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Joey enters the Brady Pub and joins Tripp as he finishes a call with the Seattle hospital. Joey mentions being on his way to see Steve, but he saw Tripp in the window so he decided to have a beer with his brother. Joey asks if Tripp has been working all day. Tripp tells him that he went to see his mom and other than that, he’s been hanging out with Wendy Shin which surprises Joey.

Wendy starts to send a text to Tripp when Johnny shows up at her door. Wendy calls this a surprise and asks what’s going on. Johnny knows it’s last minute but invites her to a movie with him.

Stephanie goes to see Chad and asks if everything is okay. Chad tells her that he just wanted to tell her in person that he ran in to Alex and that Alex knows he spent the night with her.

Allie goes to the Titan office and returns his underwear to him. Alex thanks her but Allie reveals that Chanel found them and threw a fit.

Paulina comes home to find Abe setting up a candle lit dinner for them. Paulina jokes that he must want to get lucky tonight and asks what he’s been up to. Abe explains that since Paulina said Chanel was going home to make up with Allie, they had the place to themselves and he decided she should be wined and dined like the queen she is. They kiss until Chanel comes out from her room, interrupting them as she comments on smelling the food. Paulina tells Chanel that she didn’t realize she was there. Chanel says she was napping and admits she’s hungry but it looks like they were planning a dinner for two. Abe tells Chanel that they are happy to have her but he thought she had gotten back with Allie. Chanel responds that she hoped that would be the case and that she went there to put her hurt aside and apologize, but then she realized that Allie had a lot more to be sorry for than she did.

Allie explains to Alex that when Chanel saw his underwear, she assumed the worst. Allie complains that it’s so stupid and that Chanel wouldn’t listen when she tried to tell her that nothing happened. Alex declares that he will fix it by calling Chanel now to explain to her that he sleeps in the nude. Allie responds that she already tried that but it didn’t work.

Stephanie thanks Chad for the heads up and says she was actually going to text him because she saw Alex too at Titan and he told her that he knew about them. Stephanie assures he wasn’t a jerk to her. Stephanie mentions the flowers at her place being from Alex along with an apology letter. Stephanie admits she wasn’t going to read it and threw it in the trash but then she got curious and it was really genuine as he knew how badly he messed up, owned up to all his mistakes, and said he never meant to hurt her. Stephanie adds that she told Alex that she appreciated him saying all of that. Chad is glad she was able to get some closure. Stephanie confirms that she told Alex that they would not be getting back together, because Chad is the one she wants to be with. Chad smiles and they kiss.

Joey questions Tripp about Wendy and says he doesn’t waste any time. Tripp assures it’s not like that as he came back for Kayla’s funeral and things have been rough with his mom while Wendy has been a good friend and listener. Tripp adds that Wendy is sort of seeing Johnny DiMera anyway.

Johnny asks Wendy if something is wrong. Wendy thought they said they were going to wait because of everything going on with their families. Wendy reminds him that they agreed it was what’s best. Johnny says he couldn’t resist when he saw the movie marquee as this classic thriller is only playing one night. Johnny acknowledges that he should’ve called first. Wendy gets that he was being impulsive but they just talked yesterday about waiting so this feels sudden. Johnny questions if this is about how sudden it is or about what happened with Chanel.

Joey asks Tripp if Johnny is playing both sides of the fence in wanting to go after Wendy and Chanel. Tripp clarifies that Wendy told him that Johnny almost kissed Chanel. Tripp understands that Johnny was in an emotional place as his grandma was dying. Joey jokes about macking on your ex being a remedy. Joey feels that forfeits Johnny’s right to go after Wendy. Joey comments that Wendy has options. Joey says Johnny’s cool but he’s not a hot shot doctor like Tripp. Tripp assures him that Wendy and Johnny are planning on stepping it up soon. Joey argues that soon is not now so Wendy is available and Johnny’s already given her reason to doubt him. Joey tells Tripp to stop making excuses and if he wants Wendy, he should go for it.

Johnny questions if Wendy is hesitating because it still bothers her that he almost kissed Chanel. Wendy admits she hasn’t forgotten it. Johnny thought they talked through all of this. Johnny questions if Allie is filling Wendy’s head with doubts. Johnny then calls out for Chanel to come talk to Wendy and assure her that nothing is going on so they can move on from this. Wendy then stops Johnny and informs him that Chanel is not there because she moved out.

Paulina argues that Chanel and Allie were on a break and she had moved out, so it shouldn’t matter what happened in between. Paulina tells Chanel to go back and make things right. Chanel questions if she’s supposed to apologize again and beg for her to take her back. Paulina tells Abe to back her up. Abe tells Chanel that Paulina just wants her to be happy and they have both seen how happy Allie makes her. Paulina adds that sometimes you have to be humble and go the extra mile by reassuring the person you love that they mean the most to you. Chanel then shouts that she’ll go the extra mile by trying to forget about Allie sleeping with Alex Kiriakis, which shocks Paulina.

Stephanie tells Chad that she hopes they can put Alex behind them and just concentrate on them. Chad agrees and they kiss. Stephanie asks if the kids are sleeping and they are alone. Chad responds that they are not as the kids then enter the room. Thomas says he heard voices as they go to greet Stephanie. Thomas mentions that Chad didn’t tell them that Stephanie was coming over and asks what they are doing. Chad says nothing and that the kids have to go back to bed because it’s late. Thomas pleads that they want to hang out with Stephanie. Stephanie offers to read them their favorite book and then they can go to sleep which they agree to, so Stephanie sends the kids to go pick out a book. Chad thanks Stephanie.

Alex tells Allie that he will take the loss on this one because if he took a few more minutes to find his underwear, then Allie and Chanel would be having magical makeup sex now. Alex talks about the restraint they showed in not sleeping together and that all they got was Chanel angry and a couple of hangovers. Allie mentions that he wasn’t looking too good when she walked in so she asks if he’s still nursing his. Alex responds that the only hangover he’s nursing now is rejection. Allie asks what happened but Alex feels it’s better not to talk about it so he doesn’t have to relive those feelings. Alex then asks if she wants to wash down bitter heartbroken feelings together. Allie admits she’s interested but points out they’d have to deal with hangovers again. Alex remarks that nobody is going to have to take care of them like Stephanie or Chanel. Allie points out that she and Chanel are no longer living together. Alex asks why they are still here then while Allie decides they will go embrace the hangover and they exit together.

Paulina tells Chanel that there could be a million reasons that Alex left his underwear and suggests he sleeps naked. Chanel admits that’s what Allie said. Abe thinks that would be on brand for Alex. Paulina agrees and says they just got overserved at the bar, slept separately, and then Alex stumbled out without his underwear. Chanel wants to change the subject. Abe suggests they eat before the food gets cold. Chanel says they were obviously planning a romantic dinner for two so she is not going to ruin their evening. Paulina tries to stop her but Chanel exits. Abe feels bad that Chanel is really going through it. Paulina remarks that Mars must be in retrograde with relationships on the rocks except for theirs. Paulina worries that if there were already problems like jealousy and misunderstandings, they multiply like crazy.

Joey tells Tripp that he doesn’t have to step aside just because Johnny is in the mix. Joey argues that Tripp is just as legit of a choice as Johnny is and he thinks a better one. Tripp points out that he spent hours with Wendy today, so if she was interested, he thinks he would know. Joey tells him to open his eyes and remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time that he was clueless about a woman’s feelings for him. Tripp decides he will get them a round of beers and suggests talking about anything else when he gets back. As Tripp heads to the bar, Joey pulls out his phone and brings up Wendy’s number.

Johnny asks Wendy why this is getting so out of control when he and Chanel didn’t even do anything. Wendy argues that they have history. Johnny points out that implies in the past while he’s trying to be with Wendy now in the present. Johnny knows they agreed not to go on any dates, but says this is just a movie with zero pressure. Wendy admits maybe she is being overly cautious which is her problem. Wendy repeats that it is just a movie like he said, so she agrees to go with him. Johnny says if they leave now, they have time to catch a bite, but Wendy gets a call from Joey. Wendy says she was going to call him about his mom as it’s awful. Joey says it is, but right now it’s Tripp that he’s worried about because he’s in a bad way about his mom. Wendy mentions that Tripp talked to her about how hard it’s been. Joey tells her that Tripp said having her as a soundboard has really helped. Joey then tells Wendy that he has to go meet up with Steve about Kayla’s funeral, so he asks if Wendy would come to the Pub to keep Tripp company if she doesn’t mind. Wendy tells him that she’ll be there as soon as she can. Joey thanks her and says he’ll see her soon as they hang up. Johnny asks Wendy if something is wrong. Wendy informs him that Tripp has been going through something and she’s been an ear for him, so Joey asked her to come to the Pub to hang with Tripp for awhile. Johnny asks if it can’t wait. Wendy doesn’t think so and feels it must be urgent for Joey to call her with everything going on with Tripp’s mom. Johnny brings up Tripp’s mom killing his grandmother and says he could use some comfort tonight too. Wendy reminds him that their plan wasn’t for her to comfort him as they were going to watch a horror movie. Johnny acknowledges that she’s right and respects that she’s being a good friend, so he tells her to go ahead. Wendy thanks him for understanding and says they will go to a movie another time. Johnny says he will see her later and exits the apartment.

Tripp goes back to Joey at the Pub and informs him that Steve just called and he thinks they should go be with him because he sounded like he could really use the company and help with the funeral arrangements. Joey asks if he means right now and decides to go use the restroom before they go. Joey then texts Wendy to get there soon.

Stephanie reads to Thomas and Charlotte. Thomas mentions how Abigail used to read it to them. Stephanie adds that her mom used to read it to her too. Thomas thanks Stephanie. Stephanie says she kept up her end of the deal. Thomas argues that they are not tired and pleads to stay up a little longer. Chad notes that wasn’t part of the deal so that’s not going to work. Chad then gives in and lets them stay up for a few more minutes. Stephanie asks what they want to talk about. Thomas says he has a question for Stephanie and then asks if she and Chad are dating. Chad asks if it would be okay with them if they were.

Alex and Allie go to the bistro and begin drinking shots. Alex tells Allie that they may have slept in separate rooms last night, but when he saw Chad in the same clothes as last night, it was obvious that he and Stephanie did not. Allie thinks he’s just assuming and if they didn’t go to bed together, then he still has a chance. Alex loves that she has his back but says that’s not the whole story. Allie asks if it gets worse. Alex says he’s just getting started. Allie responds that she’s got all night and misery loves company as they continue drinking.

Chanel walks through the town square and comes across Johnny. Johnny says he was just at her place which apparently isn’t her place anymore. Johnny asks if she really moved out. Chanel informs him that she and Allie decided to take a break and then Allie decided to extend it. Johnny guesses it’s about them. Chanel explains that it’s not just that but Alex Kiriakis spending the night and losing his underwear at Allie’s place. Johnny questions if Allie turned their threesome in to a twosome. Chanel says that Allie denies it but she doesn’t know anymore. Chanel calls it bad either way. Johnny asks if she’s just wandering the streets now. Chanel explains that she went home for awhile but Abe and Paulina were having a romantic dinner, so she told them that she would give them space. Johnny invites Chanel to the movies with him. Chanel asks if he’s sure that’s a good idea and asks what about Wendy.

Joey returns to Tripp and asks what the rush is. Tripp says he’s been here awhile and he wants to go be with their dad. Wendy then arrives at the Pub. Joey greets her with a hug and whispers to her not to tell Tripp that he asked her to come.

Chad tells Thomas and Charlotte that he will always love Abigail, just like he knows they will. Chad says he was going to tell them about he and Stephanie but he wanted to wait for the right time. Chad says it makes him very happy that they like Stephanie so much because he really likes her too. Chad wants to make sure that him dating her doesn’t confuse them or make them feel bad. The kids confirm that it doesn’t. Thomas then asks if they are going to get married. Chad calls that a very big step that’s too big to talk about right now, so right now they are talking about the very small step. Chad asks the kids if it’s okay and if they want to spend more time with Stephanie. Thomas and Charlotte then turn around and hug Stephanie which she takes as a yes.

Tripp hugs Wendy and says they were just talking about her so it’s a coincidence that they would run in to her right after. Wendy claims she was just bored with no one at the apartment so she decided to come here. Joey invites her to have a beer with them so they sit back down. Joey mentions that Tripp was just telling him how much Wendy helped him out. Wendy asks Tripp if there’s been any change with his mom. Tripp says he still hasn’t spoken to anyone from Bayview. Joey comments on how great it is that Wendy was there for Tripp. Wendy assures Tripp that she’s always around whenever he needs to talk.

Alex tells Allie that he got hopeful when Stephanie said she read his apology but that was dashed really fast. Allie questions what is wrong with Stephanie since Alex didn’t mean to hurt her. Alex says he’s the one who messed up so he can’t be mad at Stephanie or Chad. Alex declares that they ended as friends and that’s as much as he’ll ever get. Allie says they’ve heard each others’ tale of woe. Alex asks what’s next as they drink another shot. Allie then calls for another round of shots.

Johnny tells Chanel that Tripp is apparently upset about his mom and needs Wendy’s shoulder to cry on which means he has an extra movie ticket and Wendy’s loss could be Chanel’s gain. Chanel really doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Johnny disagrees and knows that she’s worried about Allie finding out. Chanel doesn’t think they need that headache and it’s already so messy. Johnny argues that it’s not their fault. Johnny offers to put an empty seat between them and adds that Allie never has to know.

Chad walks Stephanie to the door and tells her that was unexpected. Stephanie thinks he did great. Chad says it helps that the kids already liked her. They joke about their reactions when Thomas asked if they would get married. Stephanie says she’s very relieved and flattered to get the thumbs up from his wonderful kids. Stephanie and Chad then kiss.

Abe and Paulina sit down for their dinner but Paulina feels she needs to go get Chanel and bring her back. Paulina feels it’s partially her fault since she encouraged Chanel to go home to Allie and now it’s all messed up. Abe feels she gave her sound advice and can’t be to blame for that. Paulina can’t stand seeing Chanel hurt. Abe encourages that Chanel is a grown woman, wise like her mom, so she should trust her to find the right fix while they concentrate on themselves for a change.

Johnny tells Chanel that they can wear sunglasses and enter separately. Chanel then gives in and accepts Johnny’s invitation. Chanel jokes that she will need a disguise too. Chanel then asks what movie it is. Johnny reveals that it’s Evil Dead II. Chanel then declines and says watching The Exorcist with him before was enough for her. Johnny can’t believe it and asks if no one will see the movie with him. Chanel declares that she will buy him a drink to make up for it so Johnny asks where she wants to go.

Joey praises Tripp to Wendy until Tripp cuts him off and starts doing the same to him. Joey notes that it’s late so he’s going to go check on Steve and the funeral arrangements. Tripp says they will go but Joey says he and Steve can handle it and tells Tripp and Wendy to hang out. Tripp follows after Joey and guesses that he called Wendy. Joey tries to deny it but then admits that he called Wendy. Tripp questions why he did that. Joey says he was trying to do him a favor since he knows he wants to hang with her. Joey says he’s welcome and then exits the Pub.

Abe and Paulina finish their dinner. Paulina tells him that he outdid himself and that dinner was sublime. Abe asks if she’s still worried about Chanel. Paulina says she’s not, thanks to him. Paulina calls Abe a very wise man and she’s so grateful for him always giving her perspective. Abe is sure that she would do the same for him. Abe says they make a pretty good team. Abe thinks it’s time for dessert. Paulina kisses him and says she’s definitely ready.

Chad goes back to the living room and tells Thomas and Charlotte that it’s time for bed. Thomas complains that he’s in the middle of his game. Chad says he can finish tomorrow. Thomas asks for one more book. Chad says only after they are tucked in. Chad tells the kids that he’s grateful that they have been so sweet and welcoming to Stephanie. Chad tells Thomas and Charlotte that he loves them more than anything and nothing will be more important to him than them. Chad says even though he likes Stephanie a lot and they do too, no one will ever replace their mother. Chad then hugs his kids.

Joey walks through the town square and runs into Stephanie. They mention that they are both heading home to see Steve. Stephanie asks if Tripp is coming. Joey says probably not for awhile as he’s tied up or at least he hopes he is..

Tripp goes back to Wendy and asks where they were. Wendy asks what he was talking to Joey about at the door.

Allie and Alex continue drinking shots. Alex holds the lemon from his drink in his mouth while Allie leans over the table to take it from him right as Chanel and Johnny walk in and see them.

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