Gabi says there’s nothing more she wants than for that to be true as it’s all she has wanted since he came back. Gabi talks about it not just being sex but their love and magic. Stefan then kisses Gabi.

Chad and Stephanie finish eating pizza. Chad hopes she saved room for dessert as he then calls Thomas and Charlotte in to the room. The kids reveal that they made Stephanie a cookie valentine. Chad says they had been baking all day long. Stephanie calls it so thoughtful and beautiful as she thanks them. Stephanie then informs them that she brought them a Valentine’s surprise too and gives them a box of heart candy. Thomas opens his box to give one to Stephanie. Stephanie offers to share her cookie but Thomas says they had their cookies. Thomas suggests she share her cookie with Chad.

Jada tells Rafe that it’s nice sharing a table with him. Rafe thanks her for letting him join. Rafe and Jada toast to a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Chad jokes about the kids being out like a light after their sugar cookies. Stephanie calls the cookie so special. Chad tells Stephanie how special she is and says it means a lot to her that his kids are so happy around her. Stephanie says she loves being around them too and their dad as they then kiss.

Eric tells Sloan that they don’t have to call this a date, so Sloan asks what they are going to call it. Eric suggests foreplay. EJ and Nicole then arrive at the Bistro and see them.

Brady calls Chloe, leaving another message to let her know that Nicole told him that she’s okay which he’s happy to hear and that Chloe might need some space, so he’s going to respect that and give that to her. Brady adds the he loves her and misses her very much. Brady wishes Chloe a Happy Valentine’s Day and hangs up.

Li pours himself a glass of wine while looking at the other empty glass. Li then imagines if Gabi did show up to be with him on Valentine’s Day. Li finishes his glass of wine and then pours another.

Stefan asks Gabi if they should have dinner but Gabi doesn’t want to waste another minute and suggests they go upstairs which Stefan agrees with. Gabi tells Stefan that she loves him while Stefan responds “I love you too, Chloe,” leaving Gabi confused.

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